《China’s New 34-Mile Bridge to Link Up 70 Million People in Planned Megalopolis》( The Wall Street Journal)
《中国新的34英里大桥将连接7000万人口大都市》 (华尔街日报)


HONG KONG—The world’s longest sea bridge is set to open on Tuesday, snaking 34 miles across China’s Pearl River estuary to form a pillar of Beijing’s plan to merge 11 cities in its southern region into one megalopolis. 香港 – 世界上最长的海桥将于周二开放,在中国珠江河口蜿蜒34英里,北京计划将南部地区的11个城市合并为一个特大城市。


At 20 times the length of California’s Golden Gate Bridge, the six-lane crossing will link a regional economic zone of 70 million people, with a combined annual GDP of $1.51 trillion—almost twice that of the San Francisco Bay Area, and larger than the national economies of Australia, Spain or Mexico. The nine-year construction project joins a recently launched high-speed train to cut travel times and boost business ties between mainland Chinese manufacturing cities and the financial hub of Hong Kong as well as the gambling enclave of Macau. 比加利福尼亚州金门大桥长20倍,六车道交叉口将连接7000万人口的区域经济区,年度国内生产总值为1.51万亿美元,几乎是旧金山湾区的两倍,并且大于澳大利亚,西班牙或墨西哥的国民经济。这项为期九年的建设项目加最近入了高速列车,以缩短旅行时间,促进中国内地制造业城市与香港金融中心之间的商业联系以及澳门的赌博飞地。



william burpitt : A project that would be fought, stalled, and obstructed by the environmentalist in the US, whose motto, no project to big (or too small) to stall, is their justification in opposing everything – except , of course, the usual tax payer subsidized wind and solar projects. 在美国这个项目将被环保主义者所反对,停滞和阻挠,他的座右铭是反对一切 – 当然,除了纳税人补贴风能和太阳能项目。
Lynn Hales : Where is Trump’s trillion dollars infrastructure plan? I thought he wanted to do biggest, tallest, longest, most beautiful infrastructure with golden Trump on it. 特朗普的万亿美元基础设施计划在哪里?我以为他想做最大,最高,最长,最美丽的基础设施,上面有金色的特朗普。
BRENT BARTON : China invests billions in infrastructure and we flush $4 trillion down the toilet for optional wars. Guess which county’s economy will dominate the 21st century? 中国在基础设施方面投入了数十亿美元,我们为选择性的战争撒了4万亿美元。猜猜哪个国家的经济将主导21世纪?
Sidney Michaels : In the U.S, you can’t repave a street without first soliciting the opinions of 42 neighborhood and environmental groups. 在美国,如果没有首先征求42个社区和环境团体的意见,无法重修一条街道。
Kevin Gromley : Impressive. I wonder when the US will launch the promised $1 trillion infrastructure project? 令人印象深刻。我想知道美国什么时候会启动承诺的1万亿美元的基础设施项目?
ghost : Majority of the Hong Kong people love it but these mainstream media only interviewed a separatist. 大多数香港人都喜欢它,但(西方)主流媒体只采访了港独主义者。
Hullo Pillow : Wow how bias can it get ? Why western media always like to politicise chinese news and portray china as a villian ? 哇它有多偏见?为什么西方媒体总是喜欢将中国新闻政治化并将中国描绘成一个villian?
King Lay : Next ten years ,the bridge will extend into south China sea. 未来十年,这座桥将延伸至南海。
Dumb Comment : Actually the bridge is the most important construction in recent years, it connected the three biggest economic centers with one single bridge, the time needed to cross between these three has decreased significantly, from 4-6 hours to just an hour 实际上这座桥是近年来最重要的建筑,它将三个最大的经济中心与一座桥相连,这三座桥之间的交叉时间显著减少,从4-6小时到1小时
my vision Kb : Respect to china from india 来自印度的尊敬
Dennis Shih : China Uncensored will claim: “Evil communist chinese build plastic bridge to make it easier for them to conquer the world! 1,000,000 workers perished building this evil bridge! 105% of hong kong people are fully against the bridge!” China Uncensored将声称:“邪恶的共产主义中国人建造塑料桥,使他们更容易征服世界!建造这座邪恶桥梁的100万工人丧生!105%的香港人完全反对这座桥!“
Lim S.K : China build bridge, US build wall 中国建桥,美国建墙
woodchuckcider1 : Here in the USA, the news will not cover this. It’s like they don’t want us to know what China is capable of. When was the last time the US achieved something like this? 在美国,新闻不会涵盖这一点。这就像他们不希望我们知道中国的能力。美国最后一次取得这样的成绩是什么时候?
Nilo de Roock : The 6 years of planning and 8 years of construction resulted in a global example of engineering excellence. 经过6年的规划和8年的建设,这是全球卓越工程的典范。
Live : India’s 5 km Mumbai Bandra bridge took 10 yrs, Chinese built 55 km in 9 yrs with artificial island and tunnel. 印度5公里的孟买班德拉大桥耗时10年,中国人在9年内建造了55公里的人工岛屿和隧道。
Restcb : I’m learning Chinese next year, such an amazing land with bad publicity here in the west. 我明年将学习中文,这是一片令人惊叹的土地,在西方有着不好的宣传。
André Wouters : China, when will you help The Netherlands for better highways and railways? Thanks. 中国,你什么时候能帮助荷兰改善公路和铁路?谢谢。
chf gbp : Quoting the BBC “The land journey around the delta takes at least four hours – the new bridge is to cut it to a mere 30 minutes.But some in Hong Kong have questioned the purpose of the bridge, saying no-one really needed it and that it’s largely an attempt to symbolically bring Hong Kong closer to the mainland.” Lol. How many chinaman live in that area? No one really needs it? Some of these sourpuss hongkong chinaman are just comical. 引用BBC的报道:“珠三角的陆地旅程需要至少四个小时 – 新的桥梁将它缩短到仅仅30分钟。但是香港的一些人质疑这座桥的目的,说没有人真的需要它,而且这主要是为了象征性地把香港拉近大陆。“哈哈。有多少中国人居住在那个地区?没人真的需要它吗?一些中国香港人真是滑稽可笑。
zone8848 : chinese have speed, there workers are tough and reliable, and no longer cheap like other countries imagines, if humans have to evacuate earth within a few years, better give most of the job to china. 中国有速度,工人坚韧可靠,不像其他国家想象的那样便宜,如果人类不得不在几年内撤离地球,那么大部分工作都要归功于中国。
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