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外国人评价华为研发基地:(采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M_RwsZz9HQ)

Gary Ong: Thanks to the Barretts for showing us the amazing and exclusive Huawei R&D campus. What a place to work, lucky for some 👍 感谢Barretts向我们展示了华为令人惊叹的独家研发园区。多好的工作场所,对某些人来说是幸运的
BluesCreation09: I am so jealous of you Barrett’s. Love your video. Thank you for sharing. 我真羡慕你巴雷特的。喜欢你的视频。谢谢分享。
free lance: Beautiful ….. 美…
Naimul Haq: Incredible, as if another Bill Gates campus, the Chinese have great taste. 不可思议,仿佛又一个比尔盖茨的校园,中国人很有品位。
Yaqi: Treating employees with the best facilities should be done by every institute, company, university, etc. Huawei sets a great example. It’s hard to beat a company like this. You can imagine how active and dedicated researchers here are. 每个机构、公司、大学等都应该用最好的设施对待员工,华为树立了一个很好的榜样。像这样的公司很难打败。你可以想象这里的研究人员是多么活跃和敬业。
Belly Button: Why are the buildings so European design orientated? 为什么这些建筑如此注重欧洲设计?
lewis lau: I don’t know why but the ladies I met in Huawei were all good-looking. Not sure if the appearance weigh a lot for Huawei’s selecting 我不知道为什么,但我在华为遇到的女士们都很漂亮。不确定这个外观是否对华为的选择有很大影响
Ice Cube: Huawei staffs don’t have to go to Europe. Huawei brings the Europe to them instead 😁 华为员工不必去欧洲。华为却把欧洲带到了他们身边
wen mad: Huawei’s Songshan Lake Base demonstrates its determination to embrace the world and its respect for Western technology. But the Americans were worried about being replaced, so they unconditionally suppressed Huawei. The Americans once again slowed down the progress of human science and technology, which is the biggest obstacle to world progress. 华为的松山湖基地表明了它拥抱世界的决心和对西方技术的尊重。但是美国人担心被取代,所以他们无条件地压制了华为。美国人再次减缓了人类科学技术的进步,这是世界进步的最大障碍。
Bernard Fong: I want a Huawei PhD. 我想要一个华为博士学位。
betty 520: nothing can stop Huawei to be more stronger,Trump is a definitely a idiot. 没有什么能阻止华为变得更强大,特朗普绝对是个白痴。
Lisa Shung: Lucky you! I’d like visit the place too……looks amazing and people are friendly and happy! 你真幸运!我也想去看看这个地方……看起来很神奇,人们都很友好和快乐!
X: I see some criticism of the European style of the campus. Actually, it is the right pick as it demonstrates Huawei’s principle of openness to the world. Huawei’s success has been for a big part due to its openness to learning from the West instead of sticking to norrow-minded nationalist pride. It once spent hundreds of million dollars on consulting from IBM. No other Chinese company has done that. Huawei should be the only truly multi-national company that originated in China and run by Chinese. 我看到一些对欧洲校园风格的批评。事实上,这是一个正确的选择,因为它展示了华为对世界开放的原则。华为的成功在很大程度上是因为它乐于向西方学习,而不是坚持诺罗式的民族主义自豪感。它曾经花费数亿美元从IBM那里获得咨询服务。没有其他中国公司这么做过。华为应该是唯一一家起源于中国、由中国人经营的真正的跨国公司。
asia sushi: Looks more like a tourist attraction than a company. Holy. 看起来更像是旅游景点而不是公司。天哪。
sam watt: Thanks for sharing your excellent experience with us. Everybody know Huawei is a high tech company even Trump went all out to halt its progress. How this company attracts people to work for them is of course going to be very interesting. The footage at this moment of time is truly priceless. 感谢您与我们分享您的精彩体验。人人都知道华为是一家高科技公司,就连特朗普也全力以赴阻止它的发展。这家公司如何吸引人们为他们工作当然会很有趣。此时此刻的镜头真是无价之宝。
Derrick Truong: This is why U S wanted to destroy HUAWEI 这就是为什么美国要摧毁华为
Peter Cua: City within the city. 城市中的城市。
μ The Kitten Force: Huawei phones are actually really cool. The USA’s ban is mostly about ensuring Apple market share, because Huawei was producing better phones at a lower price. Thanks for showing these amazing places. 华为手机其实很酷。美国的禁令主要是为了确保苹果的市场份额,因为华为正在以更低的价格生产更好的手机。谢谢你展示了这些神奇的地方。
santsuma: Months ago I saw a report on this amazing Huawei R&D campus. It seems like Huawei treats its genius-level IT engineers like European kings… The company gives employees Bentleys, Mercedes, Porsches, Rolls Royces, and some other “cheap” cars to drive, lol… From what I recall Mr. Ren Zhengfei saying 70% of the company is owned by its employees! The question is: does ANY western company treats its employees (and co-owners) like THIS? 几个月前,我看到了关于这个令人惊叹的华为研发园区的报告。 似乎华为像欧洲国王一样对待其才华横溢的IT工程师… 该公司为员工提供宾利,梅赛德斯,保时捷,劳斯莱斯和其他一些“便宜”的汽车来驾驶,哈哈哈… 我记得任正非先生说过,公司70%的股份是由其员工拥有的! 问题是:是否有西方公司将其员工(和共同所有人)像这样对待?
Wa: crazy, new style of made in china. 疯狂,中国制造的新风格。
Paddy Man: It’s BIG. 😱😱😱 太大了。
Tony: What Witchcraft and Wizardry is this? That look like Hogwarts boarding school LOL. Such an amazing campus. 这是什么巫术?那看起来像霍格沃茨寄宿学校。真是个了不起的校园。
Tim Estremera: Wow Amazing Huawei! 哇,太棒了,华为!
Shannon: I have seen how Mr. Ren talks, a man full of wisdom, I respect him very much. 我看过任先生的谈吐,一个充满智慧的人,我很尊敬他。
skr mark: I went back to Songshan Lake in Dongguan on August 24 to study in Guangdong Medical University 我8月24日回到东莞松山湖,在广东医科大学学习
Nicolas s: Chinese people are try to understand beauty of very cultural 中国人正试图理解文化之美
trevor Norman: I would love to work for them just because of the way they look after their people. 我很愿意为他们工作,因为他们照顾自己的人的方式。
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