美国人在意自己买到Made In China吗?

早期中国制造的产品一直给人以廉价和低质的印象,美国CNBC最近作了一份调查,主题为“Does ‘made in china’ matter?”(你是否在意‘中国制造’?),结果57%的人觉得没区别, 看看外国网友有何评价?

美国人看到made in china有何感受?




Sengfook Ong : Only idiots buy cheap products from China, then blame it for overspending. 只有白痴才会从中国买便宜的产品,然后把超支归咎于中国。
Tim Lin : What most American’s who never visited China in the past will never know is how much China LIKED American products. This sentiment has changed and a shame. 大多数过去从未访问过中国的美国人永远不知道中国有多喜欢美国产品。这种情绪已经改变了,这是一种耻辱。
Chinese Goyim : This is mostly cause of politics 这主要是政治原因
Sengfook Ong : Ask Palestinians whether they like Americans? Get ambulance ready. 问巴勒斯坦人他们是否喜欢美国人?准备好救护车。
kevin Mao : Chinese gov control people’s minds? Lol. It’s what the USA is doing now. 中国政府控制人们的思想?哈哈。这就是美国现在所做的。
Steven Chen : When i hear the word junk is associated with made in china, i clearly know how poor or ignorant this troll is. anyone who is wealthy enough to travel, has traveled to China, knows China do sell good quality, expensive stuff. I bought a $300 USD sweater over there years ago and its quality is much better than most $300 USD sweater in the US. When stuff are shipped over, it comes with a higher margin for US labor and shipping, and other fixed cost associated with selling the item. When someone says Made In China is junk, i immediately know that person has never traveled and knew the the place they’re talking about, or this person is too poor to be concerned about quality, as he/she isn’t likely able to afford anything nice at all. LOL 当我听到“垃圾”这个词与中国制造有关时,我清楚地知道这个巨魔有多穷或无知。任何一个有钱到中国旅游的人,都知道中国卖的是高质量、昂贵的东西。几年前我在那里买了一件300美元的毛衣,它的质量比美国大多数300美元的毛衣要好得多。当货物运过来时,美国的劳动力和运输以及其他与销售该产品相关的固定成本都会有更高的利润。当有人说中国制造是垃圾时,我立刻知道这个人从来没有旅行过,也知道他们谈论的地方,或者这个人太穷了,不关心质量,因为他/她可能根本买不起任何好东西。英雄联盟
SuperModel Atlanta : i buy clothes that SPECIFICALLY say NOT made in China 我买衣服特别说不要中国制造的
Aaron : As a Chinese live in China, my anti-US mood grows by looking at Fox, CNN and CNBC on youtube … I never saw CCTV for 3 years. 作为一个生活在中国的中国人,我的反美情绪通过在YouTube上看福克斯、CNN和CNBC而增长…我已经三年没看过中央电视台了。
U HU : Made in China, but sourced and imported by American companies. 中国制造,但由美国公司采购和进口。
Bill H. Liu : think about made in USA, such as Boeing 737 Max 想想美国制造的,比如波音737Max
fan : Watch Hollywood movie, even transformers and robocop is made in China. 看好莱坞电影,甚至变形金刚和机器人都是中国制造的。
eastern2western : The only thing they care about is the price. 他们唯一关心的是价格。
WRO : The biggest sellers- Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot,etc rely on Chinese goods. Not buying Chinese goods would mean not supporting America’s biggest companies. 最大的卖家-亚马逊、沃尔玛、家得宝等依赖中国商品。不购买中国产品意味着不支持美国最大的公司。
AriVovp : The poll is not fai4 in the first place. You just basically ask do you like cheap product from China? Instead you should ask , would you like to trade cheap products for job loss in America? Try this question again. 这项民意调查一开始并不是失败的。你基本上就是问你喜欢中国的便宜货吗?相反,你应该问,你愿意用便宜的产品换取美国的失业吗?再试一次这个问题。
Max Li : Racist America will never mature to take on world politics. China must now stop selling rare earth to US. Chinese must stop buying US products or enrolling in US schools, which ranked so much lower than those in the UK or other developed countries. 种族主义的美国将永远不会成熟地接受世界政治。中国现在必须停止向我们出售稀土。中国人必须停止购买美国产品或进入美国学校,因为美国学校的排名远低于英国或其他发达国家。
Yanhao li : We know how to change public opinion regarding Iran and Iraq war. See how the US media manipulate public opinion while accusing China of controlling the same. How hypocritical ! 我们知道如何改变公众对伊朗和伊拉克战争的看法。看看美国媒体如何在指责中国控制舆论的同时操纵舆论。多么虚伪!
Tommy Wang : Why does it have to make in China? Can they make in other countries? 为什么要在中国制造?他们能在其他国家制造吗?
free lance : I only buy what i need 我只买我需要的
MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr : I can’t find anyone willing to help me with what I need help with. But I helped the world solve the most difficult science problem in history. In the one who solved it and everyone knows it. So why not do your parts 我找不到愿意帮助我的人。但我帮助世界解决了历史上最困难的科学问题。在解决问题的人身上,每个人都知道。为什么不做你的部分呢?
africa congo : It not like ant America is only in China it all over the, which means America got to fix their attitude. You can’t go Around the world and cause trouble then expect to be glorified what fuck is wrong with Americans. 它不像蚂蚁美国只在中国,而是在中国,这意味着美国必须改变他们的态度。你不能环游世界,制造麻烦,然后期望得到荣耀,那他妈的美国人怎么了。
idofdm : That’s how dumb these American are! 60% of the products lable Made In China are made In China by Foreign company! And components probably come from many different countries! Basically richer countries living large on poorer countries labour! It hold true whether it’s from Mexico or China! Do you think US stock market will be where it’s now if it’s not for all the profits they made with cheap labour (I know to many Americans that’s a dirty words , do you understand you’re having your rich lifestyle because of that), Just keep listening to your dumb President ! I’ll be interested to see how low US politics will go in 2020! 这些美国人真是太蠢了!中国制造的产品中有60%是外国公司在中国制造的!组件可能来自许多不同的国家!基本上富裕国家靠贫穷国家的劳动力生活!不管是来自墨西哥还是中国,这都是真的!如果不是因为他们用廉价劳动力赚取的利润(我知道对很多美国人来说,这是一句脏话,你知道你正因为这个而拥有丰富的生活方式),你认为美国股市会成为现在的市场吗?继续听你愚蠢的总统讲话!我有兴趣看看2020年美国政治会有多低!
xin chen : I still buy products online and pay delivery fee from China every year. The prices are still cheaper than I can get in Canada. Some of them you can even not find in Canada. All my silk things….. 我仍然在网上购买产品,每年从中国支付送货费。价格仍然比我在加拿大能买到的便宜。有些在加拿大甚至找不到。我所有的丝绸制品……
adviser to the Gods : This American will always 1st buy a product made in India, Pakistan, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand or Indonesia before one made in China. China is a cancer and they will never change their attitude. Best if America was to cut Chinese imports by 75%. 这个美国人总是先购买印度、巴基斯坦、墨西哥、马来西亚、台湾、泰国或印度尼西亚制造的产品,然后再购买中国制造的产品。中国是个巨蟹座,他们永远不会改变态度。如果美国将中国的进口削减75%,那就最好了。
xin chen : you can choose those products made in USA, who stops you? Your credit card issuers? 你可以选择那些美国制造的产品,谁阻止你?你的信用卡发行人?
xin chen : Just want you know, as a Chinese Canadian, I know the prices your USA retailers get products from China, they change currency directly…… a pair of jeans pants Chinese make only $1 profit on it. 只是想让你知道,作为一个中国加拿大人,我知道你们美国零售商从中国获得产品的价格,他们直接兑换货币……一条牛仔裤中国人只赚1美元。
jonathanbeh1 : Well since so many peoples do not like “Make in China” products, stop importing from China, Stop US companies open brunches and outlet in China and Stop selling to China like movies etc. This solve all isn’t it? Idiot ! 既然有那么多人不喜欢“中国制造”产品,停止从中国进口,停止美国公司在中国开设早午餐和销售点,停止向中国销售电影等,这就解决了所有问题,不是吗?白痴!
Eric H : Stop this fucking trade war. I’m about to buy a car, but I would have to reconsider if prices go up. 停止这场该死的贸易战。我正要买一辆车,但如果价格上涨,我必须重新考虑。
sstchan924 : Chinese saying: one cent buys you one cent worth of good. Walmart buy solid, non- glamorous products for sale in -America to benefit the middle class. customers. The wealth buy high end foreign-labeled products which are also made in China. It seems Americans don’t know they are fooling themselves. 中国俗话说:一分买一分好。沃尔玛在美国购买坚实的、没有魅力的产品以使中产阶级受益。客户。财富购买高端的外国品牌产品,这些产品也在中国制造。美国人似乎不知道他们在愚弄自己。
harry loo : There is no DJI and Huawei in 2007 2007年没有DJI和华为
Yang TVBOX : I buy only Chinese product 我只买中国货
Phu Jonathan : trade war only hurt shopaholic if you ‘re window shopper you should n’t be worry . 贸易战只会伤害购物狂,如果你是橱窗顾客,你就不必担心。
B Ruane : Fat Donny is inflating the deficit causing us to rely on China more. 胖唐尼正在扩大赤字,使我们更加依赖中国。
B Ruane : Repunklicunts are a clear and present danger to our Nation. The America First Party, Joe McCarthy, Agnew, Nixon, Watergate, Stagflation, Iran Contra, WMD s NOT, Sept 11th on their watch, unable to take Bin Laden down in 8 years, 8 of last 9 recessions now Banktrumping Donny the draft dodging BOY. Cowards liars and inept as well as corrupt. Make it the Gone Old Party, GOPee. 反悔对我们的国家是一种明显的和目前的危险。美国第一党,乔麦卡锡,阿格纽,尼克松,水门事件,滞胀,伊朗反政府,大规模杀伤性武器非,9月11日在他们的监视下,不能在8年内击败本拉登,8在过去的9次经济衰退中,现在为躲避征兵的唐尼提供资金。懦夫会说谎,无能也会腐败。把它变成过去的聚会,戈比。
Jj W : I think if China asked North Korea to arrest the Daughter of Bill Gates and extradite her to them, there probably would be anti-China sentiment in the US. But they did no such thing and as for their military presence half a world away, in the South Pacific, which is nowhere near the America, that is like saying China is mad over a US fleet parked near Hawaii. US is half a world away, the threat is purely fabricated. Lastly, Disney made a ton of money in China this year and so did Starbucks. Most of the smartphones made there use American parts, chips and IP bringing billions to America. China merely assembles many of these products but the small assembly cost is not worked into the inflated trade deficit. A nation with a population of 1.3 billion who have diligent workers needs to support the people as well. Per person, the USA makes way more than China. Do you just want these hard working Chinese to live in poverty forever? Chinese would like to feed their children too. 我认为,如果中国要求朝鲜逮捕比尔·盖茨的女儿并将她引渡给他们,美国可能会有反华情绪。但他们没有这样做,至于他们在半个世界以外的南太平洋,也就是离美国不远的地方的军事存在,就好像中国对停在夏威夷附近的美国舰队感到愤怒一样。美国离世界只有半步之遥,这种威胁纯属捏造。最后,迪斯尼今年在中国赚了一大笔钱,星巴克也赚了一大笔钱。那里生产的大多数智能手机都使用美国部件、芯片和IP,为美国带来数十亿美元的收入。中国只组装了许多这样的产品,但是很小的组装成本并没有计入膨胀的贸易逆差。一个有13亿人口,有勤劳工人的国家也需要支持人民。人均而言,美国比中国走得更远。你只想让这些勤劳的中国人永远生活在贫困中吗?中国人也愿意喂他们的孩子。
Jj W : I buy the best value for money if quality is equal. 如果质量相等的话,我买的是物超所值的。
Eagle1 : Yes it makes a difference to smart people but not to donkeys. This is globalist main stream narrative to the max. Listen to the ball headed guy’s last sentence and you will then understand that he is pushing a narrative to you big time… 是的,这对聪明人有影响,但对驴没有影响。这是全球主流叙事的最大限度。听球头的家伙的最后一句话,你就会明白,他是在推动一个叙事给你很大的时间…
Raymond Chow : Most Americans failed to comprehend there is another major culture who : 大多数美国人无法理解还有另一种主要文化:
Americus Patrioticus : The US has a problem with job losses not because of foreign powers but because of the greed of the US investment community which only sees the short term results of shuffling other people’s money around so they can skim some for themselves at the expense of productive activity. The American YUPPIE is the single most destructive element in the US economy today, but no one wants to step up to the plate and do away with the legal climate which enables the YUPPIE to thrive at US public expense. It is the American YUPPIE who initiated the wave of mergers and hostile takeovers which produced nothing but raided pensions and productive companies driven out of business. The repeal of Glass Stegal with the passage of the totally corrupt and horrible Graham Leech Blighly Act was the final nail in the coffin of the American competitive edge. The 2008 financial collapse with US taxpayer bailouts of the super rich was a result of US public complacence while all of this was going on. 美国面临失业问题,不是因为外国势力,而是因为美国投资界的贪婪,他们只看到短期的结果,即洗劫别人的钱,这样他们就可以以牺牲生产活动为代价为自己省去一部分。美国雅皮士是当今美国经济中唯一最具破坏性的因素,但没有人愿意站到这一立场,摒弃让雅皮士以美国公共开支繁荣发展的法律环境。正是美国雅皮士发起了兼并和恶意收购的浪潮,除了掠夺养老金和生产性公司外,他们什么也不生产。废除格拉斯·斯蒂格尔法案,通过了彻底腐败和恐怖的格雷厄姆·利奇·布莱利法案,这是美国竞争优势棺材的最后一颗钉子。2008年美国纳税人救助超级富豪的金融崩溃是美国公众自满的结果,而所有这一切都在继续。
Michael Lee : I don’t buy any products that made from ‘Bully country’. In fact all the products I ever purchase are all from Japan, Korea and Made in China. 我不买任何“欺负国家”的产品。事实上,我所购买的所有产品都是日本、韩国和中国制造的。
Jerome Uy : Everywhere there’s a growing anti American sentiment 到处都有越来越多的反美情绪
T2 : Whether you like it or not. Made in China is here to stay. American companies and consumers do benefit alot from Made in China items. Do you see Amazon, Ebay, Sears and Walmart complaining about China?! Their sells are only going up and you americans like the stuffs. 不管你喜欢与否。中国制造的就留在这里。美国公司和消费者确实从中国制造的产品中获益匪浅。你看到亚马逊、易趣、西尔斯和沃尔玛抱怨中国吗?他们的销售额只会上升,你们美国人喜欢这些东西。
Man Lee : USA needs China to make stuff for it. If not, USA consumers will be financially ruined. 美国需要中国为其制造原料。如果不这样做,美国消费者将遭受经济损失。
John Johnson : Suggesting that the Chinese government can dictate how Chinese people feel is just absurd. Chinese people learn about the opium wars in school and they know about how the west treated China in the past, it is call a century of humiliation. Chinese people want China to be strong and definitely don’t want to see China bending over to other countries. Trump and his tactics ignites the Chinese nationalism, that is all. China doesn’t even need propaganda to achieve this result. Simple education on Chinese history is suffice. 暗示中国政府可以支配中国人民的感受是荒谬的。中国人在学校里了解鸦片战争,他们知道西方过去是如何对待中国的,这叫百年耻辱。中国人希望中国强大,绝对不希望看到中国屈从于其他国家。特朗普和他的策略点燃了中国的民族主义。中国甚至不需要宣传来达到这个结果。简单的中国历史教育就足够了。
Nomad Girl : arrogance leads to ignorance….so true 傲慢导致无知……真的
macbeth moray : The hypocrisy. Hate china for not respecting human rights but love cheap products made by cheap labor in china due to china lack of respect for human rights. People perception rarely change. Is just that made in china products is just getting a lot better than it use to be. Many like to say “china made garbage” just look at your phone. Well battery life is crap i do recall my Nokia battery lasting a 4 to 5 days. By the way is unfair to blame crappy battery life if you are on the phone almost every moment there was a time we use a phone just to make and receive call. 虚伪。痛恨中国不尊重人权,热爱中国廉价劳动力生产的廉价产品,因为中国缺乏对人权的尊重。人们的观念很少改变。只是中国制造的产品比过去好多了。很多人喜欢说“中国制造的垃圾”,只要看看你的手机。电池续航时间太长了。我记得我的诺基亚电池续航时间是4到5天。顺便说一句,如果你几乎每一刻都在打电话,那么责怪糟糕的电池寿命是不公平的,因为我们只是为了打电话和接电话。
關你乜事!NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS : The whole world(except israel)has anti US sentiment! You guys should appreciate Chinese made products to keep your family spending under control! 全世界(以色列除外)都有反美情绪!你们应该欣赏中国制造的产品以控制你们的家庭开支!
Codeman : No! Please! For god sake! Yes, China is fkn evil! This decade of Anti-China shit is just beyond sanity, I beg you American, just start the real ww3 already! I know Trump can make it true! 不!拜托!看在上帝的份上!是的,中国是邪恶的!这十年的反华狗屎是超出理智,我求求你美国人,刚刚开始真正的第三次世界大战!我知道特朗普能做到!
John Williams : Sympathetic to China go move there 同情中国去那里
JBL SHA : How come does US still have goods from China ? No way to let Made In China sneak into US, block them anyway!! 为什么我们还有来自中国的货物?不可能让中国制造的产品潜入我们的视线,无论如何要阻止他们!!
Marks Hwang : I have many friends who openly say MIC is poor quality, but they buy the most MIC products. I ask them why, they say, cause not bad products actually, can’t seem to get a better deal at the same price range. 我有很多朋友公开说麦克风质量不好,但他们购买的麦克风产品最多。我问他们,为什么,他们说,因为不坏的产品实际上,似乎不能得到更好的交易在相同的价格范围。
MrBestard : Chinese government allow people to travel overseas, how much could the government control what they can hear? Its media is not open as America, nor it’s like China 50 years ago. 中国政府允许人们出国旅行,政府能在多大程度上控制他们所能听到的?它的媒体不像美国那样开放,也不像50年前的中国。
jim kuan : People gradually understand the macro economic. China has a huge trade imbalance with US is because China is the final assembly point for products from around the world exporting to US. Take iPhone for example, China only gets $10 for each iPhone exported to US. The rest goes to all the components from around the world, as well as the high margin profits to Apple. But China gets slapped with that $700 price tag on the phone. That is your trade imbalance! 人们逐渐了解宏观经济。中国与美国存在巨大的贸易不平衡,是因为中国是世界各地向美国出口产品的最终组装点。以iPhone为例,中国出口到美国的每部iPhone仅获得10美元。剩下的则是来自世界各地的所有组件,以及苹果公司的高利润。但中国在电话上被贴上了700美元的价格标签。这就是你们的贸易失衡!
Shiqi Ji : Nationlism is not only a issue in USA but also critical in China. If the Chinese government do something similar with the national security, maybe most of people will support it. Feel sad the majority violence becomes stronger in both contries… 民族主义不仅是美国的一个问题,也是中国的一个重要问题。如果中国政府采取类似于国家安全的措施,也许大多数人都会支持。感到遗憾的是,大多数暴力行为在双方的悔悟中都变得更加强烈…
Thomas Hung : I find it funny. When you guys are talking about anti-China sentiment, your wall in the background is flashing Chinese commercial, Baidu. I bet your program has been sponsored by Chinese companies. That is very hypocrite to lead audience one way, but you guys are doing it another way. 我觉得很有趣。当你们谈论反华情绪的时候,你们的背景墙正在闪现中国商业,百度。我敢打赌你的项目是由中国公司赞助的。以某种方式领导观众是很伪善的,但你们却以另一种方式来做。
grimm reaper : I do not care where it’s made. best value for my money. 我不在乎它是在哪里制造的。只要物有所值。
J T : Because now global trade, people these day understand things don’t alway product in their own country. They also realise that those products from China having good quality too, compare previously China products, now quality can match those local product. MAIN THING IT CHEAPER! 因为现在的全球贸易,人们现在了解的东西不总是在自己的国家的产品。他们还认识到,来自中国的产品质量也很好,与以前的中国产品相比,现在的质量可以与当地的产品相匹配。主要是便宜点!
Lil Green Kitty : Americans can’t afford to care. If US products were worth the money they cost ppl would choose them. But why buy something more expensive when it isn’t better? Especially when you can’t afford it. Logic. 美国人负担不起。如果美国的产品值这些钱,PPL会选择它们。但为什么要买更贵的东西而不是更好呢?尤其是当你买不起的时候。逻辑。
I.M. Impending : Let us continue to build their military with our money. Let it be our children’s problem? 让我们继续用我们的钱建设他们的军队。让它成为我们孩子的问题吧?
Lawrence Sullivan : who even looks at tags? people look at quality and price as it is a free market. 谁会看标签?人们认为质量和价格是一个自由市场。
Great Asia : These people are so ignorant. The anti-us sentiment is growing across the globe. That’s PM Abe of Japan visited Iran recently. Japan and other European powers are moving closer to Russia and China to hedge the “US risk”. 这些人太无知了。反美情绪在全球范围内日益高涨。日本首相安倍最近访问了伊朗。日本和其他欧洲大国正在向俄罗斯和中国靠拢,以规避“美国风险”。
Josh Yang : Don’t buy anything made in China, sure…lets throw away your  phone first. 不要买任何中国制造的东西,当然……我们先把你的手机扔掉。
Josh Yang : These are the same Republican that send jobs oversea.  yeah… 这些都是派工作到海外的共和党人。是的……
史塔克逍遥 : The Fed prints dollars in exchange for goods from all over the world. The essence of American service industry is that the Fed prints dollars to feed you. 美联储印刷美元以换取来自世界各地的商品。美国服务业的本质是美联储印刷钞票来养活你。
Cheng Fan : The low end and middle end manufactures are gone for ever, US cannot profit from it. How about the high end? Look at Boeing 737 Max, can you blame China for that? If Lucent and Motorola are still doing what they are spouse to do today, US doesn’t need to worry about Huawei. The biggest damage always comes from someone’s own mistake. 低端和中端制造商永远消失了,我们无法从中获利。高端怎么样?看看波音737Max,你能怪中国吗?如果朗讯和摩托罗拉仍在做他们的配偶今天要做的事情,美国不需要担心华为。最大的伤害总是来自于某人自己的错误。
Wang Daniel : usa don’t believe all other contries already knew usa don’t believe anything, no law to them even kill others in other country 美国不相信所有其他的忏悔者已经知道美国不相信任何事情,没有法律对他们甚至杀害其他国家的人。
Crystal Kwon : Where you have done that survey from, California? I do not buy anything made in China. It is more expensive in a long run. Ex. Life time of battery is shorter than the one made in USA. Break easier. Does not last long. Consequently I waste my valuable time and money more overall. I support President Trump 100%. We shouldn’t let be China number one. U.S.A. number one 你从加州哪里做的调查?我不买任何中国制造的东西。从长远来看,它更贵。例如,电池的使用寿命比美国制造的要短,更容易断开。不会持续太久。因此,我总的来说浪费了宝贵的时间和金钱。我支持特朗普总统100%。我们不应该让自己成为中国第一。美国第一
Cheng Fan : If you see the tag “Made in US”, that means expensive. If you see the tag “Proudly Made in US”, that’s even worse, that means expensive and in bad quality. 如果你看到“美国制造”的标签,那意味着很贵。如果你看到“自豪地为我们制造”的标签,那就更糟了,这意味着价格昂贵,质量低劣。
a64750 : 3:35 Chinese Government dictates how Chinese people feel? Dare Any Human “Called out” by another Not to be slightly offended 3:35中国政府决定中国人民的感受?任何人敢被别人“叫出”而不被轻微冒犯
Emily Sophia : Suddenly meeting Xi Jinping in at the G20 summit has become so important. Is someone getting desperate? 突然间,在二十国集团峰会上会见习近平变得如此重要。有人绝望了吗?
Michael Kranyak : I will not purchase anything from the ChiComs. Would you install Chinese tires or brake parts on you vehicle? 我不会从这些别致的地方买任何东西。你会在你的车上安装中国轮胎或刹车部件吗?
Emily Sophia : Most US companies are in China for the Chinese market and most US companies are in China because China represents between 27 and 33 % of global growth. 大多数美国公司在中国上市,大多数美国公司在中国,因为中国占全球增长的27%到33%。
binary841010100 : we want made in elsewhere, just not china…. haha 我们想在其他地方制造,只是不想在中国制造……哈哈
James Wlakovski : America is not doing enough to manipulate public opinion? This says a lot about American media today. What these people do is not journalism, it is just a public opinion manipulation operation paid by special interests and corporate masters. These people are also well versed in projection, by saying it is the CCP that is doing public opinion manipulation better. If so, how did Tiananmen happen? Does that mean Americans did better then in manipulating Chinese people? 美国在操纵公众舆论方面做得还不够?这对今天的美国媒体有很大的影响。这些人所做的不是新闻业,而是一种由特殊利益集团和企业主支付的舆论操纵活动。这些人还精通预测,他们说正是中国共产党在更好地操纵公众舆论。如果是这样,天安门是怎么发生的?这是否意味着美国人在操纵中国人方面做得更好?
jacky tang : Americans ,do you know how much American brands in China? Starbucks, KFC, MacDonald in every city , Buick on everycorner, Disneyland in Shanghai visited by millions of children and their parents every summer holiday, biggest market for iPhone. 美国人,你知道中国有多少美国品牌吗?星巴克、肯德基、每个城市的麦当劳、每辆车上的别克、上海的迪斯尼乐园,每年暑假都有数以百万计的孩子和他们的父母前来参观,这是iPhone最大的市场。
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Don’t you look at quality and price first? You have to admit that the quality made in China is very good, isn’t that right? The United States profits so much from China every year, Chinese people are not anti-American because the United States has made so much money in China. Everything is a picture of a happy, happy just fine . I support made in China. If you don’t support it, don’t use it. Really, don’t use it