Abe Froman : Awwww… that’s so precious. Seriously, great job you guys. 那太珍贵了。说真的,干得好。
kassem pawnStar : And china will meet thanos and conquer the world. 中国将与灭霸相遇,征服世界。
Jon Morrow : Lemme know if you find the All Spark on that side.让我知道你是否发现了火种源(变形金刚火种的来源和归宿地).
Silly Wonka : Aliens are dismantling it as we speak. 外星人正在我们说话的时候毁掉它。
Pedro Marques : Actually, China has become the world leader in renewable energy with more than half of all of the world’s solar panels installed last year were in China. They’re also leading on mandating electric vehicles. 事实上,中国已经成为世界可再生能源的领导者,去年全球安装的太阳能电池板有一半以上都在中国。他们还带头要求电动汽车。
lockena5a : The Chinese can’t fix the pollution problems facing its mega cities even if they would have landed on the sun so what? Does that improve the environmental degradation on earth. I would rather spend the resources to address those burning issues. 中国大城市面临的污染问题,即使它们已经落在太阳上,也无法解决,那又怎样呢?这会改善地球上的环境退化吗?我宁愿花费资源来解决这些燃烧的问题。
Linkun: The Chinese media is very quiet this time, and there are few big media reports, which is only about 1-2 minutes of live picture.I think it is because fear it will cause American discomfort. Besides, many countries have mastered moon landing technique and no need to report. 这次中国媒体很安静,很少有大的媒体报道,只有1-2分钟的现场画面,我想是因为担心会引起美国的不适。此外,许多国家已经掌握了登月技术,无需报告。
Subducos Caligo : Are they going to take pictures of all the alien bases back there? 他们会拍下所有外星人基地的照片吗?
Richard Doherty : A drone. Who cares,we put men on the moon! 无人驾驶飞机谁在乎,我们把人送上月球!
Bush Zachary : I thought moon rotates! do we have near & far sides of moon 我以为月亮会旋转!我们有月球的近侧和远侧吗
Greenyo : Lol America first 哈哈美国第一
Dorina Kemper : That’s fantastic 太棒了
Alejandro Maldonado : Nobody told me about this. 没人告诉我这件事。
Philmond Maison : Then after that they claimed the moon as part of a Greater China 之后他们声称月球是大中华的一部分
George Royal : Outstanding! 杰出!
ruchira : Wow! Now we’ll find out soon what secrets our dear old moon has been hiding all along! 真的!现在我们很快就会知道我们亲爱的老月亮一直隐藏着什么秘密!
M.Yass : Landing is tough, but coming back is much more difficult. Only the USA was capable to do this in 1969, 50 years ago ! 着陆很困难,但回来更困难。只有美国在1969年才有能力做到这一点,50年前!
FRANKY YOUNG : technically the US is not the only one: the russian(soviet) did multiple automatic sample returning missions. 技术上来说,美国不是唯一的一个:俄罗斯(苏联)完成了多次自动样本返回任务。
SphynxCatsRule : Congratulations! 祝贺!
jtkola™ : Good job, China! Party like it’s 1969! 干得好,中国!像1969年那样!
Dutch Treat : Look at all the Trumpsters/ nationalists talking smack and questioning why the dark side of the moon has light 看看所有的特朗普斯特人/民族主义者都在说些俏皮话,并质问为什么月球的黑暗面会有光明。
LarryG : Technology stolen from America 技术从美国盗取
Thomas Tarrants : The Chang’e programme is entirely Chinese-built. Since the United States has never landed on the lunar far-side, and hasn’t landed anything on the Moon in 40 years, there’s no American technology worth stealing here. “嫦娥计划”完全是中国建造的。由于美国从未在月球远端登陆过,40年来也没有在月球上登陆过任何东西,所以美国的技术在这里是不值得窃取的。
brockasso : Nice job… Sat it down where it stayed completely still (no tracks anywhere) must have a long arm to get that pic. Looks very foily … Very nice job… 很好的工作…把它放在完全静止的地方(任何地方都没有轨道),一定要有一只长长的胳膊才能拍到这张照片。看起来很小…做得很好…
kenji555 : Wow, only 50 years late! 哇,只晚了50年!
Junkanoo!!  🇮🇪 🇨� : Can it drive to the other side and see if it can find a flag. 它能开到另一边看看能不能找到一面旗子。
Michael Coven : I believe this is actually from theLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, not a ground based telescope. 我相信这实际上是来自月球侦察轨道器,而不是地面望远镜。
Axum Lalibela : Hopefully they will find the U.S. flag and make all the conspiracy suspects to rest. 希望他们能找到美国国旗,让所有的阴谋嫌疑人安息。
John : Shadows look impressive – wait… no tracks in the dust?? 阴影看起来令人印象深刻-等等…尘土中没有痕迹??
Erica Burkart : Can’t wait to see pictures 等不及看照片了
ZehKah : … so this is historic, but in 1969 some men landed on the moon, right? …所以这是历史性的,但在1969年一些人登上了月球,对吗?
Egg : Okay they’re up to the 60s USA now 好吧,他们现在到了60年代的美国
JinIsMyWonderLAnd 💜 : So who took that perfectly centered moon pic of the rover? 那么是谁拍的月球车的完美中心的照片?
Jim Halpert : This is exactly why we need space force. They’re trying to take our moon! 这正是我们需要空间力量的原因。他们想夺走我们的月亮!
Kony 2012 : Exactly and they should build a wall on the moon to keep them out & make China pay for it. 准确地说,他们应该在月球上建造一堵墙,让他们远离月球,让中国为此付出代价。
Souad Abdullah : I don’t even believe that they went to the moon 我甚至不相信他们去了月球
Photos By Peter B : Ummmm…how come it’s lit by the sun? 嗯……怎么会被太阳照亮?
Rick Oursler_The Fam : Congratulations to China 祝贺中国
Darth Fugue : Make sure to bring back a #MoonRock, so that it can be #Authenticated! 一定要带回一块月岩,这样它才能被认证!
Rob E : Now only if some awesome country would land next to the rover the Amerikans supposedly left!!! 现在,只有当某个了不起的国家在漫游者旁边着陆时,美国佬才应该离开!!!!
Anirudh Chatterjee : China hoped the rover to land on Moon’s south pole Aitkin Basin ,the largest ,oldext and deepest crater on Moon’s surface. 中国希望月球车降落在月球南极的艾特金盆地,这是月球表面最大、最古老、最深的陨石坑。
Anirudh Chatterjee : China’s lunar rover touch down far side of the moon. 中国的月球车降落在月球的另一边。
Mike : Aliens soon to be on the way 外星人很快就要来了
Ndunge Sophia : Trump will not like this ! In response to presidential directive, NASA might be preparing for retaliatory landing of several rovers to the farthest side of the moon in a historic first, its winning in a massive way! 特朗普不会喜欢这样的!为了响应总统的指示,美国国家航空航天局可能正在准备报复性地将几艘漫游者首次降落到月球最远的一侧,这是一个历史性的开端,它以巨大的方式赢得了胜利!
Free Speech ≠ Free R : In other words, it could be less of a “landing” and more of a new crater. 换句话说,它可能不是一个“着陆”,而是一个新的陨石坑。
Free Speech ≠ Free R : Ah. Good. Hope they get good pics. 啊。很好。希望他们能拍到好照片。
J Kaufman : That’s because China’s space agency isn’t on furlough. 那是因为中国航天局没有休假。
V.Vijayaraghavan : China can praise themselves for soft landing of their Space vehicle on the far side of the Moon but not at the cost of saying that America is not dare enough of landing their vehicle in the same way. 中国可以赞扬自己的航天器在月球远侧软着陆,但代价不是说美国不敢用同样的方式着陆。
Frank West : ‘Chinah! Can you believe that? China! We need a big beautiful wall. I’m shutting down the country until Nancy Pelosi gives me 50 billion for the wall. We’ll find the darkiest part of the moon and put the wall right there.’ 中国佬!你能相信吗?中国!我们需要一堵漂亮的大墙。我要关闭这个国家,直到南希·佩洛西给我500亿美元。我们会找到月球最黑暗的部分,然后把墙放在那里。”
Louis Cicio : So if it’s the dark side of the moon how is there light and shadows 所以如果是月亮的阴暗面,光和影是怎么存在的?
emeraldsong : Congratulations China! Some exciting forward looking explorations as we start 2019. I’d like to hear much more about this as their rover and cameras send information back. 恭喜中国!随着2019年的开始,我们进行了一些令人兴奋的前瞻性探索。我想听到更多关于这方面的消息,因为他们的漫游者和摄像头将信息发送回来。
jordan : Congratulations, China! 恭喜你,中国!
NINA  : I may only be a tiny bit Chinese, but that small bit is very strong! Proud of China’s success! 我可能只有一点点中国血缘,但那一点点很强大!为中国的成功感到骄傲!
Whynnie : Incredible. 简直不可思议。
sun town : Too many people have no idea about physics. 太多人对物理学一无所知。
michael burge : Fake news 假新闻
Like It Is : China beat us to the moon. 中国打败了我们。
Kyeron Rhodes : Did they find the Deceptacons yet 他们找到霸天虎了吗
Mark Lyell : The rover will also be collecting samples so China can make replica moons 月球车还将收集样本,以便中国制造复制卫星。
John Orosz : No way to see it so how will it be confirmed. 看不到,怎么确认?
Er : With stolen NASA data. They couldn’t come up@with that themselves 有偷来的NASA数据。他们自己也不能想出这个主意
Jason Wilkinson : Did they happen to notice a fleet of UFOs on that side?? 他们注意到那边有一队不明飞行物吗??
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