freedomofnet : With Memento style film structure, Pulp Fiction style story telling, and Snatch style plot and action, the first Chinese dark comedy, The Crazy Stone sets a milestone for Chinese films. The film title says all. It is a crazily hilarious film about three groups of people trying to steal a piece of emerald. The language is in Chinese local dialect from Sichuan. Even you don’t understand the dialect, Chinese subtitle is available. All performers did a great job in their roles. The story is simple but very close to nowadays people’s life, which brings proximity to different audiences. The film is currently a big hit in China, outruns all other foreign films. If you like to have a good laugh, or to know a little bit about nowadays Chinese plebeian life, you shouldn’t miss this film. 《疯狂的石头》是中国第一部黑色喜剧,它以回忆式的电影结构、纸浆小说式的故事讲述、抓拍式的情节和动作为中国电影树立了里程碑。电影的标题说明了一切。这是一部疯狂的搞笑电影,讲述了三群人试图偷走一片祖母绿。这种语言来自四川的方言。即使你不懂方言,也有中文字幕。所有表演者在他们的角色扮演了很好的角色。这个故事很简单,但是非常接近现在的人们的生活,这给不同的观众带来了亲近感。这部电影在中国是一个热门话题,超越了所有其他外国电影。如果你想好好地笑一笑,或者了解一下现在的中国平民生活,你不应该错过这部电影。
chenj-1 : Due to many reasons such as censorship, financial problems etc. Chinese movie industry has been at the bottom of food chain for decades. Only few people can make money from movie industry without the help of government. Later, many directors such as Zhang Yimou, Chen kaige turn to make all those blockbuster movies with high volume of investment. However, it does not seems to be a good way to keep Chinese movies alive. Empty plots, awkward performance of good-looking actors and actresses could not save movies. They are rip off money from people once, twice but never thrice.Crazy Stone was born under the circumstance that Chinese people are so disappointed by those movies made by zhang Yimou and Chen kaige that they only spend few us dollars buying illegal DVD copies on streets rather than going to movie cinemas. The enriched plot, excellent performances of unknown actors and hilarious story save the last hope of this country’s movies. The movie is produced by famous Hongkong actor Andy 由于审查制度、财政问题等诸多原因,中国电影业几十年来一直处于食物链的底层。没有政府的帮助,只有少数人能从电影业赚钱。后来,张艺谋、陈凯歌等众多导演纷纷转而拍摄大片,投入巨大。然而,这似乎不是一个好的方法来保持中国电影的活力。空洞的情节,难看的男女演员的表演挽救不了电影。《疯狂的石头》诞生于中国人对张艺谋和陈凯歌的电影非常失望,以至于他们只花几美元在街上买非法DVD拷贝,而不去看电影。电影院。丰富多彩的情节、精彩的表演和欢闹的故事挽救了这个国家电影的最后希望。这部电影是由香港著名演员安迪制作的。
lihans0518 : Just when i gave up on Chinese movies, there came the Crazy Stone. It brought me so much fun and made me to regain the hope for the Chinese movies. Never would I consider any liberal and entertaining stuff, such as the Crazy Stone, coming out nowadays from a social context that was tightly controlled, like the Chinese political environment.With a brand new vision the young and open minded director Hao Ning, again, showed us his talents of convincing over people’s pockets and their hearts. The director, simply like anyone else, sees the craziness in today’s China and has the urge to express his and also everybody else’s bewilderness, coz everybody is so lost in front of the money. people do not know where they are and where to go , more crazily, they do not have the rights and power to know about it, so why do not people just make fun of the whole madness, isn’t it what China all about now, chaos and craziness… … 就在我放弃中国电影的时候,出现了疯狂的石头。它给我带来了很多乐趣,使我重新对中国电影抱有希望。我永远不会想到像疯石这样的自由和娱乐的东西,在当今这个受到严格控制的社会环境中,比如中国的政治环境。年轻开明的导演宁浩以一种全新的眼光再次向我们展示了他的天赋。煽动人们的腰包和心灵。导演和其他人一样,看到了当今中国的疯狂,有表达自己和别人困惑的冲动,因为每个人都在金钱面前迷路了。人们不知道自己在哪里,去哪里,更疯狂的是,他们没有权利和权力去了解它,所以为什么人们不只是取笑整个疯狂,这不是中国现在所有的一切,混乱和疯狂……
harry_tk_yung : The popularity of this movie in China is quite logical: black comedies to the extent that this movie has gone are still a novelty and it is quite well done. If the movie makers have been inspired by only one “foreign” movie, it would probably be “Lock, stock and two smoking barrels”, as someone has already mentioned. But of course they have seen a lot more, many of which have been reflected in this movie, as intentional parodies or otherwise.”Crazy stone” has a somewhat convoluted plot, which is not necessarily hopelessly complicated. All it requires is a little attention. Filming technique and editing is not as avant-garde as some of the classic which have become familiar by now – Pulp Fiction, Memento, Amores perros, 21 Grams, just to name a few. There are just enough sleight-of-hand montages to keep it interesting. 这部电影在中国的流行是相当合乎逻辑的:这部电影消失的黑色喜剧仍然是新奇的,而且做得相当好。如果电影制作人受到了一部“外国”电影的启发,它可能是“两杆大烟枪”,正如有人已经提到的。当然,他们已经看到了更多,其中许多已经被反映在这部电影中,作为有意的讽刺或其他。“疯狂的石头”有点复杂的情节,这并不一定是毫无作用的复杂。它需要的只是一点关注。
ivan_hugo168 : If you really like to watch Chinese movie, if you really want to know what exactly the best Chinese movie should be, please don’t watch ‘Shi mian mai fu’ (House of Flying Daggers), ‘Ying Xiong’ (Hero), or ‘Wu Ji’ (The Promise), but do not miss this movie: ‘Crazy Stone’ which would tell you that Chinese movie industry still have hope, and the new generation start direct their own movie, which is totally different as previous generation ( zhang yimou, chen kaiguo) in china. Givingyourself ten minutes watching this movie, after that, you will find that you are watching a movie which is very similar to the British movie ‘Snatch’, the director Lin Hao using the same way, Guy Ritchie used in ‘Snatch’ and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, but the movie reflects the true living situation about plebeian in china. This movie fills with black humor, admirable scenario, and dialect (CHONG QING, CHENG DU, GUANG DONG, and QING DAO). Now it is the hottest movie in china this summer. 如果你真的很喜欢看中国电影,如果你真的想知道最好的中国电影应该是什么,请不要看《十面埋伏》、《英雄》和《无极》,但是不要错过这部电影:《疯狂的石头》,它会告诉你中国电影业依旧充满希望,新一代开始执导自己的电影,这与中国上一代(张艺谋,陈凯歌)截然不同。给自己十分钟看这部电影,之后,你会发现自己在看一部非常类似于英国电影《抢劫》的电影,导演宁浩用同样的方法,盖伊·里奇用《抢劫》和《两杆大烟枪》,但是电影反映了现实。中国平民的生存状况。这部电影充满了黑色幽默,令人钦佩的情节和方言(重庆,成都,广东和青岛)。这是今年夏天中国最热门的电影。
akgs : From plot to transition, from angle of lens to rhythmic montage, from editing to tone, from contrast to freeze frame…, you can get the impression involving Guy Ritchie, who may be referred as the Godfather of Film Noir. This story starts with a priceless emerald, a squad of slack guards and two gangs of thieves, one of which is amateur, while the other is professional judging from the looking. It is not difficult to speculate what would happen from this kind of stereotyped beginning. We can’t tell which part is the imitation and which is the original. It’s a concise and smart comedy, somehow, whose genre is quite different from traditional dramas we can watch at the Chinese cinema. Anyway, for the director, we can say, it’s almost an perfect homework. It would make somebody laugh, but it is difficult to have the audience impressed as a milestone movie. 从情节到过渡,从镜头的角度到有节奏的蒙太奇,从剪辑到色调,从对比到凝固的框架……,你可以得到盖伊·里奇的印象,他可能被称为黑色电影的教父。这个故事开始于一个无价翡翠,一队懒散的警卫和两个小偷帮,其中一个是业余的,而另一个是专业的判断,从外观。从这种刻板印象的开始,不难猜测会发生什么。我们不知道哪个部分是模仿,哪个是原件。不知怎么的,这是一部简洁明智的喜剧,它的风格与我们在中国电影院看传统戏剧大不相同。总之,对于导演来说,这几乎是一个完美的家庭作业。它会让人发笑,但很难让观众留下深刻的印象,作为一个里程碑电影。
mncfjzg : For those who don’t know much about the movie regulation system in China,just imagine you are a child from a very old-fashioned Christian family,if you don’t listen,the chance you get grounded or abused is sky high.That’s why the first time I saw this movie,confusion stroke me very,very hard,I mean,how could you expect someone lives in touchable fear all his life can make a piece of art like this?This movie,rarely,portrays Chinese social environment right on points and humor comes out of it very smoothly,you started feel a part of this movie at the beginning,and that explains why every single time the funny plot surfaces,nothing could stop you from uncontrolled laugh,of course you’ll laugh,you know the characters,it’s your father,your brother and the chick you saw in the movie theater,when things happen to people you feel familiar with,your emotion react much stronger than you think.The story lines,too,are one of the best I’ve seen in years,plots are puzzled but totally make sense to y 对于那些不太了解中国电影监管制度的人来说,想象一下你是一个来自非常老式的基督教家庭的孩子,如果你不听,你被搁浅或虐待的机会就会很高。这就是为什么我第一次看这部电影时,困惑会非常、非常强烈地打击我。你怎么能指望一个人一生都生活在可触摸的恐惧中,能创作出这样的艺术品?这部电影很少能准确地刻画出中国的社会环境,幽默流畅地流露出来,你开始觉得这部电影的一部分,这就解释了为什么每次有趣的情节浮出水面,没有什么能阻止你失控的笑,当然你会笑,你知道电影院里的人物,是你的父亲,是你的兄弟,还有你见到的那个小妞。当事情发生在你熟悉的人身上时,你的情绪反应比你想象的要强烈得多。故事情节也是我多年来看过的最好的故事之一,情节令人困惑,但完全有意义。
wanghav : Actually, I don’t like too many China movies, their story is pale, although I am a Chinese. But The “Crazy stone” is excepted, it’s really a good story. We could see rare movies which story and presentation like Crazy Stone in China, so we can say it become a milestone for china movie (no including HongKong and Taiwan, you know what i mean). Splendid story and wonderful actors performance, making this film more special. Also, you can learn something true about China daily life, so it doesn’t just make us happy, but some blue and black deep inside. We can see the shadow of “Pulp Fiction” in this movie, I just guess the director HaoNing is the fan of Quentin Tarantino, who knows, but we see his shadow indeed. And this never happened in any other China mainland movie, although HongKong movie is the teacher of Quentin Tarantino. In a word, I favor this movie for its good creativity and good cut. 事实上,我不太喜欢中国电影,他们的故事很苍白,虽然我是中国人。但“疯狂的石头”除外,这真是一个好故事。在中国,我们可以看到像《疯狂的石头》这样的故事和介绍的稀有电影,所以我们可以说它成为中国电影(不包括香港和台湾,你知道我的意思)的一个里程碑。精彩的故事和精彩的演员表演,使这部电影更加特别。而且,你可以从中国日常生活中学到一些真实的东西,所以它不只是让我们快乐,而是让我们内心深处有些忧郁和黑暗。在这部电影中我们可以看到“纸浆小说”的影子,我猜导演郝宁是昆汀·塔伦蒂诺的影迷,谁知道呢,但我们确实看到了他的影子。虽然香港电影是昆汀·塔伦蒂诺的老师,但这在中国大陆的其他电影中从未发生过。总之,我喜欢这部电影,因为它有很好的创造力和很好的剪裁。
DICK STEEL : So far, the FOCUS: First Cuts series of movies have been rather mediocre. Taiwan’s The Shoe Fairy was rather plain, Hong Kong’s I’ll Call You was concentrated too much on its effects, and Singapore’s Love Story was just awful. The three aforementioned movies lacked a compelling story to tell, and I was holding my breath on how a movie titled Crazy Stone will present itself.I bought into it, hook line and sinker, within the first ten minutes. The opening scenes were a class act in editing, presentation, with a mixture of humour, and wastes no time in introducing the ensemble characters of the movie – an ex-cop turned Chief Security Officer, his Toto-fanatical sidekick, the arrogant crony of an unscrupulous real estate developer, a skirt-chasing photographer, a trio of bumbling crooks, and a professional thief who just has no luck.Directed by China’s Ning Hao, Crazy Stone is one heck of a heist movie with deft touches in presentation.  到目前为止,重点:第一次剪辑系列电影已经相当平庸。台湾的鞋仙女是相当平淡的,香港的我会叫你太专注于它的效果,新加坡的爱情故事是可怕的。前面提到的三部电影缺乏令人信服的故事可讲,我屏住呼吸,想知道一部名为《疯狂的石头》的电影将如何呈现。开场戏是编辑、演示、混合幽默的类表演,而且毫不费力地介绍这部电影的整体人物,一个前警察变成了首席安全官,他的托托狂热伙伴,一个肆无忌惮的房地产开发商的傲慢帮凶,一条裙子。追逐摄影师,三个笨拙的骗子,还有一个运气不好的职业小偷。由中国导演宁浩执导,《疯狂的石头》是一部表现手法娴熟的盗窃电影。
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