1836TiredCynic1836 : It takes a lot of faith to be a scientist. You know, making claims with absolutely no proof.Yeah, absolutely none of that science stuff went into the computer you’re commenting on or the internet that allows everyone to read your words. 做一个科学家需要很大的信心。你知道,发表声明时完全没有证据。没错,那些科学素材绝对不会进入你正在评论的电脑或者互联网,让每个人都能读懂你的话。
Redboatme463 : 5,000 years of unbroken civilization … they got a lot right. It really ended when Britain started forcibly selling opium to them, weakening them for the Communists. 5000年不间断的文明…他们得到了很多正确的东西。当英国开始强行向他们出售鸦片,削弱他们为共产党人服务的时候,它真的结束了。
ElenaGeorge : Instead, the study proposes that the ancient pyramid builders were accounting for the rotation of the Earth’s axis, which, over long periods of time, alters the position of stars in the night sky. 相反,研究提出,古代金字塔的建造者是地球轴旋转的原因,在长期内,地球轴旋转改变了星星在夜空中的位置。
Redboatme463 : The ancient Chinese were much more capable than we give them credit for. “Pyrimids” are copies of hills, or small mountains, in all cultures. 古代中国人的能力比我们给予他们的要大得多。”“金字塔”是所有文化中的小山或小山的复制品。
suzyq69 : Aliens visited them too. 外星人也拜访了他们。
expatscott : oooooorrrrrrrrr………….. perhaps they just did it to screw with all of the people after them. Practical joke of sorts…. Anyone think of this? 哦……也许他们只是为了和所有的人在一起。各种各样的恶作剧…有人想到这个吗?
FactsNotDogmaINQUIRI : Anything in those pyramids suggesting an orange demon from the East would someday bring a reign of tariffs into their world? 那些金字塔里有什么暗示来自东方的橙色恶魔有一天会把关税统治带入他们的世界吗?
Tamil88 : Even in those days the ancient Chinese created artificial islands to claim these lands for their country. 甚至在那些日子里,中国古代也创造了人工岛屿,要求这些土地属于他们的国家。
DemDestroyer23Laffin : Pyramids in Egypt. Pyramids in China. Pyramids in Central/South America. 埃及金字塔中国金字塔南美洲中部的金字塔。
elk96 : look at the paintings by primitive man in the caves they are literally masterpieces 看看洞穴里原始人的绘画,它们简直就是杰作。
ChuckLasVegas : Remember when “ancient Chinese secret” was a laundry detergent? 还记得”中国古代秘密”是洗衣粉吗?
Jimidroidelk96Jimidr : When you spend 100 years looking at the path of star’s instead television, and you pass that knowledge onto your students, for 100 generations, you probably knew more about the Universe than Modern people watching Television do.they also didn’t spend their time on socialist nonsenseBut we got them beat on TV knowledge, hands down. 当你花100年观察星星而不是电视,并且把知识传授给你的学生100代人的时候,你可能比现代人看电视更了解宇宙。他们也没有把时间花在社会主义的胡说八道上,但我们得到了他们。拍下电视知识,放下手来。
mabolzichThisWorldsA : It always amazes me when these educated historians assume that ancient civilizations didn’t know about and exchange information with each other. Assuming that ancient man stopped at the waters edge or at their “borders” and didn’t investigate others.It amazes me that they think the ancient civilizations were backwards. I guess if you drive a car that falls apart in 5 years or live in a house that won’t last 80 years that is progress. 当这些受过教育的历史学家认为古代文明彼此之间并不了解和交换信息时,我总是感到惊讶。假设古代人在水边或他们的“边界”停下来,不去调查别人。他们认为古代文明落后,我感到很惊讶。我猜如果你开的车在5年内就坏了,或者住在一个不能维持80年的房子里,这就是进步。
DeputyDog0101ChuckLa : China’s ancient ‘pyramids’ reveal their stunning secrets….Markings were found that said, Made in China.It probably said “Made Here.” 中国古代的“金字塔”揭露了它们惊人的秘密……人们发现了标志,上面写着“中国制造”。很可能写着“这里制造”。
shipscook1 : The Greeks didn’t assist the chinese, the chinese stole the technology and produced cheap knock-offs. 希腊人没有帮助中国人,中国人偷走了技术,生产了便宜的仿制品。
riley7HostileMerkril : The Terracotta Warriors seem to be more alive than the politicians in Washington…At least they (the Terracotta Warriors) are doing something useful.and smarter. 兵马俑似乎比华盛顿的政客们更有活力……至少他们(兵马俑战士)正在做一些有用和聪明的事情。
TS0010110tf1961TS001 : Those aren’t “pyramids”, as much as just a giant burial mound which is very easy to create. With the pyramids, they placed stones in an organized manner. With this mound, they just needed to toss dirt on top.Pyramid is in quotation marks.”Pyramid like” would probably be a better description.There were no Chinese Jews at the time. 那些不是“金字塔”,也只是一个巨大的墓穴,很容易创造。在金字塔中,他们以有组织的方式放置石头。有了这个土墩,他们只需要往上面扔土。金字塔有引号。“金字塔式的”可能是更好的描述。当时没有中国犹太人。
NotaDemocrat2018 : The second group of pyramids is oriented away from true north simply because they were made in China. 第二组金字塔之所以偏离真正的北方,仅仅是因为它们是中国制造的。
SwanDive999Independe : On a serious note: the terracotta warriors lay undisturbed for over 2000 years. But when they were exposed to the air their bold colors quickly turned to grey. The Chinese stopped opening the areas where they are buried and will not expose the First Emperor’s Tomb to the air until technology advances sufficiently to prevent the destruction of the contents. It’s believed that the Emperor’s Tomb reflected the world as they knew it, with rivers of mercury that would last an eternity and the heavens painted on the ceiling. We will probably not live to see it. 一个严肃的注意:兵马俑不受干扰超过2000年。但是当它们暴露在空气中时,它们大胆的颜色很快变成灰色。中国人停止开放他们埋葬的地区,在技术发展到足以防止第一皇帝陵墓被毁之前,他们不会把第一皇帝陵墓暴露在空气中。人们相信,皇帝的陵墓反映了他们所知道的世界,水银河永恒,天花板上画着天堂。我们可能不会活着看到它。
SunsoakrJudgehundred : The ancient Chinese were no different than the ancient Egyptians. They’re emperors and kings believed in in a lavish burial sight which was the mindset in ancient times.Well other than not as ancient.In this age we still like to honor our most highest elected leaders with a very expensive last goodbye with lavish ceremonies. We are civilized enough, though, to know a gravesite is all one needs. 古代的中国人和古埃及人没有什么不同。他们是皇帝和国王,他们相信古代的葬礼是一种奢侈的葬礼。远非那么古老。在这个时代,我们仍然喜欢用奢侈的仪式向我们的最高当选的领导人致以最昂贵的最后告别。然而,我们足够文明,知道墓碑是一个人所需要的。
outhierSunsoakrouthi : No secret just not talked about. Thousands died to build them, Thousands died to make them and keep them secret.Another example of how religion has messed over mankind.how? your a fool.Yeah, you’ve written that a few times now. 没有秘密就不谈。成千上万人为了建造他们而死,成千上万人为了制造他们和保密他们而死。宗教如何扰乱人类的另一个例子。怎么?
ketch2222 : They learned how to build these by watching …ants 他们学会了如何通过观察蚂蚁来建造这些蚂蚁。
Progmmr : Its the ancient aliens! 这是一个古老的外星人!
JohnAGrelloFoxMJohnA : They stole the intellectual property of the Egyptians to build their pyramids! Lol!what an ignorant statement!So are comments about cultural appropriation. 他们偷走了埃及人的知识产权来建造金字塔!哈哈哈!多么无知的声明!关于文化转移的评论也是如此。
HHopeWaywardWingsHHo : It seems all that “research” still led to an easily demonstrable false conclusion. Family 2 simply pointed to Polaris because the Chinese thought Polaris pointed North — as per Google translate, Polaris is literally translated to “Northern Most Star”. The Chinese weren’t anticipating the movement of the Earth’s axis — by the way, the first emperor died 210B.C., not THAT long ago in astronomical years… What’s wrong with these “researchers”?There’s pretty solid evidence that the first Chinese empire was founded closer to 2500 B.C. The old empires were pretty thorough at destroying the previous dynasties history, which has made it hard to confirm. 似乎所有的“研究”仍然导致一个容易证明的错误结论。家族2简单地指出北极星,因为中国人认为北极星指向北方——按照Google的翻译,北极星被字面翻译成“北方最繁星”。中国人没有预料到地球轴的运动——顺便说一句,第一位皇帝死于公元前210年,不是很久以前天文学年份……这些“研究者”怎么了?有相当确凿的证据表明,第一个中国帝国建于公元前2500年。旧帝国在摧毁前朝历史方面相当彻底,这很难证实。
Buddy13 : Those are hills filled with rock and dirt. If they weren’t the Chinese would have torn them apart looking for valuables. 那些是充满岩石和泥土的小山。如果不是的话,中国人会把它们拆开,寻找贵重物品。
GoodByeLeftDarthDon4 : China’s ancient ‘pyramids’ reveal their stunning secrets 中国古代金字塔展示他们惊人的秘密
MJandecka : Deceptive news story. The Chinese authorities have not allowed further excavations. And they use silly stories of ancient booby as a justification for the excavations and exploration to not continue. 欺骗性的新闻报道中国当局不允许进一步挖掘。他们利用古鲣鱼的愚蠢故事作为发掘和勘探不再继续的理由。
Smittttty : I guess we may differ on what stunning actually means. 我想我们可能会对惊人的真正含义有所不同。
Stu_Pedasoe_(D) : They probably stole the idea from the Egyptians. 他们可能从埃及人那里偷走了这个想法。
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