Why doesn’t the USA look like the largest economy in the world when I travel there? China’s top cities look even more advanced than American



Peter Moor : You are comparing an old civilization with a new one. A new civilization often values their recent achievements and gets all excited about new things and the latest developments. Older civilizations recognize that they have come from somewhere and have things that are valuable and should be maintained and venerated. The USA is almost 250 years old, while the PRC only started 70 years ago, less than a third the time of the USA. If you consider the cultural revolution, you could even set the clock of the PRC to the 1970s. It’s cute how so many of the advancements and problems the PRC faces reflect those of America and Britain and Germany from hundreds of years ago. 你正在将旧文明与新文明进行比较。一个新的文明往往重视他们最近的成就,并对新事物和最新发展感到兴奋。较旧的文明认识到,他们来自某个地方,拥有有价值的东西,应该得到维护和尊重。美国已有将近250年的历史,而中国仅在70年前开始,不到美国的三分之一。如果你考虑文化革命,你甚至可以将新中国设定到20世纪70年代。中国现在所拥有的进步和问题,如同几百年前美国,英国和德国问题,这很有趣。
Bob Schulte : Because they dump all their money into the military instead of infrastructure now. If you spend all your money on aircraft carriers, there ain’t a lot left over for road maintenance and the like. Skyscrapers and condos are private ventures of course, but they are indicative of confidence in the future of an economy. China is strutting its stuff and is full of confidence that those new skyscrapers and condo towers will be filled by people with good jobs and businesses providing those good jobs. Hence the splendour. 因为他们现在把所有的钱都投入军队而不是基础设施。如果你把所有的钱花在航空母舰上,那么就没有很多东西可以用于道路维护等了。摩天大楼和公寓当然是私营企业,但它们表明了对经济未来的信心。中国正在大力支持这些事情,并且充满信心,那些新的摩天大楼和公寓大楼将提供良好的岗位和商机,因此辉煌。
Dean Hough : There is a strange mixture of culture, government and preference that causes everything to be the way it is. It’s inaccurate to measure one aspect of any country against another because it misses the mark and you can draw inaccurate conclusions. But there is validity to your observation about American having a variety of things that aren’t as good as other countries and compared side by side. 文化,政府和偏好之间存在着奇怪的混合,导致现在的情况。用一个国家的某个方面去衡量另一个国家是不准确的,因为它缺少了标准,你会得出不准确的结论。但的确如你所观察的,美国人拥有的各种东西并不像其他国家那么好。
Rod Pallister : Yes, it’s true that modern China showcases its development in cities such as Shanghai, but that is part of an new emerging Asian culture. Do modern eastern cities represent the ‘real’ China? I would argue that if you travel across to the other side of China, to cities like Chongqing (30+ million), there is a notable lack of skyscrapers but it’s still a thriving, multicultural city. 是的,现代中国确实展示了它在上海等城市的发展,但这是新兴亚洲文化的一部分。现代东部城市代表着“真正的”中国吗?我认为,如果你旅行到中国的另一边,到重庆这样的城市(3000多万人),摩天大楼显然不足,但它仍然是一个蓬勃发展的多元文化城市。
Albert Cornelius Doyle : Much of China’s modern urban infrastructure is brand new. There are cities near Hong Kong and Macau that didn’t even exist before 1997. So, like Dubai, they can look all fresh and shiny. Whereas New York and Boston and Philadelphia were built in the 17th century. Downtown Chicago has been revitalized under Dailey the Younger, and has lots of glimmering new skyscrapers. Miami also has many modern business towers. 中国的许多现代城市基础设施都是全新的。香港和澳门附近的城市在1997年之前甚至不存在。所以,像迪拜一样,它们看起来都很新鲜有光泽。而纽约,波士顿和费城则建于17世纪。芝加哥市中心在Dailey the Younger的带领下焕发活力,拥有许多闪闪发光的新摩天大楼。迈阿密还有许多现代商业大厦。
Martin Andrews : But American doesn’t have word “maintenance” in their dictionary. Those US cities still can look wonderful, advanced and as modern as newly build Chinese cities if US government keep maintaining it. 但美国人在他们的字典里没有“修善”这个词。如果美国政府继续修善这些城市,那些美国城市仍然可以看起来精彩,先进和现代化,如新建的中国城市。
Boris Rose : America’s wealth is hidden in the credit and investment systems, not so much in flashy buildings or cities. Tens of millions of millionaire next door types leads to a phenomenal GDP and national net worth. If China develops an individual investment and credit system like ours that emphasizes individual returns then they will overtake us faster. 美国的财富隐藏在信贷和投资体系中,而不是华丽的建筑或城市。数以千万计的百万富翁导致了惊人的GDP和国家净资产。如果中国发展像我们这样强调个人回报的个人投资和信贷体系,那么他们将更快地超越我们。
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