《一出好戏》(英文名The Island)2018年8月10日上映,黄渤导演。影片讲述了公司员工团建出游遭遇海难,荒岛求生的故事。




bc-liu : Not too striking to feel amazed but true enough to depict the social situations and reflect some critical social issues through modifications on true stories. The vitalist part for this movie is not humor as it is originally aimed at, however, it is its unique way to tell a common rule by place its setting in a brief history of human societal evolvement. Each stage there is one idiosyncratic leader performing as the pioneer of the group to lead the people to survive, entertain and be solitary. However, each leader seems innocent with their purpose first but eventually they exacerbate due to the system established and sustained to strengthen their position and privileges. This, the movie reminds of a power without monitoring and restricting can be a fierce lion. 不太引人注目,不会感到惊讶,但足以真实地描述社会情况,并通过对真实故事的修改反映一些关键的社会问题。这部电影最关键的部分不是幽默,而是它独特的方式告诉一个共同的规则,将其设置在一个简短的历史人类社会演变。每个阶段都有一个特殊的领导者作为团队的先驱,带领人们生存、娱乐和孤独。然而,每一位领导者首先看起来都是无辜的,但最终由于建立并维持了加强其地位和特权的制度,他们更加恶化。这样,电影就让人想起了一只没有监控和限制的力量,可以变成一只凶猛的狮子。
qyhw : Can not understand the incredible low rating. Maybe only the contemporary Chinese people could understand what Huang is telling in this film… All the respect to Bo Huang. 无法理解令人难以置信的低评级。也许只有当代中国人才能理解黄光裕在这部电影中所讲的……尊重黄渤。
kluseba : The Island is a mostly entertaining mixture of a survival drama with some social criticism, slapstick comedy and romantic elements. It tells the story of about thirty work colleagues who get into a heavy storm and strand on an isolated island. When nobody comes to their rescue, the group elects a military veteran as their leader who soon starts to abuse his power. The group splits into two camps when a clever businessman discovers a shipwreck with useful tools and convinces some of his colleagues to join his group. The story follows two unlucky brothers who soon realize that the military veteran is a sadist while the clever businessman is a liar and decide to live on their own. In order to feel superior just once in their lives, they successfully plan to play the two groups off against each other in order to become the new leaders. As time goes by, the two brothers need to decide whether they want to be leaders on an isolated island or ordinary people in a civilized world.The movie sta 《一出好戏》是一部充满娱乐性的生存剧和一些社会批评、滑稽喜剧和浪漫元素的混合体。它讲述了三十个同事在一个孤岛上遭遇暴风雨搁浅的故事。当没有人来营救他们时,该组织选举一名退伍军人作为他们的领导人,很快他就开始滥用职权。当一个聪明的商人用有用的工具发现一艘沉船并说服他的一些同事加入他的小组时,这个小组分成了两个阵营。故事讲述的是两个不幸的兄弟,他们很快意识到退伍军人是一个虐待狂,而聪明的商人是一个骗子,并决定自己生存。为了在生存中感到优越感,他们成功地计划让两个团体互相竞争,以便成为新的领导人。随着时间的推移,两兄弟需要决定是想成为孤岛上的领导人,还是想成为文明世界的普通人。
maclock : For the most part, The Island is both charming and inoffensive, but it isn’t particularly memorable. I won’t be recommending it to others. 《一出好戏》既迷人又无攻击性,但它并不特别令人难忘。我不会向别人推荐它。
moviexclusive : So goes a quote: “Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious”. How true that is of Huang Bo’s directorial debut ‘The Island’, a survivalist dramedy which adapts the familiar premise of ‘Lord of the Flies’ for a thoughtful study on social hierarchy. Huang himself co-writes the story of a company of white-collar workers who are shipwrecked on a deserted island while on a teambuilding adventure, after encountering a giant tsunami ostensibly unleashed by a meteorite passing dangerously close to Earth. It is no coincidence that these twenty or so members are colleagues; after all, there is invariably a chain of command established among them, which is all but upended when the company boss Zhang (Yu Hewei) proves utterly clueless about what they need to do in order to survive in the wilderness.Oh yes, it is deliberate irony that the least among the group should emerge as their leader, but hey at least their bus guide Dicky Wang (Wang Baoqiang) knows how to gather fruits, fresh water and f 有一句话是这样说的:“喜剧只是严肃的有趣方式。”黄渤导演的处女作《岛》就是如此。这部幸存主义戏剧改编了《蝇王》这个熟悉的背景,以深入研究社会等级制度。黄光裕本人也参与撰写了一群白领的故事,他们在一个荒岛上进行团队建设探险,遭遇了一场巨大的海啸,表面上是由一颗流星危险地接近地球而造成的。这二十几个成员是同事,这绝非巧合;毕竟,他们之间总是有一条指挥链,当公司老板张某证明他们完全不知道为了在荒野中生存需要做什么时,这个链条几乎被颠覆了。是的,有意思的讽刺是,这群人当中最少的人应该成为他们的领袖,但是,至少他们的公交车向导Dicky.(王宝强)知道如何收集水果、淡水和食物.
BatmanFunReviews2018 : A cataclysmic event causes a man, who dreams of winning the lottery, to become stranded on an island with his co-workers. Mmm a Comedy and Drama film about guy stranded on an Island with his fellow co-workers yeah sure comedy is what comes in mind when i think such a situation as serious as that right? right? Yeah actually no not at all really and ‘The Island’ is another huge mistake for this awful movie year packed with awful perfomances and characters who no one is ever going to feel something about once the actual movie reaches it’s climax. 一场灾难性的事件使一个梦想中彩票的人和他的同事们被困在一个岛上。嗯,一部关于一个被困在岛上的家伙和他的同事的喜剧和戏剧电影。当我认为这种情况如此严重时,肯定会想到喜剧,对吧?实际上一点也不,《一出好戏》是又一个巨大的错误,因为这个可怕的电影年代充满了可怕的表演和人物,一旦真正的电影达到高潮,没有人会感觉到什么。
jdesando : A stranger darkly-comic satire than The Island will not come your way this year and maybe ever. Like an amalgam of Lord of the Flies and The Tempest, it is uncompromising about humanity’s ability to screw each other over given a chance to attain power at others’ expense.As the formula would have it, a group of co-workers is stranded on an island after a cataclysmic storm seems to lay waste to the world. Faced with the daunting task of setting up a new world, they experience every form of survival strategy, mostly of a capitalist kind (lending, stealing, hoarding, bartering, etc). 一部比《一出好戏》更奇怪的黑色喜剧讽刺小说今年甚至可能永远都不会上映。就像《蝇王》和《暴风雨》的结合体,如果人类有机会以牺牲他人利益获得权力,那么彼此之间相互纠缠的能力是毫不妥协的。按照剧本,一群同事被困在一个岛上,因为一场灾难性的暴风雨似乎浪费了世界。面对建立新世界的艰巨任务,他们经历了各种形式的生存策略,大多数是资本主义的(借贷、偷窃、囤积、易货等)。大部分时间并不美好。
totalovrdose : The phrase, ‘just so-so’ is exactly the description my friend and I used to describe Bo Huang’s directorial debut when we saw his feature at Raffle Plaza in Ningbo, a couple of days ago.Ma Jin (Huang) is a poor businessman who spends his office hours pining over illustrious colleague Shan Shan (Shu Qi), and his spare time with his younger brother, Xing (Yinxing Zhang). These characters are mere stereotypes; described either as rich, or as losers, with little to no information concerning their work, lives or families. When offered to go on a team building exercise out on the ocean, led by their guide Dicky (Baoqiang Wang), Ma Jin jumps at the opportunity to spend time with the woman of his dreams. Not long into their voyage, he inexplicably wins fifty million RMB, though his hopes of claiming the winnings, or Shan Shan’s heart, is interrupted by a freak wave caused by a falling comet.几天前,当我和朋友在宁波莱佛士广场看了黄渤的导演处女作时,我们常常用“一般般”来形容他的处女作。他和他的弟弟邢(尹星张)闲暇。这些角色只是刻板印象;要么被描述为富有的,要么被描述为失败者,几乎没有关于他们的工作、生活或家庭的信息。在导游迪基(王宝强饰)的带领下,当马金被邀请到海边进行团队建设运动时,他欣然抓住这个机会与他梦寐以求的女人共度时光。在他们航行不久,他莫名其妙地赢了五千万元,虽然他要求获奖的希望,或者说珊珊的心,被一颗落下的彗星引起的怪浪打断了。
TheBigSick : This stunning dark comedy, The Island, succeeds both narratively and technically. The screenplay is smart, with twists and turns and some sharp satire towards humanity, capitalism and brainwash. The cinematography and editing are much mature. Wang Baoqiang continues his run as the best and the most popular comedian of his generation, and Lay marks an important step as he transforms from a singer-dancer to an actor. Huang Bo, on the other hand, simply shocks the world as a director, just like what he did twelve years ago in Crazy Stone as an actor. 这部令人叹为观止的黑色喜剧《一出好戏》在叙事和技术上都取得了成功。剧本很聪明,曲折,对人性、资本主义和洗脑的尖锐讽刺。电影摄影和编辑工作都比较成熟。王宝强继续他的竞选,作为最好的和最受欢迎的喜剧演员,他那一代,雷标志着一个重要的步骤,他从歌手,舞蹈演员到演员的转变。另一方面,作为导演,黄渤就像12年前在《疯狂的石头》中饰演的演员一样震惊世界。
user-181-619863 : As the first movie huang bo directed, its so much better than aiqinggongyu which came in the cinema same day. 正如黄渤导演的第一部电影,它比同日上映的《爱情公寓》好多了。
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