外国人评价电影《羞羞的铁拳 》

《羞羞的铁拳 》(Never Say Die),2017年上映,导演宋阳,主演艾伦、马丽、田雨、宋阳等。

外国人评价《羞羞的铁拳 》



Linus Fredriksson : A very superficial story about a man and a woman who switches body and who learns a lot by this experience. Very predictable but some scenes were incredibly funny. 这是一个很肤浅的故事,是关于一个男人和一个女人谁切换身体,谁通过这个学到了很多。非常可预测,但是有些场景非常滑稽。
Kevin Ma : For a variation on such a familiar formula, I had a really good time watching this 对于这样一个熟悉的公式的变体,我非常高兴地看到这个
Michael Harper : Freaky Friday meets Warrior. It’s a bit of a mess, but it is a ton of fun pretty much from start to finish. 怪诞的星期五遇见勇士。有点乱,但是从头到尾都很有趣。
Kane Le-Petit : The humour you often find with Chinese cinema is often so unapologetically silly but it rarely ever fails to make me laugh like an idiot. This film has moments worthy of hilarity but it slowly but surely runs out of comedic steam as it progresses along. 你在中国电影院经常看到的幽默常常是那么无可辩驳地愚蠢,但是它很少能让我像个傻瓜一样笑。这部电影有值得一笑的时刻,但是随着它的发展,它慢慢地,但肯定会耗尽喜剧的活力。
Luis Fernando Silva : A good comedy/fantasy chinese film. 一部好的喜剧/幻想片。
janbryan : The first part was a very solid comedy until it struggled to maintain its humour by the end of the movie. 第一部分是一个非常坚实的喜剧,直到它努力保持其幽默的电影结束。
alvinxi : Punya beberapa momen yg lucu, tapi banyak jg yg garing parah. Idenya generik tapi chemistry antar karakter cukup oke. Not bad, not very good too. xxxxxxoooooo(翻译君已阵亡…)。不好不坏。
schneeland : After arriving from Hongkong, this film was my first here in Chengdu. The guy who sold the tickets was very helpful, although he spoke no English. And I wanted to see a Chinese film with English subtitles, not sure, if the films here in mainland even are subbed at all. So, in the end, he sold me a ticket for SHY IRON FIST, which may be a more accurate translation of the Chinese title, the international one is NEVER SAY DIE从香港回来后,这是我第一次来成都。卖票的那个人很帮忙,虽然他不会说英语。我想看一部带有英文字幕的中国电影,但不确定,中国大陆的电影是否真的被转载了。所以,最后,他卖给我一张“SHY IRON FIST”的票,这可能是对中文标题更准确的翻译,英文名NEVER SAY DIE。
ablackie : Roping together much of the same cast as 2015’s runaway hit Goodbye Mr Loser, this is a slight step up in terms of quality, juggling an ever-so-slight tweak of that film’s formula with goofy 80s Hollywood comedies and the remake of What Women Want with Andy Lau. 与2015年的脱颖而出的《夏洛特烦恼》一样,这部电影的演员阵容在质量上略有提高,与80年代的好莱坞喜剧和刘德华重拍的《男人百分百》相比,这部电影的方式略有不同。
Liam Keogh : I’m curious to know more about the Mahua Funage comedy troupe and what it is about them that made this film such a gargantuan hit in China, I’ll have to see Goodbye Mr. Loser eventually now.  我很想知道更多关于开心麻花的情况,以及是什么让他们这部电影在中国如此轰动一时,我还要去看夏洛特烦恼。
Denice : If I had known it was a boxing/mixed martial art movie I would not have gone. I stayed for the rest of the plot which was very funny for the most part. Yes I love the Kung Fu training but I don’t like watching people beat up each other for cash. 如果我早知道这是一部拳击/混合武术电影,我就不会去了。剩下的情节大部分都很有趣,我就留下来了。是的,我喜欢功夫训练,但是我不喜欢看人们为了钱互相殴打。
TheBigSick : If a film has a mediocre first half and a fantastic second half, then with high probability, it is going to get mixed or generally favorable reviews. To the contrary, if a film has an acceptable first half and a boring second half, it is doomed to receive unfavorable reviews. Unfortunately, “Never Say Die” belongs to the latter scenario. First of all, the male lead, Allen, is a miscast. The role Edison is a professional boxer, and the actor for the role should be a muscle guy. Yet Allen has essentially no muscle, and barely looks like a professional boxer. Secondly and more importantly, the story is not cohesive. The first half of the movie tells a body swap comedy, but in the second half, a clichéd revenge story is told instead and does not seem to be much related to body swap. To make things worse, the plot is totally predictable. When you watch the first 1/3 of the movie, you can tell what is going to happen next. This is disastrous for filmmaking. Moreover, most of the jokes in the 如果一部电影的前半部平庸,后半部精彩,那么它很可能会受到好评。相反,如果一部电影的前半部可以接受,而后半部则无聊,那么它注定要受到不利的评价。不幸的是,“羞羞的铁拳”属于后一种情况。首先,男主角,艾伦,是个演员。爱迪生是个职业拳击手,这个角色的演员应该是个肌肉男。然而,艾伦基本上没有肌肉,看起来也不像职业拳击手。第二,也是更重要的,故事没有连贯性。电影的前半部分讲述的是身体交换喜剧,但在后半部分,讲述的是陈词滥调的复仇故事,似乎和身体交换没什么关系。更糟糕的是,情节完全可以预测。当你看电影的前1/3时,你可以知道接下来会发生什么。这对电影制作来说是灾难性的。
WandererinS : Tbh, I’m still wondering how it is topping the box office, does Chinese audience watch anything put infront of them. Another body swapping movies with lead cast way past their prime and comedy will give you brain stroke, clichéd romance, I don’t wanna spoil much, but literally this is one of the most trashiest film out there. 嗯,我还在想,这部电影怎么能登上票房榜首呢?中国观众有没有看过摆在他们面前的任何东西?另一部与主角换角色的电影已经过时了,喜剧会让你大吃一惊,老掉牙的浪漫,我不想破坏太多,但从字面上讲,这是最垃圾的电影之一。
moviexclusive : Allen Ai Lun and Ma Li may not be immediately recognisable names as say Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan or even Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, but the duo from the stage comedy troupe Mahua Fun Age handily beat their other celebrity counterparts to claim the box-office crown over China’s lucrative Golden Week holiday with their latest outrageous body-swap comedy. their earlier 2015 box-office hit ‘Goodbye Mr Loser’ had also employed a similar premise but within the same person’s younger and older selves – but spirited performances from both actors make this slapstick-driven laugh-fest mostly enjoyable from start to finish.像成龙、皮尔斯·布鲁斯南、甚至甄子丹和刘德华,艾伦和马丽可能不会马上被人认出来,但是开心麻花的这对搭档轻而易举地击败了其他名人同行,凭借他们最新的换身喜剧,在中国利润丰厚的黄金周假期中夺得了票房冠军。他们2015年早期的票房大片《夏洛特烦恼》也采用了类似的前提,但属于同一个人的年轻和年长的自我——但是两位演员的精神表演使这场由闹剧驱动的笑话盛宴从头到尾都很有趣。
whoji : This is a movie loaded with great amount nostalgia elements. I think most of those who love this movie are Chinese born in 1980s, grew up watching 90s Hong Kong style comedies (esp. Stephen Chow). It has so many references to that era. I fully enjoy this movie, and I totally can understand why westerners here rated it 3/10. (Same reason I gave Mounty Python 3/10. culture background.) 这是一部充满了怀旧元素的电影。我想大多数喜欢这部电影的人都是80年代出生的中国人,从小就看90年代香港风格的喜剧(尤其是周星驰)。它有很多关于那个时代的参考文献。我非常喜欢这部电影,我完全理解为什么这里的西方人把它评为3/10。(我给蒙蒂Python 3/10的理由也是如此。)文化背景)
q-40438 : It’s the best Chinese comedy movie of the year 2017 for sure. I always find IMDb full of arrogant irresponsible revies. A foreign language comedy movie really need a review on English base website review? I don’t think so. As a Chinese I find this movie enjoyable and worth my time. The production team made another delightful movie after a great success on Goodbye Mr. Loser (2015). This movie will definitely becoming a trend in 2017. 毫无疑问,这是2017年中国最好的喜剧电影。我总是觉得IMDb充满了傲慢而不负责任的谩骂。外语喜剧电影真的需要英文网站评论吗?我不这么认为。作为一名中国人,我觉得这部电影很好玩,值得我花时间。


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