David Cuthill : Have they banned manufacturing Christmas toys and Christmas lights? I think not?! 他们禁止生产圣诞玩具和圣诞灯吗?我想不是?!
Julio Tellechea : I don’t blame them, Christmas is a Christianity thing and they are a Buddhist country. 我不怪他们,圣诞节是基督教的事情,他们是佛教国家。
Chris Liu : Why would they? It doesn’t happen in Shanghai 为什么呢?这在上海是不会发生的
Thiago : They will loose sales anyway 无论如何,他们将会失去销量。
Alopllop : Christmas is more of a secular celebration now. 圣诞节现在更多的是一种世俗的庆祝活动。
glamour muscles : that’s how you win the war on christmas 这就是你在圣诞节赢得战争的原因
Elihu Roots : Santa will have a much easier job this year 圣诞老人今年的工作会轻松很多。
Victor Cass : And this is news, why? They’re a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP! They don’t believe in God so they don’t believe in Christmas. Duh! 这算什么新闻?他们是共产主义独裁者!他们不相信上帝,所以他们不相信圣诞节。
Unknown : Christmas is not a religious holiday. Sure Christians celebrate it and wrongly correlate it with Christ(their god), but it doesn’t mean it originated as a religious holiday. I am atheist and I know many atheists who celebrate Christmas. 圣诞节不是宗教节日。当然,基督徒庆祝它,并且错误地将它与基督(他们的神)联系起来,但这并不意味着它起源于宗教节日。我是无神论者,我认识许多庆祝圣诞节的无神论者。
Daniel dePlantagenet : Didn’t find a passage in the Bible about Christmas decorations. I do remember that Christmas trees are pagan, and then there’s something about not making public display of your piety…. 在圣经中没有找到一篇关于圣诞装饰的文章。我确实记得圣诞树是异教徒,还有就是不要公开展示你的虔诚……
Nancy Toby : We care much more about the safety and education of children here – including refugees. 我们更加关心这里的儿童——包括难民——的安全和教育。
La verdad te librará : Maybe we should be worried about those seeking asylum during Xmas from Central America, if we want to be holier than thou 如果我们想比你更神圣,也许我们应该担心那些在圣诞节期间从中美洲寻求庇护的人。
Mitch : *Chinese City, not the whole of China. There are cities in America that also limit or ban certain Christmas displays. *中国城市,不是整个中国。美国有些城市也限制或禁止某些圣诞节展示。
gnihon : Go evangelize some place else. We need you taking care of secular affairs please.  去别的地方传福音。我们需要你处理世俗事务。
Mark Zukkerburg : Maybe it’s not just Christianity, but the fact that Christmas doesn’t adhere to CCP Values. 也许这不仅仅是基督教,而且是圣诞节不遵守中国gcd价值观的事实。
Tom Regas : “Christmas may be a Western holiday, but it has been co-opted by shopping malls in Chinese cities as a seasonal marketing opportunity,with glittering trees towering in malls to draw in shoppers.” Imagine a communist nonChristian country dishonoring the meaning of shopping malls “圣诞节可能是西方的节日,但是中国城市的购物中心把它当作季节性的营销机会,在商场里闪闪发光的树木可以吸引顾客。”想象一个共产主义的非基督教国家拒绝了购物中心的意义。
Big head Ben : It’s out of control over there. 那边失控了。
Daniel Mellon Sr : Maybe in response the US should ban the “Chinese Festival of Lights” currently on display in NYC. 也许作为回应,美国应该禁止“中国灯节”目前正在纽约市展出。
Dilma Arends Geerman : This is nothing new.. 这不是什么新鲜事。
Matthew Edward Anson : On the bright side, I haven’t heard about them dismembering any journalists lately. 从好的方面来说,我最近没有听说过他们肢解任何记者。
djoretiree : The corruption in this White House and you’re tweeting about China? Please….just how much Russian money got funneled to you through the NRA? 白宫的腐败,你在推特上谈论中国?拜托……俄国通过全国步枪协会向你汇了多少钱?
John R Matzke : Keep your nose out of other countries business. You don’t want them dictating policy to us. There are some really bad things that can happen here if we impose a religion, or lack of religion, on our people here in the U.S. 别管别国的事。你不希望他们向我们传授政策。如果我们把一种宗教或缺乏宗教强加给我们在美国这里的人民,这里会发生一些非常糟糕的事情。
Susan Sapienza : China is a bad actor all around. They treat their people badly, steal from our companies and hack our agencies…..but their goods are in every American household. 中国到处都是坏演员。他们待人很坏,从我们公司偷东西,攻击我们的代理商……但是他们的商品在每个美国家庭都有。
Lisa Ziomkowski : Really?! Christmas lights is what your worried about? Christian’s have been persecuted for centuries..let’s try to fix climate change, healthcare, immigration reform 真的?圣诞灯是你担心的?几个世纪以来,克里斯蒂安一直受到迫害。让我们努力解决气候变化、医疗保健、移民改革等问题。
J. Kent Thompson, Sr : Persecution of Christians around the world is increasing. Prophecy foretold in the Bible is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Globalists are determined to usher in a world government. 世界各地对基督徒的迫害正在增加。圣经中预言的预言正在我们眼前实现。全球化者决心建立一个世界政府。
Fred morin : Then we promote the Xmas spirit even more! Think who makes all those cheap toys!!  let’s help some other poor country with the Christmas spirit. 然后我们进一步弘扬圣诞精神!想想那些便宜的玩具是谁做的!让我们用圣诞精神帮助其他一些贫穷国家。
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