《水浒传》(The Water Margin),作者施耐庵(元末明初),英雄传奇的章回体长篇小说,中国四大名著之一。




Jackson Cyril : Written sometime in the 14th century, this volume contains the first-half of the earliest of the “Four Great Classical novels” of China. It depicts a world in which, because of a very corrupt government, righteous ‘heroes’ are branded as criminals, punished and who then become outlaws. Featuring stunningly well-rounded characters (both male and female!) robust action scenes, brilliant dialogue, and a great deal of humor, this novel will significantly expand our perceptions of what a “novel” is. 本书写于14世纪的某个时候,包含中国最早的“四大古典小说”的前半部分。它描绘了一个世界,在这个世界中,由于一个非常腐败的政府,正义的“英雄”被烙上罪犯的烙印,受到惩罚,然后变成了罪犯。以惊人的圆润人物(男性和女性)!强劲的动作场面,精彩的对话,以及大量的幽默,这本小说将极大地扩展我们对“小说”的理解。
Cécile C. : This book is universally recognised as a masterpiece, so nobody needs me to point out that it’s good… Just a couple of notes for the daunted reader:I was striken by how modern the narration felt. There are dozens of characters, yet they all have developed personalities, salient traits, come from different backgrounds, bring their specific skills and quirks to the group… Also, unlike the picaresque novels that were popular in Europe until well into the 18th century, this one grows in one (lon 这本书被公认为杰作,所以没有人需要我指出它是好的……只有两张纸条给那个令人畏惧的读者:我被现代叙事的感觉所震撼。有数十个角色,但他们都有发展个性,突出的特点,来自不同的背景,把他们的特定技能和怪癖…而且,与直到18世纪才在欧洲流行的流浪汉小说不同,这一部成长为一部。
Cock Johnson : Sprawling adventure novel with many characters whose stories intertwine throughout the novel. Very impressive work considering it was written in the 13th century. Tends to get a bit repetitive. I am getting a bit bored with the formula- hero captured or sent to jail, helped by people who recognize him/ respect his reputation, kills the people who unfairly imprisoned him 杂乱的冒险小说,小说中的故事交织在一起。非常令人印象深刻的工作被认为是在十三世纪写的。往往会有点重复。我对这个公式有点厌烦了——被捕或送进监狱的英雄,在承认他/尊重他的名誉的人的帮助下,杀害不公平地囚禁他的人
James : I read this a long time ago, it’s a short version. I’m planning on reading the Shapiro version Volume 1 to start to see if a more modern translation helps. 我很久以前读过,这是一个简短的版本。我打算阅读Shapiro版本的第1卷,看看更现代的翻译是否有帮助。
Bob : One of the four great Chinese classics: Dream of the Red Chamber, Journey to the West, The Water Margin, and The Three Kingdoms. I highly recommend them – not just because it’s fun to learn about other places, but because these stories are immersive cultural tools that are fun to read, easy to become absorbed in, and helpful in understanding Chinese culture. 中国四大经典之一:《红楼梦》、《西游记》、《水浒传》和《三国演义》。我极力推荐它们——不仅因为了解其他地方很有趣,而且因为这些故事是沉浸式的文化工具,读起来很有趣,容易被吸引,有助于理解中国文化。
Austin M. Kramerboil : The Water Margin (Shui Hu Zhuan) is one of the most surprising classics of Chinese literature. Many books in the west have portrayed Asia, and China in particular, as being a place where people blend in, go along to get along, or submit to authority out of Confucian filial piety. This is not one of those books. This book is a riot of rebellious violence, subversive vulgarity, bouyant indulgence and righteous indignation. It is a celebration of a society of individuals and their complex relationships.The basic story follows a series of characters who for various reasons fall from grace with the powers that be, sometimes through no fault of their own, but often through their own rapacious appetites. They each find themselves pushed by a mix of circumstance and necessity, to the marshes of Mount Liang, where they unite to form a notorious gang of bandits, waging outright war against a corrupt bureaucracy.As this novel defies stereotypes of traditional Chinese culture, it also presents on 《水浒传》是中国文学史上最令人惊叹的经典之一。西方的许多书都把亚洲,尤其是中国,描绘成一个人们融入其中,为了和睦相处,或者出于儒家孝道而服从权威的地方。这不是那些书中的一本。这本书充满了反叛的暴力,颠覆性的粗俗,慷慨的放纵和正义的愤怒。这是一个由个人和他们复杂的关系组成的社会的庆典。基本故事讲述了一系列人物,他们由于各种原因与权力格格不入,有时不是由于他们自己的过错,而是由于他们自己贪婪的胃口。他们各自发现自己被各种情况和需要所迫,来到梁山的沼泽地,在那里,他们联合起来组成一群臭名昭著的强盗,对腐败的官僚机构进行彻底的战争。
JP_Finn : Of course the underlying literary work is great; but did anyone else notice quite a few typographical and grammatical errors while reading this English language edition? Seems as though it suffers from the general lack of copy editing to which many digital age publications (of both new works and old) are prone.I am not a Chinese literary scholar, so I can’t speak to the quality of the translation or the editing of the abridged version. Nonetheless, the fairly frequent typos made it hard for me to trust the quality of this edition overall. I recently ordered the first volume of the Shapiro translation published by Foreign Languages Press in order to compare. 当然,基础文学作品很棒,但是其他人在阅读本英文版时有没有注意到不少印刷和语法错误?看起来它好像普遍缺乏复印编辑,许多数字时代的出版物(包括新书和旧书)都倾向于复印编辑。我不是一个中国文学家,所以我无法谈到翻译的质量或删节版的编辑。尽管如此,相当频繁的打字错误使我很难完全相信这个版本的质量。为了比较,我最近订购了外语出版社出版的第一卷夏皮罗译本。
Christian Charles Dy : This is a great translation of 水浒传 that was instantly engaging. Going through the book, it’s easy to get the tons of different characters mixed up, but that’s not a fault of this version whatsoever. I have a hard time reading books to the end, but this one engulfed me and kept me turning the pages. 这是一个很有意思的翻译。看完这本书,很容易混淆成吨的不同字符,但这不是这个版本的错。我很难读完书,但这本书把我吞没了,让我翻阅书页。
Garrett Girard : Such a great read, I’m looking forward to reading the extended version! 这样一个伟大的书,我期待着阅读扩展版!
Kexy Twosign : I have not finished it yet – 800 pages!I am not a scholar, and I do not know anything about this translation, but it is highly readable. It is not an impenetrable jungle of Chinese names like ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ which I am finding difficult to read.’Water Margin’ is for me a ‘kick back and enjoy’ sort of book. It will join ‘Story of the Stone’ on my ‘read again’ shelf. 我还没有完成它——800页!我不是学者,我对这个翻译一无所知,但它很有可读性。我觉得《三国演义》这样的中文名不是一个难以逾越的丛林。《水浒传》对我来说是一本“轻松愉快”的书。它会在我的“再次阅读”书架上加入《石头记》。
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