LibertyMatrix : *America invents and China copies.* *美国发明,中国抄袭。*
belfasta : China must protect itself from UK and USA terrorism NEVER FORGET IRAQ A COMPLETE AND TOTAL ACT OF TERRORISM 中国必须保护自己不受英美恐怖主义的影响。永远不要忘记伊拉克是一个全面的恐怖主义行为。
Tha_Monsta88 : War is pointless 战争毫无意义
jim draper : China is just a communist copycat they can never beat a half as big free country he’ll the Philippines and japan can wipe them off the face of the Pacific Ocean 中国只是一个共产主义的模仿者,他们永远也打不到自由国家的一半。他会让菲律宾和日本把他们从太平洋上抹去。
jpnm81 : America not invited? 美国没有被邀请?
wrightterence680 : China is showing off their new vessels to let the world know they are ready for combat 中国正在炫耀他们的新舰艇,让世界知道他们已经做好了战斗准备。
luci78 Cozma : Chian it’s a huge country. More big than USA. More population. And less army than USA. Don’t you think it’s normal for them to expand to protect their interests being the second largest economy in the world with big investments all around the world. They have the right to do that. Should not be a surprise. ! 中国是个大国。比美国大。人口多。比美国军队少。你不认为他们为了保护自己的利益而扩张是正常的吗?他们是世界上第二大经济体,在世界各地都有大量的投资。他们有权这样做。不应该惊讶!
Andy Poon : RT is a shit media, has it ever mentioned AMERICAN bullies the rest of the world. China with all reason to strengthen her military force to defend the country RT是一个狗屎媒体,它有没有提到美国欺负世界其他地方。中国完全有理由加强军事力量保卫国家
Billy Silva : I love how China talks about protecting Maritime peace but they’re taking over the South China Sea how hypocritical f****** joke China’s going to find out what happens when America stops buying all this s*** and they stop making 500 million plus a year off of America alone off tariff taxes 我喜欢中国谈论保护海上和平的方式,但他们正在接管南中国海,这是多么虚伪的F*****开玩笑说,中国要搞清楚当美国停止购买所有这些产品时会发生什么,他们不再仅仅从美国获得5亿美元加上一年的关税减免。
Ant Poo : Chinese don’t have a good track record when it comes to war. 中国人在战争中没有良好的记录。
Nick Z : The US Navy would obliterate the ” PLA Navy” in a day. LOL 美国海军将在一天内消灭“解放军海军”。哈哈哈
jed davies : China making ready for war with all their new weapons?! I wouldn’t worry too much. 中国准备用他们所有的新武器开战?!我不会担心太多。
Colin Tan : To maintain peace, must prepare for War. All countries carry the same responsibility to maintain Peace. 为了维持和平,必须为战争做准备。所有国家都负有维护和平的责任。
Don Hancock : Please don’t take over Los Angeles and Seattle, i kind of like those two places. 请不要接管洛杉矶和西雅图,我有点喜欢这两个地方
Simon Sea : War muscle,hollow intent.No winner just death for everyone. 战争的肌肉,空洞的意图。没有赢家,只有死亡。
David Liu : Since USA set up, USA only has no war for 16 years in its history. Then you know who is ready for war. 自美国成立以来,美国在其历史上只有16年没有战争。那你就知道谁准备好战了。
jeffreyshowell1 : Maybe it’s time that Washington focuses on the American people and takes care of their needs. 也许是时候华盛顿关注美国人民并照顾他们的需要了。
Sino : USA has the largest military force of the world,yet it has not been ready for the war.I know the American brains are different. 美国是世界上最大的军事力量,但它还没有准备好战争,我知道美国的大脑是不同的。
Nasha Naufal : Zzzz I’ve heard it all before…I have been hearing this since mid 2000, still no War over South China Sea Zzz我以前都听说过……我从2000年中期开始就听过,现在还没有对南海的战争。
Red Rooster : Wait until Israel pokes the Chinese, thats when the Russian Bear awakens joins forces with China and Israel will see hell on Earth. 等到以色列捅了中国人,俄罗斯的熊熊觉醒与中国会合,以色列将看到地球上的地狱。
Hua Zon : America”Bomb”everywhere, 美国到处都是“炸弹”,
Batfan 559 : Continue to copy American intelligence, naval capabilities, and everything else American and all of a sudden you should be feared 继续复制美国的情报,海军的能力,以及其他所有美国的东西,突然间你应该感到害怕。
Lefty Gatekeeper : This is just another example of nations having the gravitational pull being implemented by the People’s Republic of China as these countries fall into a new orbit. After Brazil and South Africa implode, guess who will be waiting in the wings to “rebuild?” The U.S. can’t even fix Flint, Michigan’s water supply, so that eliminates them. Next! 这只是中华人民共和国正在实施万有引力的国家进入新轨道的又一个例子。在巴西和南非爆炸后,猜猜谁将在“重建”的翅膀里等待?美国甚至连密歇根州的供水系统弗林特也修不好,所以就没有了。
Mark Howarth : USA need to be careful and Behave…They should be No Longer able to BULLY the rest of the world. 美国需要小心行事……他们不应该再欺负世界其他国家了。
Akeem RW Ross : You gotta be intelligent China… War is pointless… unless absolutely necessary.. but amen. 你必须是聪明的中国…战争毫无意义…除非绝对必要。
Pewdiepie Finanzier – Rechtmäßige Eigentümerschaft : Cucks be like All countries should work together to protect the n e w w o r l d o r d e r 库克斯认为,所有国家都应该共同努力保护新世界。
zizzy : ….can’t wait for the sinking of a US carrier ….preferably one named after a democrat state or past president ……等不及美国航母沉没……最好是以民主党或前总统的名字命名的航母。
Chinese Nationalist : Misleading title: China is ready to defend itself with any means necessary. We are ready for war in that sense, not the “they have oil so they lack freedom” kind of way. 误导性标题:中国准备用任何必要的手段来捍卫自己。从这个意义上说,我们准备好了战争,而不是以“他们有石油,所以他们缺乏自由”的方式。
rick james : U no what China .your building massive amounts of war ships to have world peace.is that what you call it wile you steal land and water.from all of your nabors .I don’t think you should have any navy .u try to ram a American ship .was that to keep the peace.I think the rest of the world should know what to do. 你不知道,中国。你建造了大量的战船来维护世界和平。你所说的就是从所有的俘虏那里偷走陆地和水。我认为你不应该拥有任何海军。你试图撞毁一艘美国船。那是为了维护和平吗?我认为世界其他地方应该知道该怎么做。
Alain Koch : China i not ready for war… its ready to prevent a war. 中国,我没有准备好战争…它准备好阻止战争。
Roel Demiza : i hope that for peace and not controlling philippine sea and stealing fish, destroying clam shell and not listing or following what international rule because they are stronger than philippine yeah i hope that for peace 我希望,为了和平,不要控制菲律宾海,偷鱼,破坏蛤壳,不要上市,也不要遵守国际规则,因为它们比菲律宾强大。是的,我希望为了和平。
Malik Tamim : Oh scary, it’s not muscle it’s useless fat. 哦,可怕的是,这不是肌肉,而是无用的脂肪。
Burhan Wani : Death to US and there terrorists everywhere in oceans and Afghanistan and Middle east 在海洋、阿富汗和中东,到处都是恐怖分子。
Alphando Bushea : Nuclear power means victory 核能意味着胜利
King Damager : China is looking for the opportunity to take land to the south where they can grow food in the coming years, not to mention a way to thin their excessive Male to female ratio. War is an easy way to lower the young Male population. They aren’t as ready as they think they are. 中国正在寻找机会把土地带到南方,在那里他们可以在未来的几年里种植粮食,更不用说减少他们过度的男女比例。战争是降低年轻男性人口的一个简单方法。他们没有想象中的准备好。
Mr.Eggplant : Patton and Hitler were right about China. 巴顿和希特勒对中国的看法是正确的。
kamma44 : Lets ‘work together’ so we can steal your tech! 让我们一起工作,这样我们就可以窃取你的技术!
Kennedy Nyangacha : If Pakistan could join this club with dignity and STOP being an enemy of India , then peace will be at reach sooner than later!. 如果巴基斯坦能有尊严地加入这个俱乐部,不再是印度的敌人,那么和平迟早会到来的!.
F. Bab : please China kick US ass to Antarctica 请中国把美国踢到南极洲去。
Sojourner 2019 : China is really not ready for war nor making threat, but is a rising military super power aligned with Russia. Odd to see Australia aligning with China. There very well may be a big ass war coming in the 2020’s. 中国确实没有准备好战争,也没有制造威胁,但它是一个与俄罗斯结盟的正在崛起的军事超级大国。奇怪的是澳大利亚与中国结盟。很可能在2020年会有一场巨大的战争。
grigori yevimovich rasputin : It would be wonderful if China were to increase the number of aircraft carriers to equal that of the USA. It currently has 3 and building it’s 4th and 5th simultaneously. It seems to be able to build at a rate of 1 every 2 years, which is about twice as fast as America. Hopefully China will be fully caught up in 12 years. 如果中国将航空母舰的数量增加到与美国相同的数量,那将是非常好的。中国目前拥有3艘航空母舰,同时建造了第4和第5艘航空母舰。它似乎能够以每2年1次的速度建造,大约是美国的两倍。希望中国能在12年内完全赶上。
Mark C : RT you should choose a more applicable title. What nonsense was that “ready for wars”. It’s just to celebrate 70th anniversary of PLA Navy. Be more professional in your journalism. rt您应该选择一个更适用的标题。什么是“准备好战争了”?只是为了庆祝中国人民解放军海军成立70周年。新闻工作要更加专业。
RandomGaming : China always ready for war for thousands of year just this 100-200 years they were weak. 中国几千年来一直在备战,就在这100-200年里,他们很软弱。
Hong An : Well, China is not a threat. The culture has determined that. 好吧,中国不是威胁。文化决定了这一点。
Toby Langdale : No nation indeed is “ready” for war, any war between the super powers, a world war will be won by none. 没有一个国家真的“准备”了战争,任何超级大国之间的战争,一场世界大战都将一败涂地。
Bernard Sebranek : Good for China!! 中国好运!!
ozzy : How much combat experience do those generals(high ranking CCP office) actually have? Besides ethnic minority cleansing. 这些将军(中共高级官员)有多少实战经验?除了少数民族清洗。
王玮 : happy birthday PLA Navy! 解放军海军生日快乐!
Dindu Muffin : `World War 3` “第3次世界大战”
Morpheus x : Thank You China and Russia tor protecting the free world from the radicle christian terrorist America. 感谢中国和俄罗斯保护自由世界不受美国基督教徒的恐怖袭击。
Mr. Jack M : I wish they would show the world they are ready to be a more civilized and peaceful nation than their peers. 我希望他们能向全世界展示他们已经准备好成为一个比同龄人更文明、更和平的国家。
PT : If ur national army is not ready for war, ur country could collapse anytime. Powerful nations’ armies are always ready. 如果我们的国家军队还没有准备好战争,我们的国家随时都可能崩溃。强大国家的军队随时准备就绪。
Honkle Sam : I dont think China knows what a republic is 我认为中国不知道什么是共和国
Jeffery Denton : Our falsely propped up economy would collapse. We buy a billion tons of crap from China every single day because offshore tax-dodging corporations are too cheap to have it made in America. Quit the fear-mongering and get rid of the establishment narrative. 我们错误支撑的经济会崩溃。我们每天从中国买10亿吨垃圾,因为离岸避税公司太便宜了,不能在美国制造。停止散布恐惧,摆脱传统的叙述。
Bsh ismail : USA is like wounded lion, and it attacks everyone and anyone it sees on its pathway to death. 美国就像受伤的狮子,它攻击所有人和它在死亡之路上看到的任何人。
gireesh neroth : It’s ready for war only if war is forced upon it. The Yankees are going to realize that the Chinese are 100 times resilient than the Vietnamese. They are sharpening their teeth every time the Yankees are 只有在战争迫于压力的情况下,它才准备好开战。洋基会意识到中国人比越南人有100倍的韧性。
AceTheGamer : Everyone bashing the US in the comments probably live in America lol so hypercritical 在评论中抨击美国的每个人都可能生活在美国,哈哈,真是吹毛求疵。
hyndscs : So the exact same that the USA does when it does one of its displays 所以和美国做展示时一样
Lilith : All super powers suck, but I’m definitely glad to see a counter weight to US hegemony. 所有超级大国都很差劲,但我很高兴看到美国霸权的对抗力量。
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Our army protect people, but won’t attack others with evil purpose.

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有外国友人说中国不配有海军 中国试图撞毁美军船只?请问美国海军开到哪了,自己心里没有个逼数吗?开到中国领土上了 中国海军只是警告⚠️ 我觉得如果毛主席在 直接就是撞毁了

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