Den Owl : Hopefully someone checked these masks, in one of European hospitals they received N-95 masks from China which were fake 希望有人检查过这些口罩,在欧洲的一家医院里,他们收到了来自中国的N-95口罩
TeeTee LouKy : We should sue China for what they have caused around the world! 我们应该控告中国在全世界造成的后果!
fall0rn : First they make this outbreak possible by silencing everyone in the early days then they faked their numbers now they are trying to play the hero hahahahAHAHAHAHAA 先是他们在早期压制了所有人,使这次爆发成为可能,然后他们伪造了他们的数据,现在他们试图扮演英雄哈哈哈哈
Cyrus S. Shahrazi : The CCP that started the Coronavirus pandemic by trying to cover-up the earliest infections, then seized all mask and ventilator manufacturers owned by american companies such as 3M, honeywell and GE. Here’s another idea to keep you busy and double your money. Buy stocks that are less than 1/3 of their value prior to Coronavirus pandemic and triple your money when covid19 pandemic is over and markets quickly recover. Most stocks are the lowest in years due to Coronavirus pandemic and will recover quickly once the the number of new cases start to decline and the lockdown ends. 中共试图掩盖最早的感染,导致了冠状病毒的大流行,然后夺取了3M、霍尼韦尔和通用电气等美国公司拥有的所有口罩和呼吸机制造商。这是另一个让你忙得不可开交的主意。在冠状病毒大流行前购买价值不到其1/3的股票,当covid19大流行结束,市场迅速复苏时,将资金增加三倍。由于冠状病毒大流行,大多数库存是多年来最低的,一旦新病例数量开始下降,封锁结束,库存将迅速恢复。
Miss Holly : Wow CBS! Do you guys ever investigate stories? Or are you in China pocket? 哇CBS!你们调查过故事吗?或者你受中国的控制?
Josh Keene : The Chinese government are a bunch of liars, you need to tell me that the country that started this entire world crisis all of sudden have a rapid decline in cases? Until I see the proof I don’t believe in the Chinese at all. Hate on me all you want go right ahead 中国gov是一群骗子,你需要告诉我,这个突然引发了这场世界性危机的国家,案件数量急剧下降?在我看到证据之前我根本不相信中国人。
Trump Donald : USA virus and UK virus ,stay away from these country people. 美国病毒和英国病毒,远离这些乡下人。
J R : No supplies from China, defective and contaminated. 抵制来自中国的有缺陷和污染的物资。
PebbleBeach : CCP can’t fix its image. It is too late. We know you too well. Stop spreading bad news and cause problems. This only re-enforce our understanding of what the CCP is capable of doing!!! 中共无法改变自己的形象。太晚了。我们太了解你了。停止散布坏消息,制造麻烦。这只会加强我们对中共能力的理解!!!
G J Resa : More fake propaganda being peddled by fake news. 更多虚假宣传新闻。
Lauren Goldman : Send supplies to Africa, why the poorest of the poor has to suffer because of people eating/selling dogs, cats, bat’s and snakes. It’s there fault 向非洲运送物资,为什么穷人中最穷的人不得不忍受,因为人们吃/卖狗、猫、蝙蝠和蛇。是有错的
David Smith : Shame on CBS! CCP’s puppy! 可耻的哥伦比亚广播公司!中共的小狗!
Shawna Weesner : China should be sending everyone medical supplies as they have caused this virus by decimating the wild creatures in their country due to their obtuse and archaic thinking on medicinal cures for people! THIS TIME, HAS CHINA CLOSED ALL THEIR WET MARKETS FOR GOOD? And ….WHERE IS THE FEMALE DR. THAT TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT CHINA’S RESPONSE TO THIS VIRUS? 中国应该给每个人送去医疗用品,因为他们迟钝而古老的治病思想导致了这种病毒在他们国家的野生生物大量灭绝!这一次,中国是否永远关闭了所有的湿市场?还有….说中国对这种病毒反应的真相的女博士在哪里?
Alejandro Gonzalez : Thats not all they should send china should foot the bill and should send contributions to countries where it is really bad. Is it not chinas fault yes it is so why shouldnt they pay up as much as possible……or get nooooked of the planet. 这并不是他们应该让中国来买单的全部,他们应该给那些情况非常糟糕的国家捐款。这不是中国的错吗?是的,这就是为什么他们应该尽可能多的支付。
sai76 : The Chinese government is to blame for the spread of the virus all over the world. 中国政府应为病毒在全世界的传播负责。
Lord My Rock : First and foremost this is the Communist Party of Chinas fault. The fact that there are people gasping for breath on there deathbed in your town is solely the responsibility of China and the people who entrusted them like the World Health Organization. 这首先是中共的错。你们镇上有人在垂死的床上喘不过气来,这完全是中国和像世界卫生组织这样托付他们的人的责任。
jm apple : China is now daddy 中国现在是爸爸了
Mystery X : Seriously people……. China is hiding there numbers big time. Look it up beyond China paid out CNN, CBS, ABC…… There not donating there selling…. For a large profit. And if you actually look at the news in other countries where they actually report the truth you will see so many countries complaining about half there medical supplies are faulty and low quality. China treats it’s people like 1984 Big Brother…. 认真的说。。。。。。。中国在很大程度上隐瞒了这些数字。去中国以外的地方看看吧,有线电视新闻网,哥伦比亚广播公司,美国广播公司。。。。。。那里没有捐赠那里卖。。。。为了一大笔利润。如果你真的看看其他国家的新闻,他们实际上报道了真相,你会看到很多国家抱怨一半的医疗用品有缺陷,质量低下。中国对待人民就像1984年的老大哥。。。。
Kami Truth : Buy one get one flea 买一送一
Arthur C : The free world need to rise up against Chinese Communist Party! Stop investing in China and block food export to them. You cant imagine China in fact cannot feed themselves. Let them collapse internally. China will be better off without the evil party. 自由世界需要起来反对中共!停止在中国投资,阻止向他们出口食品。你无法想象中国事实上无法养活自己。让他们内部崩溃。没有这个邪恶的政党,中国会更好。
Emily Rose : You will get virus masks from Communist Party of China. 你会得到中共的有毒口罩。
Lmaooo Scrub : Idgaf what medical help China gives us, those officials deserve maximum punishment for being irresponsible and immature with the way they handled COVID-19. Especially their president. 尽管中国提供了什么样的医疗帮助,但这些官员不负责任和不成熟的处理方式新冠,应该受到最大的惩罚。尤其是他们的总统。
Farhan : U.S went under the bus the day they put their money fighting middle east counties for israel’s sake. The debt let china and Russia take the lead. They spend their money in production, trade, manufacture. Now U.S is depending on made in china mask and ventilators. Jokes on U.S! U、 他们为了以色列的缘故,把钱投到中东各县的战斗中。债务让中国和俄罗斯走在了前列。他们把钱花在生产、贸易、制造上。现在美国主要依靠中国制造的口罩和呼吸机。美国的笑话!
Crom : how much fentanyl did they smuggle in with their virus supplies? 他们携带病毒走私了多少芬太尼?
Gab Abad : Burn made in china. 毁了中国制造。
Daniel R : New England Patriots organization deserves a big shoutout 新英格兰爱国者组织值得大声疾呼
Mr. Keyman : NO, more than 100 tons to Europe already…… 不,到欧洲已经有100多吨了。。。。。。
HyunJoon Kim : wuhan virus 武汉病毒
andx79 _ : The CCP VIRUS was the fault of China’s government lying to the world. Stop being their dog CBS you are a disgrace to our country. Do your job be reporters not China’s b**** 中共病毒是中国政府对世界撒谎的错。别再当他们的狗了,你是我们国家的耻辱。你的工作是记者而不是中国的b****
The Great American Awakening : Its ALL DEFECTIVE!! LOOK AT WHAT THEY SENT SPAIN AND OTHER COUNTRIES. Find stories on Epoch Times. 30% detection rate on tests and touchless thermometer missing internal components and only made to show healthy readings. This is sabotage to spread the ccp virus n 全是次品!!看看他们给西班牙和其他国家送了什么。去Epoch Times找相关新闻。30%的检测率测试和无接触温度计缺少内部组件,只有显示健康读数。
joanne klatsky : The governments need to get a Brain…Do not Trade with China…Do not accept so called gifts from china and most of all do not believe ONE WORD THEY SAY….IT IS TRULY THE EVIL EMPIRE ! 政府需要有头脑……不要和中国做贸易……不要接受中国的所谓礼物,最重要的是不要相信他们说的一个字……这才是真正的邪恶帝国!
Brian Donovan : Excuse me but China has been sending defective and non functioning equipment to other countries. They are now being sent back to China. Don’t carry water for the Chinese government. 对不起,中国一直在向其他国家运送有缺陷和不起作用的设备。他们现在被送回中国。不要为中国政府做事。
Alex : China can have coronavirus inside this supply’s 这些物资中可能有冠状病毒
Jared M : Their image on the world stage is never going to be changing for me. They’re giving stuff all after taking so much from so many other countries when they were lying at the extent of the severity of the virus. Stuff the Chinese government. Show them with your wallets by supporting any other country other than them when possible 他们在世界舞台上的形象对我来说永远不会改变。当他们在病毒的严重程度上撒谎的时候,他们从很多其他国家拿走了这么多东西,然后就给了他们所有的东西。向中国政府讨价还价。在可能的情况下,通过支持任何其他国家而不是他们来展示你的钱包
gingervitamins : Check the shipment as soon as possible!!! 尽快检查货物!!!
Ter bear1/29 me : And you really trust anything coming from China.. Come on USA companies.. We can make our own !!!!! After this horrific coronavirus …maybe can stay productions stay in the usa 你真的相信来自中国的一切。。加油美国公司。。我们可以自己做!!!!!在这可怕的冠状病毒之后…也许可以把产业留在美国
Naomi&Allen naomi&allen : This is why you don’t export jobs! to the lowest low quality bidder! Bring the manufacturing back home! 这就是为什么你不出口工作!给最低质量的投标人!把制造业带回家!
206 guy : China sends fraudulent products to other countries to get the media to eat it up 中国向其他国家发送欺诈产品,让媒体大吃一惊
cellar master23 : A TROJAN HORSE 特洛伊木马
1 1 : How sad to see that we can’t do anything in our own country and we have to depend on China 看到我们在自己的国家一事无成,不得不依赖中国,真是悲哀
Crystals Texas Randomness : They didn’t win anything. They are a bunch of *LIARS!* I wouldn’t take their aid or anything from those @ssholes. That “aid” could be contaminated with the virus itself! Why should we trust them anymore? LADY YALL ARE TO BLAME! This virus is yalls fault because y’all are some nasty mfs. 他们什么也没赢。他们是一群骗子!*我不接受他们的帮助,也不接受那些小坑里的任何东西。那个“援助”可能被病毒本身污染了!我们为什么还要相信他们?亚尔夫人是罪魁祸首!这种病毒是雅尔的错,因为你们都是些讨厌的mfs。
dskyy2001 : Headline. CBS promoting CCP virus propaganda! Wow. Everyone is suffering from Coronavirus PTSD. Bowing to the handouts of the communist leadership. 头条。哥伦比亚广播公司宣传中共病毒!真 的。每个人都患有冠状病毒创伤后应激障碍。向共产党领导层的施舍鞠躬。
LostCoast Fire : Woohoo more supplies contaminated with the ccp virus… 呜呼更多被中共病毒污染的物资。。。
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