Dog Face : Doesn’t Alipay take a cut of all transactions, too? 支付宝不也是所有交易的一部分吗?
Richie of Tampa : All wars are bankers wars. 所有的战争都是银行家的战争。
SpacemanApeINC : Is this safe though? 不过这个安全吗?
ToniChi : Why I think China is advance than the rest of us. 为什么我认为中国比我们其他国家先进。
KPAracing : Cashless is inevitable. Bank is fearing for loss of control. Thats all 无现金是不可避免的。银行担心失去控制。这一切
CORZER0 : Fuck banks. 他妈的银行。
ASM Seven : Thats the real reason why Trump launch Trade war against china. Bankers vs china in reality. 这就是特朗普发动对华贸易战的真正原因。现实中的银行家与中国。
Jake Mcfee : Time to tell the banks fuck you. Need to get rid of them 是时候告诉银行,去你的。需要摆脱它们
isolator86 : The way banks create money is a scam 银行创造货币的方式是一种骗局。
Anthony Sun : They stole it from the US. They are infamous of stealing non existent US tech. 他们从美国偷来的。他们以窃取不存在的美国技术而臭名昭著。
Patric Lin : Chinese payment system is using QR code and is not as secure as NFC. Also it is controlled by the state now, so users have no data privacy. Alipay and WeChat pay can’t be trusted. 中国的支付系统使用二维码,没有NFC那么安全。而且现在它是由国家控制的,所以用户没有数据隐私。支付宝和微信支付不可信。
isolator86 : Fuck the banks 他妈的银行
TOYS KIDS : Used Alipay when I lived in China. I almost forgot about real money as you can use Alipay or Wechat exactly everywhere! Even beggars on the streets walk with their QR codes))) 我在中国的时候用过支付宝。我几乎忘记了真正的钱,因为你可以在任何地方使用支付宝或微信!即使是街上的乞丐也会带着他们的二维码走路。)
Shahrooz Shadbakht : China is sooo ahead of America, in this way! 中国在这方面远远领先于美国!
Michael Jenkins : simple reason,Banks controls USA government,Chinese government controls banks. 原因很简单,银行控制美国政府,中国政府控制银行。
qjtvaddict : So us banks are threatened by the lack of fees they can extort from people 因此,美国银行受到了可以向人们敲诈的费用不足的威胁
Christian Pelchat | Gaming : I seen this in Narita airport in Japan, pretty cool to see them use it so quickly. This video was cool to see 我在日本成田机场看到这个,看到他们这么快就用了,真是太酷了。这个视频很酷
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler : But how do you get your money on there if it isn’t linked to your bank card? 但是,如果你的钱没有和你的银行卡联系在一起,你怎么把钱放在那里呢?
Rafiq Islam : Only Americans are allowed to spy on others 只有美国人才能监视其他人
Lulu Berry : Not allowing banks to profit had bought endless wars in the past, Chinese didn’t do the homework 过去,不允许银行盈利的做法引发了无休止的战争,中国人没有做功课。
Skeelo32 : The average Chinese person makes less money then Americans and EU people. But saves more money than most of us 中国人的平均收入比美国人和欧盟人少。但比我们大多数人节省更多的钱
HITMAN : What CAN u expect from capitalist country like US. 像我们这样的资本主义国家,你能指望什么呢?
Vikas Malik : We don’t need bank. 我们不需要银行。
Elliot Rodger : Jewnited States banks are not getting their sheckles $$$ 美国银行没有得到他们的欢笑。$$$
okielahjiajia : Banks in America must use this opportunity to move fast or else be left behind by the needs of their users. They don’t have to copy what China did – only relying on app for payment. They could do a hybrid. 美国的银行必须利用这个机会快速发展,否则会因用户的需求而落后。他们不必模仿中国的做法——只需要依靠应用程序支付。他们可以做混合动力车。
hjyou : “Banks are too big to fail.” “银行太大了,不能倒闭。”
Spaide man : USA is afraid of China of everything, including China made toilet paper. 美国害怕中国的一切,包括中国制造的卫生纸。
Donald Drumpf : Wechat and Alipay are way ahead of their time. I am American living in China and it takes seconds to pay in any store. You can even send and receive money from your friends quickly and securely. 微信和支付宝都是超前的。我是美国人,住在中国,在任何一家商店都要花几秒钟的时间付款。你甚至可以快速安全地从你的朋友那里收发钱。
That Won Dude : Big banks losing money? I don’t give a single fuck. They’re making easy money by being a middle man. They need to either adapt or lose. Instead, they’re going to try and lobby for regulation so it can’t happen, and that is why I couldn’t care less if they lose all that money. They don’t care about consumers, why should we care about them. Especially because those billions aren’t going to disappear into thin air. No, they’ll get to go the merchant that actually deserves it. 大银行在赔钱?我一点也不在乎。他们做中间人很容易赚钱。他们要么适应要么输。相反,他们将尝试游说监管,这样就不会发生这种情况,这就是为什么如果他们损失了所有的钱,我就不在乎了。他们不关心消费者,我们为什么要关心他们呢?尤其是因为这些数十亿不会消失在稀薄的空气中。不,他们会去真正值得去的商人那里。
Christopher Wanha : So it acts as a lightning-node that aggregates all the transactions and communicates directly with official Chinese clearing houses? 因此,它就像一个闪电节点,聚集所有交易,并直接与中国官方清算所通信?
puking emoji : I have a theory that we won’t advance further than where we are today because of this kind of things mostly the money 我有一种理论认为,我们不会比现在的情况更进一步,因为这种情况主要是因为钱。
Trish F : Does mobile app payments work in north america 移动应用程序支付在北美有效吗
Michael Wong : You still need a bank account to use WeChat pay, so basically it’s just an extra way to leak your bank account information to the public. There’s tons of scams that could potentially happen through the wechat app and having your bank account info stored on a social networking app seems super dangerous 你仍然需要一个银行账户来使用微信支付,所以基本上这只是一个额外的方式来向公众泄露你的银行账户信息。有很多骗局可能通过微信应用程序发生,把你的银行账户信息存储在社交网络应用程序上看起来非常危险。
Chronic Crypto : They fear cryptocurrency and instead of leading the way they want to stop us. Fuck the banks. Decentralization is the future 他们害怕加密货币,而不是他们想要阻止我们的方式。去他妈的银行。分权是未来
Sami Savonjousi : Running out of battery would equal torunning out of money untill you can charge it up. 电池用完就等于缺钱,直到你能充电为止。
William Su : The US needs this to happen, fuck banks and cards. 美国需要这样做,操银行和信用卡。
jayb198083 : Or everyone can just use cash.. 或者每个人都可以用现金……
Joseph Piekarczyk : Typical poorly done biased Bloomberg report. Banks are evil. China does it better. Yet avoids what would be the bank equivalent in China. The organization or clearinghouse that links and confirms the amount of funds to the app. The same go between that let’s me get cash from my account for all those transactions that still require cash in China. That I can deposit cash into. That handles clearing my paycheck and allows me to send and receive payments from and to international sources. 典型的做得不好的彭博社偏袒报告。银行是邪恶的。中国做得更好。但要避免与中国的银行等价。链接并确认应用程序资金金额的组织或票据交换所。同样的情况是,让我从我的账户中获得现金,用于那些在中国仍需要现金的交易。我可以把现金存入。它处理我的工资结算,并允许我发送和接收国际来源的付款。
TechNeko : Does America not have Debit cards? I have literally never paid a cent to my bank for my everyday banking, they just hold my money and let me spend it, that’s it. I don’t think this is a ‘greedy bank vs smart app’ issue y’all just need to stop using credit cards. 美国没有借记卡吗?我从来没有为我的日常银行业务向我的银行支付过一分钱,他们只是拿着我的钱让我花掉,就这样。我不认为这是一个“贪婪的银行和智能应用程序”的问题,你们都需要停止使用信用卡。
MrShranky : Lmao why does the us fear a lot of countries lol? 拉莫,为什么美国害怕很多国家?
Erra Titan : China is a literal invasion of privacy. If you say something bad about the country on the internet they send cops to come knocking on your door. 中国在字面上是对隐私的侵犯。如果你在网上对这个国家说了坏话,他们就会派警察来敲你的门。
Fernando Pacheco : You guys better delete this video before Trump bans it as well 你们最好在特朗普禁止之前删除这段视频
kaustav mandal : I use wechat pay and alipay daily all the time and i love it. Cashless since last 3 years. 我每天都使用微信支付和支付宝,我很喜欢。近三年来无现金。
Dereko : Commercial banks are dinosaurs in a digital age 商业银行是数字时代的恐龙
Gei Xiong : And that’s why all bankers have vacation property, Yatchs, Mansions and Bank account over seas where they don’t have to pay taxes, no to mention the annually bonuses of millions while we are getting F-cked . 这就是为什么所有的银行家都有度假地产、度假屋、豪宅和海外银行账户,他们不必纳税,更不用说在我们被解雇的时候每年有数百万奖金。
Mangofresh2012 : For the same reason why Huawei is banned. USA can’t stand the fact that China is innovating 因为同样的原因华为被禁止。美国无法忍受中国正在创新的事实
Gin Martin : This is part of their plan. Cashless will make it easier to invade your privacy. 这是他们计划的一部分。无现金会更容易侵犯你的隐私。
Tai Chilo : In China the buyer pay 0.05% and the seller pay 0.03% and in the west the banks and credit card companies charges you 2% to 3% hidden in the price 在中国,买方支付0.05%,卖方支付0.03%,在西方,银行和信用卡公司收取你2%到3%的隐藏在价格中的费用。
Johnathan Piffington : We’ve found a way to beat the banking system… let’s begin 我们找到了打败银行系统的方法…开始吧
Sandra Do : USA will loose faces because China is already ahead of them. USA will tried everything to stop China. USA is so cowards always tried accusations some countries. 美国会丢脸,因为中国已经领先于他们了。美国将竭尽全力阻止中国。美国是如此的懦夫总是试图指责一些国家。
folompleonleaves : America doesn’t even have tap paying available. They are severely failing. 美国甚至连自来水费都没有。他们严重失败了。
KuribohTheHutt : Love this 爱这个
Simon Xyz : Makes one wonder how much one’s gov’t if for the 98% or the 2%. 如果98%或2%,人们会想一个人的政府会给多少钱。
eL Champorado : Banks are fucking thief!!! 银行是他妈的小偷!!!!
SEERLESVALLEY DEATHVALLEY : Can I sign up for this app and have a Chinese bank account???✌️ 我可以注册这个应用程序并拥有一个中国银行帐户吗????γ
Y Fuduoduo : This will never happen in the US. The president will call them national threat. 这在美国永远不会发生。总统将称之为国家威胁。
Magnets Travel : Can wait for some one to come & stop this ripoff. It used to be fine before as CC transactions were costly, but in this connected world it’s total rip-off. Last year EU has finished the rip-off of credit card charges. Now a days, margins are too small & they charging like 3% when your total margin is 5-10%. 等着有人来阻止这场抢劫。它以前很好,因为CC交易是昂贵的,但在这个相互关联的世界,它是完全敲诈。去年,欧盟已经完成了对信用卡收费的敲诈。现在一天,利润率太小了,当你的总利润率是5-10%的时候,他们会收取3%的费用。
Mike Dg : Isn’t alipay tied to banks as well? I mean how else are you going to add funds to your alipay account 支付宝不是也和银行挂钩吗?我是说,你还打算怎么把钱加到你的支付宝账户上呢?
Nils / Slini11 : Where do they store thier money? At WeChat? 他们把钱放在哪里?在WeChat?
Daniel Musser : How are funds held if a financial institution isn’t holding them? Isn’t Alipay acting as the bank in this situation? 如果一家金融机构不持有这些资金,如何持有这些资金?在这种情况下,支付宝不是银行吗?
Ryan Anderson : Fuck bankers. They all deserve to burn in hell for eternity. I pray satan exists just for bankers. They deserve to meet the only entity more evil and parasitic than themselves. 操银行家。他们都应该永远在地狱里燃烧。我祈祷撒旦只为银行家而存在。他们应该遇到唯一比他们更邪恶和寄生的实体。
Hun S. : awful 可怕的
Jorge Castillo : Also it scary that China government is gathering all that information, this is concerning if USA governments does it, but I think it even worth if a not democratic government with no respect for human rights does it. 另外,中国政府正在收集所有这些信息,这是关于美国政府是否这样做,但我认为,如果一个不尊重人权的不民主政府这样做,这是值得的。
Allen A : then how do they put money in their wechat pay u didnt explain that 那他们怎么把钱放在微信里呢?你没解释
karl marx : So in conclusion america fees for everything and china doesn’t 所以总而言之,美国什么都收费,而中国没有
Khronic Painz : fuck banks they are robbers and fraudsters lending out money they dont even have to put people in debt. all of their money belongs to the people. 去他妈的银行,他们是强盗和骗子,他们把钱借给别人,他们甚至不必让人负债。他们所有的钱都属于人民。
Asteclimanos San : How does it really work? Is there another video that explain it better? 它是如何工作的?有没有别的视频能更好地解释这一点?
Evan Erickson : They should be scared. WeChat pay is much better than Venmo, etc. 他们应该害怕。微信支付比文摩等好多了。
AboveMediocrity : That’s why America is more backward than China 这就是为什么美国比中国落后的原因
Aire Lao : When power out you are doom 当停电的时候,你就完了
E Chan : This is a irresponsible piece of commentary. The Communist Chinese owns all these companies provide these payment services. I would not want my government(The US Government) to handle my bill payment activities. 这是一篇不负责任的评论。中国共产党拥有所有这些提供这些支付服务的公司。我不希望我的政府(美国政府)处理我的账单支付活动。
Eric Halim : US getting slower and left behind. Not only on payment but also on other sectors like transportation. US still heavily depends on automotive car companies while China has a super speed mass train. This is a lot cheaper infrastructure compared to land system. 我们越来越慢,落后了。不仅是在支付,而且在其他行业,如运输业。美国仍然严重依赖汽车公司,而中国拥有超高速的大众列车。与土地系统相比,这是一个便宜得多的基础设施。
Morgan Kodysz : Yeah who wants to use a banks mobile payment system that charges you on every transaction? Retarded much? 是的,谁想使用银行的移动支付系统,每笔交易都要向你收费?迟钝很多?
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