外国人在油管上的评论:(采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSEMwV6WmxM)

Mojo Will: Nothing but empty words , he doesn’t give a sh*t about any of us normal people. 除了空话,他对我们这些正常人一点也不在乎。
BriceGarrett86: He never showed symptoms 他从来没有出现过症状
Louise Kleinman: President Trump is a powerful leader with or without COVID-19…unstoppable winner! USA!!! 特朗普总统是一个有权有势的领导人,不管有没有COVID-19……势不可挡的赢家!
Rebecca Gage: Umm, Wasn’t he just diagnosed Friday? Miracle cure yesterday…..Fighting for them? Give them the miracle cure! 他不是星期五才被诊断出来的吗?昨天的奇迹疗法……为他们而战?给他们奇迹般的治疗!
Shawn Rice: He doesn’t have it. 他没有(得病)。
uncle sam: Praying for… The best outcome for humanity, shall I say. 🙂 我能说,对人类来说,这是最好的结果。:)
Shirl P: He says that the drugs are like miracles coming down from God. Ok, yeah, God gives us the ability to use gifts from him like SCIENCE. He’s still denying science. Imagine how the over 200,000 families who have lost loved ones, feel to see him getting medical care that their loved ones couldn’t get!!! He’s getting the best of care (experimental or otherwise) on our dime, but it’s still not available to everyone. He’s got his crime family minions in court right now trying to take care from millions of Americans. And why doesn’t he do bleach treatments and light treatments instead of science-based medications? That’s what he suggested you can do. This guy is the worst. He should be grateful. Let’s see if he recovers and wears masks from now on. And what will he say about that change? “I was wrong”. Hell no, he’ll blame everything on Biden and Obama. And still try to take away your/my healthcare/medical care. I have no confidence that he’ll even come close to doing the right thing. People of America, mask up and Vote BLUE. 他说毒品就像是上帝降下的奇迹。好吧,是的,上帝赋予我们运用上帝赐予我们的天赋的能力,比如科学。他还在否认科学。想象一下,20多万失去亲人的家庭,看到他得到亲人无法得到的医疗照顾,是怎样的感受!!!他得到了我们最好的照顾(实验或其他),但它仍然不是每个人都能得到。他让他的犯罪家庭帮凶现在在法庭上试图照顾数以百万计的美国人。为什么他不做漂白和光照疗法而不是科学药物治疗?这就是他建议你做的。这家伙是最坏的。他应该心存感激。让我们看看他是否能康复,从现在起戴上口罩。那他会怎么说呢?”我错了”。不,他会把一切都归咎于拜登和奥巴马。还想夺走你/我的医疗保健。我不相信他会做正确的事。美国人民,戴上口罩投蓝票。
HOMES COOL: why are all these doctors treating him dude!!!? what a waste of time 为什么所有的医生都在给他治病呢!!!?
Anthony Dipasquale: An old creepy liar like Trump might not be sick at all but trying to distract from his terrible debate performance, his illegal tax dodges and his wife’s foul-mouthed rant about Christmas. 像特朗普这样的老掉牙的说谎者可能一点也不生病,而是试图转移注意力,转移他糟糕的辩论表现、非法避税和妻子对圣诞节的脏话咆哮。
Mackenzie Lamb: Haha, “what’s more dangerous? The virus or the Democrats.” -Borat Good stuff right there. 哈哈,“还有什么更危险的?病毒还是民主党人?—博拉特
Dillon Jackson: Love u president don. 爱你唐总统。
Subliminal Messages TV: The Simpsons did predict Trump dies so let’s see what happens 辛普森一家确实预测到特朗普会死所以让我们看看会发生什么
SonicTheManhog: You know this is his lesson for killing Florida maybe he will understand now. 你知道这是他杀死佛罗里达的教训也许他现在会明白的。
Marlene Hensley: Trump says he’s a warrior no he is not ,he down played this now he expects people to feel sorry for him while over 200 thousand have died on his watch while making fun of people wearing masks and distancing,now all of a sudden you expect people to potty you.your not a warrior 特朗普说他是一个战士不,他不是,他现在淡化了这一点,他希望人们会为他感到遗憾,而在他的手表上有超过20万人在取笑戴着口罩和疏远的人时死去,现在突然你期望人们喜欢你。你的不是战士
Jan Bruml: It is all a hoax. Can’t be ill with a hoax. Central casting hired his doctors. Distraction and delay that is all tRump ever does, think taxes, think debate, think failure to protect Americans, think lots of death. Are the others in the White House that claim illness also sick? Who knows? If you lie everyday everyone else cease to pay attention. 这都是个骗局。不会因为恶作剧而生病。中央演员雇佣了他的医生。分散注意力和拖延是特朗普所做的一切,想想税收,想想辩论,想想保护美国人的失败,想想很多人的死亡。白宫其他声称生病的人也生病了吗?谁知道呢?如果你每天撒谎,其他人就不再注意了。
PorkinsHoldIt: God Bless President Trump! 上帝保佑特朗普总统!
Frank Lopez: Everyone in that mega spreader garden event now looks very stupid, bunch of narcissistic, arrogant assholes. Now them and trumps are looked upon like lepers and people to avoid. Disgusting and repulsive this administration has been. Shameful. God punishes and karma is real. 在那个大型传播花园活动中的每个人现在看起来都很愚蠢,一群自恋,傲慢的混蛋。现在他们和特朗普被看作是麻风病患者和需要避免的人。本届政府一直令人厌恶和厌恶。可耻。上帝惩罚,因果报应。
william glen: trump caught the trump virus, hooray DDA 特朗普感染了特朗普病毒,万岁
Denise: In the hospital, front of the camera and still no MASK!!!!!!!! 在医院里,镜头前还没有口罩!!!!!!!!
TsuyuStanForLifeee: Let’s just take out his life support plug. 把他的生命维持器插头拔出来。
spacekitt3n: what a loser. a real tough guy wouldn’t get sick smh i was going to vote for trump but after this show of weakness imma have to vote for his opponent 真是个失败者。一个真正的硬汉不会生病smh我本来打算投特朗普,但在这一软弱的表现之后,必须投票给他的对手
Mario Arias: Trump, you’ve gotten the country and yourself infected ☣ You’re fired!! 特朗普,你已经感染了整个国家和你自己☣ 你被解雇了!!
WiZeFu The Soulja: If it’s good for the president, it’s good for all. Let us see him take this vaccine y’all want everyone to agree to take. Test it on him to see if it works 如果对总统有利,对所有人都有利。让我们看看他打这个疫苗你们都想让大家都同意。在他身上测试一下是否有效
Sagittarius 88: Lmao, as much as the left would love to see Trump die from covid, that’s not gonna happen. The death rates from covid have been steadily declining. Much like a bad flu strain, it kills the old and the weak. The vast majority of people survive without major issues. Trump will survive covid, Amy Coney Barrett will be appointed to the Supreme Court, and life inside the liberal bubble will be as miserable as ever. LoL 尽管左翼很希望看到特朗普死于科维德,但这是不可能的。covid的死亡率一直在稳步下降。就像一种严重的流感病毒,它杀死了老人和弱者。绝大多数人没有什么大问题。特朗普将幸存于乔维德,艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)将被任命为最高法院法官,自由主义泡沫内的生活将一如既往地悲惨。
Bri. F.: The world laughs at you. Idiot. 全世界都在嘲笑你。白痴。
Norma Rodriguez: If these are the doctors that treat him regularly, not so sure I can believe them right now that he even has it. I mean, how can these doctors have said he has always been physically fit each year,etc? It seems it could very well be possible that this is stunt to try to get more votes which that is All he’s about! 如果这些是定期给他治病的医生,我现在还不能相信他们,他甚至得了这种病。我是说,这些医生怎么能说他每年身体都很健康,等等?看来这很可能是为了争取更多的选票而耍的噱头,而这正是他所要做的!
wwolfdogs: President Trump finally found the time to visit a Covid ward and see the Democrat Hoax up close and personal. 特朗普总统终于抽出时间参观了科维德病房,近距离亲眼目睹民主党人的恶作剧。
Richard Pasquale: Does anybody else think this is a publicty stunt ?? 有没有人认为这是一个公众噱头??
Touya Toderoki: I hope he gets better soon 我希望他快点好起来
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