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Sarah S : Your lucky to have that Chinese hair. After 16 days it doesn’t really look that bad. 你很幸运有中国老婆。16天看起来并没有那么糟糕
Mellon Walker Movies : it is dangerous to overheat a baby!!! I would go absolutely mad at my mum 婴儿过热是危险的!!!我会对我妈妈大发脾气的
Titanium Tiara : I could see how washing hair in past times may have led some to think that some untimely deaths due to catching cold or pnuemonia. And eating eggs….well they are a perfect food with lots of protein. So they’d probably be excellent for a new mother. Plus they’re viewed as a symbol of fertility. The chicken soup though is obvious. 我可以看出,过去洗头发可能会让一些人认为,一些人因为感冒或肺炎而过早死亡。吃鸡蛋……它们是一种富含蛋白质的完美食物。所以他们对一个新母亲来说可能是很好的。此外,它们被视为生育能力的象征。不过鸡汤很明显。
Jack O’Connor : Isn’t the milk unsafe to drink in China? 在中国喝牛奶不安全吗?
Elizabeth Torres : You both are PERFECT for each other. I wish I could send you more chocolates. You had me laughing my off, when you pulled out the M&M from your pillow. I hope after a month, you, your husband and your cute baby, can have a beautiful day without all these superstitious Chinese baby traditions. Wishing you all the best. 你们两个都很适合对方。我希望能多给你送些巧克力。当你把M&M从枕头里拿出来的时候,你让我笑了。我希望一个月后,你,你的丈夫和你可爱的孩子,能有一个美好的一天,没有这些迷信的中国育婴传统。祝你一切顺利。
The Big Game Theory : If my parent would tell me how i have to handle my child (when they would do such a stupid thing) and tried to kick me out the room, I would kick them out the house. That would get me enraged. 如果我的父母告诉我如何处理我的孩子(当他们会做这么愚蠢的事情时),并试图把我踢出房间,我会把他们踢出房子。那会让我生气的。
Mats Hjalmarsson : My ex (from Shenyang) asked me if it was possible to take the placenta home from the hospital to cook and eat it 我的前夫(沈阳人)问我能否把胎盘从医院带回家煮来吃。
Mike Lee : For sure get a real toilet. Those squat toilets will destroy your knees. 当然要买一个真正的厕所。那些蹲式厕所会毁了你的膝盖。
Zenobia Saint-Jean : Can’t believe she had the western education but still following this stupid tradition of “Sitting the month “. Unbelievable! 真不敢相信她受过西方教育,但仍然遵循着“坐月子”的愚蠢传统。难以置信!
FolkRoots : Extremely stupid traditions. 非常愚蠢的传统。
Fahad Al-Maraghi : In the Middle East the woman would stay at their mothers house for 40 days AFTER giving birth. its interesting to see similarities between distant cultures. 在中东,这名妇女将在生完孩子后在母亲家里呆40天。看到远古文化之间的相似之处很有趣。
Terrariums and Tea : These traditions started before showers with potable water so it would make sense (back when) not to sit in a tub etc. filled with river water when you have open wounds in your most private areas to prevent infections from dirty water. 这些传统是在用饮用水淋浴之前开始的,所以当你在最私密的地方有开放的伤口以防止脏水感染时,最好不要坐在装满河水的浴缸里。
Real Salica : They have that in Russia too . You are right , nothing of those make senses. 在俄罗斯也有。你说得对,这些都没有意义。
Fuzzyscarfandmittens : I remember hearing about this before. The Japanese during the Edo period used to have the same superstitions. But then of course where do you think they got it from? 我记得以前听说过这个。江户时代的日本人也有同样的迷信。但当然,你认为他们从哪里弄来的?
John Nelson : Dude, I’ve got to ask, is that the only toilet in your apartment? I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how in the hell a yone could use that thing. It’s got to be disgusting 伙计,我得问一下,这是你公寓里唯一的厕所吗?我绞尽脑汁想弄明白,在地狱里,一个女人怎么能用这个东西。很恶心
Michael Brew : Ahh, I wondered why my wife had a habit of overdressing our daughter. She was always obsessing over whether she was too cold, and even though the nurses explained that newborns are generally okay if you dress them with maybe one more layer than you’re comfortable with, she’d be decked out for a Minnesota winter even though we live in Texas. She kinda toned that down, eventually, though, but our daughter’s two, now, so I guess it’s not as much of a concern. Still, it was a weird change given I’m so used to babies regularly running around in nothing but diapers. My wife would freak out if I kept her in just diapers for more than a minute. 啊,我想知道为什么我妻子对我们的女儿有一种过度压力的习惯。她总是担心自己是否太冷,即使护士解释说新生儿一般都很好,如果你再给他们穿一层比你舒服的衣服,即使我们住在得克萨斯州,她也会被打扮成明尼苏达州的冬天。不过,她最终还是缓和了一下,但我们女儿现在是两个了,所以我想这不是什么大问题。不过,这是一个奇怪的变化,因为我已经习惯了经常穿着尿布到处跑的婴儿。如果我把她放在尿布里超过一分钟,我妻子会发疯的。
Keyla Ward : OMG I remember when i gave birth in Beijing and Chinese nurses won’t let me take a shower or walk or brush my teeth (for a month? No way). I couldn’t handle more than 2 days without a shower and walk straight to the shower when the nurses were not around, it was a big RELIEF!!!!! 天哪,我记得我在北京生孩子的时候,中国护士不会让我洗澡、走路或刷牙(一个月内?不可能)。护士不在的时候,我不能不洗两天以上的澡,直接走到淋浴间去,这真是一种解脱!!!!!
sari bsunt : i have seen one pregnancy test on the internet. stick a rubix cube up the vagina. if it’s solved, you’re pregnant. if not, you’re either not pregnant or pregnant with a non Asian baby. 我在网上看过一次怀孕测试。在阴道上贴一块橡皮泥。如果解决了,你就怀孕了。如果没有,你要么没有怀孕,要么怀了一个非亚洲婴儿。
Art Tuber-pk : Over dressing also common in Pakistan 过度着装在巴基斯坦也很常见
Bruce B : First off I don’t speak Mandarin. A couple of years after my wife gave birth to twins in the States we went back to see her family. My wife said ” Do not let my mom know that I didn’t have a sitting month because she will be so upset with you”. My mother-in-law does not speak English. lol 首先,我不会说普通话。我妻子在美国生了双胞胎几年后,我们回去看望她的家人。我妻子说:“不要让我妈妈知道我没空坐一个月,因为她会为你难过的。”我岳母不会说英语。
kreenichiwa k : Something that’s different from another culture isn’t necessarily considered weird, and vice versa 与另一种文化不同的东西不一定被认为是奇怪的,反之亦然。
EILEEN Fedele : Why would you let the baby be so hot? Just tell them NO, leave the baby the why I dress her. If you think this tradition is ridiculous why do it at the expense of your baby’s health 你为什么让孩子这么热?告诉他们不,让孩子知道我为什么给她穿衣服。如果你认为这个传统很荒谬,为什么要以牺牲你孩子的健康为代价呢?
KellyAbroad LifeInUK : i am a chinese mum but never heard of those tradition! weird! 我是一位中国妈妈,但从未听说过这些传统!奇怪的!
Mel : Are they trying to kill you and the baby? Seems like the only outcome. In Australia we leave the hospital the day after giving birth (natural) and 3 days after cesarean delivery and resume all normal activities. 他们想杀了你和孩子吗?似乎是唯一的结果。在澳大利亚,我们在分娩后第二天(自然)和剖宫产后第三天离开医院,恢复所有正常活动。
奇妙莫名 : Its really not a myth, perhaps different locations have they ways differently, In Singapore its still widely practice, the purpose is really for the mother to recover from labour, by feeding the mom with tonics to replenish the heavy loss of nutrients and to strengthening the immune system. As for the baby, nothing much is really done actually. Part of the reasons why many people believes in it because Caucasian ladies tends to age really fast after 40years old, contributing to the fact that they did not recover well during labour, many real life examples were seen and witness to support this. I personally knew someone whom gave birth to two daughters, and she refuse to 坐月子, thus she when back to work literally a week later, currently she looks so malnourished and haggard, she looks like 50 years old whereby she is only 38. 这真的不是一个神话,也许不同的地方有不同的方式,在新加坡,它仍然广泛的实践,其目的是真正的母亲从劳动中恢复,通过喂养母亲补药,以补充大量的营养损失,并加强免疫系统。至于婴儿,实际上什么都没有做。许多人之所以相信这一点,部分原因是因为高加索妇女在40岁后往往会很快变老,这导致她们在分娩期间恢复得不好,许多现实生活中的例子都被看到并证明了这一点。我个人认识一个生了两个女儿的人,她拒绝坐月子,所以她一周后回到工作岗位,现在看起来营养不良,憔悴不堪,看上去像50岁,而她只有38岁。
Loretta Montgomery : Weird, Japan has the same birthing norms that Chinese do, Japanese everywhere follow them. Baby doesn’t leave the house for a month but to go to get shots. 奇怪的是,日本和中国有着同样的生育标准,日本各地都遵循这些标准。宝宝一个月都不出门,而是去打针。
Brenda Bautista : Filipino tradition: eating tinola (chicken soup) or any soup will help with breast milk. I did that and it was true. I guess all the vitamins in the morianga leaves, vegetables and warm water helped. 菲律宾人的传统:吃铁诺拉(鸡汤)或任何汤都有助于母乳。我做到了,这是真的。我想莫里安加树叶、蔬菜和温水中的所有维生素都有帮助。
Sandra Montalvo : Hispanic do this too! It’s called La Quarentena! It means she shouldn’t do anything for 40 days after you give birth… 西班牙人也这么做!它叫La Quarentena!这意味着在你出生后40天内她不应该做任何事…
Serendipity : I couldn’t imagine not showering / bathing for 40 days.  When I had my last child, I was up showering 2 hours after he was born.  It is usually suggested that you shower as opposed to bathing though. 我无法想象40天内不洗澡。当我有最后一个孩子的时候,我在他出生后2小时就洗澡了。通常建议你淋浴而不是盆浴。
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