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David Durham : They both need to be held accountable by ALL countries that are impacted by the CCP virus ( covid-19)! 它们(CDC和中国)都需要由所有受covid-19影响的国家负责!
Rogelio Rogelio : Why doesn’t CNN report anything negative about China?? 为什么CNN没有报道任何关于中国的负面报道??
Martin Smith : Leaders don’t pass the blame; 领导者不会推卸责任
Sunny Fung : Korea and the US had the outbreaks of Covid-19 back in Jan, Korea managed to flatten the curve and way more testing per capita. He and Mike Pompeo are no different in terms of telling the truth. 韩国和美国早在1月份就爆发了Covid-19,韩国设法使曲线变平,并使人均测试次数增加。他和迈克·蓬佩奥在说真话方面没有什么不同。
Derek Wang : Come on. China never lied about or tried to cover up the nature and severity of the virus. Back in January, China has reported tens of thousands of sick people. 60 million people are lock down at home. Hospitals and crematoriums were overwhelmed. You know Hubei province is bigger than many many countries. Do you think China was just being funny ? What were you doing then? You tell people not to wear masks, not panic, just flu, just a hoax. Some media scoffed at China as the Sick man of Asia and criticized the lock-down and mandatory masks requirement as infringement of human rights. Many asians were attacked by others for wearing masks. 算了吧。中国从未撒谎或试图掩盖病毒的性质和严重性。早在今年1月,中国就有上万人患病。6000万人被关在家里。医院和火葬场人满为患。你知道湖北省比许多国家都大。你认为中国只是在搞笑吗?那你当时在干什么?你告诉人们不要戴口罩,不要惊慌,只是流感,只是个骗局。一些媒体嘲笑中国是亚洲的病夫,并批评封锁和强制戴口罩的规定是对人权的侵犯。许多亚洲人因戴口罩而受到其他人的攻击。
Rock wen : Trump: oh, yeah, baby, I am going to fuck United States so hard with this covid 19, I don’t give a fuck how many Americans dies in the pandemic, as long as my wallet keep getting fat, it is all good for me. American first。 特朗普:哦,是的,宝贝,我要用covid19来狠狠地操美国,我不在乎有多少美国人死于这场流行病,只要我的钱包继续变厚,这对我来说都是好事。美国第一
marcum exe : Mankind is to blame for this problem except this time the All Mighty will turn a deaf ear to man which because of his arrogance began to see himself as God and when that happens he must be granted his free will along with the responsibility of correcting what is wrong. Everyone and everything has turned away from God’s teachings even all the body modifications (tatoos, piercings, body enhancements, surgical procedures etc) show disrespect for the Creator which made man in His image, I guess His work was not good enough and you expect mercy from the most High. This time man is on his own and will be for a long time because thousands of years of existence has not taught him anything so maybe extreme hardship will.. 这个问题应该归咎于人类,这次上帝将不再眷顾人类,因为人类的傲慢开始把自己视为上帝,当这种情况发生时,他必须得到他的自由意志和纠正错误的责任。所有人和一切都背离了上帝的教诲,甚至所有的身体修改(禁忌、穿孔、身体增强、外科手术等)都显示出对造物主的不尊重,造物主在他的形象中创造了人类,我想他的工作不够好,你期望从最高层得到仁慈。这一次,人是独立的,而且将是长期的,因为几千年的存在并没有教会他任何东西,所以也许极端的困难会。。
Mike Sadler : Accept no accountability and blame everyone else. 不负责任,责怪别人。
Jordon Hui : CDC US talked to China CDC burst into tears how bad it was on new years. They reccomend him to buy 2 billion of medical supplys cut the funding to 75 percent. Us sent 18tons of medical supply to China. Then he cuts CDC funding after. 美国疾控中心和中国疾控中心谈过年时哭了起来。他们建议他购买20亿的医疗用品,把资金削减到75%。美国向中国运送了18吨医疗物资。之后他削减了疾病预防控制中心的资金。
eleventetem : Fuck You Pence 去你的彭斯
WormholeJim : I think maybe Pence got that Corona. He doesn’t look well. 我想也许彭斯也中了。他看起来不太好。
Curtis Allen : How about stopping the blame game…stop being proud of people…and find a cure for the f***ing thing 停止责怪的把戏…停止傲慢…找到解决问题的方法
Y Kk : Fuck u… until now so many states still hv not announce lock down  操。。。直到现在很多州还没有宣布封锁
jordan tony : They should of left everybody on vacation and then they go out touch everything u guys fucked up big time should of stayed in the other country tell this was over. This shit was going on since nov and people go on vacation then blame the government 他们应该让每个人都去度假,然后他们出去接触你们这些家伙搞砸的每件事。他们应该呆在另一个国家告诉我们一切都结束了。从11月开始就一直这样,人们去度假,然后责怪政府
Leeanne Bishop : Hey trump anything happens to my family I’m going to hunt you and cough all over you . 嘿,别让我的家人出什么事,我要追捕你,让你咳嗽不止。
木村花花 : ‘The virus is a hoax and it’s like a normal flu and the risk of catching it is very low.’ “这种病毒是个骗局,就像普通流感一样,感染的风险非常低。”
No Money : Why blame China? I did believe that tRump knows everything better than anybody else. “No one understands virus (or any other things ) better than I do.” — Trump 为什么要责怪中国?我确实相信特朗普比任何人都更了解一切。”没有人比我更了解病毒(或其他东西)。”——特朗普
Ashtar light : China needs to be punished . 中国需要受到惩罚。
freesoulraquen : Italy did and is doing a pretty good job , at current rate America will be worse than Spain , UK 意大利做得很好,而且正在做得很好,以目前的速度,美国将比西班牙,英国更糟
Kandace Carter : speechless, when china suffering this virus, you guys just watched that as a bystander instead of taking measures to prevent that . such fun 说不出话来,当中国遭受这种病毒时,你们只是旁观者,而不是采取措施阻止它。真有意思
rodney gangloff : Lies from penhead. The senators got briefed by the NSA in January and sold millions of their airline stocks and then bought Dupont stock. Treasonous vice president. 谎言。参议员们在一月份听取了国家安全局的简报,卖掉了数百万的航空公司股票,然后购买了杜邦公司的股票。叛国副总统。
LE AALAMGEER : When China facing this Covic19… Did USA send a help?? Well… China handle and manage to stop/ control it by themself.. 当中国面对这场危机时。。。美国有没有派人来帮忙??好。。。中国自行处理并设法阻止/控制它。。
Bongo Fury : Has anyone heard anything about Y2K? Remember THAT…… 有人听说过千年虫吗?记住。。。。。。
chantal leblanc : dump idiots. it did not hit usa first… there was plenty of examples around the world that this was a pendemic in February. you took 0 bold and decicive action. Canada closed the border… only then, did you start waking up. then you pretended to wan5 to send the army to the border… to prentend to your base it was your idea, pathetic little little ignorant men. You talk about Pride ? you mean in reducing the number of voters in NY by ignoring the pandemic 白痴川普。它没有先袭击美国。。。全世界有很多例子表明这是2月份的悬而未决。你采取了0个大胆果断的行动。加拿大关闭了边境。。。直到那时,你才开始醒来。然后你假装要派军队去边境。。。对你来说,这是你的主意,可怜的小无知的人。你说的是骄傲?你的意思是说通过忽视流行病来减少纽约的选民数量
myvoyage 2010 : When China had to locked down Wuhan and built massive hospitals for the victims, it was already in the news everywhere. What are those “intel” doing when they heard the news? It is just a shame for that “intel” to just blame others for their own stupidity and laziness. 当中国不得不封锁武汉,为灾民修建大型医院时,这已经成为了世界各地的新闻。当他们听到这个消息时,那些“情报人员”在做什么?仅仅因为自己的愚蠢和懒惰而责怪别人,这是“英特尔”的耻辱。
Peter Zhao : blame is easy thing to do, but he said ‘low risk’ three weeks ago… 指责很容易,但他三周前说“低风险”。。。
Owleyes : Weren’t you twiddling your fingers while the virus ran rampant through China and Europe? 当病毒在中国和欧洲肆虐时,你不是在玩弄你的手指吗?
Ggg Ggg : The US is Number One in everything. Now that is a dubious honor considering it’s Number One in confirmed CCP Virus. 美国是样样世界第一。现在新冠也是。
Gerrick L : Failed leadership.period 失败的领导。
Ken Evanska : Pence is as corrupt as his orange emperor. 彭斯和他的皇帝一样腐败。
Amos zl : The White House should be ashamed of this outbreak.They wasted two whole months. 白宫应该为这次爆发感到羞耻。他们浪费了整整两个月。
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