Taysi Kuu: Putin will congratulate Biden soon… 普京很快就会祝贺拜登。。。
johnson More: Only Taiwan President Tsai in a hurry to congrats Biden, it made Trump very angry ! 只有台湾总统蔡英文急着恭喜拜登,这让特朗普非常气愤!
George Sim: China is correct. CNA should be prudent not to be bais . Is ashame. US has not officially make any final announcements or certification while votes are still counting and some are doing recounting . please get the Act right CNA. And some country leader are making embarrassing mistake. Dont just follow get the fact right. And Biden shouldn’t make declaration even it looks chances he is going to be elected. 中国是正确的。CNA应该谨慎行事,不要成为bais,丢人现眼。在选票仍在计票和一些人重新计票的时候,美国还没有正式宣布任何最终声明或认证。一些国家领导人犯了一个令人尴尬的错误。不要跟着去把事实弄清楚。拜登不应该发表声明,即使看起来他有可能当选。
Anon Anon: Human rights abuses? Oh right, when China invaded Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Death to America. 侵犯人权?哦,对了,当中国入侵阿富汗、叙利亚和伊拉克时。
Duong Tran: Joe Biden has to kneel before China first 拜登必须先向中国下跪
Blue Ring: Only America’s enemies have declined to congratulate Biden, all the allies have already done it. It just shows you who is against us and who is with us. 只有美国的敌人拒绝祝贺拜登,所有盟国都已经这样做了。它只会告诉你谁反对我们,谁支持我们。
Sye Riz: Why President Xi have to CONGRATULATE to biden ? we dont care about America’s dirty politics , Maybe CNN forget What U.S did with China in these last 4 years and they expect China to CONGRATULATE Biden …. 为什么习要祝贺拜登?我们不在乎美国肮脏的政治,也许CNN忘记了美国在过去4年里对中国做了什么,他们希望中国祝贺拜登。。。。
Mikh: Jeez the number of people here who still think trump has a chance of winning . The reason the media declared was because the math showed it was impossible for trump to overtake already. 天哪,这里还有多少人认为特朗普有胜算。媒体宣称的原因是,数学表明特朗普已经不可能翻盘。
ankit sharma: Hahaha……hidden friendship with Trump hmmm business 哈哈哈……和特朗普的秘密友谊
Steve Law: By doing this, China is acting like a big and respectable nation to the US people and the world. They refrain to comment until the official winner is announced by the US election committee. Stupid cna just don’t understand international politic 😂🤣 通过这样做,中国对美国人民和世界而言就像一个大国和受人尊敬的国家。他们拒绝发表评论,直到美国选举委员会宣布正式获胜者为止。 愚蠢的CNA只是不了解国际政治😂🤣
mike whatever: the Chinese prefers Trump, Chinese has begun to enjoy fighting the US because that just makes China even stronger day by day 中国人更喜欢特朗普,中国人已经开始享受与美国作战的乐趣,因为这只会让中国一天比一天强大
lemonrand1: Trump makes China look good … China congratulated trump nov 9th 2016 特朗普让中国好看。。。2016年11月9日,中国向特朗普表示祝贺
Mojazzz: How to congratulate a warmonger 为何要祝贺好战分子
Ardi Yanti: road to oblivion for usa when trump loses , like obama usa is not respect even no red carpet for obama when visit china & philiphine , 当特朗普输了,像奥巴马美国一样,对美国的遗忘就是不尊重奥巴马,甚至连访问中国的红地毯都没有,
li: That’s the only responsible way to react to USA election at this time point. 这是目前对美国大选唯一负责任的反应方式。
Thida Hlaing: Because China likes the President Trump, they are waiting to congratulate him. But it will not happen at all. Done is done, Joe Biden will be our 46th President. 因为中国喜欢特朗普总统,他们正等着祝贺他。但这根本不会发生。已经尘埃落定,拜登将成为我们的第46任总统。
Tobi L: Does ‘t matter who wins. It won’t stop China’s return to superpower 谁赢不重要。这不会阻止中国重返超级大国
StingRayINC: What is USA today? becoming more and more like hill billy…… A bully, but never able to control what is happening in their country, Lawlessness, free to commit crime without precaution. Look at how China reduce crime, by educating the people properly for self improvement and ready to enter the job market. When someone is jobless, feeling isolated, and mixing with the wrong group of people, then they will start to have radical thinking, may it be committing crime or starting a group of rebellions against the government. Job brings in money, helps them to set up family, help to build the country, that is what USA can’t do at the moment. Companies from the US don’t even consider to go back to the US, why? Overrated wages, workers welfare, high medical cost coverage, and workers attitude is something very “interesting”. 今天的美国是什么?越来越像乡下人。。。。。。一个恃强凌弱的人,却永远无法控制自己国家发生的一切,无法无天,肆无忌惮地犯罪。看看中国是如何减少犯罪的,通过教育人们提高自身素质和准备进入就业市场。当一个人失业,感到孤立,和错误的人群混在一起时,他们就会开始有激进的想法,可能是犯罪,或是发动一场反对政府的叛乱。工作带来钱,帮助他们建立家庭,帮助建设国家,这是美国目前不能做的。美国的公司甚至都不考虑回美国,为什么?高估的工资,工人福利,高医疗费用,以及工人的态度是非常“有趣”的事情。
Benney Zhao: Most Chinese like Triump. Because Triump are making China great again. Trium let China goverment realized the weak points and trying to catch up. The truth is we don’t care who will be usa president, we are busy at developing our economy to be No.1 in the world. Maximum, within 10 years, China will take usa place. 大多数中国人都喜欢川普。因为川普正在让中国再次伟大起来。川普让中国政府意识到了自身的弱点,并试图迎头赶上。事实上,我们不在乎谁将成为美国总统,我们正忙于发展经济,成为世界第一。最多10年内,中国将取代美国。
Cung Cung: China has nothing against Biden. It’s just China way to respect other country’s law and sovereignity. They did exactly the same thing when Prabowo refused to recognize Joko Widodo’s victory in the last Indonesian election and waited patiently until it became legally official. If anything, it was Trump who should be blamed for being a sore loser and refused to give the concession speech. 中国对拜登没有任何反对。尊重别国法律和主权只是中国的方式。耐心等待,直到它成为正式的官员。如果有什么,应该指责特朗普是一个痛失的人,拒绝发表让步演讲。
Christel Sands: Commendable gentlemanly attitude. The Chinese should be proud of themselves for rising above making mean remarks or acting on petty personal agenda in return for all the flak they have been receiving. 值得称赞的绅士风度。中国人应该为自己的行为感到骄傲,因为他们不必发表刻薄的言论,也不必为自己的小题大做而感到骄傲。
Who am I: China still holding popcorn, meaning the show is still on. 中国仍然吃着爆米花,这意味着节目还在继续。
Ben L: It is literally none of china’s business, china gonna take neutral side on all foreign affairs. 这根本不关中国的事,中国在所有外交事务上都会采取中立的立场。
Bung Kusi: Imagine this…. Taiwan province government now congratulate Biden. What if Trump manage to win, and angry to her. Thats the danger of meddling in other country politics. 想象一下… 台湾省现在祝贺拜登。如果特朗普赢了,对她生气。 那就是干涉其他国家政治的危险。
Follow Media: China and Russia are smart enough to know what to say and do in order to create maximum division in American society. any Republican praising them now is just falling prey to their playbooks. 中国和俄罗斯足够聪明,知道该说什么做什么,以便在美国社会造成最大程度的分裂。任何共和党人现在赞扬他们,都只是他们剧本的牺牲品。
Erick R Cisneros: The Chinese are very intelligent 中国人很聪明
J. Ma: Everyone should sanction the West coz of human rights abuses in the Middle East and the suppression of native Americans and aboriginals. 每个人都应该制裁西方国家,因为他们在中东侵犯人权,镇压美国原住民和土著居民。
Radix Malorum: Pretty sad that China respects US laws more than the media in the US does. 很遗憾,中国比美国媒体更尊重美国法律。
Edelstein Pelikan: It’s called not taking side. Media should read some books. 这叫做不选边站。媒体应该读一些书。
mika6560: Of course China can’t congratulate Biden. Becos election not end yet. Media don’t have any ground to decide winners! 中国当然不能祝贺拜登。因为选举还没有结束。媒体没有任何理由来决定赢家!
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