Dream Gaming : China warned the US Friday not to “play with fire” by engaging Taiwan, which is expected to receive billions of dollars worth of US weapons and whose democratically elected leader just visited New York. The US recently approved a $2.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan, infuriating Beijing, which has been pushing Washington to cancel the planned sale. 中国周五警告美国不要通过与台湾“玩火”,台湾预计将获得价值数十亿美元的美国武器,台湾民选领导人刚刚访问纽约。美国最近批准向台湾出售22亿美元的武器,这激怒了北京,北京一直在敦促华盛顿取消计划中的出售。
Yohan TV : west ph sea became a sea of blood if ever gonna start the war there.. godbless to people of philippines.. many people gonna die to this war.. 如果要在那里发动战争的话,西海就变成了一片血海。愿上帝保佑菲律宾人民。很多人会死于这场战争。
jay ar aquino : US and allies work to liberate Taiwan as a country and member of the International community. I am Philippines. 美国及其盟国致力于解放台湾作为一个国家和国际社会的一员。我是菲律宾。
srey sros bopha : I doubt if ww3 happened, but it did happened after the war only three countries that existed: USA,RUSSIA and China. The whole PLANET is divided by three… 我怀疑第三次世界大战是否发生了,但它确实发生在战后,只有三个国家存在:美国、俄罗斯和中国。整个星球被三个…
Heng Vinet : My good idea for peace on the world of our earth between ( DEMOCRACY AND COMMUNISM )should be election or sharing 10 year a time to be a owner of the world, better than grabbing the war. and kill each other ( more ways good than sanction and war ) because( sanction and war) it make the people dies the same ! 我对我们地球上民主和共产主义之间的和平的好主意应该是选举,或者一次共享10年,成为世界的主人,而不是夺取战争。互相残杀(比制裁和战争好得多),因为(制裁和战争)使人们死得一样!
Noldar Ocledas : China is trying to impose her rule, China is a giant Island Eater and trespassers of territory, a poisoner of the World. One Day China will be doomed and all what she done will backfire on her. 中国正试图实施她的统治,中国是一个吃岛大王,侵犯领土,毒害世界。总有一天,中国将注定失败,她所做的一切都将适得其反。
jhapaleno jhpsggento : Let there be 3rd world War. 让第三次世界大战爆发吧。
Prem Gurung : Taiwan is chin teretoury 台湾是中国
james lloyd gulfo : Go US just send the AVENGER’S in china. 去吧,我们把复仇者送到中国。
Pacific Angel : Why should USA bother about China advice when Russia sold $2.4 billions of S400 grounds-air system to Turkey ? ! ! ! 当俄罗斯向土耳其出售价值24亿美元的S400地面空气系统时,美国为什么要为中国的建议操心呢?!!
Brazen Cool : Ww3 will happen beacause of Infinite wants of humans 第三次世界大战将发生,因为人类有无限的需求
Wong fehong : bomb china to stop invasion 轰炸中国以阻止入侵
Jmae Peralta : China is scared of the allies of us in Asia bcoz if they will joined forces against China in the war the China will lost 中国害怕我们在亚洲的盟友,如果他们在战争中加入对中国的力量,中国将失去。
Arnel Custodio : We are Asians we need to unite being Asians no need to war against Asians … 我们是亚洲人我们需要团结亚洲人不需要和亚洲人开战…
Lucky Yiw : u.s can`t keep playing flip flop in its dealing with the world. China and u.s already had 3 agreements regarding 美国在与世界打交道的过程中,不能一直玩着触发器。
Charles Bevins : One dies another pops up so make sure u got the bullets we have the power to sandwich ther ass prob is they worry about lives not me thats what war is for make sure you kill many as possible no futcher sons to start shit 一个人死了,另一个人突然出现,所以确保你有子弹,我们有能力夹住他们的屁股,问题是他们担心的是生命,而不是我。这就是战争的意义,确保你尽可能地杀死许多人
Charles Bevins : We can always se if they can bounce back like Hiroshima 如果他们能像广岛那样反弹,我们就可以一直保持警惕。
JP-D30 4GodBDaGlory : why r u people can’t understand the real truth.. and why r u people wants a war? the war cause a lot of deaths even innocent people.. u don’t hve concern for dat?? wTf! the war may might be the end of the world.. u still don’t care for that? and pls.. be vigilant.. not all news or not wat u see or heard was the truth 为什么你的人不明白真相……你们为什么要战争?战争造成很多人死亡,甚至是无辜的人。你不关心数据吗??WTF!战争可能是世界末日。你还是不在乎?请……保持警惕……不是所有的消息都是事实
Franky Tju : China was over. Always look trouble with the small country. 中国结束了。在这个小国总是显得麻烦。
Lex Desuasido : China need to be teach their lesson… little by little China is building an alliance, alliance of its enemy…no wonder one day xi jinping will wake up only to find out that all of his neighbouring country is already in his doorstep ready to fire anytime. 中国需要吸取教训…一点一点地,中国正在建立一个联盟,一个敌人的联盟……难怪总有一天,习近平醒来,却发现他所有的邻国都已经在他家门口准备随时开火。
Joseph Kelly : Stop crying China. You buy of russia 别哭了,中国。你买了俄罗斯
Murakami Ichiko : All allies especially white people versus against China let’s see !! They are not following international standard !! 所有的盟友,特别是白人对抗中国,让我们看看!!他们没有遵守国际标准!你看!
Lynn 88 : Chinese dreaming everyday 中国人每天做梦
Workers party : China are scared 中国很害怕
Yang Ikhee20 : Please dont make stupid no more world war we need to love each other and forgive 请不要再愚蠢了。世界大战结束后,我们需要彼此相爱和原谅。
Nancy Lin : China spokesman has laughed at US in public that US isn’t as strong as before. US,show your muscle. 中国发言人当众嘲笑我们,说美国不如以前强大。我们,展示你的肌肉。
Cabalhin : Begin the war to reduce ove r population ..I’m ready to die 开始战争以减少人口过剩……我准备死了
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