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Roman K : “Nezha” is a new animated film from Mainland China which is currently a huge box office hit there and is breaking all kinds of records. Storywise it’s typical Chinese mythology stuff with different deities and magical showdowns. Think Monkey King, Dragon Ball and Naruto kind of stuff. That’s not a bad thing at all, just that it’s of no surprise. What is surprising is the quality of animation on display here. Typically Mainland animated fare is easy to criticize from… more 《nezha》是中国大陆的一部新动画片,目前在中国大陆有一个巨大的票房,打破了各种纪录。从故事上讲,这是典型的中国神话故事,有着不同的神灵和神奇的决战。想想孙悟空,龙珠和火影忍者之类的东西。这一点也不坏,只是不奇怪。令人惊讶的是,这里展示的动画质量。一般来说,内地的动画电影很容易受到更多的批评。
vicli : hopeful for the future of Chinese animation… 对中国动画的未来充满希望…
jxuebi : Good animation, especially the water and fire.  However, overly long and tonally misplaced. Unsure of itself whether to be a semi-serious story or an immature gross-out 很好的动画,尤其是水和火。然而,太长和音调错位。不确定是一个半严肃的故事还是一个不成熟的粗俗的故事
blackdung : 7.5吧,成長空間還是很大的,故事的節奏掌握的不好,硬加的笑梗顯得尷尬,幼版哪吒真的太醜,雖然能懂目的,但還是太醜。
Orcs : The script’s surprises are dazziling, at first, combined countless classical martial art fictions’ core of story, and then, injected some praiseworthy universal values, but if the utter confusion at the climax is not deliberate for a sequel, that will be a real fault… On other side, lines are too terrible and made me unstaring in the cinema, imagination of character setting is good, in conclusion, I must admit this is a good movie 剧本的惊喜是令人迷惑,一开始,结合了无数经典武侠小说的故事核心,然后,注入了一些值得称道的普世价值观,但如果高潮时的彻底混乱…另一方面,台词太恐怖,让我在电影里表现得很不稳定,人物设定的想象也很好,总之,我必须承认这是一部好电影
g333 : After seeing the posters and trailers, my first reaction was: nezha is so ugly. Feel ugly on the right, because this film is about to break the prejudice. As a lot of people look at this is diffuse, do not see; Or to see, see feel good also want to automatically deduct 20 points. In the movie, calling nezha a monster is politically correct. In addition to the film, scold domestic films, diffuse also become political correctness, as long as you scold it, someone will give you thumb up. In fact nezha is not a monster, he also wants to fall demon in addition to the devil wash name; Not all films are bad, but some people want to make a good film to prove themselves. Like nezha. The landscape of mountains and rivers is truly unrestrained and shocking. It embodies the objects that once existed only in the imagination and shows the infinite imagination of Chinese mythology incisively and vividly. Those familiar stories are no longer just stories, but can be seen, heard and enjoyed visually. 看完海报和预告片后,我的第一反应是:娜扎真丑。右边感觉难看,因为这部电影即将打破偏见。因为很多人看这是漫无目的的,看不见;或者看,看感觉好也要自动扣20分。在电影中,把娜扎称为怪物在政治上是正确的。除了电影,骂国内电影,漫也变成政治正确,只要你骂它,就会有人给你大拇指。事实上,娜扎不是怪物,他除了想给魔鬼洗脸外还想给魔鬼洗脸;不是所有的电影都是坏的,但有些人想拍一部好的电影来证明自己。像内扎。山川的景色真是无拘无束,令人震惊。它深刻生动地体现了中国神话中曾经只存在于想象中的对象,展示了中国神话的无限想象。这些熟悉的故事不再只是故事,而是可以看到、听到和欣赏的视觉。
n-44597 : It’s such a spectacular movie I was totally blown away while watching it in theater. The director is a genius with extraordinary imagination and a fully grasp of animation movie making. The story is rooted from Chinese ancient myths Nezha. The fantastic adaptation couldn’t have been better. It has gained mountains of positive comments in China. Desperately expect it will be watched by more and more people. 这是一部非常壮观的电影,我在剧院看的时候完全被吹走了。导演是一个具有非凡想象力的天才,对动画电影的制作有着全面的了解。这个故事来源于中国古代神话中的哪吒。那奇妙的改编是再好不过了。它在中国得到了大量的正面评价。期待它会被越来越多的人看到。
y-10380-87211 : Please watch the movie before you jump into any assumption, because this animation movie was born to challenge the concept of prejudice. With original materials from the ancient Chinese sagas, the story voiced the modern values of the Z generation instead of any of those cliches we’ve seen over and over again in recent movies. If you look closely, you could even find that the movie also tackled nowaday issues such as modern parenting, cyber bullying, etc. Also for example, some people even view the hero as a typical patient with bipolar disorder in terms of mental health. In conclusion, not only did the movie make great progress in animation design, but it also achieved great success in play writing, and has therefore set a great example for the Chinese animation industry. 请先看电影再跳入任何假设,因为这部动画电影天生就是为了挑战偏见的概念。这个故事以中国古代传说中的原始材料,表达了Z一代的现代价值观,而不是我们在最近的电影中反复看到的那些陈词滥调。如果你仔细观察,你甚至可以发现电影也解决了现在的问题,如现代育儿,网络欺凌等。而且,一些人甚至认为英雄是一个典型的双相情感障碍患者在心理健康方面。综上所述,这部电影不仅在动画设计方面取得了很大的进步,而且在剧本创作方面也取得了巨大的成功,为中国动画产业树立了良好的榜样。
libin72-50-44920 : Fantastic animation, the storyline is a little diverted from the original ancient story but just as good. I almost burst into tears several times. 精彩的动画,故事情节有点偏离了原始的古代故事,但也一样好。我差点哭了好几次。
iChuan-6324upup : Nothing to say, CHONG JIU WAN SHI LE ,the box office will be exceed 5 billion.CHONG CHONG CHONG  没什么好说的,票房将超过50亿。
kenthesweet : I speak very little Chinese, but I saw this film with my girlfriend (native speaker) at the cinema. She helped me understand plot points and certain dialogue that I was struggling with. This film is a great step in the right direction for the Chinese 3D animation industry, but in no way is it worthy of a 10/10. This film falls drastically short of the high bar set by films like those from Pixar.The good:-The landscapes and effects are bright and beautiful-The voice acting is solid-Some of the humor works even despite the language barrierThe bad:-Most of the characters look like they’re from different movies. The juxtaposition between young/transformed Nezha, his parents, the bad guy and the villagers just feels off. This film would benefit from more consistent character design.-Some of the jokes are based more on Chinese meme culture, and as all of us know in the west, using memes in films is lazy pandering and sure to age very poorly.-There are some emotional cliches regarding sacrifi  我很少说中文,但我和我的女朋友(母语)在电影院看了这部电影。她帮助我理解情节要点和我正在努力进行的某些对话。这部电影是中国3D动画产业朝着正确的方向迈出的一大步,但绝对不值得拍成10/10。这部电影与皮克斯电影一样的高标准相去甚远。优点:风景和效果都是明亮而美丽的。声乐表演是可靠的,有些幽默尽管语言不通。缺点:大多数角色看起来像是来自不同的电影。锿。年轻人/变形金刚的内扎、他的父母、坏人和村民之间的并列让人感觉很不舒服。这部电影将得益于更加一致的角色设计。-有些笑话更多地基于中国的模因文化,正如我们在西方所知道的,在电影中使用模因是懒惰的讨好,而且肯定会非常不成熟。-有一些关于圣礼的情感陈词滥调。
MaxximizeRecords : We have seen a lot of Chinese films that are very attracting to the audience recently years. It’s quite a big improvement to the Chinese film industry. But that’s not enough if they want to go much further. Cause what most audience wants is not just higher quality productions but also more reasonable story plots. In fact, an absurd or even preposterous story will ruin an outstanding film production, just like The Wandering Earth. As the same, this film does have such an exceptional fine animation but the storylines are just kinda poor. What they should really do are putting more time to conceive an acceptable story for the audience. That would not just only be going to help themselves but also to the whole film industry. Cause in this huge competition, there will always be a better feature film instead of being worse.  近年来,我们看到了许多非常吸引观众的中国电影。这对中国电影业来说是一个很大的进步。但如果他们想走得更远,这还不够。因为大多数观众想要的不仅仅是高质量的作品,还有更合理的故事情节。事实上,一个荒谬甚至荒谬的故事会毁掉一部优秀的电影,就像流浪的地球一样。同样,这部电影确实有如此出色的动画效果,但故事情节有点糟糕。他们真正应该做的是花更多的时间为观众构思一个可以接受的故事。这不仅对他们自己有帮助,而且对整个电影业也有帮助。因为在这个巨大的竞争中,总有一部更好的故事片而不是更差。
jameszw-69-437016 : There have been over 10 years since I go to the theater watching the Chinese garbage movies. This one really really changed my mind. I see a glimpse of light of the Chinese animation movies, and a fire for the whole Chinese movie industry.  自从我去电影院看中国垃圾电影已经有10多年了。这个真的改变了我的想法。我看到了中国动画电影的曙光,以及整个中国电影产业的火光。
x-42660 : It’s an amazing Chinese Animation!Adapted from famous Chinese folklore, with lots of fun and passion.  这是一部令人惊叹的中国动画!改编自中国著名的民间传说,充满乐趣和激情。
xiaozhonglv : This is the best animated film that I ever see. The 3D effect is awsome. The storyline is changed from the traditions. However, it has introduce Chinese culture to the world. I can use my words to show the excellent of this film.  这是我看过的最好的动画片。3D效果太差了。故事情节改变了传统。然而,它已经将中国文化引入了世界。我可以用我的话来展示这部电影的精彩。
wangyao-48605 : What is the great innovation of china mythical! In my memory. The little naza has appointed hero form he was born,then he fight for truth immortal.anythings he did that presented justice.the little nazha is so beautiful,people like him, who is benevolence.but it not like real social.its surprise to watch naza 2019.his editor creature the character whith morden.the nazha is so clean from he was born,even if he has presented demon.than his mom teach the value to him.his parents protect him.it’s so fortunate to naza for he defeat himself in the end. what a amazing shout!I control my own life!it not judge by the god! the anime is chinese series immortal story.In the movie end,naza is dead,I admit it maybe not cool for whom has not study chinese culture.however,in the chinese immortal story,naza will be regeneration by his master used the lotus makes a body. as for me,it’s outstanding.I hope that Chinese animation will be better and better.so i score it 10. 中国神话的伟大创新是什么?在我的记忆中。小纳扎从他出生的时候就被任命为英雄,然后他为真理而战,不死。他所做的一切都是为了正义。小纳扎是如此的美丽,像他这样的人,是仁慈的。但它不像真正的社会性。看到哪吒,真是令人惊讶。他的编辑创造了这个人物whith morde。哪吒是如此干净,从他出生,即使他已经呈现了恶魔。比他的妈妈教他价值。他的父母保护他。纳扎是如此幸运,因为他最终击败了自己。多么惊人的呼喊!我控制自己的生活!这不是上帝的审判!这部动画片是中国系列的不朽故事。在电影的结尾,纳扎死了,我承认对没有学习过中国文化的人来说可能并不酷。但是,在中国的不朽故事中,纳扎会被他的主人用莲花再生成一具尸体。对我来说,这很出色。我希望中国动画会越来越好。所以我打了10分。
Game Detective : I’ve never seen a movie in which the animation looks some parts cheap, and some parts amazing. // Cheap as in, this looks like a student project. I know that, because I know people who make this stuff as their study projects. 我从来没有看过一部动画看起来有些便宜,有些惊人的电影。//和中一样便宜,这看起来像一个学生项目。我知道这一点,因为我认识把这些东西作为学习项目的人。
macalice1 : 应该有英文字幕 让世界都看到
MIND OVER MATTERS 1 : I watched it today!! And I cried at last. 我今天看了!我最后哭了。
DarkSamuraiX1989 : Any chance of this getting subbed? I really want to see this 这有可能观看吗?我真的很想看看这个
Clark Yang : 有点像火影
roger Brownfield : I can see it’s dubbed . 我能看到它被配音了。
Apothecary Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Herbalist : His story resembles a lot with the Hindu god Karthikeyan. 他的故事很像印度教的卡提基安神。
merk : The animation is pretty bad 动画很差
白起 : 希望上映北美,我现在人在北京补英语语法,但是说实话想二刷带朋友看看啥的
Yuanyuan ZHANG : And now this film is the number 1 animation film in box office in China! Nezha is absolutely brilliant! 现在这部电影是中国票房第一的动画电影!哪吒绝对是个天才!
Qaztim Eleven : Sad this is not a bishounen pretty boy Ne Zha, but the animation looks great. 可悲的是,这不是一个碧水嫩的漂亮小子娜扎,但动画看起来很棒。
Martyn McMurray : What’s the story? 故事是什么?
陆启源 : 太好看了吧
Obadiah Gathing : I can’t wait till subtitles drop. China is really killing the animation these last few years! I’ve been consuming it and it’s only getting better. 我等不及字幕出来了。近几年来,中国真的在绝杀动画!我一直在追它,它只会变得更好。
Orson Wu : Surprisingly, the film has grossed $134 million at the Chinese mainland box office, more than the lion king. 令人惊讶的是,这部电影在中国大陆的票房收入为1.34亿美元,超过了《狮子王》。
ZhengPing Wang : 周末看了 非常棒👍
Papyrus Ivor : China NO.1! 中国第一
Кира Крук : Вау, просто вау 哇,只是哇。
john t : I want this 我想要这个
Jeremy Fields : This movie is awesome – I’m currently in China and have watched it twice in theaters 🙂 这部电影太棒了-我现在在中国,在电影院看了两次:
I wanted the movie twice it is so touching hope it will be released world wide  我想看这部电影两次,希望它能在全世界上映
This is one of the first times I get surprised with the chinese dub. It seems like a good movie¡¡¡ 这是我第一次对中文配音感到惊讶。好像是部好电影
So many stupid movies are showing in US theatre. Yet this great movie is not. Someone doing marketing need to get their acts together. 很多愚蠢的电影正在美国剧院上演。然而这部伟大的电影却不是。做市场营销的人需要把他们的行为结合起来。
nice pristine sound quality 很好的原始音质
Do you know if it will be released in America? Or if there will be a subbed ver sometime in the future? 你知道它是否会在美国发行吗?还是将来某个时候会有一个订阅?
It looks amazing and this is more a knock on the people who created the trailer not the movie but I feel like I just watched the whole thing. Please tell me I’m wrong and that when Nezha becomes a fire demon it isn’t near the end of the movie. 它看起来很神奇,这更像是对那些制作预告片的人的一种打击,而不是电影,但我觉得我只是看了整部电影。请告诉我我是错的,当娜扎变成一个火妖的时候,它不在电影的结尾。
J Lin : One animated movie kill all Japanese animated movies 一部动画电影打败所有日本动画电影
leslie li : It is really nice and amazing!It has been Chinese animated film box office champion and it is hot showing now! 真是太棒了!它已经是中国动画电影票房冠军,现在正在热播!
한국Clown : Yes, it’s wonderful. 是的,太好了。
S̝E̝N̝A̝T̝O̝R̝ A̝G̝R̝A̝P̝A̝ : A stolen story from Egypt…what a shame 从埃及偷走的故事…真丢脸
Gabriel Zhang : I cried like a bitch in the cinema It’s so fuckin’ good. 我像个妹子一样在电影院里哭,真他妈的太好了。
michael12991 : Move aside Disney. 迪斯尼让开。
A Fun Guy Named Kawhi : Too bad I can’t see it in the theater. 可惜我在剧院里看不到。
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