CGTN: 贸易战和疫情引发了人们对来自中国的离岸潮的猜测。但是,Trueanalog Strictly OEM,一家位于广州的高端音频扬声器工厂,仍在中国运营。工厂的美国老板菲利普说,他没有离开的计划。







外国人评论:(采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO5mWYqmsT4)

catonpillow: Trump will be voted out of the White House in less than a month from now. And the new administration will normalize the trade relations with China. There’s 0 incentives for any of the American manufacturers to move out of China. That’s precisely why the overwhelming majority of them are still there. 特朗普将在不到一个月后被投票淘汰出白宫。新政府将使与中国的贸易关系正常化。任何一家美国制造商都没有离开中国的动机。这正是为什么他们中的绝大多数仍然在那里。
Elv Ent: You see how Utube are biased and getting involved to demonize China.. If you search “Moving out of China” in Utube.. The first one you will see will be a anti China propaganda video. The title is “Why Companies Are Moving out From China”. Even the title I search are still a better match to this video.. Utube purposely to put the anti China propaganda on top of the search result.. What a joke 您会看到油管如何偏见并参与妖魔化中国。如果您在油管上搜索“ Moving out of China”。您将看到的第一个视频是反中国宣传视频。标题是“为什么公司要从中国迁出”。 即使是我搜索的标题,也仍然更适合该视频。油管故意将反中国宣传放在搜索结果的顶部。
Ronnie Chew: Chinese are hard working efficient people 😊👍🙏 勤劳的中国人是有效率的
Wang Pha Tan: 😁😆😆😅🤣 nobody want to move their business to indonesia, lazy worker, the king of demanding, crazy beurocrat and on and on 😆😆😅🤣没有人愿意将业务转移到印度尼西亚,懒惰的工人,苛刻的国王,疯狂的富豪主义者等等。
zanffe love: Generally, Chinese are hardworking and smart. 一般来说,中国人勤劳聪明。
Goh Simon: You make a right decision. 你做了一个正确的决定。
Ed Rowlands: With a productive workforce business will stay in China as long as they make profits. 有了一支富有生产力的劳动力队伍,只要能盈利,企业就会留在中国。
Daniel Liu: Problem is not the hardworking Chinese people, it’s the CCP’s bad leadership. 问题不在于勤劳的中国人民,而是**领导不善。
Vincet Peter Williams: China what today is because of USA’s negligence and the worst part is, it’s not the only country in race. Why Americans don’t ally with Pakistan to keep India’s rapid rise on check? Imagine the terror India will create as soon as they surpass USA economically and Russia militarily. USA needs to protect weaker nations especially their allies from bigger bullies of future otherwise Americans will lose the trust as world police. India’s with their suppression of women can’t be let to take over USA economy in coming future. 中国今天是由于美国的疏忽造成的,最糟糕的是,它不是唯一一个参与竞争的国家。 为什么美国人不与巴基斯坦结盟以保持印度的快速崛起?想象一下,印度一旦在经济上超过美国,在军事上超过俄罗斯,就会制造恐怖。 美国需要保护较弱的国家,尤其是其盟友免受未来更大的欺凌,否则美国人将失去作为世界警察的信任。 压迫妇女的印度不能在未来的将来接管美国经济。
James Chim: It’s in the DNA of the Chinese people – working hard – enough said end of. We in the West cannot compete, if we try to bring back factories that would be a joke and disaster for a company. In the UK people dont want to work because of benefits and if not paid £30k+ they dont want to get out of bed. 这是中国人民的DNA-努力工作-足够了。 如果我们试图带回工厂,这对于公司来说是一个笑话和灾难,那么我们西方国家就无法竞争。 在英国,人们不想因为福利而工作,如果不支付超过3万英镑,他们也不想起床。
edhie pitono: Look how happy richard is to exploit workers and betray his own country. 看看理查德是多么高兴剥削工人和背叛自己的国家。
Ann P.: China be careful, the US has been planning to have a fight. Stir other countries like Phillipines, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan to have friction with China. Who is beneficial from the war- US & UK as these two countries are the major export of arms & weaponry in the world. 中国小心点,美国一直在计划打一架。挑起菲律宾、日本、越南、台湾等国与中国发生摩擦。谁从战争中受益-美英两国是世界上主要的武器和武器出口国。
Thankyou Comeagain: And India is pulling short term political maneuvers (i.e., QUAD, banning of Chinese products, using provocative anti-China media headlines) to appease America and usurp China as the manufacturing hub. I don’t know to what extent it’s opportunistic moves will be successful… But China needs to keep on atomization with A.I. and robots to maintain a far superior scale of production and retain manufacturing businesses; while at the same time keep moving up the manufacturing value chain. 印度正在采取短期的政治手段(例如,禁止中国产品,使用挑衅性的反华媒体头条),安抚美国,篡夺中国作为制造业中心。我不知道它的机会主义行动会在多大程度上成功。。。但中国需要继续与人工智能和机器人实现原子化,以保持远超优势的生产规模,保留制造业企业;同时,还要不断向制造业价值链上游迈进。
JJ Hen: It is not that simple to move business out of China number 1 that’s no other country can provide the logistic and resources that China could, number 2 the stability of the government can provide without having to dealing with a new administration China can guarantee stability in policymaking. 把企业迁出中国并不是那么简单。第一,没有其他国家能够提供中国所能提供的后勤和资源;第二,政府的稳定不必与新政府打交道,中国可以保证政策制定的稳定性。
K C Koay: ‘Moving business out of China’ is a naive ambition of a pathological lying President, Trump; and his equally compulsive Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo of “we lied, we cheated, and we stole” infamy. It is a fact that United State is worried and felt threatened by China’s rejuvenation. Hence, across-the-board rivalry with China is becoming the core trust of Trump’s economic, foreign and security policies. The inconvenient truth however, is that — it is just an exercise in futility. Period! Today, the United States can no longer compete with China, much less to stop China’s rise. Historically, China is more than ten times older. It has a similar-size frontier. It has four times more people. It has ten times more smart people. Its economy measured in purchasing power parity is one-third bigger, and growing at three times faster than the United States. China has professional, non-factional government. “People say, ‘Oh, you don’t like China.’ No, I love them,” Trump said during a speech in 2015. “But their leaders are much smarter than our leaders, and we can’t sustain ourself with that. There’s too much — it’s like — it’s like, take the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and have them play your high school football team. That’s the difference between China’s leaders and our (American) leaders.” Trump was right — at least, at that point. “将企业迁出中国”是一个病态的撒谎总统特朗普天真的雄心壮志;而他的国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥(Mike Pompeo)也同样强迫自己说“我们撒谎,我们作弊,我们偷窃”的恶名。
Ian H.: My Sharp stereo is made in Malaysia, Samsung TV Mexico, toiletries Canada, tons of shirts Vietnam, Levis Lesotho, fridge Mexico among other things. My Apple products are merely assembled in Red China with mostly foreign components. Tip of the iceberg. Who needs China? 😄 我的夏普音响是在马来西亚,三星电视墨西哥,洗漱用品加拿大,吨衬衫越南,利维斯莱索托,冰箱墨西哥等等。我的苹果产品只是在中国组装的,大部分是外国部件。冰山一角。谁需要中国?
Kirkent Achas: Well China has everything, low cost of labor and its force size, as well as attractive foreign investment. Philippines may have a high quality of workforce but the environment is not attractive to investment. Maybe if the FDI restriction will be amended as well as other economic policies, FDI will drastically increase and will make the GDP double for a shorter period of time. 中国什么都有,劳动力成本低,劳动力规模大,还有吸引外资。菲律宾可能拥有高质量的劳动力,但环境对投资没有吸引力。如果FDI限制和其他经济政策得到修正,FDI将大幅增加,并在较短的时间内使GDP翻番。
picandvideo: The rest is history for China is history maker. 剩下的就是历史,而中国就是历史的创造者。
Noneshere: Regulations is the #1 reason to leave the US. 法规是离开美国的最大理由。
Roey Earl: Yep China is still number one manufacturer. India still needs time to become the successor. The West is really trying hard to resist the Chinese uprising. Manufacturing from any other countries is still not the best budget strategy. 是的,中国仍然是第一大制造商。印度仍然需要时间来成为接班人。西方确实在努力抵抗中国的起义。其他国家的制造业仍然不是最好的预算策略。
Currently procrastinating: Quality of life in China seems higher too, good infrastructure, low crime rate. 中国的生活质量似乎也更高,基础设施好,犯罪率低。
A A: “It’s in their DNA to work hard and do a good job”, this said it all! “努力工作,做好工作是他们的基因”,这就是全部的原因!
CH JM: This kinda news aka truth won’t be accepted by haters as it hurts. 这种新闻,也就是真相,不会被仇恨者接受,因为它很伤人。
C c Gao ༨ & Lee Zimo: ❤! Love China forever! Long live China! Long live the Chinese people! Long live world peace! 🙌🏻❤🇨🇳🌹🕊️ 永远爱中国!中国万岁!中国人民万岁!世界和平万岁!
Nettowākugēmā: Then stop buying Chinese goods and everything else from China. 那就别再从中国买中国货了。
Benprasad Gaire: imposible to avoid china. 不可能避开中国。
Rudy: He said the manufacturing foundations is there. I kind of agree with him because China takes 40 years to lay the foundations. 他说制造业的基础在那里。我同意他的观点,因为中国需要40年的时间打下基础。
years ago: The global market has taken an absolute pounding due to COVID19 and we haven’t even seen the worst of its economic impacts yet. No company in their right minds would be looking to offshore Chinese manufacturing (and potentially parts too) in such uncertain and perhaps even treacherous times. 由于COVID19,全球市场受到了巨大冲击,我们甚至还没有看到其最严重的经济影响。 在这种不确定甚至可能是危险的时期,没有任何一家拥有正确想法的公司会寻求将中国的制造业务(以及潜在的零部件业务)离开。
nuvamusic: Well, in the long run, it’ll be good to share some manufacturing to neighboring countries in need, I guess. After appropriate training, of course. 好吧,从长远来看,把一些制造业分享给需要帮助的邻国是件好事。当然,经过适当的训练。
Len: Minimum wage in USA is 7 dollar in hour. How skilled worker do think you need to weld a cord to point. That is not skilled workforce. Then you have transport cost added 1000 dollar dollar for one container on a dirty freighter that have pollution like 10 000 000 cars. 美国的最低工资为每小时7美元。熟练的工人如何认为您需要将电线焊接成一点。 那不是熟练的劳动力。然后,您需要为一个污染严重的货轮上的一个集装箱增加1000美元的运输成本,这将污染1000万辆汽车。
Bravo Seven: Sure you won’t move because you love free labor! You can stay there all you want, your product can not enter America 你肯定不会因为喜欢免费劳动力而搬家!你可以留在那里,你的产品不能进入美国
Reena Tiwari: Industries can come to India … Which can also offer equally skilled and talented workforce. 工业可以来到印度。。。它还可以提供同样技能和人才的劳动力。
Europe is for Immigrant: Lol i’m from Indonesia and we are at protest right now, while In China the workers won’t protest, they just work and don’t compare the productivity, people here are kinda lazy but they are good at smashing and riots 😀 哈哈,我是印尼人,我们现在在抗议,而在中国,工人们不会抗议,他们只是工作。不比较生产力,这里的人有点懒,但他们擅长打砸抢和暴乱
keng ming roland choo: The general scene of China produce the most cost effective technical products will not change since China realize the importance of science n moved out of poverty. This fact will last a millennium. 自从中国认识到科学脱贫的重要性后,中国生产最具成本效益的技术产品的总体格局不会改变。这一事实将持续一千年。
Black Bell: The major problem in indonesia labor is security. Many korean n others company gave up doing manufacture in indonesia, the labor is the king, they demand this and that, otherwise they will punch the ceo or burn the warehouse, while the productivity is very low, too much rest time as well. 印尼劳工的主要问题是安全问题。很多韩国公司放弃在印尼制造,劳动力是王道,他们要求这个那个,否则他们会打ceo或者烧仓库,而生产力很低,休息时间也太多。
YouMustBeFibbing: Long live the undefeatable ‘Made In China’ label! 万众瞩目的“中国制造”品牌万岁!
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