《我和我的祖国》2019.9上映,总导演陈凯歌,该片讲述了新中国成立70年间普通百姓与共和国息息相关的故事  ,截至10月11日凌晨,票房已突破24亿。看看国外专业影评网站IMDb网友是如何评价这部电影?










nick-caddy : Let just get this out of the way. I am not Chinese and I am not a student of Chinese history. While watching I can understand that it will invoke a lot of emotions to people who have lived through these events but for outsiders it will have less of an impact. This is unavoidable so bear that in mind when you go to watch it.Now that being said, I rather enjoyed it. It is very well made with a lot of attention to detail. I’ve been told that the representation of the people and the way things were back then (clothes, TVs etc) are very accurate. So while we can get the nostalgia of it we can see more about China’s history.I am a bit confused as it mixes history with stories so it’s hard to know how accurate it is. (for example the first story is about a real person while the second may or may not have happened)Also as its seven stories in does feel a bit too rushed in character development. It is understable but for me makes it feel more forced than I would have liked.   我不是中国人,也不是中国历史学生。 在观看的过程中,我可以理解,它会给经历过这些事件的人们带来很多情感,但是对于局外人来说,它所产生的影响却较小。 这是不可避免的,因此在观看时请记住这一点。话虽如此,我还是很喜欢它。 它非常注重细节,制作精良。 有人告诉我,人们的代表以及当时的情况(衣服,电视等)非常准确。 因此,尽管我们可以怀念它,但我们可以了解到更多有关中国历史的信息。我有点困惑,因为它把历史和故事融合在一起,所以很难知道它的准确性。 (例如第一个故事是关于一个真实的人的故事,而第二个故事可能是也可能没有发生),因为它的七个故事确实在角色发展上有些过于仓促。 它虽然不稳定,但对我来说却使感觉比我想要的要强。
dzy-45528 : I think it is a fantastic work ,all the people who lived in China knows that it is not easy during these years.Chinese people have a lighting future, come on ,go ahead.  我认为这是一件了不起的作品,所有居住在中国的人们都知道这几年并不容易。中国人有光明的未来,来吧,继续前进。
rainiewsy : This is a movie made by and made for Chinese people. If you are not, but you are curious about what happened to China and the Chinese people during the past 70 years, I highly recommend you to watch it. But still, this is made for Chiese and if you don’t feel anything speicla about it, that’s because you don’t understand, so please don’t make yourself sound stupid by simply saying that this is not a good movie. Besides, i can understand why this movie may make somebody feel uncomfortable, as you don’t want to acknowledge what China has devloped into during the past 70 years. You may still want to sit in the belcony at your own bedrrom and imigine how great your life is, but if you want to open your eyes, and discover the truth of China and of the world, go watch the movie.  这是一部由中国人民制作的电影。 如果不是,但您对过去70年来中国和中国人民发生的事情感到好奇,我强烈建议您观看。 但这仍然是为Chinese制作的,如果您对此没有任何感觉,那是因为您不了解,所以请不要仅仅说这不是一部好电影就让自己听起来很愚蠢。 此外,我不明白为什么这部电影可能会让某人感到不舒服,因为您不想承认中国在过去70年中所陷入的困境。 您可能仍然想坐在自己的床位上,重复自己的生活,但是如果您想睁开眼睛,发现中国乃至世界的真相,那就去看电影吧。
yaffatest-26827 : I love this movie. I would give it a 9 star. 8 for the movie itself and 1 for my personal experience. This movie is nothing as I expected. I thought it would focus more on country but it is not. Just as the name says, MY PEOPLE MY COUNTRY. People comes before Country. I like how the film describes each story from an individual person’s perspective and how those milestone occurred in China’s growing process affect her people. You don’t have to be an soldier or a scientist to contribute. There are lots you can do as an ordinary person. This film shows love between friends, families, partners and all different types of love build up to the love of the land, the country and the people.  我喜欢这部电影。 我给它一个9星。 电影本身8分,个人经历1分。 这部电影没有我所期望的。 我认为它将更多地关注国家,但事实并非如此。 就像名字所说的,“我的国家”。 人们先于国家。 我喜欢电影如何从一个人的角度描述每个故事,以及那些在中国成长过程中发生的里程碑如何影响她的人民。 您不必成为士兵或科学家就可以做出贡献。 作为一个普通人,您可以做很多事情。 这部电影展示了朋友,家人,伴侣之间的爱,以及对土地,国家和人民的爱的各种不同类型的爱。
m-86730 : Good movie. I was deeply moved. The third story made me cry.An improvement too.  好电影。 我深受感动。 第三个故事让我哭了。
taetertots : A well done film with a distinct slice of life, unsung heroes theme. Each piece is more of a glimpse into people who lived throughout various momentous periods in Chinese history, rather than especially focused around plot development. A little bit heavy handed with the patriotism theme, but that’s to be expected considering the movie’s purpose. Although in my opinion there were two standout stories, all seven pieces were interesting and distinct enough that time didn’t drag on.  一部出色的电影,有着无与伦比的人生主题,是未知的英雄主题。 每篇文章都更能瞥见中国历史上各个重要时期的人们,而不是特别关注地块的发展。 爱国主义的主题有点沉重,但是考虑到电影的目的,这是可以预期的。 尽管在我看来,有两个出色的故事,但全部七个作品都很有趣且鲜明,以至于时间没有拖延。
o-00096 : Motherland birthday Eve of the urgent, and his girlfriend met the moment, to see that the day meteor, escort responsibility. Are telling stories about themselves and their country. The film’s seven stories, seven directors, many actors can be said to be very good groups. Seventy years of history condensed in a film, several ordinary people witnessed the motherland!  祖国生日的前夕,与女友见面的那一刻,看到那天流星,护送责任。 在讲关于自己和他们国家的故事。 电影的七个故事,七个导演,许多演员可以说是非常好的团体。 一部电影凝聚了七十年的历史,几位普通人见证了祖国!
helewei111 : It is just a great movie for Chinese audiences. People held typical stereotype against communist party or Chinese people would never understand it. The first two stories are inspiring and touching. Stories in Beijing and Shanghai are also fun to watch. Ge You delivered high quality performance as usual with so much fun. Hong Kong piece is hard to act but not bad. I would rather give it a 9 score for this movie but Kaige Chen showed his father love to his son Feiyu Chen which made some scenes and performance awkward.  对于中国观众来说,这是一部很棒的电影。 人们如果对共产党或中国人有典型的刻板印象就永远不会理解。 前两个故事是鼓舞人心的。 北京和上海的故事也很有趣。 与往常一样,葛优提供了很多高品质的性能。 香港部分不好不坏。 我本想给这部电影打9分,但陈凯歌向儿子陈飞宇展示了父亲的爱,这使场面和表演都有些尴尬。
wendyjiang-95294 : If I’m not Chinese I would probably give it a one-star. Every plot is made to force people to feel emotional, even when the story is so undeveloped. There’s tooooo much politics in this film. I get it, this is a big thing, we are a great country. But at the same time, this theme is so repetitive, I can literally write a commentary essay on this without watching the film.It’s really ironic how if you comment negatively about this movie on a Chinese website, and people go like “OMG are you even Chinese” “Well, this whole point is for us to remember the history, and know our own country well.”If so, why is the film so BADLY made??? Why is the theme so overused, I could guess the ending before the film actually ends.A good intention, but a trash film.  如果我不是中国人,我可能会给它一星。 即使情节不那么深入,每一个情节都会迫使人们感到情绪激动。 这部电影里政治太多了。 我明白了,这是一件大事,我们是一个伟大的国家。 但是与此同时,这个主题是如此重复,我可以不看电影就直接写一篇评论文章。如果您在中国网站上对这部电影发表负面评论,真是具有讽刺意味,人们会说:“ OMG是您吗? 甚至是中国人”“好吧,这就是让我们记住历史,并且很好地了解我们自己的国家。”如果是的话,为什么这部电影如此糟糕? 为什么主题如此被过度使用,我可以猜测这部电影实际上在电影结束之前就已经结束了。
szonyi13 : First off all I’m not Chinese, but I did enjoyed this movie very much. I should give 9 star for it, but the extra star is for the Chinese people. All the stories was very moving, except the last one. China has a great history and of course, they are proud for them country. It is not a propaganda movie, just make they citizens love China more and nothing wrong with that. If you looking for political propaganda, you should look in the mirror! This move made $300 million dollars in six days, but here , just shows $2 million profit “world wide?!”. Why the Chinese gross isn’t including the World? What is it, if not political propaganda against China. Also nobody mentioned, all the actors and directors made it for free. All the proceeds goes to the poor people and it is true, not BS! Think about, how great the people’s are in China, how much they achieved in 70 years, started almost from nothing!  首先,我不是中国人,但是我非常喜欢这部电影。 我应该给它9星,但是额外的星是给中国人的。 除了最后一个,所有的故事都非常动人。 中国有着悠久的历史,当然,他们为自己的国家感到自豪。 这不是宣传电影,只是让他们的公民更加爱中国,这没有错。 如果您要进行政治宣传,则应该照镜子! 这一举动在六天内就赚了3亿美元,但在这里,仅显示200万美元的利润“全世界?!”。 为什么中国人的收入不包括世界? 这是什么,如果不是针对中国的政治宣传。 同样没有人提到,所有演员和导演都是免费的。 所有的收益都捐给了穷人,这是事实,而不是BS! 想想看,中国人民多么伟大,他们在70年中取得了多少成就,几乎是从无到有!
mye-13478 : This is a great movie ever!! It’s the first time I heard people applaud two times after the movie and don’t want to leave until eveything has finished. Such a great movie.  这是一部了不起的电影! 这是我第一次听到人们在电影放映后两次鼓掌,并且直到一切完成后才想离开。 很棒的电影。
sugelanren : The film takes the form of several short stories, all based around the theme of serving their nation of the PRC.Certain stories are excellent and potary a positive message, specifically the flag rasing story and the taxi driver story. The taxi driver story was a standout section, as it provided both quality humor and the positive message of charity.Some sections where simply not coherent or meaningful, such as the space story and the final story about the pilot. No real message and by this point in its very long run time I was bored.The remaining two stories both contained the frankly disturing message that loyalty to country is more important than the love between people. The scientist story was incoherent and distrubing, however the ping pong child story, although entertaining, also contained this disturing message of choosing patriotism above all else.The hongkong section was ok but the “british” delegates where acted by non brits, with one sounding austrailian and another had a ger   这部电影以短篇小说的形式呈现,所有短篇小说都围绕着为中华民族服务的主题而写。某些故事非常出色,并传达了积极的信息,特别是升旗故事和出租车司机故事。 出租车司机的故事是一个引人注目的部分,因为它既提供了高质量的幽默感又给慈善事业带来了积极的信息,而某些部分则根本不连贯或有意义,例如太空故事和有关飞行员的最后故事。 没有真正的信息,到现在为止,在很长的时间里,我很无聊。剩下的两个故事都坦率地传达了一个信息,即对国家的忠诚比对人的爱更重要。 科学家的故事是不连贯和令人费解的,但是乒乓球的孩子故事虽然很有趣,但也包含了这样一个令人不安的信息:选择爱国主义高于一切。
KenMLin : Sadly, every Asian person in the screening I was in applauded at the end of the movie so the brainwashing is long-lasting.I wonder if the directors were coerced into making these short films by the “party” with the threat of re-education camp.It was just utterly unrealistic to portray Chinese people as ecstatic when the communist took over the country. I’d guess at most they had no ideas what was going on. How they show all the people in Hong Kong tearing up when it was returned to China was just such a blatant lie considering what’s going on in HK right now (10/2019).  可悲的是,每部亚洲人在电影放映后都受长久地洗脑。我想知道导演是否被“政党”强迫制作了这些短片并受到重新教育的威胁。 当共产党接管中国时,把中国人描绘成狂喜的想法是完全不现实的。 我猜他们最多都不知道发生了什么。 考虑到香港目前的情况(10/2019),他们如何表现出香港所有人回到中国时都在哭泣。
justindellaam : Good, however not great. This film is sort of Chinese communism propaganda. It told the story of the Chinese people, but just some stories.  好,但是不伟大。 这部电影是对中国共产主义的宣传。 它讲述了中国人民的故事,但只讲了一些故事。
daqi666 : In the past, the same kind movie in China was just boring. Nowadays, it’s a good movie beyond politics elements. Worth watching! I enjoy the whole procedures. The movie dig the details of big events of PRC, focus on the ordinary people of the long history land. I feel the breathe of people truly lived, truly work hard to build a new fantasy world. Obviously Chinese dream is different from American dream, but more attractive, more hopeful.  过去,中国的同类电影很无聊。 如今,这是一部超越政治因素的好电影。 值得一看! 我喜欢整个程序。 电影深入挖掘了中国的重大事件,聚焦于历史悠久的普通百姓。 我感到人们的呼吸真实地生活着,为建立一个新的幻想世界而努力工作。 显然,中国梦与美国梦不同,但更富魅力,更充满希望。
alanchengg : Seems to be a good collection of stories based on historic events of modern Chinese history. The film quality is pretty good, as with the acting, if not a little over dramatized to get it’s point across.Since I haven’t seen a list of the short stories, they are as follows:The raising of the first Chinese flag on it’s first day of independence day celebration.The development of Chinese nuclear programThe return of Hong Kong to ChinaSomething about ping pong2008 Beijing Olympics90th anniversary of Victory day celebrationReturn of two astronauts that spent 32~ days in space.The commonality on all these stories seem to prop up how great China is, and it’s done so though personal sacrifice of it’s people. People that seem singular minded in nationalism and putting that above all else. You can also see from the above list is that it is rather cherry picked events designed to showcase the best parts of themselves, perhaps even disguising all there low points in history.  似乎是根据中国近代史上的历史事件编排的好故事。 电影的质量和表演一样都很好,即使没有过多的戏剧化来表达它的观点,由于我没有看过任何短篇小说清单,所以它们是: 中国核计划的发展香港回归中国乒乓球2008年北京奥运会胜利纪念日90周年两位在太空呆了32天的宇航员的回归这些故事的共同点似乎是正确的 中国是多么伟大,这是通过个人牺牲人民来实现的。 在民族主义中看似单一的人们将其放在首位。 您还可以从上面的列表中看到,这是精心挑选的事件,旨在展示自己的最佳部分,甚至掩饰历史上所有的低谷。
vhoang-le : I was deeply disappointed.This is another propaganda movie like “Amazing China”.The only difference is that they hired a very good film director.Chinese Communist Party may have invested more money, but they still try to promote authoritarian Dictatorship with Chinese Characteristics the Chinese way.  我很失望。这是另一部宣传影片,如《辉煌中国》。唯一的区别是他们聘请了一位非常优秀的电影导演。中国共产党可能投入了更多的钱,但他们仍在努力促进具有中国特色的独裁专制。 中国的方式。
Zusaki : It’s very surprised China has a such amazing quality film now, the screen scenes are very beautiful, and 2 of the stories are quite touching. However, still too much political elements in the film, I believe celebration stories could have more than one theme.  令人惊讶的是,中国现在拥有如此惊人的高质量电影,银幕场景非常漂亮,其中两个故事令人感动。 但是,由于影片中的政治因素仍然太多,我相信庆祝活动的故事可能有多个主题。
cortlahman : To preface my review: I don’t believe in going easy on a film while reviewing it just because I may not be a member of its intended audience from a national or racial perspective. A film director, or in the case of this specific film, directors, should always anticipate that their audience might be diversified, regardless of intentions or agendas. This is especially the case if the movie is being played in my local theater and my girlfriend (who is from a country that rhymes with Bo-Bina) is taking me to see it.My People, My Country is a movie about people and a country (big surprise there huh?), during the aftermath of a specific political shift of a very beautiful and culturally and historically rich nation. It comprises of seven short films made through the charitable efforts of seven separate directors. It’s largely historical, with some events being fictitious purely for characterization.MPMC is literally “Flag Waving: The Movie”. After the halfway mark your eyes will be coated in  我不相信在评论电影时会轻松一些,只是因为从民族或种族的角度来看,我可能不是目标观众。 电影导演,或者就这部特定电影而言,导演应该始终期望观众的多样性,而不管意图或议程如何。 如果电影是在我当地的剧院里放映的,而我的女友(来自与波比娜押韵的国家)正在带我去看电影,则尤其如此。 国家(这是一个很大的惊喜吧?),这是一个非常美丽,文化和历史悠久的富裕国家进行特定政治转变的结果。 它由七位短片组成,这些短片是通过七位独立导演的慈善努力拍摄的。 它在很大程度上是历史性的,有些事件纯粹是为了表征而进行的虚构。
crystalhui-72229 : It’s a bad movie cause the stories are not well developed and the actors are so so.  这是一部糟糕的电影,因为故事没有很好地发展,演员也是如此。
RS885 : Why can’t movies just be movies? It makes me furious that someone would turn something I love into tools of mass brainwashing. If you are serious then please talk about the bad things as well, maybe then I’ll watch it.   电影为什么不能只是电影? 我很生气,有人会将我爱的东西变成大规模洗脑工具。 如果您是认真的,那么也请谈谈坏事,也许我会看的。
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