《The US is asking the world to say no to Chinese tech giant Huawei》《美国要求全世界对中国科技巨头华为说不》


The US government has begun to rally its allies against Chinese tech giant Huawei, fearing its close ties to the Chinese government.


Officials working for President Donald Trump’s administration have briefed key allies about the national security concerns posed by Huawei, which was founded by a former People’s Liberation Army major.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the administration is also considering offering financial aid to countries that step up and block Huawei. “华尔街日报”报道称,政府还在考虑向加强和阻止华为的国家提供财政援助。


The outreach over Huawei comes as the world shifts to adapt to the US’s new confrontational posture against China.



Shogun_Marcus : Any idea how much Huawei network equipment is integrated into the US mobile phone infrastructure? A shit ton. A third of the cricket network was once Huawei edge to core. They don’t just make phones. 你知道华为网络设备在美国手机基础设施中集成了多少吗? 三分之一的网络曾经是华为的核心。他们不仅仅是制造手机。
chadathin : Huawei stole tech from T-Mobile, so this doesn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t want to conduct business with someone who stole from me either. 华为从T-Mobile窃取了技术,所以这并不让我吃惊。我也不想和偷我的人做生意。
Timboslice8801 : The Huawei rep was so butthurt when they faced opposition in the US for China’s notorious back doors and spyware and liberal disregard for IP laws in their products. What do you mean we can’t report everyone’s data back to the Chinese government and copy other companies technology for our products?  当华为代表在美国因中国臭名昭著的幕后、间谍软件和自由无视其产品中的知识产权法而遭到反对时,他们受到了极大的伤害。你的意思是,我们不能把每个人的数据都报告给中国政府,并抄袭其他公司的技术生产我们的产品?
Torrenceba : I bought my huawei phone before all this news about them went down. I would love to switch if I had it in my budget for a new phone. Good thing there’s not really much of anything interesting about me for them to steal. 我买了我的华为手机之前,所有关于他们的消息都下降了。如果我的预算里有一部新手机,我愿意换掉它。好在我身上没有什么有趣的东西可以让他们偷。
AlDyer :  replace it with Nokia equipment.Greetings,Finland  用诺基亚设备代替它。来自芬兰的问候
netzvolk : Huawei and almost every other Chinese tech company only exists because they stole and cloned products from everyone else. That is their art. Copy, clone and then produce cheaper. When has China respected any patents or foreign technology ever? Why those products are allowed to be sold in most countries is beyond me. If a foreign company steals from a Chinese company they would never be allowed to sell in China, yet the other way around is just fine. 华为和几乎所有其他中国科技公司之所以存在,只是因为他们从其他人那里偷窃和克隆了产品。这是他们的艺术。复制,克隆,然后生产更便宜。中国什么时候尊重任何专利或外国技术?为什么这些产品被允许在大多数国家销售,这超出了我的理解范围。如果一家外国公司从中国公司偷窃,他们永远不会被允许在中国销售,但反之则不。
halcyoncmdr : Do you have a source for that?I don’t remember Sprint ever saying they were planning on using Huawei equipment for 5G. Their 5G vendors are Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung.Old 4G WiMax equipment acquired from Clearwire was Huawei, and Sprint already replaced that equipment when national security concerns with Huawei started years ago. In fact at one point they were court ordered to not deactivate the Huawei equipment due to other legal issues, despite the federal agreement to shutdown the equipment. 你有这个消息的来源吗?我不记得Sprint曾经说过他们打算用华为设备生产5G。他们的5G供应商是爱立信、诺基亚和三星。从Clearwire公司收购的旧4GWiMax设备是华为,当国家安全考虑华为开始几年时,Sprint已经替换了那些设备。以前。事实上,由于其他法律问题,法院曾命令他们不要停用华为的设备,尽管联邦政府同意关闭这些设备。
TylerDurden1983 : Russian components, American components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN! 俄罗斯零件,美国零件,都是台湾制造的!
mint-bint : The entire British Telecom infrastructure is full of it too. 整个英国电信基础设施也充满了它。
NeedToSay : All technology stolen from a Canadian company 从加拿大公司偷来的所有技术
TLG1700 : I have to agree, but as a whole that’s an Asian thing, Creativity is discouraged and study is encouraged, I mean no wonder half the doctors you will meet are Asian. 我必须同意,但总的来说,这是亚洲的事情,不鼓励创新,鼓励学习,难怪你会遇到的医生有一半是亚洲人。
no_flex : I remember someone who lives in China explaining the possible reason for this. Something about how China’s education system doesn’t emphasize creativity and innovation. It focuses more on learning established processes. That’s why they can easily reproduce existing products (or just steal stuff as you mentioned) but have a hard time coming up with truly innovative stuff, for now. Apparently China is pouring a lot of money to change that though. 我记得有人住在中国,解释了可能的原因。关于中国教育体制不强调创造力和创新的一些东西。它更侧重于学习既定的过程。这就是为什么他们可以很容易地复制现有的产品(或者像你提到的那样偷东西),但是现在很难找到真正创新的东西。显然,中国正在投入大量资金来改变这一点。
arriassel : Dont quote me on this but my girlfriend who studies sinology says that the copying is part of the culture because there are so many people. From childhood you learn to get edge by any means neccesarry to stand out. If you dont there is always someone to replace you. Must be insane this kinda pressure. 不要引用我的话,但是我学习汉学的女朋友说抄袭是文化的一部分,因为人太多了。从孩提时代起,你就学会了以任何方式取得优势。如果你不,总会有人来代替你。一定是疯了,有点压力。
R4ff4 : the Americans have no idea how competitive the Chinese society is, where the population is huge and labour is cheap, as someone said, you have to do as told by the corporation, or you get fired and they can find someone to replace you in no time. So employees have to do as told and I heard Huawei employees have to sleep in the office sometimes. In China all these company cares about is how fast they get something done and get profit from it, huawei is especially good at copying, they don’t want to do research that takes years accumulation 美国人不知道中国社会竞争有多激烈,那里的人口众多,劳动力廉价,正如有人说的,你必须按照公司的要求去做,否则你会被解雇,他们很快就会找到人来接替你。所以员工必须按要求去做,我听说华为员工有时不得不在办公室睡觉。在中国,这些公司关心的是他们完成某件事情的速度和从中获利的速度,华为尤其擅长复制,他们不想做需要多年积累的研究。
tissotti : Same with Huawei Networks operator service page back in 2010 was direct copy of Nokia Networks (Nokia Siemens Networks), even with the purple orange Nokia Siemens network corporate colors. There was no shame from Huawei. Nokia Siemens Networks very buttoned up twitter account even brought this up and they were “flattered”.There were stories of random Swedish (Ericsson) found from their code in baseband equipment and all that. 与华为网络运营商的服务页面一样,早在2010年就直接复制了诺基亚网络(Nokia Siemens Networks),甚至带有紫橙色的诺基亚西门子网络公司颜色。华为没有羞耻感。诺基亚西门子网络公司甚至在twitter上公布了这个消息,他们非常“受宠若惊”。
PatrickPlan8 : Huawei stole Cisco IOS and Hardware when they were producing them for Cisco as a electronics contract manufacturing company and then during grey hours cloned them and then sold them to the developing world, with backdoors so they can monitor and blackmail but also provide countries like ethiopia the ability to great firewall of china their own citizens. 华为在思科作为电子合同制造公司为思科生产IOS和硬件时,偷走了思科IOS和硬件,然后在灰暗的时间里克隆了它们,然后把它们卖给发展中国家,有后门,以便它们可以监视和敲诈,但也提供埃塞俄比亚等国家。e为中国公民提供防火墙的能力。
davorzdralo : Same way US did it to Europe until they were on top and had interest in protecting IP. Chine would do the same reversal if they ever reach the position where strong IP protections benefit them. 美国对欧洲也是这样,直到他们登上顶峰,对保护知识产权产生了兴趣。如果中国能达到强有力的知识产权保护有利于它们的地位,中国也会采取同样的逆转措施。
xinorez1 :  I don’t usually defend China but I’m much more peeved about their restrictions on free speech, which become restrictions against quality control, contamination, and disruptive innovation. 我通常不捍卫中国,但我更不满他们对言论自由的限制,这些限制成为对质量控制、污染和颠覆性创新的限制。
seaQueue : Their equipment isn’t just in mobile infrastructure, they’re a major player in the datacenter switch and router market too. 他们的设备不仅在移动基础设施方面,在数据中心交换机和路由器市场上也是主要的参与者。
FiddleFoddle : As somebody with years of experience with one of the top 3 cloud providers in the world, I can say I’m aware of absolutely zero Huawei in our networks. Not sure about the other two. 作为拥有多年全球三大云提供商之一经验的人,我可以说,我知道华为在我们的网络中绝对是零。不确定其他两个。
putin_on_the_sfw : We are use their DWDM equipment. While they may not have the market share of Cisco, Juniper, or Arista, Huawei is not uncommon in enterprise tech. 我们使用他们的DWDM设备。虽然华为可能没有思科、Juniper或阿里斯塔的市场份额,但在企业技术领域并不少见。
Tetereteeee : The have cool equipment and they include free cloud backup of all your data and traffic to Chinese servers 🙂 ! 这些设备很酷,包括免费云备份所有数据和流量到中国服务器:)!
ClassicSchmosby1 : In the form of high-rise apartments in Vancouver and Toronto no one but the chinese can afford 在温哥华和多伦多的高层公寓形式中,除了中国人,没人能买得起
chipsnmilk : I heard someone from dtag say that they don’t allow Huawei and ZTE employees roam around without a security escort in their headquarters. Someone was caught snooping through dtag documents.Huawei throws money and manpower at a problem but their quality is shit. 我听说dtag有人说他们不允许华为和中兴员工在总部没有安全护送的情况下四处游荡。有人偷看标签文件被抓住了。华为向一个问题投入资金和人力,但是他们的质量很差。
vgyc : and after 9 years China simply said, now it’s our turnThat’s what many Western CEOs don’t seem to understand. There is NO legal system in China. All judges are controlled by the Party. If China wants to take away your business, they an do it “legally”.Or they simply trash your brand publicly if your company does not follow the Party line. The Party has total control over all media and can swing the minds of 1.4 billion people within a day.I lived there too for a couple of years, and it is fascinating and frightening to see it. 9年过去了,中国只是简单地说,现在轮到我们了。许多西方CEO似乎并不理解这一点。中国没有法律体系。所有法官都由党控制。如果中国想夺走你的生意,他们会“合法”地这么做,或者如果你的公司不遵守党的路线,他们会公开地玷污你的品牌。全党掌握着各种媒体,一天之内就能打动14亿人民的心。我在那里住了几年,看到它既令人着迷又令人恐惧。
pervyme17 : I don’t think Western CEO’s are stupid. This is an open secret. I think they know this and they do it anyways to access a 1.4 billion person market. Heck, GM sells more vehicles in China than they do in the US. So, if you’re the CEO of a company, do you say “no, I’m not going to triple my profits because they’ll steal my technology?” Or, do you realize the risks and go for it anyways? 我不认为西方首席执行官是愚蠢的。这是公开的秘密。我认为,他们知道这一点,无论如何,他们这样做是为了进入14亿人口市场。哎呀,通用汽车在中国的销量比美国的要多。所以,如果你是公司的首席执行官,你会说“不,我不打算把我的利润增加三倍,因为他们会窃取我的技术?”或者,你意识到风险,然后去做吗?
Demojen : I haven’t seen a whole lot of businesses move to China because they cared about more than profits, so I have very little empathy for businesses that open themselves up to that level of market exposure in a foreign government with a history of stealing technology with zero accountability in the north american market. 我还没有看到很多企业因为关心利润而移居中国,所以我很少同情那些在外国政府中敞开胸怀、对技术不负责任的盗窃历史如此悠久的企业。美国市场。
ShenaniganNinja : Trying to sue a Chinese based company when you’re not based in China is a waste of time and money. Chinese courts almost never rule against native businesses. It’s why patent theft is so blatant there. We have no way to enforce it and we rely too much on trade with China to try and get them to cooperate. 当你不在中国时,试图起诉一家中国公司是浪费时间和金钱。中国法院几乎从来不反对本土企业。这就是为什么专利盗窃在那里如此明显。我们没有办法执行,我们太依赖与中国的贸易来试图让他们合作。
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