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Chris GarciaLawrence : You can ignore anybody who talks about China having a lower crime rate than Western countries. Those that say that don’t likely read the local newspapers.About two weeks ago in Beijing, a nutjob snuck into a kindergarten and stabbed 22 kids to death. Worse, this is not the first time something like this has happened in Beijing, much less all of China. While there are pretty much no guns in the hands of ordinary people, there are knives. And poison. And baseball bats. Murders happen every day.Yet China can be safer in general. There are virtually no guns, so nobody will rob you at gunpoint. It’s unlikely anybody will rob you at knife point either. A snatch & run is more likely. Embezzlement is a distinct possibility. General scams are common. To me, that is safer than certain parts of Chicago, NYC or Los Angeles.At least in big cities, burglaries are not that common. People live in high-rise buildings, have solid steel doors and bars on their windows.你可以忽略任何谈论中国犯罪率低于西方国家的人。那些人不太可能读到当地的报纸,大约两周前在北京,一个疯子溜进幼儿园,刺死了22个孩子。更糟糕的是,这并不是第一次在北京发生类似的事情,更不用说在全中国了。虽然普通人手中几乎没有枪,但还是有刀。毒药。还有球棒。谋杀案每天都有发生,但总体而言,中国可能更安全。实际上没有枪,所以没有人会用枪来抢劫你。也不太可能有人在刀口抢劫你。抢跑的可能性更大。贪污是一种明显的可能性。一般骗局很常见。对我来说,这比芝加哥、纽约或洛杉矶的某些地区更安全。至少在大城市里,入室盗窃并不常见。人们住在高层建筑里,窗户上有坚固的钢门和钢条。
Matthew MillerLawren : China, especially the mainland, is one of the safest places in the world for foreigners to live and work. Don’t listen to the people, like the answerer below, who refer to some incidents. There are 1.5 billion people in China. Cities have tens of millions of people in them. The crime rate is incredibly low. Foreigners especially have almost nothing to worry about. I walked the streets of every city at night and never felt the slightest bit worried. It is even worse if a Chinese citizen harms a foreigner, and it is shameful to them as a nation as well. Trust me, you will not find many safer places on earth than China.You want to know where it is very dangerous for a foreigner to live and work? Try any major US city. 中国,特别是大陆,是世界上外国人最安全的生活和工作场所之一。不要听那些人的话,比如下面的回答者,他们提到了一些事件。中国有15亿人口。城市里有数以千万计的人口。犯罪率极低。尤其是外国人几乎没有什么可担心的。晚上我走在每个城市的街道上,一点也不担心。更糟糕的是,如果一个中国公民伤害了一个外国人,这对他们作为一个国家也是可耻的。相信我,你在地球上找不到比中国更安全的地方。你想知道外国人在哪里生活和工作是非常危险的吗?试试美国的大城市。
Richard SeetoLawrenc : You bet, there is no safer place than China particularly for foreigners and if you observe the laws of the land and not act too big a shot because you are a foreigner, you will find many Chinese people would want to be your friend.I have personally seen single women who work at night and came home alone at 12 to 3 am in the morning without fear of assault or molestation.That is how safe China is.One thing I noticed that Chinese people are very hospital and would at the drop of a hat invite and treat foreigners to lunch or dinners but many foreigners do not reciprocate by inviting them back for a treat.If you do that you will be adding to the bad impression of foreign visitors.Remember the adage, when in Rome do as the Romans do and you will be fine. 当然,没有比中国更安全的地方了,尤其是对外国人来说,如果你遵守中国的法律,不因为你是外国人而采取太大的行动,你会发现许多中国人想成为你的朋友。我亲自见过单身女性,她们晚上工作,早上12点到3点独自回家,不用担心攻击或骚扰。这就是中国的安全所在。我注意到,中国人很好客,他们会不假思索地邀请和款待外国人吃午饭或晚餐,但许多外国人不会邀请他们回来款待他们。如果你这样做,你会增加外国游客的不良印象。记住俗话说,在罗马的时候,要像罗马人那样做,你就会好的。
David Wood : It’s likely safer than living in your home country.The crime rate is significantly lower than in the United States, for example, and I have never felt nervous walking alone by myself at night. I think even women might feel the same way (though I still don’t recommend walking alone at night).I’ve been in China for the better part of a decade, and I’ve never been pickpocketed or threatened.The worst that’s happened is I’ve been scammed, but even Chinese scams are not-threatening – most of those are usually situations in which they try to embarrass you into paying more money for something. Compare that to countries in South America, like Peru and Colombia, where a fake taxi crew could abduct you and hold you hostage for several days while you empty your bank account, or you could simply get stabbed and robbed. These sorts of instances are virtually unheard of in China. 这可能比住在你的祖国更安全。例如,犯罪率明显低于美国,而且我从来没有感觉到晚上独自一人走路的紧张。我想即使是女人也会有同样的感觉(尽管我仍然不建议在晚上独自行走)。我在中国呆了十多年了,从来没有被扒窃或威胁过。最糟糕的是我被骗走了,但即使是中国骗局也没有威胁过——大多数情况下,在这种情况下你为了某件事花了更多的钱,这让你很难堪。与南美洲的一些国家相比,比如秘鲁和哥伦比亚,在那里,一个假的出租车司机可能会在你清空银行账户的时候绑架你并将你劫持几天,或者你可能会被刺伤和抢劫。这种情况在中国几乎闻所未闻。
Mas MiwaLawrence Han : Everything is relative, safer than what? Safer than the US? Probably. There are over a million foreigners living in China and about 100,000 are Americans. If anything white foreigners are safer. Almost all crimes, if committed, are against Chinese. It is rare to hear of a foreigner being robbed, beaten, or killed. But, it has happened.Custody battle after Briton’s Shanghai murderSo, what might be unsafe in China? Especially in second, third, or fourth tier cities,……cars and traffic. Food……local cuisine might not take kindly with your stomach. And, you might not be familiar with local laws. 一切都是相对的,比什么更安全?比美国安全?可能。在中国有100多万外国人,大约10万是美国人。如果有什么白人外国人比较安全的话。几乎所有的罪行,如果发生,都是针对中国人的。很少听说外国人被抢劫、殴打或杀害。但是,事情已经发生了。在英国人的上海谋杀案之后,监护权之争,在中国什么可能是不安全的?尤其是在二、三、四线城市,……汽车和交通。食物……当地的菜肴可能不适合你的胃部。而且,你可能不熟悉当地法律。
Sebastian Rutten : You should be a bit warry of scams, pickpockets be careful what you eat and especially what you drink. You may end up poisoned because some people who produce counterfeited alcohol don’t know what they are doing. The Chinese are horrible drivers so traffic is also somewhat dangerous.But then most of those situations you can easily avoid with a bit of common sense. On the other hand it is very unlikely that you will be the victim of a violent crime. China is very safe when it comes to that, safer than most Western countries actually.Just be a bit care and you will likely have a lot of fun. It is well worth a visit. 你应该警惕一些骗局,扒手要小心你吃什么,尤其是喝什么。你最终可能会中毒,因为一些生产假冒酒精的人不知道他们在做什么。中国人是可怕的司机,所以交通也有点危险。但大多数情况下,你可以很容易地避免有点常识。另一方面,你不太可能成为暴力犯罪的受害者。说到这一点,中国是非常安全的,实际上比大多数西方国家都要安全。只要稍微小心一点,你可能会玩得很开心。值得一游。
Brian AielloLawrence : I will answer this question by quoting a good friend, who lived there for a few years. Assume that you are being trailed, your movements and communications recorded, your activities observed, and that a significant number of Chinese that you interact with are reporting to their party leaders. So, is it safe? If you watch your butt, and keep your nose out of where it doesn’t belong, and you take absolutely no provocative actions, then you should be relatively safe. 我会引用一位在那里住了几年的好朋友来回答这个问题。假设你被跟踪,你的行动和交流被记录,你的活动被观察,并且你与之交往的大量中国人向他们的党领导人汇报。那么,安全吗?如果你注意你的屁股,把你的鼻子放在不属于它的地方,而且你绝对不采取挑衅行为,那么你应该相对安全。
Frans VandenboschLaw : It is different for different foreigners.For Americans, it is getting harder, for various reasons: first because the Chinese consumers refuse to buy American products, so most American businesspeople have left China. That has created another issue: almost all the remaining Americans in China are in one or another way, directly or indirectly paid by an American intelligence office. Or the NED, or OSF.These people have a really hard time these days, they’re not safe in China. China has them in their focus. Most of them have brought their spouse and children back to the US.For all other (non-US) foreigners, China is perfectly safe 对于不同的外国人来说,这是不同的。对于美国人来说,这变得越来越困难,原因有很多:第一,因为中国消费者拒绝购买美国产品,所以大多数美国商人离开了中国。这又产生了另一个问题:几乎所有留在中国的美国人都是以一种或另一种方式,直接或间接地由美国情报局支付报酬。或者是内德,或者是OSF。这些人最近很难相处,他们在中国不安全。中国已经把它们放在了重点位置。他们中的大多数人把配偶和子女带回美国,对于所有其他(非美国)外国人来说,中国是完全安全的。
Ellen Xu : China is one of the safest countries for foreigners, except for the amount of population that WILL speak to you in English. They know English, they started to study english when they are in elementary, but they might be shy to talk to you in English. Most menus aren’t written in English, so please learn to order Chinese food in Mandarin before you go there. 对于外国人来说,中国是最安全的国家之一,除了能用英语和你们交谈的人口数量。他们懂英语,在小学的时候就开始学习英语,但是他们可能会羞于用英语跟你说话。大多数菜单不是用英语写的,所以在去之前请先学着用中文点中国菜。
David BarryLawrence : Yes. China is a safe country on the whole. I lived there for over ten years and I never had any problems with any crime, with the exception of being pick pocketed once. There is very little violence and the streets are well policed.It can be a difficult country to live in if you don’t learn to speak some Mandarin Chinese. Sometimes, the language barrier can be a problem, but China is very safe indeed. 对。中国是一个安全的国家。我在那里住了十年多,除了被扒窃一次外,没有任何问题。很少有暴力事件发生,街道上的治安也很好。如果你不学说普通话,这可能是一个很难居住的国家。有时,语言障碍可能是一个问题,但中国确实非常安全。
Victor Killock : Absolutely, I am English, have been going to China, (all over) for 9 years, never had a problem. The have great respect and its reciprocated. I tend to bow, as they do. They bend over themselves to help you. Service is unparalleled. Safe? , they say your 18 year old daughter could walk home at 2 in the morning unharmed, lots of security people around, unobtrusive. Good feelings all round. 当然,我是英国人,已经去中国(各地)9年了,从来没有遇到过问题。他们非常尊重和回报。我喜欢鞠躬,就像他们那样。他们俯身帮助你。服务是无与伦比的。安全吗?他们说,你18岁的女儿可以在凌晨2点毫发无伤地回家,周围有很多保安,不引人注目。周围都是好心情。
Gibrail Lim : China is safe. That’s why the Chinese people fully trust their government.Infographic: Where Trust In Government Is Highest and LowestOn the other hand, in the US…1 murder in every 30 minutes.1 rape in every 9 minutes. 中国是安全的。这就是为什么中国人民完全信任他们的政府。信息图表:对政府的信任是最高的,对美国的信任是最低的。每30分钟就有1起谋杀案。每9分钟就有1起强奸案。
Adhi WijayaLawrence : The only threat in china are “bad trade”… that what happen if you didnt do research for the item you wanna buy… but hey, that happen in any countries…NB: just well behave, and you need to trains your ears… because chinese granny speaks fastter than eminem in high pitch 在中国唯一的威胁是“糟糕的贸易”……如果你不为你想买的东西做研究会发生什么……但是,在任何国家都会发生这种情况……注意:举止得体,你需要训练你的耳朵……因为中国奶奶比埃米纳姆说话快。
Gordon ChangLawrence : Yes it is especially when you demonstrate your good education and manners in your everyday life. You will be respected and even get some previlidge. 是的,尤其是当你在日常生活中表现出良好的教育和举止时。你会受到尊重,甚至会有一些先见之明。
Mark FudembergLawren : Yes. I have lived and worked in 3 cities without incident 对。我在3个城市生活和工作,没有发生意外
Chan RobertsLawrence : Well, I’ve been here for over five years and have been quite safe. 嗯,我在这里已经五年多了,很安全。
Frans Vandenbosch : I don’t know of any other country at this globe, as safe as China.But, for obvious reasons, it is very unsafe for American intelligence people.我不知道世界上还有哪个国家像中国一样安全,但是,由于明显的原因,对美国情报人员来说,这是非常不安全的。
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