《Monsters》原唱 Katie Sky 观看周深的翻唱视频


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Woodland26: great work getting the songwriter reaction. Thank you. 伟大的作品得到了原唱的反应。谢谢您。
Hiu Wun Chik: This is the first time I was watching a reaction cuz i think every singer a unique. Thank you for katie watching shen shen singing and writing a wonderful song. 这是我第一次看到一个反应视频,因为我觉得每个歌手都是独一无二的。感谢Katie(原唱)看深深唱歌,写了一首精彩的歌。
King Hang Law: This is a very good idea for Katie singing her song in Chinese. Katie用中文唱她的歌是个很好的主意。
ss s: 这个厉害了!真希望可以让所有的原唱来评一评深深的翻唱
四叶草童彩: It’s definitely ZhouShen’s great honor to be recognized by Katie. I believe he loves your song as he sang ‘Monsters’ in two different Chinese TV shows. It will be a blessing if the two fabulous singers have the chance to do a collaboration, I guess ZhouShen will love too. 能得到凯蒂的认可绝对是周深的荣幸。我相信他喜欢你的歌,因为他在两个不同的中国电视节目中演唱了“Monsters”。如果两位出色的歌手有机会合作,那将是一件幸事,我想周深也会喜欢的。
tadaki XD: Thanks for interviewing Katie!! She seems like such a fun character and such a great person, I loved her reactions hahaha Thank you Katie for sharing your thoughts and most importantly for writing such a beautiful and meaningful song! 谢谢你采访Katie!!她看起来像一个有趣的角色和一个伟大的人,我喜欢她的反应哈哈哈谢谢你Katie分享你的想法,最重要的是写了一首美丽而有意义的歌!
曉梅曉梅: 謝謝你好棒的~深的米
Jing Sun: 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷
martin ko: Yes, I want to learn Katie sing Monsters in chinese…. 😄 是的,我想学凯蒂用中文唱《Monsters》。。。。
Jojo Lau: It would be so cool to have both Katie and ZhouShen collaborate on this song one day 😄 如果有一天凯蒂和周深能在这首歌上合作,那就太酷了
dancejiang888: First of all, that song was brilliant and shenshen…everybody loves him. Thank you for sharing. 首先,那首歌很精彩,…每个人都爱他。谢谢分享。
Angles chen: 讓katie和周深一起唱大魚。
Peng Wu: Thank you Jack and it is incredible to see katie in this channel to give such high comments to Zhou Shen , let more people know much more about Chinese singers as well. 谢谢杰克,很高兴看到凯蒂在这个频道对周申给予如此高的评价,让更多的人了解更多的中国歌手。
Ler Rong: Really really appreciate your effort finding the original singer and songwriter of this song. The lyrics is so beautiful that the writer should get more credits on, and of course Katie has also given a very professional comment to the performance. I’m glad you have just done that. Looking forward to your upcoming videos. 真的很感谢你找到这首歌的原唱作者。歌词太美了,作者应该得到更多的学分,当然凯蒂也给了表演非常专业的评价。我很高兴你这么做了。期待您即将推出的视频。
kaila ng: wow!!!so nice 哇!!!太好了
DORAEMO5: Great video! Thanks for introduction zhou shen’ moster’ song with Katie’s professional opinion. Thanks for loving zhou shen! 很棒的视频!感谢你介绍周慎的《Monsters》歌曲和凯蒂的专业意见。谢谢你爱周深!
呂昭美: 開心大家喜歡深深也期待更多的創作人幫深深創作更多的好歌中文也好英文也好。
znxbcv afds: 杰克好厲害啊能請到Katie Sky,她是天才,也很年輕美麗
Zhi Xian Huang: 好期待深深和Katie 的合作,同一首歌深深唱华语,Katie 唱英语,相信他们一定可以配合得很好,肯定很好听!Looking forward to their collaboration soon! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
pin ming hong: Would Katie write a song for Zhou Shen pretty please!!!! 凯蒂能为周深写首歌吗!!!!
Hendrick Tan: OMG! Katie Sky is on your channel, Jack – BRAVO! That’s very nice to have the original singer and composer talking about how Shen’s singing her song! And yes, Shen really nailed it and he did it so well and over the top! Especially when he sings his heart out at the end of the song, as if he’s doing that on behalf of many who are going through hard time these days at this time of pandemic crisis. Thanks for making this reaction for us, Jack. THREE THUMB UPS! 天啊!凯蒂·斯凯在你的频道,杰克-太棒了!很高兴有原创歌手和作曲家谈论沈的演唱方式!是的,沈真的做到了,他做得很好,而且做得很好!尤其是当他在歌曲结尾唱出自己的心声时,就好像他是在代表许多人在这个大流行危机时期正经历艰难时期的人那样做。谢谢你帮我们做这个反应,杰克。三个大拇指!
Mok Becky: 很感動的一首歌,謝謝兩位歌手的演繹,真的超喜歡👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Making Bridge: You are incredible, Jack, to have invited Katie, the original song writer and singer to react to ZHOU shen’s singing! Katie is such a talented young lady! Pretty, positive and fabulous! Hope Katie and Shen Shen will collaborate in the new future. Katie can sing in Chinese while Zhou Shen sings in English. They will make a beautiful incredible song together! See what he recently did with Tengger, a well-known Mongolian song writer and singer! . 杰克,你真是太不可思议了,居然邀请了原曲作者兼歌手凯蒂对周深的演唱做出反应!凯蒂真是个有才华的年轻女士!漂亮,积极,棒极了!希望凯蒂和深深能在新的未来合作。凯蒂会用中文唱歌,周深用英语唱歌。他们会一起唱一首美妙的歌!看看他最近和蒙古族著名歌曲作家、歌手腾格尔做了什么!
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