近日网上流传一段车库中特斯拉 Model S突然自燃起火的视频,并引燃身边数辆汽车。国外热门论坛红迪网Reddit网友对此事进行了激烈讨论。








feint2021 : This customer found the secret switch to change mode to “Flame On”. 这个客户发现了将模式转换为“开启火焰”的秘密开关。
TopNotchGamerr : Elon was secretly selling his flamethrower years before and nobody knew 埃隆几年前秘密出售他的火焰喷射器,没人知道
Supernova008 : The car gets artificial intelligence and sentience and it is already fed up with life that it turns on its ‘suicide mode’. 这辆车拥有人工智能和感知能力,而且它已经厌倦了生活,它启动了“自杀模式”。
ImagineBagginz : This is the Tesla Space-X model 这是Tesla Space-X型号
MrStLouis : Or third party battery replacement 或因为更换了第三方电池
pistonian : I’ll bet this driver bottomed out or hit something on the road earlier that day 我敢打赌,这名司机那天早些时候在路上撞到什么东西了
HeroicLarvy : Looks like a punctured battery.Had a similar thing happen to a crappy gopro knockoff that I didn’t take care of, if there’s a tiny leak eventually it gets bigger. 看起来像是电池被刺破了。在一个我不关心的糟糕的GoPro产品上也发生了类似的事情,如果有一个微小的泄漏,最终会变得更大。
WhipTheLlama : It’s China. The entire car might be a knock-off. 这是中国。整辆车可能是个冒牌货。
Amithrius : They knock off most other brands… why not Tesla? 他们淘汰了大多数其他品牌…为什么没有特斯拉?
duracell___bunny : They knock off most other brands……including Chinese brands. 他们淘汰了大多数其他品牌……包括中国品牌。
Dezmusmeridius : The majority of Tesla”s are actually sold in China. Elon does a few interviews were he explains this. 特斯拉的大部分产品实际上是在中国销售的。如果埃隆解释了这一点,他会做一些采访。
duracell___bunny : It might be a knock-off China.Chinb? 可能是中国的仿制品。中国佬?
wiithepiiple : Are you sure it’s China? It might be a knock-off China. 你确定是中国吗?这可能是一个仿造的中国。
ramdaskm : Let’s bump up the voltage to 440v to ensure it charges in half the time. 让我们把电压提高到440V,以确保它能在一半时间内充电。
YourLictorAndChef : Or a bad charger. 或者充电器坏了。
MorkSal : Maybe probably a fluke though as the shielding on the bottom of them is pretty good so that this doesn’t happen. 也许只是侥幸而已,因为它们底部的屏蔽非常好,所以不会发生这种情况。
Brandino144 : This is an older model that could have been before they upgraded their shielding. Tesla offered the upgrade for free, but not everybody had to get it at the time. 这是一个旧的模型,可能是在他们升级他们的屏蔽之前。特斯拉提供免费升级,但不是每个人都必须在那时得到。
TwistedMexi : It’d have to either be manufacturing defect or they hit something large enough they’d have to have known. If you ever check out some of the DIY videos of teslas you’ll see how much protection goes into the battery “shell”. 它要么是制造缺陷,要么是撞到了他们必须知道的足够大的东西。如果你看过Tesla的一些DIY视频,你会发现电池“外壳”有多大的保护作用。
Ipecactus : Wouldn’t the BMS be able to identify a damaged cell and warn the driver to have it serviced? BMS是否能够识别损坏的电池并警告驾驶员进行维修?
supershutze : Doesn’t mean the driver paid any attention to it or heeded the warning. 这并不意味着司机对它有任何注意或注意到了警告。
HIV-negativator : Yes they added a special reinforced bottom to keep that from happening, right? 是的,他们增加了一个特殊的加固底部以防止这种情况发生,对吗?
JaredBanyard : It was a titanium deflector plate. If you hit something at speed the car hops over it instead of just letting it pin under the car. This is an older model, it’s possible this car didn’t have it, tried to replace a battery module, or bottomed out hard on something.https://www.tesla.com/blog/tesla-adds-titanium-underbody-shield-and-aluminum-deflector-plates-model-s 它是一个钛导向板。如果你以极速撞到什么东西,汽车会跳过去,而不是让它卡在车底下。这是一款旧款车型,可能是这辆车没有它,试图更换电池模块,或是在某些东西上很难触底。
thisismybirthday : it’s just a piece of metal. it’s not that advanced 只是一块金属。不是很先进
ppopjj : They’re already normal vehicle components. It’s not just electric cars that can bottom out. 它们已经是普通的车辆部件了。不是只有电动汽车才能见底。
confused9 : Yeah from the looks of it, just as you said. Puncture battery, decided it might repair itself if he charges it. Wam battery explodes. Does anyone know if the telsa dashboard alerts you? Kind of like the check oil light on typical gas cars? 是的,从表面上看,就像你说的。刺穿电池,决定如果他给它充电,它可能会自行修复。WAM电池爆炸。有人知道telsa仪表板是否提醒您吗?有点像典型的汽油车上的检查油灯?
Nailbar : I believe it does. There was another article some time ago about a burning Tesla and I recall something about it telling the driver to get out.(This comment was brought to you by zero effort or research) 我相信是的。前一段时间有篇关于燃烧的特斯拉的文章,我记得有一些关于它的事情,告诉司机出去
ListenToMeCalmly : Correct. The car told the driver to stop immediately and leave the vehicle. The driver ignored the “immediately” part and decided to try to take the next exit or similar. Few seconds later the car itself drove to the side and stopped by itself, urgently telling the driver to leave the vehicle right now. Which he did. Few minutes later, the car was in fire. Probably happened to the car in this video too, but no one was there to be saved. When this happens, the car is past point of no return. But there is time and there are working warning and detection systems. 对的。汽车告诉司机立即停车,然后离开汽车。司机忽略了“立即”部分,决定尝试下一个出口或类似的出口。几秒钟后,汽车自己开到一边,自己停了下来,紧急地告诉司机马上离开汽车。他做了什么。几分钟后,汽车着火了。这段视频里的车可能也发生过,但是没有人可以被保存。当这种情况发生时,汽车已经过了不归路点。但是有时间,有工作的警报和检测系统。
LightFusion : Tesla’s should come with an “eject battery pack” option! 特斯拉应该有一个“弹出电池组”选项!
Satire_or_not : I hope someone has a firmware mod that adds a “Warp Core Breach in Progress” message with the appropriate abandon ship sounds. 我希望有人有一个固件模块,添加一个“翘曲核心突破进行中”的消息与适当的弃船声音。
Spajtastic : The car tells you to exit the vehicle when it detects this. 当汽车检测到这一点时,它会告诉你下车