China Uncensored评论中国共享单车问题

可能有些人听说过“China Uncensored”,是非请大家自行判断。最近他们在油管上发布了这个视频,讨论了中国共享单车问题。

China Uncensored评论共享单车问题



Huangee Tay : Suppose to save the enviroment but ended up spoiling the enviroment 本意是挽救环境,但结果是破坏环境。
gamecube-king: all those bikes…just imagine the amount of steel, rubber and all uminium wasted for all thoose unused bikes… 所有的自行车……想象一下未使用的自行车浪费的钢、橡胶和铝粉的数量…
olaolapepsiman : It’s ugly but it’s convenient as fuck and honestly china has bigger issues . I’d say right now the positives outweighs the negatives. 这是丑陋的,但它是方便的,老实说,中国有更大的问题。我想说现在积极因素大于消极因素。
Sophia June : United States and Europe now has dockless scooters. I wonder if it will end up like this. 美国和欧洲现在都有无轨滑板车。我不知道它会不会像这样结束。
Gunner : OFO is popping up all over phoenix.. all the meth heads are stealing them OFO在凤凰城流行。所有的meth heads都在偷它们
Lincoln : To be fair I live in Australia and I remember seeing one of those OFO bikes being beaten by a group of 12-14 yr olds with golf clubs. 说句公道话,我住在澳大利亚,我记得看到过一辆OFO自行车被一群12-14岁的孩子用高尔夫球杆损坏。
Robert Tucker : Private ownership is superior 私有制更有优势
TOYOTA HONDA : I saw these bikes in Singapore 我在新加坡看到这些自行车
Mark Elijohn Pascual : Just gimme one bike haha 给我一辆自行车哈哈
Arsen Mkhitaryan : punishing system is a bullshit, it is just words , nothing more 惩罚是个废话,它只是纸上说说而已。
Edsel Bester : They have this in San Francisco and Reno too. 他们在旧金山和雷诺也有这种情况。
Robert Robertson : My friends in Vancouver could not believe my Facebook reports on the ¨bike-share¨ program in China! I’ve been here since 2008 so have seen first hand how terrible this program is. When I went back to Vancouver I stopped by a few bike parking facilities and saw bikes in excellent condition with night lights front and back, helmets attached to each bike, and a Sani-liner for the helmets. Never once saw a bike laying around where it shouldn’t be. China, on the other hand, is a disaster! Bikes EVERYWHERE and many in very dangerous positions near car roadways. I’ve seen them blown on windy days right into oncoming traffic and being hit and thrown threw the air!….absolutely no concern by the average citizen. 我在温哥华的朋友们不相信我的脸谱网报道关于中国的自行车共享计划!我从2008起就在这里,所以第一次看到这个项目有多糟糕。当我回到温哥华时,我在一些自行车停车设施前停了下来,看到自行车前后都装有夜灯,每辆自行车都装有头盔,头盔上还装有Sani-liner。从来没有见过一辆自行车躺在它不应该的地方。中国,另一方面,是一场灾难!到处都是自行车,许多危险的位置靠近汽车车道。我看到他们在刮风的日子里被风吹到迎面而来的交通中,被击中和抛向空中!绝对不关心普通公民。
mikeyjames1000 : Thats a good waste of cheap metal keep it up chen harder for military machinery bring made. 这是对廉价金属的一种很好的浪费。
Leewoo1996 Leewoo1996 : When we visit cities for sightseeing no matter there are China Europe Japan or Taiwan we love cycling there, especially in the very morning. 无论中国、欧洲、日本还是台湾,当我们游览城市观光时,我们都喜欢在那里骑自行车,尤其是在早晨。
[DU]Saggin : just like america don’t punish the companies punish the people. 就像美国不惩罚公司惩罚人民一样。
Another Man : Hey, at least it makes that Money!! 嘿,至少赚了钱!!
Amy Lorenzo : Still better than their traffic jams. They need proper parking areas, stack the bikes on top of each other. 比他们的交通堵塞要好。他们需要适当的停车场,把自行车堆放在上面。
John T S : no surprise where people have very low moral standards. 人们的道德水准很低,这不足为奇。
arturo0727 : Uhhh… in all honesty this is no different then the scooter’s plague in U.S. cities. The only difference is that scooters are smaller and cities population are smaller too.  嗯…老实说,这与美国城市的滑板车瘟疫没有什么不同。唯一的区别是滑板车更小,城市人口也更小。
Graham X : It seems like the ultimate solution is for China to create artificial islands by dumping all of the extra bike into the ocean. 看来,最终的解决办法是中国将多余的自行车扔进海洋来制造人工岛屿。
Leech : California has a similar problem as well but with Bird Scooters which in some cases, have piled 10 feet high although not to the extremes like we see in China. 加州也有类似的问题,滑板车,在某些地方已经堆了10英尺高,虽然不像我们在中国看到的极端。
Lynn Graham : One of China’s biggest problems is over-population which can lead people into doing strange things. 中国最大的问题之一是人口过剩,这会导致人们做一些奇怪的事情。
Lungelo Gwala : They should just ship them my home country – South Africa 他们应该运到我的祖国——南非
Duong Pham : The problem is that China growth and change is much faster then the people can adapt to it. 问题在于,中国的增长和变化要比人民适应的快得多。
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