国外知乎Quora有网友提问:《If the USA fails to change China, will China inevitably change the USA?》(如果美国不改变中国,中国是否会不可避免地改变美国?),看看网友是如何回复的。






Richard GohRichard G : China is not interested in changing USA.Napoleon said, “ If your enemies make mistakes, don’t tell him. Let him sleep in peace.”Sun Tze said, “Don’t criticize your enemies, less he become smarter.”“Praise you enemies if he become stupid. Irritate him when he become arrogant. Pretend defeat and plan your ambush. Retreat when he advances to present cowardice. Encircle him when he sleeps. Bribe your enemies when he become greedy. Give him women, sex and wine. Hold ceremonies of fear to help your enemies in making more mistakes.中国对改变美国不感兴趣。拿破仑说:“如果你的敌人犯了错误,不要告诉他。让他安静地睡吧。”孙子说,“不要批评你的敌人,他越聪明越好。”“如果你的敌人变蠢了,就表扬他。当他变得傲慢时,激怒他。假装失败,计划好你的伏击。当他表现出懦弱时,撤退。他睡觉时把他围起来。当你的敌人变得贪婪时贿赂他。给他女人,性和酒。举行恐惧仪式,帮助你的敌人犯更多的错误。
Raymond Lockey : We are witnessing the eventual class of two civilizations: one led by a totalitarian socialist communist state and the other the apex of the democratic capitalist state. They are diametric opposites. Unless there is a catastrophic event in China, be it a serious and deep recession or military engagement with the US and its allies over flashpoints such as Taiwan or the South China Sea, only a major disruption that caused pain to the Chinese citizens will force them to take to the streets once again. And only the threat to a loss on their grip of power will force social and political change i… 我们正在见证两种文明的最终阶级:一种是由极权主义社会主义共产主义国家领导的,另一种是民主资本主义国家的顶峰。它们是直径相反的。除非中国发生灾难性事件,无论是严重的、严重的衰退,还是与美国及其盟国在台湾或南海等热点问题上的军事接触,只有对中国公民造成痛苦的重大破坏才会迫使他们再次走上街头。只有失去对权力的控制的威胁才会迫使社会和政治变革……
JIasheng Xu : It’s foolish to try to change the minds of others, whether you think right or wrong. Even if your ideas are really advanced, your desire to change others is evil.Civilization on the earth itself is diversified. In a certain historical period, there is indeed a distinction between advanced civilization and backward civilization, but this does not mean that advanced civilization can always lead.Western civilization is relatively backward in today’s civilization of the earth. Because Western civilization can not get rid of the desire to disseminate its own preferences and try to eradicate huma… 改变别人的想法是愚蠢的,不管你是对还是错。即使你的思想真的很先进,你改变他人的愿望也是邪恶的。地球上的文明本身是多样化的。在一定的历史时期,先进文明确实与落后文明有着明显的区别,但这并不意味着先进文明总是可以引领的,西方文明在当今的地球文明中相对落后。因为西方文明无法摆脱传播自己喜好的欲望,试图根除腐殖质……
Thye Kim Meng : The US doesn’t try to change China, save for a few lclowns aka political commentators masquerading as journalists painting negatives about China. There are of course, also, naive Chinese trying to ape the West with all good intentions and purposes. And I am talking about June 4th students movement and Liu Xiao Bo kinds lurking around in China. These people truly believe that China must be saved from a political system that’s doomed to failure.The US does try very hard to contain China on two fronts. Militarily, by encircling China from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and South China Seas. Politically … 美国不会试图改变中国,除了一些政治评论员伪装成记者粉饰中国的负面报道。当然,还有一些幼稚的中国人试图用所有善意和目的模仿西方。我讲的是“六四”学生运动和刘晓波在中国的潜伏。这些人真的相信,中国必须从注定要失败的政治体系中拯救出来,美国确实在两个方面努力遏制中国。军事上,从朝鲜、日本、台湾和南海包围中国。
Mas Miwa : That’s a great question. In my opinion, both will change. Not knowingly to claim success or defeat, but to accommodate what is necessary to coexist. If not, one or the other will become the survivor to chart the future of the world.Change is a broad term because they cover areas of culture, economics, society, and politics. Except for politics, most are pliable and bend as the demands dictate. It is in politics where the war will be. If as in the past, the US continues to agitate against others, sure as the sun rises, more conflicts are our future.The major unknown is whether we can change … 这是个很好的问题。在我看来,两者都会改变。不是有意地宣称成功或失败,而是为了适应共存的必要条件。如果没有,其中一个或另一个将成为绘制世界未来的幸存者。变革是一个广义的术语,因为它们涉及文化、经济、社会和政治领域。除了政治,大多数都是顺从和弯曲的要求命令。战争将在政治上爆发。如果像过去一样,美国继续挑衅他人,当然,随着太阳的升起,我们的未来会有更多的冲突。主要的未知是我们能否改变……
Yunxue ChenPaul Drac : Change other people or be changed by other people.You guys really do not have a third option which is just mind your own business and leave other people alone.Why this world is full of chaos? Because that you think chicken shall be cooked with lemon juice, you just put gun against other people’s head and shout to them idiot chicken shall be cooked like this. But other people just like chicken be cooked with some other sauce. Anything wrong?That is why you always think China is challenging US all the time. China does not care, we just want to be ourselves. And we do no harm to this world.Lea…Change other people or be changed by other people.You guys really do not have a third option which is just mind your own business and leave other people alone. 改变别人或被别人改变。你们真的没有第三种选择,那就是只顾自己的事,别管别人。为什么这个世界充满了混乱?因为你认为鸡肉应该和柠檬汁一起煮,你就用枪指着别人的头,对他们大喊大叫,白痴鸡肉应该像这样煮。但其他人就像鸡肉一样,也可以用其他酱汁来烹调。有什么不对吗?这就是为什么你总是认为中国一直在挑战我们。中国不在乎,我们只想做自己。我们对这个世界没有伤害。
Tony ChopkoskiPaul D : China has not changed its internal psychology since the 1600’s or earlier. Read The Plum in the Golden Vase and you will find all the same things today in China.Add to that that 50% of the Chinese captured in the Korean War refused to go back to China. 中国从16世纪或更早的时候就没有改变过自己的内在心理。读一读金花瓶里的李子,你就会发现今天在中国的一切都一样,再加上在朝鲜战争中被俘的50%的中国人拒绝返回中国。
Joe Li : The USA indeed changed China’s perspective of the USA. China realized the USA is not as good as it marketed itself to be in every single way. In essence, China realized USA is full of crap.China may change the USA citizens perspective that their country had been lying to them all along and treated them like idiots. Maybe one day the US citizens will wake up and see that their politicians had been raping them for decades and destroyed the environment that they can no longer have kids or grandkids. 美国确实改变了中国对美国的看法,中国意识到美国在各个方面都不如它所推销的好。从本质上说,中国意识到美国充满了垃圾,中国可能会改变美国公民一直以来对他们撒谎的观点,把他们当作白痴对待。也许有一天,美国公民会醒来,看到他们的政客们强奸他们几十年,破坏了他们不能再有孩子或孙子的环境。
Avun Jahei : The USA should change itself and not bother to change other countries. 美国应该改变自己,而不是费心去改变其他国家。
Philip Jackson : It happened long ago, whenever you went to a big box store and buy really cheap stuff. You and all your neighbors, put locally made goods out of reach and out of business, reshaped your whole industrial and economic land-scape. 很久以前,当你去一家大卖场买便宜货的时候,这种事就发生了。你和你所有的邻居,把本地制造的商品放到手边和生意之外,重塑你整个工业和经济的土地景观。
Markku .Vuorensivu : Only the prople of China have the power to change China. The USA Businesses moved there to take advantage of cheap labor , thinking that this would somehow transform China into a pro USA Democracy , something a bit simplistic in such a plan….. 只有中国的支柱才有能力改变中国。美国企业搬到那里是为了利用廉价劳动力,他们认为这会以某种方式把中国转变成亲美的民主国家,在这样一个计划中有点简单……
Gord CampbellPaul Dr : Why would anyone change anything? This is trade, not a psychology exercise in mass hysteria. 为什么会有人改变什么?这是交易,不是大众歇斯底里的心理锻炼。
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