《Operation Red Sea》
《红海行动》 (2018年02月16日上映,导演林超贤Dante Lam,票房36亿人民币)

PLA Navy Marine Corps launch a hostage rescue operation in the fictional Republic of Ihwea and undergo a fierce battle with rebellions and terrorism. 中国海军陆战队在虚构的伊赫瓦共和国发起的人质救援行动,并与叛乱和恐怖主义进行激烈的战斗。



Forestaller : Who’d have thought that the first live-action SPEC OPS action movie with realistic effects work would be made by China (starring their Navy SPEC OPS “Sea Dragons”)? I guess I was wrong to think that without a rating-system, Chinese movies wouldn’t dare to show anything — it turns out that they have no qualms about showing everything (without lingering over it like Hollywood gore porn, of course) if the movie/genre was right… 谁曾想过这部具有逼真效果的动作电影是由中国制作(主演海军特种部队“海龙”)?我想我认为如果没有评级系统,中国电影就不敢表现出任何东西,我觉得我错了 – 事实证明,如果电影题材是对的,他们什么都敢拍(当然,不像好莱坞血腥色情那样挥之不去)……
TheBigSick : Actually, most of the film is just above average, and the score would be like 7/10. However, the action sequences between Minute 100 and Minute 120 are incredibly brutal, realistic, bloody, traumatizing and unbearable, and are among the finest action scenes I’ve ever seen. Thus, I would give the film a 8.5/10 overall rating. 实际上,这部电影的大部分都高于平均水平,而得分则是7/10。然而,从100-120分钟之间的内容令人难以置信的残酷,逼真,血腥,创伤和难以忍受,并且是我见过的最精彩的动作场景之一。因此,我会给这部电影一个8.5 / 10的整体评价。
Jithindurden : Just propaganda and jingoism made into a boring action film. The action itself is not that bad but the whole film just repeats a number of set pieces. They tried to make some characters relatable but that didn’t work much either. 只是一部加入了宣传和沙文主义的无聊动作片。动作本身并不是那么糟糕,但整部电影只是重复了一些作品。他们试图让一些角色相关联,但这也没有多大作用。
Horror-88 : It’s basically a series of unrealistic action sequences made worse with constant use of slow motion of people running or of a bullet moving. There was close to no storyline, and what storyline it did have was cliche and boring. Character development/interest was also at an all time low, so if you go to watch this, just expect a bunch of shooting and grenades being thrown. Pretty average guys. 它基本上是一系列不切实际的动作,通过不断使用人们的慢动作或子弹移动而变得更糟。几乎没有故事情节,它所做的故事情节是陈词滥调和无聊的角色的发展,没什么兴趣,所以如果你去看,只是一堆射击和投掷手榴弹情节。非常普通的电影。
drhajermohdd : Movie is nice , story line , action , latest army equipment’s all are superb but the actors who are in military they really don’t seem to act like a military men .. over exaggerateing, suddenly shouting in normal situation , being very emotional at every other scene .. have u guys seen any real army men , They are polite , elegant, strong silent and admired not like in this movie … ah shouting ah shouting ah screeming ah crying… 电影很好,故事情节,动作,最新的军队装备都很精湛,但是里面的演员似乎并不像真正的军人……太浮夸了,在正常情况下突然大喊大叫,每次都很情绪化,你有没有见过真正的军人?他们是礼貌,优雅,沉默,令人敬佩,不像在这部电影里……啊大喊啊啊啊,哭啊…
westsideschl : Overtly nationalistic military propaganda film if I’ve ever seen one. Similar to ones produced by others such as in the old Germany; Soviet/Russia; US, and so on. If you want to see an exaggerated version of your own country’s image creation propaganda this film is the model. 依我看,这就是一部过于民族主义的军事宣传片。类似于旧德国等其他国家拍的,苏联/俄罗斯、美国等等。如果你想看到你自己国家夸张的宣传,这部电影就是典型。
yiw2000 : As for the action sequence, the intensity of the combat, the brutal of war, the films shows enough and exactly enough. What I felt most is throughout the mission, the bond between the team members, the trust, the loyalty and the brotherhood, is how it makes these soldiers an unity and invincible. 在动作,战斗强度,战争残酷方面,电影展现得完全足够。在整个任务中,我最感受最深的是团队成员之间的联系,信任,忠诚和兄弟情谊,这是使这些士兵团结一致,立于不败之地的原因。
wesseldj-48581 : The amount of production that went into this move is just amazing, and you can see it, its looks great! The first half of the movie you got realistic believable warzone battles. The second half of the movie goes downright full rambo, delta force-esque gunfights, it was exhilarating! This movie is a candy store for militaristic movie junkies! 电影的制作投入非常惊人,如你所见,看起来很棒!电影的前半部分你能看到实战战斗。这部电影的后半部分是彻头彻尾的兰博,三角洲特种部队的枪战,令人振奋!这部电影是军迷们的大餐!
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