The Three-Body Problem is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience this multiple award winning phenomenon from China’s most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin.   《三体》是英语读者第一次有机会体验中国最受欢迎的科幻作家刘慈新这种多次获奖的现象。



Mona : Badly Written and Ill Conceived Science Fiction with a Few Interesting IdeasI’m not sure I read the same book as everyone else. This got lots of four and five star reviews here on Goodreads. Plus, it’s been nominated for both Hugo and Nebula awards.As often happens, I’m not with the majority opinion here. I give it two stars.I’m not sure if the problem was the translation, or the original text, or both. (Unfortunately I only have the audio for this, so I can’t quote the text here).But I found th 写得不好,构思不详,想法有趣的科幻小说。我不确定我读的书和其他人一样。这里有很多四和五星级的评论。此外,它还被提名为雨果奖和星云奖。我不赞成这里的大多数意见。我给它两颗星。我不确定问题是翻译,还是原文,还是两者兼而有之。
Rick Riordan : Adult sci-fi. By Chinese author Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem takes a classic scenario — contact with alien life — and cranks up the sinister factor to maximum. The story begins during the Cultural Revolution when young Ye Wenjie watches her scientist father beaten to death by fervent revolutionaries. She is sent off for hard labor at a re-education camp, but by a strange twist of fate gets a chance to work at a top secret government project seeking out extraterrestrial life. Fast forward  成人科幻小说。中国作家刘慈欣的《三体》以一个经典的场景——与外星生命的接触——将险恶因素放大到最大。故事开始于文革时期,年轻的叶文杰看着她的科学家父亲被狂热的革命者打死。她被送往一个再教育营地进行艰苦的劳动,但是命运的奇怪变化让她有机会在一项寻求外星生命的最高机密的项目中工作。
Bradley : From the opening, I was struck by how much history I didn’t know about China’s Cultural Revolution. It might be obvious to anyone growing up in those parts, of course, but I was almost lost in that story long before I saw that there was anything sci-fi about the novel. This is a good thing. It speaks of good writing.And then things changed. I became a frog in a pot. Small hints accumulate, surrounded by mathematical problems both fundamental and curious. And then the MC’s sanity is questioned. I 刚开始,我对中国文化大革命历史不了解。当然,对任何在那些地方长大的人来说这都是显而易见的,但在我看到小说里有任何科幻故事之前,我几乎就迷失在那个故事里了。这是件好事。它说的是好的写作,然后事情发生了变化。我变成了一只锅里的青蛙。小提示累积,被数学问题包围着,既基本又好奇。
Brendon Schrodinger : Originally published in it’s native Chinese in 2008, The Three-Body Problem has now been translated for English speakers to read and enjoy. It is the first volume in a hugely successful SF trilogy that has proved to be a popular seller in China.No matter what our opinions are on the government of China, we all know that they have a history of controlling the media. It was not so long ago that I was reading articles on how even SF stories may not be published if they contain certain themes or SF 《三体》原本于2008年以中文出版,现已翻译成英文供英语人士阅读和欣赏。这是一部非常成功的SF三部曲的第一卷,在中国很畅销。不管我们对中国的看法如何,我们都知道他们有控制媒体的历史。不久前,我读了一些文章,是关于如果SF故事包含某些主题或SF,那么即使SF故事也不能出版。
Adina : The Three-Body Problem was the best SF novel that I’ve read so far. Admittedly, I did not read a lot of them. However, I can recognize when I encounter a special gem and this one definitely is unique in its world building. Moreover, it is very well written (and translated) which, unfortunately, it is not always the case with SF novels, especially with the classics. The first chapters take place in the Chinese Cultural revolution and I thought to be a harrowing experience which perfectly introduc 三体问题是迄今为止我读过的最好的SF小说。诚然,我没有读过很多。然而,当我遇到一颗特别的宝石时,我就能认出来了,这颗宝石在世界建筑中绝对是独一无二的。而且,它写得很好(译得很好),很不幸,SF小说,尤其是经典小说并不总是这样。前几章发生在中国文化大革命时期,我认为这是一次痛苦的经历
Manju : “To effectively contain a civilization’s development and disarm it across such a long span of time, there is only one way; kill its science.” The only thing that I knew about this book prior to reading it was that it revolves around alien invasion. So I prepared myself for spaceship, some cool weapons and amazing battle scenes. All in all I was looking for Guardians of the Galaxy in book form. But how wrong I was! I am so glad that all my hopes were dashed within first few chapters.What started “为了有效地遏制一个文明的发展,并在如此长的时间内解除它的武装,只有一种方法:消灭它的科学。”在读这本书之前,我对这本书的唯一了解是它围绕着外星人的入侵。所以我准备了宇宙飞船,一些很酷的武器和惊人的战斗场景。总而言之,我一直在寻找银河系的守护者。但我错了!我很高兴我的希望在最初的几章里就破灭了。
Riku Sayuj : The most intricate alien-invasion story I have read. It is erudite, it is playful and it makes you struggle with the big questions throughout. It has everything going for it, except, maybe, romance. Read it. 我读过的最复杂的外星人入侵故事。它是博学的,它是好玩的,它使你在整个大问题中挣扎。除了浪漫,一切都有可能。读它。
Rachel the Book Harl : 2.5 starsThere has been an enormous amount of buzz and accolades surrounding Cixin Liu’s The Three-Body Problem. It has been nominated for numerous awards, including a 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel. Does it deserve all the hype? In some respects I can see why it has garnered so much praise. The science is fun, there are some interesting philosophical concepts, and the world-building is also interesting. However, that for me is where the praise ends. Where the book fails is in the basic fundamen  围绕着刘慈欣的《三体》引起了巨大的轰动和赞誉。它被提名无数奖项,其中包括2015部雨果最佳小说奖。值得炒作吗?在某些方面,我可以理解为什么它得到了如此多的赞扬。科学很有趣,有一些有趣的哲学概念,世界建设也很有趣。然而,这对我来说是赞美结束的地方。
Jody : How would humanity react if we found out we are not alone in the universe? Not only that, if we knew that alien civilization was on its way to earth to invade our planet? How would we react? How would YOU react? The Three-Body Problem is a unique sci-fi novel set in China. It takes place over several time periods from the 1960’s to present time. The story begins during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the late 1960’s, and focuses on how the intellectual society was hard-pressed and assaulted. 如果我们发现我们不是宇宙中的一员,人类会做出什么反应?不仅如此,如果我们知道外星人文明正进入地球入侵地球的方式呢?我们会如何反应?你会怎么反应?三体是一部独特的科幻小说,在中国。它发生在从1960到现在的几个时间段。故事开始于60年代末中国文化大革命时期,主要讲述知识分子社会是如何受到压迫和攻击的。
TS Chan : 4.5 stars.This critically well-acclaimed science fiction novel certainly deserves its laurels. “Wildly imaginative, really interesting..” so proclaimed Barack Obama about this trilogy. From what I can gather after reading this book, I already wholeheartedly agree. The Three-Body Problem is a truly unique and original science fiction within the realm of plausibility. Melding real-world science, history, philosophy, religion and fantastical ideas, this novel delivers a beautifully-written (and tra 这部备受好评的科幻小说当然值得称颂。非常富有想象力,非常有趣……“所以贝拉克·奥巴马宣布了这个三部曲。从我读到这本书后可以想到的,我已经全心全意地同意了。《三体》是一部在似是而非的领域内真正独特、独创的科幻小说。融合了现实世界的科学、历史、哲学、宗教和奇思妙想,这本小说提供了一篇写得很漂亮的作品。
Stuart : The Three-Body Problem: Particle physics, the rise and fall of civilizations, and alien contactOriginally published atFantasy LiteratureThe Three-Body Problem was first published in China back in 2008 and translated into English in 2014. It got a lot of attention and was put on the Hugo Award ballot this year when another author pulled out. Cixin Liu’s book has a lot going on and requires your full attention. So after listening to the audiobook during a trip to the East Coast I realized I couldn 《三体》最初发表在《幻想文学》杂志上。它引起了很多人的注意,并被列入今年雨果奖的投票名单,这时另一位作家退出了。瓷欣柳的书有很多事情需要你去全神贯注。所以在去东海岸的路上听了一本有声读物之后,我意识到我不能。
Michael : Brilliant and thrilling, fun and mind expanding. If this is what Chinese science fiction writers bring to the table, feed my head! This won the Hugo Award for 2015, a fitting outcome to the controversies surrounding the controversies around their selection process. This tale deals with the classic issue of first contact with an alien civilization. The plot evolves as a mystery that engages a nanotech scientist Wang. He starts to encounter strange phenomena such as a progression of numbers appear 灿烂和兴奋,乐趣和心灵扩展。如果这是中国科幻作家带给我的东西,这赢得了2015年的雨果奖,一个合适的结果,围绕着他们的选择过程的争议。这个故事涉及到第一次接触外星人文明的经典问题。情节演变成一个神秘的纳米科技科学家王。他开始遇到一些奇怪的现象,如数字出现。
Elizabeth : I requested and received a copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu is the first book from the biggest selling science fiction series in China, and thanks to this translation we finally get to see why.This is a science fiction book that revolves around a concept in physics where three masses in space will never fall into a stable or predictable orbit around each other. It’s a problem that mathematicians and phys 我通过NetGalley向出版商索要并免费收到了这本书的副本,以换取诚实的评论。刘慈欣的《三体》是中国第一部畅销科幻系列丛书,由于这个翻译,我们终于明白了为什么。这是一本科幻小说,它围绕着物理学中的三个质量永远不会落入稳定状态的概念展开。可预测的轨道围绕着彼此。这是数学家和哲学的问题。
Warwick : In an afterword, Liu expresses his opinion that science fiction should not be used to make social commentary but should instead restrict itself to playing with ideas of science and technology. I was surprised to see that because Three Body had struck me (tentatively, since I know little about China) as an especially Chinese novel, with much to say about how societies should be organised. The portrait of an ‘authoritarian’ alien civilisation, where individuality is repressed in favour of homogeno 最后,刘翔表示,科幻小说不应该被用来进行社会评论,而应该限制自己发挥科学技术的思想。我很惊讶地看到,因为《三个身体》作为一部特别的中国小说,深深地打动了我(暂时地,因为我对中国知之甚少),其中有很多关于如何组织社会的内容。一幅“独裁”的外来文明的画像,其中个性被压抑,而倾向于同质化
Kaora : Yes, the entire history of humankind has been fortunate. From the Stone Age till now, no real crisis has occurred. We’ve been very lucky. But if it’s all luck, then it has to end one day. Let me tell you: It’s ended. Prepare for the worst.This book first appeared on my radar after receiving good reviews from quite a few people I know. It is originally written in Chinese, but is being translated to English. While a few of the metaphors were slightly awkward, I felt the translation held up pretty 是的,人类的整个历史都是幸运的。从石器时代到现在,没有真正的危机发生。我们一直很幸运。但如果运气好的话,总有一天会结束的。让我告诉你:一切都结束了。做好最坏的打算。在收到我认识的很多人的好评语后,这本书第一次出现在我的雷达上。它最初是用中文写的,但正在翻译成英文。虽然有些隐喻有点尴尬,但我觉得翻译保持得很漂亮。
Scott : Three Body Problem made me curious about mathematics. This is no small feat.I see math like Michael Bay sees movies that aren’t based on a series of explosions – as something to be minimised in one’s life and if possible, completely avoided.The titular three body problem in Cixin’s book is a mind-melter of a physics conundrum where the movements of three gravitationally linked bodies are near impossible to predict. Cixin spins this problem into a fascinating scenario with an interstellar scope a 三个身体问题让我对数学感到好奇。这可不是一件小事。我看到像迈克尔·贝这样的数学家所看的电影不是基于一系列的爆炸,而是生命中最小化,如果可能的话,完全避免的东西。慈新书里的三体问题是一个物理学难题的熔炉。F三重力连锁体几乎不可能预测。Cixin把这个问题转化成一个星际范围的迷人场景。


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