美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)最近发布视频,标题为《Is there a smarter way to take on China?》(有更明智的对付中国的方式吗?),讨论了目前中美对抗态势,看看外国网友在youtube上是怎么回复的。





Case Yap : The best way is to start developing the 6g and come out on top in the next race. 最好的方法是开始开发6G,并在下一场比赛中脱颖而出。
rstreets : One blanket statement that’s easy to make about Trump: No matter what he’s doing, there’s definitely a smarter way than whatever retarded way he’s doing it. 关于特朗普,有一个简单的说法:不管他在做什么,肯定有比他做的任何弱智的方式更聪明的方式。
Man In Full : The news media just don’t get it. “Trade wars” rhetorics is just propaganda to stop China from “exporting its social and political system” that has proven successful in China in the last 30 years to the other developing countries so the western liberalism system will be preserved from extinction. All else is smoke and mirrors. This designed by the grand master Brannon and enabled by the crazy left – Navarro, Friedman etc. 新闻媒体就是不明白。“贸易战”的修辞只是为了阻止中国向其他发展中国家“输出其过去30年来在中国取得成功的社会和政治制度”,从而使西方自由主义制度免于消亡。其他的都是烟雾和镜子。这是由布兰农大师设计的,由疯狂的左派——纳瓦罗、弗里德曼等启用。
Robert Lansing : It is very simple, the business of China is BUSINESS and the business of the U. S. Is WARS . trump Is not a business man , he is a gangster , Chicago style , a con man . One more reason for the world to dump the american dolar. For 75 years , the rogue U. S. defrauded the world with its counterfeit dolars printing dolars at will, without any backing and continue printing . China has a secret weapon: the ignorance of the imperialists. 很简单,中国的生意是生意,美国的生意是战争。特朗普不是商人,他是个黑帮,芝加哥式的骗子。另一个世界抛弃美国多尔的原因。75年来,无赖的美国用其伪造的多尔随意地印制多尔来欺骗世界,没有任何支持,继续印刷。中国有一个秘密武器:帝国主义的无知。
Tony Teo : Huawei making the hardware and the software (android)from Google. I wonder who is the one doing spying 华为从谷歌制造硬件和软件(Android)。我想知道谁在做间谍
Cornelius Thompson : America is a mafia and wants to pretend to be a savior. What a low life. 美国是一个黑手党,想假装自己是救世主。多么低贱的生活啊。
Sou Saechao : Better that way 更好的方式
Adu K : Invest More in Technology and stop investing in bringing other countries down 加大对技术的投资,停止对其他国家的投资
Tian Ming : A fool is a fool with foolish policies and decisions 愚人是愚蠢的政策和决定的愚人。
Keith Shaw : May be a smarter way but at least someone is doing something 也许是个更聪明的方法,但至少有人在做什么
Wen Xu : Us: don’t work with China on 5G, 美国:不要在5G上与中国合作,
Chiao Lim : Fareed seems to think that the whole world came to same conclusion as trump. Quite the opposite as no evidence has been shown to back up these accusations 法雷德似乎认为整个世界都得出了与特朗普相同的结论。完全相反,因为没有证据支持这些指控
Willy Wong : With the treat of Huawei losing software licenses and U.S. manufacture chips which might make them start developing their own versions. But what if theirs actually be better than Android os? Meanwhile in the US, we got Motorola. we’re still wining about Chinese/ Mexicans for stealing jobs as we’re slowly defunding public school systems to create a generation that can’t compete in the global economy 随着华为失去软件许可证和美国制造的芯片,这些芯片可能会使他们开始开发自己的版本。但如果他们的系统比Android操作系统更好呢?与此同时,在美国,我们得到了摩托罗拉。我们仍在为中国/墨西哥人窃取就业机会而努力,因为我们正在慢慢地挑战公立学校系统,创造一代无法在全球经济中竞争的人。
blackjackpinoko : Loser mentality 失败者心态
s jay Smith : China’s economy is growing three times faster than the US with four times US population. The only way to out compete China is nuclear war. 中国的经济增长速度是美国的三倍,人口是美国的四倍。唯一能打败中国的方法就是核战争。
MyNameISJeff JEEFF : Want to beat china? Stop making your kids retarded. 想打败中国吗?别让你的孩子变傻了
Jonathan Barker : Fareed Zakaria is a boring guy to watch .I mean Sunday’s feel more boring then already are ,,As for China seems like they are digging for a fight ,But the stock market. does not really reflect. what is going on yet ,Since seems to buy Trump ‘s bs when comes to the relationship with China ,And wait to hear what says on the UK when Brexit screws something in October. , Like the economy. since both the Trade War and Brexit will effect it ,And also effect those high paid repoertes with stock In te stock market…And maybe they get out the limo riding to work .And get out take public trasprtion. so they see how the real world works . 法雷德·扎卡里亚是个无聊的人。我的意思是,周日的感觉比现在更无聊了。至于中国,他们似乎在为一场战斗而挖洞,但是股市。没有真正反映出来。目前的情况是,当谈到与中国的关系时,特朗普似乎购买了英国的资产负债表,而当英国在10月份脱欧时,他却在等待英国的消息。就像经济一样。因为贸易战和英国脱欧都会影响到它,也会影响到那些高薪回购股票的股票市场……也许他们会坐着豪华轿车出去上班,然后出去公开交易。所以他们看到了现实世界是如何运作的。
Allyn Alama : How can anyone in their right mind take SMALL cnn, serious., literally. Since cnn, was so, so, so wrong about TRUMP repeatedly during and after the election. How can anyone believe in what they say now? No me!.. cnn, ratings and creditability is going down the toilet. 任何一个头脑正常的人怎么能接受小CNN,严肃的,字面上的。因为CNN,在选举期间和选举后,对特朗普的看法是如此,如此,如此错误。怎么会有人相信他们现在说的话?没有我!…美国有线电视新闻网,收视率和信誉正在下降。
Bobby Chang : Less expensive and better technology = Huawei. Huawei will prevent the US from spying on others. 价格更低,技术更好=华为。华为将阻止美国监视他人。
golong son : I sincerely believe white men are superior. They have to control, dominate and manipulate others. They need to make rules for others to dominate them and maximize their interest. It is like god saying worship only me or else you goto hell. God also into control and marketshare and maximizing his interest. Middle eastern Jesus had only European white identity for those Europeans exploiting $24 trillion in nature in the continent of America every year. Jesus was also an invasive species like the Europeans in america. 我真诚地相信白人是优越的。他们必须控制、支配和操纵他人。他们需要制定规则让其他人支配他们并最大化他们的兴趣。就像上帝说只崇拜我,否则你就下地狱。上帝也会控制和分享市场,最大化他的兴趣。对于那些每年在美国大陆剥削24万亿美元自然资源的欧洲人来说,中东耶稣只有欧洲白人的身份。耶稣也是一个入侵物种,就像在美国的欧洲人。
Leslie Chen : USA needs to think about living normally on industry and trade, like all other countries do, like USA did before. Living on the dollar, the oil, and the wars, is bad karma. Results in the long run won’t be good 美国需要像所有其他国家一样,像美国以前一样,考虑正常的工业和贸易生活。靠美元、石油和战争为生是坏业。从长远来看,结果不太好
I O : fareed: IS THERE A SMARTER WAY TO TAKE ON america? 法瑞德:有没有一个更聪明的方法来对付美国?
andtam008 : India will be a powerful country if Indian like Fareed has a brain. 如果像法里得这样的印度人有头脑,印度将是一个强大的国家。
Xi Jinping : the smarter way to take on China is to get a chinese President 对付中国最聪明的办法就是找一位中国总统
Enoch Brown : We don’t have “bilateral” trade with China. We have China selling their wares to us and simultaneously stopping us from selling our wares to them or making it extremely difficult for foreign companies to operate on their soil without taking over those companies and stealing their IP. That’s what we currently have. I think Trump is right on this even though I also believe that he is otherwise an imbecile. 我们与中国没有“双边”贸易。我们让中国向我们出售他们的产品,同时阻止我们向他们出售我们的产品,或者使外国公司在没有接管这些公司和窃取他们的知识产权的情况下在他们的土地上经营变得极其困难。这就是我们现在拥有的。我认为特朗普是对的,尽管我也相信他是一个低能儿。
James Wisrik : China will develop faster better products more competitively. USA doesn’t invest in education .. So we won’t be competitive. Govt knows this… That’s why USA is being obstructionist. 中国将以更具竞争力的方式开发更快、更好的产品。美国不投资教育。所以我们不会有竞争力。政府知道这一点…这就是为什么美国成为阻挠者的原因。
Yola Montalvan : There is one way to take on China. The USA will not be able to sell to other countries because their product would be too damn expensive. China’s product would be cheaper. The best solution would be, BUILD PRODUCTS FOR THE U.S. IN THE USA. BUILD U.S. PRODUCTS FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD IN MEXICO OR ELSE, DON’T COMPLAIN. 有一种方法可以挑战中国。美国将无法向其他国家销售,因为他们的产品太贵了。中国的产品会更便宜。最好的解决办法是,在美国为美国制造产品。在墨西哥或其他地方为世界其他国家制造美国产品,不要抱怨。
Yola Montalvan : Trump’s Order asking Google to ban Huawei is applicable to the USA only, not to free sovereign countries. Google should not follow Trump’s Order in other countries or they will be infringing in their sovereignty. Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia should fine Google with billions if they follow Trump’s Order. These countries must pass resolutions that foreign countries should follow the law of the land. Watch out for briberies. The world should not be held hostage to giant Corporations. This is a good opportunity to create another smart phone platform, one that is immune to hostage taking. 特朗普要求谷歌禁止华为的命令只适用于美国,不适用于自由主权国家。谷歌不应听从特朗普在其他国家的命令,否则他们将侵犯自己的主权。拉丁美洲、欧洲、非洲、亚洲,如果谷歌遵循特朗普的命令,他们将罚款数十亿美元。这些国家必须通过决议,要求外国遵守土地法。当心贿赂。世界不应该被大公司当作人质。这是创建另一个智能手机平台的好机会,一个不受劫持人质影响的平台。
Jason H. : Because the US obtained those so called evidence by espionage 因为美国通过间谍活动获得了那些所谓的证据
Juan Torregrosa P. : China always wanted a divided world and the proof is in its internet. No YouTube, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Whatsapp, nothing. A completely different world where Chinese government dictates all the rules and impose strict censorship. I guess they have the right to do so, but I also guess the US has the right to say ´no with my tech´. 中国一直想要一个分裂的世界,互联网就是明证。没有YouTube,没有Facebook,没有Instagram,没有WhatsApp,什么都没有。一个完全不同的世界,在那里中国政府制定所有的规则并实施严格的审查制度。我想他们有权这么做,但我也认为美国有权说‘不使用我的技术’。
wahova : Something is better than nothing 有总比没有好。
Quentin Wang : We must stop huawei, its 5G will threaten our nation security ,huawei have large benefit on its cellphones business,delay its development by crack down its cellphone business 我们必须制止华为,它的5G将威胁到我们的国家安全,华为的手机业务受益匪浅,通过打击其手机业务来延缓其发展。
moose boy : USA is who taught all others how to commit espionage crimes and destroy opposition governments. Hell we took on the British empire and beat their asses, and we’ve beat everyone’s ass since. So don’t cry when someone else uses your dirty tactics on yourself. Karma bitch. 美国是谁教所有其他人如何从事间谍犯罪和摧毁反对派政府。见鬼,我们打败了大英帝国,打败了他们的屁股,从那以后我们就打败了所有人。所以当别人用你的卑鄙手段对付你自己时,不要哭。因果报应。
David Lau : good to have 2 system. 有两个系统很好。
KiatLeong Len : US don’t have to take on China. US only need to compete with China. Spend more time, money and energy at home before solving other people’s problems. 我们不必和中国较量。美国只需要与中国竞争。在解决别人的问题之前,花更多的时间、金钱和精力在家里。
Srikanth Paniker : Considering the fact the US democrats and liberals And progressives are the pet dogs of the Chinese communists, I think you people should shut up on this issue, because you idiots would betray America for China like Zuckerberg, Pichai, Bloomberg, and many other big tech scumbags, who provided the Communist Chinese the technology to intensify its atrocities against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. Good job CNN, you have once again proven that you are pathetic. 考虑到美国民主党人、自由主义者和进步主义者是中国共产党的宠物狗,我认为你们应该闭嘴,因为你们这些白痴会为了中国背叛美国,比如扎克伯格、皮海、彭博社和许多其他的大技术败类,他们为共产主义中国提供了加强其技术水平的技术。新疆维吾尔族穆斯林的特洛伊。干得好CNN,你又一次证明你是可悲的。
Bernard Redinger : So why didn’t Obama do it??? 那么奥巴马为什么不这么做呢????
poofendorf : Huawei phones are actually more difficult to hack. That’s the real reason the US doesn’t want people to own a Huawei phone: they have a harder time spying on you. 华为手机实际上更难被黑客攻击。这就是美国不希望人们拥有华为手机的真正原因:他们很难监视你。
freejutube : America has zero chance – aside from using brutality – to keep the lead on anything : 美国没有任何机会——除了使用暴力——在任何事情上保持领先地位:
Anthony R : I don’t know why the U S tolerate stealing for too long. Is that fair? 我不知道美国为什么容忍偷窃太久。公平吗?
berry crafts : What doesn’t kill you makes you create your own operating system 不害死你的东西会让你创建你自己的操作系统
Nomad Girl : Trump did something really good for China to unite its people. When Chinese are united, the others’ best strategy is to make peace and coperate. 特朗普做了一些真正有益于中国团结人民的事情。当中国人团结起来时,其他人最好的策略就是和平共处。
bazui xiao : all of nice politics that can make the world better should have the only mark used artificial intelligence… lot’s marks be used for everyone all over the world. American must build the 所有能让世界变得更好的好政治,都应该有唯一的标志——使用人工智能……全世界的每个人都可以使用抽签。美国人必须建立
Brad Gaulin : The US is already doing what they accuse the Chinese of doing, this is purely a trade war and the US wanting to limit global competition, they won’t tolerate china as a power competitor. The US won’t play any game it could lose. 美国已经在做他们指责中国做的事情,这纯粹是一场贸易战,美国想要限制全球竞争,他们不会容忍中国作为一个实力竞争者。美国不会玩任何可能输掉的游戏。
马道林 : FedEx STEAL packages sent from Japan to Huawei. Instead of deliver them, FedEx send the packages to the US. Isn’t it SMART? 联邦快递窃取从日本寄到华为的包裹。联邦快递没有把包裹送到美国,而是把包裹送到了美国。这不是很聪明吗?
Kpop Stan : Why can’t we just cooperate with each other, no hate between countries!! 为什么我们不能互相合作,国家之间没有仇恨!!
Taurus6704 : yes, but stupid Trump will never figure it out!!! 是的,但是愚蠢的特朗普永远不会明白!!!!
Armstrong Chan : Wow, the big fat bulley USA playing itself the victim. USA lie, cheat and steal, these are in their blood! 哇,大胖子美国扮演受害者。美国撒谎,欺骗和偷窃,这些都在他们的血液里!
Tech made simple : Yeah there is a better way. Pay all the money borrowed from China. And open manufacturing facilities in the US. Be independent of any other country 是的,有更好的方法。把从中国借来的钱都还清。在美国建立生产设施。独立于任何其他国家
Tech made simple : Yeah there is a better way. Pay all the money borrowed from China. 是的,有更好的方法。把从中国借来的钱都还清。
jarome schin : They steal our technology and sell it cheaper back to us who is this guy working for China? 他们偷了我们的技术,把它廉价地卖给我们,这家伙是谁在中国工作?
82boulou : For America the only good and fair China is a second place totally contained China .. Nothing will satisfy America than a China not planing or willing to rise to the first place … Simple . 对美国来说,唯一一个好的、公平的中国是第二个完全封闭的中国。没有什么比一个不打算或不愿意崛起的中国更能让美国满意的了…简单。
Ji Guo : america becoming the leader in encryption. blocking all huawei access. theres no irony in that statement at all. 美国成为加密领域的领导者。阻止所有华为访问。这句话一点也不讽刺。
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I am thinking that Trump’s reign is definitely impossible. China is no longer the former China, and foreigners’perception of China needs to change. A good way is to leave China alone. In the days to come, it is the best way to live in peace with China, profit from each other, and achieve mutual benefit