Question: Why does China have no friends? I feel like the Chinese on Quora are arguing, condemning, and offending every other country in the world. Why can’t China have good relationships with other countries like the US, UK, Japan, or Australia?
Quora 网友提问:为什么中国没有朋友?我觉得Quora上的中国人正在争论、谴责和冒犯世界上所有其他国家。为什么中国不能与美国,英国,日本或澳大利亚等其他国家建立良好的关系?



Norm Matloff :I believe that many of those who resent China and the Chinese people view them as “overly aggressive” and not properly appreciative of the cultures of the people they are dealing with. For instance, I think that the Chinese government is genuinely perplexed by the concerns in the West over China’s human rights record. The Chinese government would view the situation as, “We lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty; THAT’S human rights.” 我相信很多对中国和中国人民感到愤慨的人都认为他们“过于咄咄逼人”,然后并没有充分理解他们需要处理的事情。例如,我认为中国政府真的对西方对中国人权记录的担忧感到困惑。中国政府将这种情况视为“我们将数亿人摆脱贫困;这是人权。
Kien Choong :I would say that China is friendly to all nations, but (by deliberate policy) China does not have alliances the way that Western nations do. 我想说中国对所有国家都是友好的,但(通过刻意的政策)中国没有像西方国家那样建立联盟。
Iain Howe : I don’t think that China is returning to its historical blindness of Qin times, where it believes it is everything under heaven and doesn’t need relationships with other nations. 我不认为中国正在回归秦朝的历史,相信天下都是它的,不需要与其他国家建立关系。
Rod L’Huillier : I’m sure with some research you will find an endless list of cooperation between China and other countries, and the global community. It just cant be any other way. There is no doubt that China (or the CCP at least) has some grand visions that will affect world order. It also has a unique way of diplomacy, carrot and stick style if you like. And a disdain for resolving issues through mechanisms of equality, rather, it turns back to its power and the carrot and the stick. 我相信通过一些研究,你会发现中国与其他国家之间的合作数不胜数。毫无疑问,中国(或至少是中共)有一些影响世界秩序的宏伟愿景。如果你愿意,它还有一种独特的外交方式,胡萝卜加大棒的风格。并且不屑于通过平等机制解决问题,而是回到它的力量和胡萝卜加大棒。
Fred Lon : Compare with ally or friends, I think business partner is more appropriate for us. That means, if you want do business with us, no matter your are a capitalist country or an authoritarian country, a Christian country or Islamic country, we’d like to cooperate with you and don’t care about anything else. China’s principle is mutual non-interference in other countries’ inner politics.
Sam Teppe : Because China does NOT NEED friends. It’s a tradition. I just don’t remember in China’s 5000 years of history, there had ever been a record that China had any friends of other countries. US, UK, Japan and Australia are barbarians covered with civilized clothes. They just pretend and self-claimed to be civilized, but watch what they have done to the humanity, they are definitely barbarians. Besides, when you have 1.4 billion brother and sisters, who needs friends? 因为中国不需要朋友。这是一种传统。我不记得在中国5000年的历史中,曾经有过与其他国家成为朋友的记录。美国,英国,日本和澳大利亚都是野蛮人,身上穿着文明衣服。他们只是自称文明,但要注意他们对人类的所作所为,他们肯定是野蛮人。此外,当你有14亿哥哥姐妹,还要什么朋友?
Iain Russell : China is on pretty good terms with Pakistan. And they have sufficiently robust relations with others, like NK and Russia. 中国与巴基斯坦的关系非常好。他们与NK和俄罗斯等其他国家有着足够稳固的关系。
Tracy Foran : I think the answer is much more simple. Chinese culture is invasive by nature. Like any invasive species, there is nothing inherently wrong with it, yet when taken out of its natural environment it overwhelms all other species in its vicinity. It is natural for threatened species to react hostilely to an invasive species. If China could learn to accommodate other cultures without overtaking or invading them, a harmful symbiotic relationship could establish. But for the moment, Chinese are blind to their impact and until they become aware the problem will persist. 我认为答案要简单得多。中国文化本质上是侵略性的。像任何入侵物种一样,它本身没有任何错误,但当它从自然环境中胜出时,它会压倒其附近的所有物种。受威胁物种对入侵物种的敌对反应是很自然的。如果中国能够学会容纳其他文化而不会超越或侵略它们,那么就会形成一种有害的共生关系。但目前,中国人对他们的影响视而不见,直到他们意识到问题将持续存在。
Barry Yuen : Chinese had learnt the truth of “Nations have no permanent friends or enemies, they only have permanent interests.” Therefore, China always keeps an arm’s length among other countries no matter how friendly to China they are. They keyed the term of “Partnership” in their diplomacy doctrine. The good or bad of the relationships among China and other nations depend on the how close and cordial of the partnerships are. 中国人了解到“国家没有永久的朋友或敌人,他们只有永久的利益”的真相。因此,无论对中国多么友好,中国总是与其他国家保持一定的距离。他们在外交学说中强调了“伙伴关系”一词。中国与其他国家之间关系的好坏取决于伙伴关系的亲密程度。


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