外国人评论中国电影《大鱼海棠》: 吉卜力的作品?


《Big Fish & Begonia》 《大鱼海棠》(票房5.6亿人民币)


A 16-year-old girl travels to the human world in the form of a dolphin and forms a connection with a human boy. 一名16岁的女孩以海豚的形式前往人类世界,并与人类男孩建立联系。



It’s not only a movie about love,but also a movie about dedication and toredeem. It’s not clearly said what it want to show,but if you see the second time,it will be better.So i think it’s a good movie. Some people who only see the movie one time is hard to make a gooe comment,because it’s so obscure that hard to see.Da Hai is not like the movies made by Hollywood,it like a novel more,which want the viewers to watch twice or more in order to understand it.When I see some people think the love story in the movie is very unpleasant,I really want to tell them:it’s better for you to see the twice time,because it never tell a love story,but a philosophy story. 这不仅是一部关于爱情的电影,也是一部关于奉献电影。它没有明确表达它想要展示的内容,但如果你第二次看到它会更好。所以我认为这是一部好电影。一些只看电影的人很难发表评论,因为它太难以看清了。大海不像好莱坞制作的电影,它更像小说,希望观众看两次。当我看到一些人认为电影中的爱情故事非常不愉快时,我真的想告诉他们:你最好看两遍,因为它从来没有讲过爱情故事,而是一个哲学故事。
The standard for animated excellence is usually boiled down to how well it compares to a Ghibli film. No other studio makes animated films with such vision, creativity and originality. I was shocked to find a similar work ethic in this Chinese film, and I have to say, if they keep it up, we actually might have another contender to the throne. This movie does so many things right, that I could go on and on taking up valuable site space, so I’ll just condense my review to as simple a review as possible; Watch this movie by any means necessary. The animation is beautiful the story is touching, the music is transcendent. It is a marvel of modern storytelling, and it deserves to be seen by everyone with a pulse. SEE THIS MOVIE. 优秀的动画通常是以吉卜力作为标准,没有其他工作室制作具有这种视觉,创造力和原创性的动画电影。我很惊讶在这部中国电影中找到了类似的水准,而且我不得不说,如果他们坚持下去,我们实际上可能会有另一个王位的竞争者。这部电影做了很多正确的事情,以任何必要的方式观看这部电影。动画很美,故事动人,音乐超凡脱俗。这是一个现代故事的奇迹,每个人都值得静下来看一看这部电影。
Coming to this with very low expectations I was pleased to be surprised by the astounding quality of production in this animated film. The artwork is beautiful and the environments created are imaginative and vibrant. Attention to detail has really helped to make the experience breathtaking and immersive. Aside from various plot holes and areas lacking adequate explanation, the story is powerful and moving. Overall a very enjoyable family friendly film. 以这么低的期望来到这里,我很高兴看到这部动画电影令人惊讶的制作质量。艺术品很美,创造的环境富有想象力和活力。对细节的关注确实有助于使体验惊叹和身临其境。除了各种情节漏洞和缺乏充分解释的区域外,这个故事还很强大而且动人。整体而言,这是一部非常令人愉快的电影。
I heard about Big fish & begonia (Da Hai) in 2013 and I was shocked by the 5-minute trailer at that time. At first sight I thought it was a Ghibli movie again, but then I learned about that the core story got some inspiration from some ancient Chinese proses, such as “A Leisurely Tour” by Chuang-tzu and ShanHai Jing. As a Chinese, I know I can’t describe my feeling perfectly in English, but I just want to say that Big Fish & Begonia (Da Hai) is a very moving and wonderful movie which can make me cry every time. It tells a story about salvation, love and growth. It’s totally Chinese, from these good pictures to the touching story. I hope one day the movie can be released in some other countries, so that more and more audience can enjoy its beauty and be moved by it. 我在2013年听说过大鱼海棠,当时我被5分钟的预告片震惊了。乍一看,我认为这是一部吉卜力电影,但后来我了解到,核心故事是受一些古代中国散文的启发,如庄子和山海经的“悠闲之旅”。作为一个中国人,我知道我无法用英语完美地描述我的感受,但我只想说Big Fish&Begonia(大海)是一部非常动人而精彩的电影,每次都能让我哭泣。它讲述了一个关于救赎,爱情和成长的故事。它完全是中国人,从这些好照片到感人的故事。我希望有一天电影可以在其他一些国家发行,这样越来越多的观众可以享受它的美丽并被它所感动。
I am truly impressed. I cried a lot while watched this piece of art. I can’t write it detailed how beautiful was the story, music and the picture as well (because of my bad English), and the music followed those. I feel like i’ve become more just because i watched this animation movie. I would recommend to everyone. 我真的很感动。看着这件艺术品,我哭了很久。我无法详细描述它的故事,音乐和图片的美丽程度(因为我的英语不好),音乐也很贴切。我觉得我变得更加正能量,因为我看了这部动画电影。我推荐给大家。
Easily the worst protagonist I’ve ever seen in a movie. Overall awful story, creators should be embarrassed that after 10 years of production they still couldn’t deliver a story that was worth watching. 容易成为我在电影中见过的最糟糕的主角。整体糟糕的故事,创作者应该感到尴尬的是,经过10年的制作,他们仍然无法提供值得关注的故事。
The art direction and quality of Da Yu Hai Tang (international title: “Big Fish & Begonia”) really help to present a fantastic view on some classic Chinese folktales. The overall narrative possibilities are amazing and could provide for so much more plot, however some key moments fall short because of mediocre pacing and/or editing, and sub-par character writing. 大鱼海堂(国际标题:“Big Fish & Begonia”)的艺术方向和品质真正有助于呈现一些中国古典民间故事的美妙景观。整体叙事的可能性是惊人的,并且可以提供更多的情节,但是由于平庸的节奏和/或编辑以及低于标准的创作,一些关键点不足。
Love love this anime! I recommend you all watch this and share it with someone who doesnt like anime. 超爱这个动漫!我建议大家都看这个,并与不喜欢动漫的人分享。
An emotional masterpiece, Big Fish & Begonia is an artistically magical and thought provoking piece of anime. The animation is beautiful. I felt as if I was watching a classic painting come to life. The story is unforgettable. Each scene left my heart yearning for the characters to succeed. Big Fish&Begonia 是一部情感杰作,是一部具有艺术魔力和发人深省的动漫作品。动画很漂亮。我觉得好像在看一部经典的油画活过来了。这个故事令人难以忘怀。每一个场景都让我期望主人公成功。
View this movie on Shout! released Blu-ray disc. I very much would love to like this movie, but creativity is one big problem here. Animations were well done but just too much like Studio Ghibli animations – including movements and features of the characters (just look at Kun sister). 在Shout上观看这部电影!发布了蓝光光盘。我非常希望喜欢这部电影,但创意是一大问题。动画做得很好,但就像吉卜力工作室动画一样 – 包括人物的动作和特征(只看昆姐)。
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