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Darren Tan : Huawei, a private company, owned by high ranking communist party member…..i like the phone, but i would not trust my military or national security with it. 华为是一家私营公司,属于党高层成员……我喜欢这个手册,但我不相信我的军事或国家安全。
elhadj hamlaoui : All comments talking about respect and how he sounds very wise and intelligent, this is just because he speaks Chinese and it seems strange to us it’s a psychological thing, he is a normal person like any other us CEO . 所有关于尊重的评论,以及他听起来很聪明和聪明,这仅仅是因为他讲中文,这对我们来说很奇怪,这是一种心理上的东西,他和其他美国CEO一样是一个正常人。
slkkalum : It’s jut wrong what US done to his Daughter… 我们对他女儿所做的一切都是错误的…
Anthony Tan : Huawei has been stealing tons of tech which other countries have not yet invented! How evil they are! 华为一直在窃取许多其他国家尚未发明的技术!他们多邪恶!
Qianhua Li : Shame on USA government 美国的耻辱
Delark Arms : India should pair with China, and watch the Mark Zuckerweeaboos of Palo Alto cry on mammy’s lap. 印度应该和中国结对,看着帕洛阿尔托的马克·扎克韦阿博斯在妈妈膝上哭泣。
FUHU LIANG : the us so far has no evidence that huawei has done anything illegal but all guessing 到目前为止,美国还没有证据表明华为做了任何非法的事情,除了猜测。
Mr NixxxoN : This is so much propaganda bullshit its ridiculous. This man says nothing but nice scripted fake words. 这是太多的宣传废话,太荒谬了。这个人只会说些漂亮的假话。
koo jaba : His 5G is so good , the USA need to killed it brutally possible. 他的5G是那么好,美国需要残忍地杀死它。
Delark Arms : The Game is rigged. 游戏被操纵了。
Work With Nature – How to Grow Food! : one second – who was caught stealing all our info over the past 15 years? The USA government. Give us a break. 一秒钟——在过去的15年里,谁偷了我们所有的信息?美国。让我们休息一下。
Dali Garwinder Lama : Time just pissed off every Jew oligarch Media mogul banker lobyist real estate tycoon pulling the strings. Let the billionaire battles begin! 时间刚刚激怒了每一个犹太寡头媒体巨头银行家、游说的房地产大亨。让亿万富翁的战斗开始吧!
kickof1 : Like it or not, this move against Huawei gonna boost the growth of Huawei itself. 不管你喜不喜欢,这一反对华为的举动将推动华为自身的发展。
Moses He : actually listen Ren lying is a very interesting thing 事实上,听任撒谎是一件很有趣的事
TheMauritiusTV : US is nothing without countries like China, India, etc. US is becoming like North Korea with a president like Trump. 没有中国、印度等国家,美国就一文不值。美国正变得像拥有特朗普总统的朝鲜一样。
Owen Chua : Can tell by his character, he sounds humble unlike the Trumpet Dog we all knew likes to create drama. 从他的性格可以看出,他听起来很谦虚,不像我们都知道的喇叭狗喜欢制造戏剧。
Motorcyclist : Isn’t US spying its own citizens thru google, facebook, and yahoo email looking for terrorist? No wonder China don’t allow googles or facebook in China. 我们不是在通过谷歌、Facebook和雅虎电子邮件监视自己的公民,寻找恐怖分子吗?难怪中国不允许谷歌或Facebook进入中国。
movie channel : He want to leave the communist control, he really want his company can compete worldwide without the politics, however life is … 他想离开党的控制,他真的希望他的公司能在没有政治的情况下在世界范围内竞争,然而生活是…
Cosmo John : There is no right or wrong but existential survival . China will eat up USA eventually if USA does not wipe out China. Politics is politics 没有对错,只有生存。如果美国不消灭中国,中国最终将吞噬美国。政治就是政治
Giacc S : Huawei designs a ‘back door’ to its products for the U.S. market and teach the U.S. government how to use its ‘back door.’ 华为为美国市场设计了自己产品的“后门”,并教美国如何使用“后门”。
Michael Vu : 4:00 you can see he was choking up talking about his daughter 4:00你可以看到他在说他女儿的事。
rob revlin : Ren Zhengfei, a former engineer in the People’s Liberation Army. At the time of its establishment Huawei was focused on manufacturing phone by hacking ..stealing technology. 任正非,前中国人民解放军工程师。成立之初,华为专注于通过黑客技术制造手机。
Anderson : They did the same with Japanese car companies like Toyota. Look where they are now 像丰田这样的日本汽车公司也是如此。看看他们现在在哪里
Redskull : This man should be the next US president! 这个人应该是下一任美国总统!
Sultan rayder : I support Huwaei Pakistan 我支持Huwaei巴基斯坦
can tho : CCP propaganda much?? 宣传??
舞開心 : Very humble. Totally respect. 非常谦卑。完全尊重。
John Tran : This “interview” is a joke. Huawei probably paid Time to do this one sided interview. Check is Vice’s video on Huawei for a more neutral look at the situation. 这个“采访”是个笑话。华为可能支付了钱来做这个单边采访。检查是副总裁在华为的视频,以更中立地看待这种情况。
Derun Li : Highest respect. 最高尊重。
Micheal : As an American, I don’t care much for Trump. I have no idea if Huewei is doing anything but I am willing to wait and see. 作为一个美国人,我不太喜欢特朗普。我不知道华为是否在做什么,但我愿意等着看。
Lim Keng Hong : My next phone is either Mate 30 or Mate X, whether it’s still Android or not 我的下一部手机是Mate 30或Mate X,不管它是不是Android的。
Your Lyrics : this dude is talk million time better than the orange president 这个家伙比橙色总统说得好多了
Lilly Yuan : My respect to this man too, and I’ll start supporting you. Sorry never thought of Huawei product until Trump pushed Huawei under spot light. Now I know how brilliant is their product. 我也尊重这个人,我会支持你的。很抱歉,在特朗普将华为推到聚光灯下之前,从未想过华为的产品。现在我知道他们的产品有多棒。
Abdul S. Esa : Only USA can service, police, and judge the world. Others please be the slave of USA economics activities. Hypocrisy of USA. 只有美国才能服务、警察和评判世界。其他人请成为美国经济活动的奴隶。美国的虚伪。
qiukoo : that’s the one guy that makes the entire USA pani. 那是唯一让整个美国恐慌的人。
Jesus Camou : Does no one know how evil China is?! 没有人知道中国有多邪恶吗?!
Dr Doalot : Who needs the US, China is miles ahead in terms of education, high-tech and AI. Trump is the tombstone on failed democracy. 谁需要美国,中国在教育、高科技和人工智能方面遥遥领先。特朗普是失败民主的墓碑。
Jesus Camou : Can’t trust China… 不能信任中国…
Sandun Harshana : I will never buy a phone from a US company or will never contribute any open course project originated from US. 我绝不会从美国公司购买电话,也绝不会提供任何源自我们的开放课程项目。
John Kimuhu : A very wise man. Trump can’t even reason halfway 一个非常聪明的人。特朗普甚至不能半途而废
Law C.W. : He make Trump like a fool 他把特朗普弄得像个傻瓜
ivy kim : Mr Ren, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Im now using my 3rd Huawei phone n my upcoming phone is also be Huawei for sure! 任先生,当事情变得艰难时,困难就开始了。我现在用的是我的第三部华为手机,我即将推出的手机也一定是华为!
Sleepymoma : I have watched several interviews , and yes all i have is respect, in some other interviews i see that he the founder and ceo praises the ‘slam’-ers of the company, not everyone has this kind of morality gesture , be prepared to be surprised 我看过好几次采访,是的,我所拥有的只是尊重,在其他一些采访中,我看到他是公司的创始人和首席执行官,称赞公司的“大满贯”,不是每个人都有这种道德姿态,准备好惊讶吧。
小叮当 : So is Trump going to heaven or hell after he dies? 那么特朗普死后会去天堂还是地狱?
jisikie jo : this old man is hardworkin…huawei is own company from china is nothing connection with u.s,only this sick of P.Trump is arrogant 这位老人是勤劳的……华为是中国自己的公司,与美国毫无关系,只有这个讨厌特朗普的人是傲慢的。
漢仔 : Even Hua Wei goes down, US has lost the world ‘s respect. Do they need to use such low handed method to deal with a company.A country vs a company! 即使华威下台,我们也失去了世界的尊重。他们需要用这种卑鄙的方法来对付一家公司吗?一个国家对一家公司!
Tea Villa : Tbh, a lot of countries dislike US for being so arrogant on many issues, and individual like myself grown dislike towards US because they have such a lousy president such as Trump, you know what they say, all up to the head and the rest follows. Although I dont know personally both of these men, but to me Trump exude “air head full of bullshit” while this Ren exude “humility and wise” charisma. 但是,很多国家都不喜欢我们在许多问题上如此自大,像我这样的人也越来越不喜欢我们,因为他们有一个像特朗普这样糟糕的总统,你知道他们说了什么,所有这些都是直截了当的,其他的都是如此。虽然我个人不认识这两个男人,但对我来说特朗普散发出“满嘴胡说八道的气头”,而这个人散发出“谦逊和智慧”的魅力。
Jacques junior Fatal : he is a wise man 他是个聪明人
a750 : USA is falling behind Technology Curve and is Afraid 美国正在落后于技术曲线
Property Reviewer : Whats the new plan 新计划是什么
Andy Christian Loyola : Good luck with your battle against them 祝你和他们战斗好运
Kuskus : Sorry but no. This does not move me. This interview might earn lots of respect but when u study about media, u know what is propaganda. When you really look into clues and details, you can figure out. You do not see it because you have not suffered from the consequences. When you are not affected directly, you can look at things with a very detached perspective. The only concern I have is the employees, they are innocent, they do not know politics but they suffered. I hope the employees can survive. But not the company though. 不好意思,但不行。这不会打动我。这个采访可能会赢得很多尊重,但当你学习媒体时,你知道什么是宣传。当你真正研究线索和细节的时候,你可以搞清楚。你看不到它是因为你没有承受后果。当你没有受到直接影响时,你可以用一种非常独立的视角看待事物。我唯一关心的是员工,他们是无辜的,他们不懂政治,但他们受到了伤害。我希望员工能活下来。但不是公司。
Alee 998 : He’s a gentleman 他是个绅士
LoiUe 01 : i cant say anything but RESPECT for this man, you had me sir 除了尊重这个人,我什么都说不出来,先生
rasta k8 : Been watching this man and learning something every time.being professional, humble and positive… 一直在观察这个人,每次都在学习一些东西。专业、谦虚、积极……
Ueli Tschupp-Lambert : Cute, but utterly false. It’s sad to see that even the president of the company has no idea how easily the technology can be misused by governments. His ignorance shows he is 100% under the control of the CCP. Brainwashed or not… I believe he knows what he is doing. 可爱,但完全是假的。令人遗憾的是,即使是公司的总裁也不知道这项技术有多容易被滥用。他的无知表明他100%受中国党的控制。洗脑还是不洗脑…我相信他知道自己在做什么。
robin nami : Im proud huawei user phone. I admire him of being calm 我为华为用户手机感到骄傲。我钦佩他冷静
Manideep Das : This man deserves immense respect 这个人值得尊敬
jung jung : It is very interesting interview at this point of time but we can see the problem more clearly when we observe his(huawei) behavior, not just his mere words. 这是一次非常有趣的采访,但当我们观察他(华为)的行为时,我们可以更清楚地看到问题,而不仅仅是他的话。
Chinese Goyim : Wish I can hug him. 希望我能拥抱他。
Sini Hmz : We need presidents like him 我们需要像他这样的总统
Scott Liu : His words are so cautious. He has done nothing wrong but US government imprisoned his daughter and treat HUAWEI so unfairly. 他的话很谨慎。他没有做错什么,但美国监禁了他的女儿,对华为如此不公平。
thelibi : USA is being an asshole as always 美国一直是个混蛋
Silent Sand : Next phone for me Huawei 4 sure…but if it’s not Huawei it will be Xiaomi or Oneplus and it woulb be a dream without android and playstore yep!!! 我的下一部手机华为4当然…但如果不是华为的话,它将是小米或OnePlus,如果没有Android和PlayStore,它将是一个梦想。!!!
KEE CHEAT HNG : Low profile man A very very low profile and humble man 低调的人非常低调谦虚的人
Jime Green : I like Huawei! 我喜欢华为!
S Z : I am an Iphone user and my next cellphone will be Huawei . Only after listening to this man I have made the decision to say goodbye to Iphone . Respect for you sir 我是iPhone用户,下一部手机是华为。听了这个人的话,我才决定和iPhone说再见。尊敬您,先生
Irfan : Agent of Israel Mr. Trump putting Everyone in trouble , its basically putting sanctions on China not on one company … Get ready people because you and i have to pay , it is a Kind of Hate so don’t blame any one .. 特朗普先生是以色列的代理人,他给每个人带来了麻烦,基本上是对中国实施制裁,而不是对一家公司……准备好人们,因为你和我必须付出代价,这是一种仇恨,所以不要责怪任何人。
Sudhir Dudeja : We Indians are too much dependent on American companies, if it happen with any of our company we will see mass number of people will be getting job less. 我们印度人太依赖美国公司了,如果发生在我们公司的任何一家,我们都会看到大量的人将得到更少的工作。
You are F*cking bitch : Trump is a fuckin bitch. 特朗普是个该死的婊子。
iGadget T : Sure this man put Dumb Trump admin. in panic mode. 当然,这个人把愚蠢的特朗普管理。处于恐慌状态。
Angel Magic : Support CHINA 5G 支持中国5G
uabir : Only you can come out of this Huawei! 只有你才能从华为出来!
Fiercelessman : . If u know the meaning of Huawei in Chinese, u can understand sinocentrism 如果你知道华为的中文意思,你就能理解中国中心主义。
Tian Zhirun : Thanks Trump that he makes much Chinese known the U.S. is not that friendly as some people used to image. It’s his pressure that makes Chinese unite more. 谢谢特朗普,他让很多中国人知道美国不像一些人想象的那样友好。正是他的压力使中国人更加团结。
preston esteban : Dont lose hope huawei, this might be just a blessing in disguise for you to strive even further. 不要失去希望,华为,这可能只是一个祝福,变相为你争取更进一步。
Adam Myer : Youtube/internet is filled with pro-chinese, but it is expected with over 1 billion chinese around the world. Chinese government&companies are bullies. On the surface they are nice and well spoken, but when you turn your back….Hopefully Trump will put them in their place. YouTube/Internet上充斥着专业中文,但预计全球将有超过10亿的中文用户。中国和公司都是恶霸。表面上,他们很好,说话也很好,但当你转身时……希望特朗普能让他们站在他们的位置上。


  1. Cibela说道:


    What evidence and reasons do yI don’t know if you have heard of “really fragrant”, you can go to the search, maybe it will be a large “really fragrant” scene in the future ou have for saying how evil China is? On the contrary, what does it mean to hold Ren Zhengfei’s daughter in the United States? This is a rogue act, but quite a few Americans still know that this is not right. I hope Trump can consciously be a person. The rise of Huawei, I also use Huawei, the rise of China, I am also Chinese. Those who look down on 5 G, if you have the ability, don’t use it in the future! Isn’t the United States going to buy 5 G in the future .