Hiring scramble for world’s largest telescope in remote China. When China built the world’s largest telescope, officials said it would make the country the global leader in radio astronomy. The problem is, they can’t find enough people to run it. 在中国偏远地区的世界上最大的望远镜正在招聘,当望远镜在建时,中国官方表示将成为射电天文学的全球领导者。问题是,他们找不到足够的人来运行它。



FallingStar7669 : I have to say, it’s a bit surreal to hear news from China that they “can’t find enough people”. 我不得不说,从中国听到他们“找不到足够的人”的新闻有点超现实。
mgescher : Reminds me of the old saying that ‘if you’re one in a million, there are 1,200 of you in China.’ 让我想起一句古老的说法,“如果你是一百万分之一,那么在中国就有1200个你。”
LearnerPermit : As a nation/planet we might have wasted someone who spends their whole life repairing wheels on ox carts and not doing something to take us to the next level. 作为一个国家/地球,我们可能会浪费一些人,他们一生都在修理牛车上的车轮,而没有采取措施将我们带到一个新的水平。
Andromeda321 : Honestly, unfortunately Chinese astronomy a few decades ago didn’t really exist as it now does today. This means projects like this that need a ton of expertise can’t be found locally- at best you need to compete for Chinese astronomers who likely made their careers abroad. Plus honestly in the USA we have like a few hundred folks with the relevant experience, and can’t fill a lot of really technical radio astronomy jobs either. 老实说,不幸的是,几十年前的中国天文学并不像现在这样。这意味着需要大量专业知识的这类项目无法在当地找到 – 最好的是你需要争夺那些可能在国外开展事业的中国天文学家。老实说,在美国,我们有几百人拥有相关经验,也无法填补很多真正技术性的射电天文工作。
ReverendMoist : A few years ago China was offering huge benefits packages to geoscientists (my field) to move there and establish research labs. Much of it was an attempt to recover Chinese researchers who had emigrated (brain drain). I heard of one university offering tenure, a house, and car. I don’t know how many people took the offers though. I’d imagine these telescopes are probably attempting similar offers. 几年前,中国向地理科学家(我的领域)提供了巨大的福利待遇,以便迁移到那里并建立研究实验室。其中大部分是试图找回移民(人才流失)的中国研究人员。我听说有一所大学提供工作,房子和汽车。我不知道有多少人接受了这些优惠。我想这些望远镜可能提供类似的福利。
OneTime_AtBandCamp : The internationally reknown experts they’re trying to attract probably don’t want to live in China long term at all – let alone the remote region where this thing is. 他们试图吸引的国际知名专家可能根本不想长期居住在中国 – 更不用说这个地方的偏远地区了。
TbonerT : They are basically trying to draw from a pool of highly-qualified Chinese radio astronomers willing to relocate to a remote region. Even in a country with that many people, it is still a very small pool of people. 他们基本上是试图从一群愿意搬迁到偏远地区的高素质中国无线电天文学家那里吸取人才。即使在拥有这么多人的国家,它仍然是一个非常小的人群。
spartan6222 : $1.2 million….IN CHINA. Like I get that this isn’t the best deal for forigners because China basically still controls what you can do with the cash. 120万美元….在中国。就像我知道这对于外国人来说不是最好的交易,因为中国基本上仍然控制你可以用现金做什么。
HeadsUpHigh : I remember reading the job posting for the leading position when it came out. They wanted someone to come from the USA or some other country that already has experience to lead the project for a few years while training Chinese people to take over. At which point that person would be booted from it and it would turn into a Chinese-only observatory( as in required citizenship). Their requirements were so high that there where basically single-digit people in the world capable of the position, all of which in either tenure or well funded projects. They also offered ~100k$ per year. Gee, I wonder why people are not interested. 我记得刚开始招聘时,他们希望有来自美国或其他已经有过领导该项目几年经验的人,同时培训中国人接管,他们的要求非常高,以至于世界上基本上只有个位数的人能够担任这个职位,所有这些人都在任期或资金充足的项目中。他们还提供每年约10万美元。哎呀,我想知道为什么人们不感兴趣。
DeFex : Strange how they can spend millions building that but it’s not worth paying people a competitive wage to operate it. 奇怪的是他们如何花费数百万美元来建造它,但是不愿意给有竞争力的工资。
akaPABLO1 : Exactly, the Chinese bought into st Helens glass for the technology that was patented, only then to relocate the factory with patent ownership to China. 确切地说,中国人购买了获得专利技术的圣海伦斯玻璃,然后才将工厂的专利权转让给中国。
High_Valyrian_ : As a scientist myself, I can claim without a doubt that some of the shittiest and shoddiest science I’ve seen has come out of China. It seems like these guys are more interested in quantity over quality. If I were an astrophysicist instead of a medical biologist, I’d be very not interested in taking this job too. 作为一名科学家,我可以毫无疑问地声称,我见过的一些最狡猾,最狡猾的中国科学家。似乎这些家伙对数量比对质量更感兴趣。如果我是天体物理学家而不是医学生物学家,我对这项工作也不感兴趣。
LucidDreams27 : In mainland China most research facilities are government funded. 在中国大陆,大多数研究设施都是政府资助的.
SesshySiltstrider : Of course nobody wants to work there, 007’s just going to shoot it up trying to rescue some hot russian scientist 当然没有人想在那里工作,007只是为了拯救一些热门的俄罗斯科学家而开枪
bordercolliesforlife : Wait so out of like 1.3 billion people hardly anyone is qualified? 13亿人中都找不到合格的?
jburkek : According to the article the compensation is only 100,00 yuan (14,400 USD) per year. No way you’re going to find a lot of trained scientists who want to live in rural China for such a low salary. 根据该文章,赔偿每年仅为100,00元(14,400美元)。你决不会找到很多训练有素的科学家,愿意以低工资生活在中国农村。
Imperator-Solis : When this was announced for building I remember people were talking about how hard it was gonna be for people to get in it 当这个被宣布建设时,我记得有人在谈论人们进入它会有多难
50calPeephole : There’s always a fresh grad desperate enough to apply, it just becomes a matter of standards on China’s part. 总有新的毕业生急切去申请,这是中国的日常。
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