dady ruirui : China is changing from a big manufacturing country to a big creating country. Then, like the United States, we can also provide technical support to produce products in other countries, so that pollution will not exist in our own country. Isn’t that why the United States has less pollution? 中国正从一个制造大国转变为一个创造大国。然后,像美国一样,我们也可以为在其他国家生产产品提供技术支持,这样我们的国家就不会存在污染。这就是为什么美国污染少的原因吗?
dady ruirui : Let’s all go back to the Stone Age, so there won’t be any pollution. 让我们回到石器时代,这样就不会有任何污染。
Shaurya Gahlot : Shitty country China 中国这个肮脏的国家
hyperbeast : It’s the awful price of transitioning for developing countries. London had it, LA had it and Beijing has actually improved a lot since the early 2010’s. The pollution nowadays are all from the outer provinces and gets accumulated on calm days. A bit of wind and they are gone. N95 specified masks are needed. For worse pollution, check New Delhi. 这是发展中国家转型的可怕代价。从2010年初开始,伦敦、洛杉矶和北京的污染状况实际上改善了很多。现在的污染都来自外省,而且是在平静的日子里积累起来的。有点风,它们就不见了。需要N95指定的屏蔽。如果污染更严重,去新德里看看。
韩震 : What do you see in China? It is also the phenomenon that the state itself reports in extreme cases and finds solutions, and you will seize these extremely harsh photos. Have you ever been to China, or have you lived for more than 7 days? The easiest way is to use your mobile phone to search our city to see the real-time weather, you know who is boring to tell the story! ! Some foreign friends who come to China will not go, listen to their statements. In some countries, rioting and shooting incidents frequently occur, you can pay more attention to let the government solve 你在中国看到了什么?这也是国家自身在极端情况下报告并找到解决方案的现象,你将抓住这些极端严酷的照片。你去过中国吗?或者你住了7天以上?最简单的办法就是用手机搜索我们的城市,看实时天气,你知道谁讲的故事很无聊!!一些来中国的外国朋友不会去,听他们的陈述。在一些国家,暴乱和击事件频繁发生,你可以更加注意让解决。
Athaariq Ardiansyah : Well… That country made in china, indeed 好。。。那个国家的确是中国制造的
Origami Tobiichi : The most wasteful country complain energy consumption in a country with most increase in forest area 最浪费的国家抱怨森林面积增加最多的国家的能源消耗
Kaheri stevens : Its only gonna get worse. Its really simple every year there are ~8% more people (who live in capitalistic governments) , which mean there are 8% more people to provide for and recorces are used 8% faster. My teacher describes it as driving to a cliff with your pedal to the metal. And civilizations (especally those based around capalism) taking their pedal off the metal is going to he the hardest things humans will work, together, to do. 只会变得更糟。这真的很简单,每年都有大约8%的人(生活在资本主义中),这意味着有8%的人需要养活,并且反悔的使用速度要快8%。我的老师把它描述成用你的踏板踩到金属上的悬崖上。文明(尤其是那些基于能力的文明)将他们的踏板从金属上取下,这将是人类共同努力要做的最困难的事情。
Yank Nba : It was worth it cause China brought millions of people out of poverty 这是值得的,因为中国使数百万人摆脱了贫困
red x17 : air growes on trees 空气在树上生长
H Kone : nuclear not even mentioned? 甚至没有提到核能?
Alexander Christopher : 0:35 I don’t know about you, but if you managed to reduced air pollution from 35 times above the WHO limit to 10 times, isn’t that a big improvement? And in 5 years time? It ain’t perfect, but they’re getting somewhere. 0:35我不了解你,但如果你能把空气污染从世界卫生组织规定的35倍减少到10倍,那不是很大的改善吗?5年后呢?这不太完美,但他们已经有所进展了。
zhao罩 : stop export trash to other countries first, then you westerners can talk about air pollution 先停止向其他国家出口垃圾,然后西方人就可以谈论空气污染了。
Cookie Gacha : They use so much plastic everything I see that’s made out of plastic says *CHINA* 他们用了太多的塑料,我看到的一切都是用塑料做的,上面写着“中国”。*
Midvale : Cockroaches can live through atom bombs I’m pretty sure everyones just overreacting 蟑螂可以通过原子弹生存。我很肯定每个人都反应过度。
Griffin Combs : bruh its chinas fualt they need to fix it 告诉我中国的情况他们需要修复它
Aksi Dent : Fuck it let’s dump trash to the sun 去他妈的,我们把垃圾扔给太阳吧。
Nachteule Lice : I just wanted to remind you that the average US citizen emmits three times more carbon than the average chinese. Don’t only blame the chinese for destroying our planet. 我只是想提醒你,美国公民的平均排放量是中国人平均排放量的三倍。不要只怪中国人破坏了我们的地球。
archer c : wait 50% more than amaricas spending at around 60 billion, wouldnt that be 120 billion, not 100 billion 比阿玛利卡花费高出50%,大约600亿,不可能是1200亿,而不是1000亿
Jinze Sha : Rank pollution and waste per capita and see who goes first 把污染和浪费按人均排名,看谁排第一。
_Apo4x : And then you have those eco friendly protestors who think the West pollutes so much they want to block streets, accuse the white man and close down power plants etc… seriously… 还有那些环保的抗议者,他们认为西方污染严重,他们想封锁街道,指责白人,关闭发电厂等等。
Alex Shuysky : We could export air to China lol 我们可以把空气出口到中国
LOONA SAVED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY : Oh please. They moved all the pollution producing refineries and factories to near Korea, near Shandong. Thanks to it, Korean air is getting so toxic. Fuck you China! 哦,拜托。他们把所有产生污染的炼油厂和工厂转移到靠近韩国、山东的地方。多亏了它,韩国空气变得如此有毒。操你中国!
mpforeverunlimited : He reduced the smog by 3x in five years, I dont like how the video phrases it as if he did a bad thing. Thats a lot of progress. 他在五年内把烟雾减少了3倍,我不喜欢这段视频怎么说,好像他做了件坏事。这是很大的进步。
Jonathan Fagell : China just make too much low QUALITY crap 中国制造了太多低质量的垃圾
Abdul Akram : Ridiculous rather than criticizing appreciate the bloody effort, it’s slows but steadily getting better rather than being so grandiose about it sitting in the West. All I got from this look how bad China is while we all know most of the pollution was cause by the west. What a Dumb moron. 荒谬而不是批评欣赏这种血腥的努力,而是缓慢而稳步地好转,而不是如此浮夸地坐在西方。我从中得到的一切,看中国有多糟糕,而我们都知道大部分污染是由西方造成的。真是个愚蠢的白痴。
Mehadi Hasan : Indias air is so much worse 印度的空气更糟
416 finn : when will thy stop destroying the oceans??! cause that is the fucking root cause of why asians breath smog constantly but no thats never going to happen look at japan they just legalized whaling again and hey canada my country is also bad for this but for one reason, asian immigrants. stop eating everything that fucking moves and stop trying these bs plans to make the world better, stop draining our fucking oceans then china its that fucking simple. the ocean accounts to 95% of the oxygen we breath and the treat the ocean like its a dump 你什么时候停止破坏海洋??!因为这是亚洲人经常呼吸烟雾的根本原因,但这是永远不会发生的。看看日本,他们刚刚使捕鲸合法化,嘿,加拿大,我的国家也不利于这一点,但有一个原因,亚洲移民。停止吃任何他妈的东西,停止尝试这些英国人的计划,让世界变得更好,停止消耗我们该死的海洋,然后中国就这么简单了。海洋占我们呼吸氧气的95%,把海洋当作垃圾场。
History of Baltic tribes : Former British colony vs oldest Asian civilization 前英国殖民地与最古老的亚洲文明
Joel Ochoa : I have been in China 6 times and everything I go the air quality is better. 我在中国已经6次了,我所做的一切都是为了改善空气质量。
Oskar Ware : I guess the bad air quality in Beijing was PEKING! 我想北京的空气质量太差了!
Not Socrazy : Weibo can criticize government for not doing anything to cramp pollution…Emmm some Freedom of speach.. 微博可以批评没有采取任何措施来限制污染……嗯……一些言论自由……
Not Socrazy : Per capita.. US is the worst poluter 人均…美国是最坏的争论者
Joshua Yang : I went to Beijing in March 2018, and the pollution was as thick as fog. You couldn’t even see a building a quarter mile in front of you. 我在2018年3月去了北京,污染和雾一样严重。你甚至在四分之一英里外都看不到一座建筑物。
Alliswell : The US and Europe exported it’s pollution. 美国和欧洲出口了它的污染。
Joe Krebs : Maybe they can export all this pollution to the nation’s they building factories in!!! 也许他们可以把所有这些污染出口到他们建造工厂的国家!!!!
hip hop : 3:10 China spent over 100Bil $ whilst the USA spent .2 Bil $. That is not 56% more. 3:10中国花了100亿美元,而美国花了.2亿美元。这还不超过56%。
yooser naime : Choking on their own greed. 被自己的贪婪扼杀。
Defy Convention : They need a Green New Deal send AOC as a diplomat and leave her there. 他们需要一个绿色的新协议,派AOC做外交官,把她留在那里。
Will Smith : It’s not enough, Chinese people are suffering it right now. 这还不够,中国人现在正遭受着痛苦。
hyou zan ren : No wonder they push soo hard EVs(Tesla is among them!)and planting trees on the desert! 难怪他们会推硬性电动汽车(特斯拉就是其中之一!)在沙漠里种树!
tankpoker19k : China is so dirty. Was just there 2 weeks ago. Shanghai was just as bad 中国太脏了。就在两周前。上海也同样糟糕
Elizabeth Herrera : IN MEXICO WE HAVE 1 MONTH ON “NO POLYBAGS” AT SHOPPING. 在墨西哥,我们有一个月的时间在购物时不买塑料袋。
林清泉 : Black means days of clean air. Now USA’s citizen distinguish the condition of weather by colors? 黑色意味着空气清新。现在美国公民用颜色来区分天气状况?
Ft Peck Rez Azure : Correction at 3:03. In 2018, “Gina” spent roughly 35.8% more than the US. Although this still makes them the world’s biggest investor towards Green energy. Spending 56% more than the US would be inaccurate, right? 3:03修正。2018年,“吉娜”的支出大约比美国多35.8%。尽管如此,它们仍然是全球最大的绿色能源投资商。比美国多支出56%是不准确的,对吗?
Sourish Saha : this is sad and should be taken seriously immediately 这很可悲,应该立即认真对待
Liang Yuandong : Actually, Americans should change their lifestyle, why do you need a fireplace in 2019? why do you turn the air temperature feel cold in summer? In China, we limit the air condition not lower than 84F in summer and no higher than 68F in winter. Which country is trying to make the earth a better palace is so obvious. 事实上,美国人应该改变他们的生活方式,为什么在2019年你需要一个壁炉?你为什么在夏天把气温调得很冷?在中国,我们将空调温度限制在夏季不低于84F,冬季不高于68F。哪个国家正在努力使地球成为一个更好的宫殿,这是显而易见的。
Bryce Wong : Thanks to the government, and those countries helping us, we suffered a lot and now we’re trying to be better 多亏了和那些帮助我们的国家,我们遭受了很多痛苦,现在我们正在努力变得更好。
otakukj : Hell of a lot better than air in India though 不过,印度的情况比航空要好得多。
Jin Kuang : Most of the smog are from Northern desert storms and coal burning in the north. The Chinese government has been working in rectifying the solution for over 5 years with focus. And the result is showing. You are seeing more and more clear sky in Northern cities. I understand the urge to smear China but in my book, this is a fixable situation and it is being fixed. 大部分烟雾来自北部沙漠风暴和煤炭燃烧。中国已经有5年多的时间专注于解决问题。结果显示。北方城市的天空越来越晴朗。我理解抹黑中国的强烈愿望,但在我的书中,这是一个固定的情况,而且正在被修正。
Sundar Pichai : 3 billion people could be the problem 30亿人可能是问题所在
Bingo S : well ,it getting much better than 2015,but still long way to go for a developing country 好吧,比2015年好多了,但对于一个发展中国家来说还有很长的路要走
WeiWen WWE : So America just sends their trash overseas and want to claim that they are not contributing much to pollution? Wow 所以,美国只是把垃圾运到海外,想宣称他们对污染的贡献不大?哇哦
Ryan VanGelder : Please buy hybrids and EV’s 请买混合动力车和电动汽车
O : The US produces 3 times more emissions per person than an average Chinese. China is the biggest polluter simply because it has so many people. 美国人均排放量是中国平均水平的3倍。中国是最大的污染源,因为它有这么多人。
Sherry Wang : and people say china is bad for not taking their trash lol, now they’re sending it to fucking malaysia 人们说中国不收垃圾棒是件坏事,现在他们要把它送到他妈的马来西亚去。
吾欲同令堂行云雨之乐 : China is the world’s largest producer of renewable energy 中国是世界上最大的可再生能源生产国
吾欲同令堂行云雨之乐 : Why use data from a decade ago instead of now? 为什么要使用十年前的数据而不是现在的数据?
Spicy Pepper : there’s literally more people dead on the street due to drugs and violence in the US. so fix your probs before posing as a savior the world hon. 实际上,在美国,更多的人死于毒品和暴力。所以,在摆出救世主的姿态之前,先解决你的问题,亲爱的。
The Other Side : *In Nigeria: Our Senate Deputy President said last week that we should resist sales of electric cars since they affect our oil business.* *尼日利亚:我们的参议院副总统上周说,我们应该抵制电动汽车的销售,因为它们会影响我们的石油业务。
Obi2 : China is going nuclear or fusion energy. 中国正在发展核或聚变能源。
陈龙 : Don’t forget the Great Green Wall of trees and more efficient, centralized coal power plants in China. 别忘了中国的绿色长城和更高效、更集中的燃煤发电厂。
David Yang : Don’t blame China too much for its pollution, since China is making all the things for every country (almost). 不要过分责备中国的污染,因为中国几乎为每个国家制造了所有的东西。
flameeyes : 4,000 people a day specifically* die becuase of pollution *in china*… Wow where did you get that number? 每天有4000人死于中国的污染。哇,你从哪儿弄到的那个号码?
Vito Scaletta : This is a stupid topic. China is a developing country, and developing countries must sacrifice the environment in exchange for development. Let’s talk about London a hundred years ago? It’s just a process. 这是一个愚蠢的话题。中国是发展中国家,发展中国家必须牺牲环境换取发展。我们谈谈一百年前的伦敦吧?这只是一个过程。
Moon Jae-in : big thanks to westerners for telling China how bad the air is ,so China declined your western trash 非常感谢西方人告诉中国空气有多糟,所以中国拒绝了你们的西方垃圾。
人情味儿没有 : Why recycling the footage from years ago? Why not show what it is like today? Oh, I know, this is fake news. 为什么要回收多年前的录像?为什么不展示今天的情况呢?哦,我知道,这是个假消息。
peppermint Grove : which country is next China? 下一个中国是哪个国家?
Ale Vic : The graph showing the number of EV cars should has been done with percentage values, not in absolute terms. I mean in China there are so many vehicles that of course the country is the biggest market for EV, but what about the percentage comparison between EV and “internal combustion engine” car? 显示电动汽车数量的图表应该用百分比值来完成,而不是绝对值。我的意思是在中国有这么多的车辆,当然这个国家是电动汽车的最大市场,但是电动汽车和“内燃机”汽车的百分比比较呢?
Matthew Ng : People just blaming China for the pollution before dont realize its a result of rapid industrialization. Without it, they would have not been able to become leaders in global green energy today. China has faults and its not perfect but they learn and are pragmatic. At least to me.. cant say that for my fellow americans thanks to the brainwashing media we have here 人们只是把污染归咎于中国,然后才意识到它是快速工业化的结果。如果没有它,他们今天将无法成为全球绿色能源的领导者。中国有缺点,并不完美,但他们学习和务实。至少对我来说……感谢我们这里的洗脑媒体,我不能对我的美国同胞这么说。