中国有一个关注度不亚于特斯拉的电动车的品牌蔚来,其中ES6也是其明星车型。长住中国的外国YouTuber @China Teacher Brand 就是蔚来ES6车主。


YouTuber @China Teacher Brand 在油管发布他的ES6使用感受


外国网友评价ES6: (采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=809QHX_Brus)

hdw :-Never heard of this kind of service Nio provides …insane!! -从没听说过Nio提供的这种服务…太疯狂了!!
brinbrin62 62200 :Chinese cars have always been awful, to the point the Chinese people themselves despise them. Maybe this time they have stolen the good technology and issued a reliable car. 中国的汽车一直很糟糕,以至于中国人自己都鄙视它们。也许这一次他们偷了好技术,出了一辆可靠的车。
Frank Sheng :I like that little robot on the dashboard. Remind me the star war. 我喜欢仪表盘上的那个小机器人。让我想起星球大战。
TheoKandov :Incredible video! Very informative, thank you! 难以置信的视频!非常有用,谢谢!
Joe Vazquez :Good video, would be great to have review on others Chinese car brands, maybe a cheaper ones😅 很好的视频,如果能对其他中国汽车品牌进行评论,也许是更便宜的品牌
Emmanuel Bernard :Upgrading the battery would be so much easier and faster considering swappable battery. Tesla is like apple hard to upgrade and Nio is like Dell. 考虑到可更换电池,升级电池会更容易、更快。特斯拉就像苹果一样难以升级,而Nio就像戴尔。
Dat Dude :Wow, really liked the idea behind the NIO Houses. I wish Tesla did that here in America. They could also add fitness centers to the houses as well. That would be amazing! 哇,真的很喜欢藯来小屋的创意。我真希望特斯拉能在美国做到这一点。他们还可以在房子里增加健身中心。那太棒了!
Carl Schmidt :One thing i always need in a SUV is a fold flat back seat for luggage. Do the back seats fold flat. Plus its handy if your camping and want a bed. How long is the luggage area when the rear seats are folded down? 在SUV里,我总需要一个折叠的平后座来放行李。后排座椅是否平折。另外,如果你野营和想要一张床,它很方便。后排座椅折叠时行李区有多长?
Dwayne Gayle :Hate when any device is made and they don’t program it with a language option.. 讨厌任何没有语言选项的设备被制造出来
Michelle Jiang :Amazing features 惊人的功能
Kiew Pau :Tesla model 3 is sedan, Nio ES6 is and SUV not a right comparison. 特斯拉3是轿车,ES6是SUV,没可比性。
Franklin Sharp :I like it better then a Tesla but its not a Tesla killer. Nothing is going to kill Tesla 我喜欢它比特斯拉更好,但它不是特斯拉杀手。没有什么能杀死特斯拉
Gyenin Michael :Am a nio fun from Ghana 🇬🇭, I wish I can afford that kind of car. I love it 我是一个来自加纳的蔚来粉,我希望我买得起这种车。我喜欢它
Serik Jakayev :excellent car. I bet on NIO 好车。我看好蔚来
hazzard1983 :Teslas were never considered a luxury vehicle though. This vehicle is amazing for what your paying for compared to the model 3. When it can be sold world wide and surpasses tesla in sales then i can consider it a model 3 killer 特斯拉从未被视为豪华车。与Model 3相比,这款车的价格令人惊讶。当它可以在全球范围内销售并超过特斯拉时,我可以认为它是Model 3的杀手
Shawn :I have been watching that brand for soe time. Living in China and will buy one in a year or so. Very nice car & video. Cheers! 我看这个牌子已经有一段时间了。住在中国,一年左右就会买一个。非常好的车
Stephen Podesta :Actually the Tesla has a longer range than NIO, the standards in China are not as good as the standards in the US when it comes to Range. The Tesla has also better technology, you wont get the technology updates in the NIO like Tesla. The network of Recharging for Tesla is much better than NIO. 其实特斯拉的航程比NIO要长,在航程上,中国的标准没有美国的好。
Alan Alan :So r u actually in China? How many in China can afford a new Tesla.  你真的在中国吗?中国有多少人买得起新的特斯拉呢。
2slofouru :I’m watching this brand, it will be in the US soon and Tesla will have to make changes to their line…which is a good thing. I can’t wait to see how many electrics are on the road in ten or so years. 我在观注这个品牌,它很快就会在美国上市,特斯拉必须改变他们的产品线……这是件好事。我迫不及待地想知道在十年左右的时间里,有多少电动汽车在路上。
Kyle Ezy21 :NIO EC6 awesome with 615km range with a modern design NIO EC6超棒,615公里的航程,现代设计
ShadowTitan 22 :Will Tesla using new Chinese battery’s make prices competitive? 特斯拉使用新的中国电池会使价格有竞争力吗?
ShadowTitan 22 :Compare to Tesla’s new SUV model Y 与特斯拉的新款SUV车型Y进行比较
David Khugaev :they need to go to big market or europe or here in usa! 他们需要去大的市场,欧洲或美国!
David Khugaev :Someone can explain why this car don’t have English language inside???? 有人能解释为什么这辆车里面没有英语????
David Khugaev :what the stunning car wow! 多么漂亮的车啊!
Mang Kanor :This car is a monster…. 这辆车是个怪物。。。。
TroPICAll :I bought a couple thousand of their stock at $2. Psyched that people are seeing if as a viable alternative to Tesla (and I drive a Tesla). The battery swapping is the secret sauce because you can swap to newer generation tech every few years have practically infinite lifespan on the car. My only question is, do Chinese people today embrace homegrown brands or are there still alot of potential buyers who prefer the foreign imports like Tesla over Chinese brands? 我花2美元买了他们几千支股票。因为人们认为这是特斯拉的一个可行的替代品(我开的是特斯拉)。更换电池是杀手锏,因为你可以每隔几年换一代新技术,几乎无限的汽车寿命。
Nate Yesowitch :Please make another video about updates on this car. Hoping for the next video soon! 👍 请再拍一段关于这辆车更新的视频。期待下一个视频!
Mang Kanor :It will be banned in the US soon. Threat to US national security…. 它很快就会在美国被禁止。对美国国家安全的威胁。。。。
sbmphr :Tesla Model 3 killer in your DREAMS. 特斯拉3杀手,做梦吧
Jonathan Tuba 2 :Looks a great car. I would say more competitor for Tesla model Y, than model 3. Even then the NIO has a number of features not in the Tesla. 看上去是辆好车。我想说的是,特斯拉Y型车的竞争对手要比3型车多。即使这样,NIO也有很多特斯拉没有的特性。
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