外国人评论中国军演:(采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgfNF8W9Llw)

Bilal Awan :I love China from Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰💪🇨🇳 我爱中国,from 巴基斯坦❤️🇵🇰💪🇨🇳
adil mirza89 :American should be in limit otherwise China will give them a good lesson 美国应该受到限制,否则中国会给他们一个很好的教训
Breadbugzombie964 :Fire back then. We all knows damn well that the chinese military is all about quantity over any quality just like their Made in China crap products they pollute the world with.
Sree Sree :Good move by China 中国干得漂亮
Thomas S :I think the US navy should have launched two missiles to intercept the two chinese missiles and then watched the chinese withdraw their missile battery in defeat.. 我认为美国海军应该发射两枚导弹来拦截两枚中国导弹,然后看着中国人在失败中撤回了导弹。
A D :Great job china
Provuze :China wants to get popped 中国想被爆
lastgleeming :Imagine if the missile went off course and hit a US or Ally ship. 试想一下,如果导弹偏离航向,击中美国或盟国船只。
Jame Bond :Wow, maybe China used its missiles to catch sharks :)) 哇,也许中国用导弹抓鲨鱼:)
Kristine Miles :And they targeted dolphins instead of US aircraft carriers. 😂 他们的目标是海豚而不是美国航空母舰。
ENDTIME GENERATION :All they’re doing is just making sure they’re Rusty equipment still works 他们所做的只是确保生锈的设备还能正常工作
Aditya Misra :Lol, those missiles won’t scare Nepal and they expect them to scare countries like the US. What a joke! 哈哈,那些导弹不会吓到尼泊尔,他们希望它们能吓唬像美国这样的国家。真是个笑话!
Potato :They can on shoot missiles into the water, but if it actually hit any us ships , China would be running 他们可以向水中发射导弹,但如果真的击中任何一艘美国军舰,中国就会逃跑
Esakki Muthu :Just look at there video 😂 look movie clip . China stop showing made in China product 😂😝 no one interested now. 看看那视频短片。中国停止展示中国制造的产品现在没人感兴趣了。
totskie wadab :hit the target…to much drama. 击中目标…太戏剧化了。
TheLogicalGeek :If a war is fought, it would only benefit Trump to come back to the White House with a clear mandate as China would be thrashed hard. 如果打一场战争,特朗普回到白宫,明确授权,中国将遭受重创。
RedEyeCelestial :Considering it’s made in China i wouldn’t be surprised if the missiles were faulty and failed to launch 考虑到它是中国制造的,如果导弹有问题,发射失败,我也不会感到惊讶
N :Now US will start military engagement with ASEAN countries, anyway elections are near 🤷 现在美国将开始与东盟国家进行军事演习,选举无处不在
Ednagettobed :I am sure the Americans are shaking in their boots. 我敢肯定美国人都在发抖。
Vladimir Vcelar :China has left the chatroom…… 中国已经离开了聊天室。。。。。。
manj46 :Haha. U.S. is just wasting more fuel and resources. China is continuing its research and development in 5G and quantum computing. 哈哈。美国只是在浪费更多的燃料和资源。中国正在继续在5G和量子计算领域进行研发。
Ryan Noy :PLA is not ready for battle… they may have the arms but they don’t have the military capabilities to fight Where are the aliens when you need them 解放军还没准备好战斗。。。他们可能有武器,但他们没有作战的军事能力
Khairul Azhar :F22 raptor will handle it easily with direct energy laser install in the aircraft F22猛禽将很容易地处理与直接能源激光安装在飞机上
Abraham Tan :It’s time to take back Taiwan if US escalate the provacation into war. 如果美国把挑衅升级为战争,现在是收回台湾的时候了。
KNOWLEDGE D :China make everything matching military power with USA 中国拼了全力与美国竞争
The Gurkha :USA take ur naval troops away from the sea, there will be no tensions btwn China & USA. When China builds base in South China Sea then there is problem but USA has more than 800 bases all over the world and there is no problem. We don’t need war as it never ends. We want peace. 美国将海军从海上撤离,中美之间不会出现紧张局势。当中国在南中国海建立基地时,这是有问题的,但是美国在全球拥有800多个基地,这是没有问题的。我们不需要战争,因为它永远不会结束。我们要和平。
Baby Lon :The West bully China by their audacity to occupy South China Sea,with their war planes and ships. Imagine if China did the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean? How would they react? I don’t think they will sit quietly,plain and simple as that.!!!!!!! 西方用他们的战机和战舰肆无忌惮地占领南中国海,欺负中国。
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen :This is China not Iran or Iraq or Syria 这是中国,不是伊朗、伊拉克或叙利亚
Tuang Chiew Mok :What will the USA say if China send a spy plane close to USA ? 如果中国派间谍飞机接近美国,美国会怎么说?
Dan D :It flies up to the stratosphere and dive down vertically at hypersonic speeds. There is no way to stop a vertical dive projectile. 它飞向平流层,以高超音速垂直俯冲。垂直俯冲是没有办法的。
Nujtoog channel :US is not scare the Cinese missile no matter what kind of missiles they are. We have the capability to destroy anything. 美国并不害怕中国的导弹,无论它们是哪种导弹。我们有能力摧毁任何东西。
Robert Lau :China is telling US that DF26s are for real. 中国告诉美国DF26是真的。
Jay :War is close beleave me ! 战争就在我身边!
babiumno1 :China will never be humiliated again! If there is going to be a war, make it a Nuclear War. 中国永远不会再受辱!如果要打仗,就把它变成核战争。
eymeera osaka :Did the missiles hit its targets? Are they moving targets just like the real thing? 导弹是否击中目标?他们是像真实物体一样移动的目标吗?
yu :WW2 era aircraft carrier will be sitting ducks for present-day satellite-guided intelligent hypersonic speed missiles 二战时期的航空母舰将成为当今卫星制导的智能高超音速导弹的靶子
Nanoy Lopez :China, no more of that kind of show. The US havr plenty of missles like you.  中国,别再这样了。美国有很多像你这样的导弹。
Japs Killer :US think they can continue bully and intimidate all countries all over the world, but not China or Russia. 美国认为他们可以继续欺凌和恐吓世界上所有国家,但中国和俄罗斯不行。
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