For two weeks each year, college students take over a massive stadium and fill it with fighting drones, plastic ammo, and rapt spectators. This is Robomasters, held in Shenzhen by DJI, the world’s leading drone maker. 每年两个星期,大学生接管一个巨大的体育场,并用无人机,塑料弹药和狂热的观众填充它。这是Robomasters,由全球领先的无人机制造商DJI在深圳举办。



artended : Internet lacks quality materials about china, please do more of those. 互联网缺乏关于中国的优质成份,请多做一些。
Chetan Biswas : Important lessons to be learned here for dirty low IQ Indians. 在这里我们要学习的重要经验教训肮脏的低智商印度人。
Abhi Jayant : *Damn. One of the best video on youtube* china is on ruthless in tech…… 该死的。YouTube*中国最好的视频之一是在科技上……
arslongavitabrebis : Does any one sees this as training for war? Geeks are being train to enjoy and develop fighting machines. Is that scary? 有人认为这是战争的训练吗?极客们正在接受训练,以享受和发展战斗机器。那可怕吗?
Michael Sharma : DJI no.1 company in the world .. chinese will soon dominate in everything …. 世界第一大DJI公司。中国人很快就会主宰一切……
paasuke : thats fucking awesome 他妈的太棒了
abbas ahmed : Greatness is start in shenzhen, the city that test human minds.. 伟大始于深圳,这座考验人心的城市。
De Ka : Wtf like in movie robot fighter 像电影中的机器人战斗机
Mitchell : This is over ratted, young people should focuse on learning. 这太过分了,年轻人应该集中精力学习
Carjon Deng : This fake! How the hell is it possible for a non-democratic country to make these cool thing? No way you evil communism! 假的!一个非民主国家怎么可能做出这些酷事?不可能你是邪恶的共产主义
Sean Yu : One of the biggest cultural difference between China or Eastern Asian culture and US culture from my years of living in china and US is , Chinese (East Asians) tend to adore nerds( intelligent but most likely introvert). The coolest kid and the one who everyone look up to in the high school are mostly the one on the top academic rankings( Chinese hs do the rankings for each exam). However, the most popular and cool kids in US high school, are most likely the leader of their sports team, football player, or really social guy, party animal. Being a tech nerd and introvert in US high school or college basically equal to no girlfriend, no life, loser. which is quite scary. 从我在中国和美国的生活经历来看,中国或东亚文化与美国文化最大的文化差异之一是,中国人(东亚人)倾向于崇拜书呆子(聪明但很可能内向)。在高中里,最酷的孩子和每个人都看得起的孩子大多是排名靠前的孩子(中国人每次考试都会排名)。然而,在美国高中最受欢迎和最酷的孩子,最有可能是他们运动队的队长,足球运动员,或者真正的社交伙伴,派对动物。在美国高中或大学里,作为一个科技呆子和内向者,基本上等于没有女朋友,没有生活,没有失败者。这很可怕。
Jatin Abhir : OMG. LOOKS SO COOL 天啊。看起来很酷
Alvin Kuang : Loved the shots that were included of Shenzhen at night, looks so futuristic! 喜欢包括深圳在内的夜间拍摄,看起来很有未来感!
interanaut : China is growing a whole new logical generation.. Meanwhile indian scientist are proving Einstein a blunder…( without any proof) and spreading the vedic stupidity across country hoping to be a super power.. 中国正在成长一个全新的逻辑世代。与此同时,印度科学家正在证明爱因斯坦犯了一个错误……(没有任何证据)并将吠陀的愚蠢传播到全国各地,希望成为超级大国。
GOD : FUCK! I need this in my life! This is cool AF! 我需要这个!这太酷了!
Fantasticman : If someone else compete Americans, superior American will try every dirty tricks to destroy you. American companies are moral principles , all the companies in the rest of the world only can make cheap parts , but must buy core technologies from American companies, otherwise if you buy from someone else I will say the competitor is hacking you. Typical American mentality 如果有人和美国人竞争,美国优等生会想尽一切手段来摧毁你。美国公司是道德准则,世界上所有的公司都只能生产廉价的零部件,但必须从美国公司购买核心技术,否则如果你从别人那里购买,我会说竞争对手正在入侵你。典型的美国人心态
Putgamo Sherpa : oh nice world. 哦,美好的世界。
Leonardo gonçalves : Awesome 真棒
lppoqql : China is the future and Trump pissed off China for nothing, now all the American companies are going to have a hard time. 中国是未来,特朗普无缘无故地激怒了中国,现在所有的美国公司都将陷入困境。
Doran Martell : Nothing Netflix offers me can beat this Netflix给我的任何东西都比不上这个
Masked Singer : Is this where China makes the micro hacking chips? Jordan Robertson of Bloomberg, please tell us more about the hacks and evidence. Where should one look for those rice sized chips you mentioned? 这是中国制造微黑客芯片的地方吗?彭博社的乔丹·罗伯逊,请告诉我们更多关于黑客和证据的信息。你提到的那些大米大小的薯条应该在哪里找到?
J He : way too cool 太酷了
Amgrade : idk if Ashlee does control those robot by Zhejiang University or it’s all just a set up that he was placed in another room, but anyway i like his humble attitude (: IDK如果艾希礼真的控制了浙江大学的机器人,或者只是把他安置在另一个房间里,但不管怎样,我喜欢他的谦逊态度(:
Fake Fukus : wow, no wonder the great satan is getting SO jealous, THE DRAGON will soon turn it into a midget. 哇,难怪大撒旦嫉妒得这么厉害,龙很快就会把它变成侏儒。
Zenith V.I.M : Will start watching Robomasters now. 现在就开始看机器人了。
WiseOldDude : 99% of Americans NEVER heard of Dji. 99%的美国人从未听说过DJI。
dlz124 : I need a full 1 hr documentary on this. So cool !!! 我需要一个完整的1小时的纪录片。太酷了!!!!
Hummingbird Journey : Life is becoming more and more complex. It’s hard to know how to become a human or what’s the meaning of being a human anymore. 生活变得越来越复杂。很难知道如何成为一个人,或者成为一个人的意义是什么。
Johnson Taylor : Ashlee, don’t be a condescending westerner prick who can’t stomach the rise of China. 艾希礼,不要做一个屈尊的西方人,他们不能容忍中国的崛起。
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