manofthebarrel : I love when journalists editorialize without doing research. 我喜欢记者不做研究就发表社论。
codecx81 : December 2013 – BTC preemptively banned in ChinaMarch 2014 – China says No it’s notNovember 2015 – China leads the bull-run to new heightsDecember 2016 – China has the buying power to crash the crypto MarketSeptember 2017 – China says Bitcoin is fine, exchanges are notAugust 2018 – ..and BTC definitely shouldn’t be monetizedApril 2019 – …and after mining it for a decade, we figure that’s enough. 2013年12月-BTC在中国先发制人2014年3月-中国表示不,不是2015年11月-中国引领牛市走向新的高度2016年12月-中国有购买力摧毁加密市场2017年9月-中国表示比特币很好,交易所不信任2018年-而且BTC绝对不应该在2019年4月-之后货币化。呃,开采十年就够了。
YummaySmoohie : China ban bitcoin every year 中国每年都禁止比特币
CyberBroccoli : Currently close to 1% of total world electricity generation is used for crypto currency mining.. that’s a lot of electricity 目前,世界总发电量的近1%用于加密货币开采。那是很多电
hydenzeke : There’s that word again! 又是那个词!
hyintensity : The energy is in Flux and stored in a Capacitor 能量以磁通量的形式储存在电容器中。
ERRORMONSTER : I get the reference, but it’s way more than that. More like 27 GW.Wikipedia says the world used 23.8 Petawatt-hours of electricity in 2015 (23,800,000,000 MWh) which means an average hourly power demand of 2.7 TW globally. 1% of that is 0.027 TW, or 27 GW.That’s about half the load served in the state of Texas on a calm, early spring afternoon.Edit: I used energy values, not electricity values. They’ve been corrected. 我得到了参考资料,但这远不止这些。维基百科说,2015年世界用电量为23.8petawatt小时(23800000000兆瓦时),这意味着全球平均每小时用电量为2.7tw。其中1%是0.027tw,即27gw。这大约是在一个平静的早春午后,德克萨斯州负荷的一半。编辑:我使用的是能量值,而不是电值。他们已经改正了。
glium : Careful, energy consumption is different to electricity consumption. It’s a bit of a mess but I found that electricity consumption is about 24 Petawatt-hours, so about 18,5% of the total energy consumption. 小心,能源消耗与电力消耗不同。虽然有点乱,但我发现电能消耗大约是24个petawatt小时,所以大约占总能源消耗的18,5%。
MattTheFlash : We have a planet where just a few hundred feet below the ground it’s hot enough to boil water. The earth’s core is hot as the sun and will never stop being that way because the moon’s orbital gravity pull keeps “stirring” it. Why we are not taking greater advantage of geothermal energy is beyond me. 我们有一个行星,在离地面几百英尺的地方,它的温度足以使水沸腾。地球的地核和太阳一样热,永远不会停止这样,因为月球的轨道引力一直在“搅动”它。为什么我们不更充分地利用地热能,我无法理解。
niczon : Easy come, easy go… 来的容易,去的容易…
Has_fun_with_chicken : How selfish of those miners, using up our time machine power. 那些矿工真自私,耗尽了我们的时间机器的能量。
W00DERS0N : And all so people can buy and hold.It’s not a currency if you’re not using it to buy things. 所有这些都是为了让人们可以购买和持有。如果你不使用它来购买东西,它就不是一种货币。
PandaPoles : It’s actually more like 100TWh per year on just Bitcoin. But there are many other projects like Nano that use 1/1000000 the energy per transaction. You have to remember that the gold industry uses about 150TWh per year and the worldwide banking industry uses about 100TWh per year just powering their servers. 实际上,比特币每年的交易量是100太瓦。但还有许多其他项目,如nano,每笔交易消耗1/1000000的能源。你必须记住,黄金行业每年使用约150太瓦时,而全球银行业每年使用约100太瓦时,仅为其服务器供电。
Winzip115 : I mean, humans have been expending enormous amounts of energy digging shiny rocks with no practical value out of the earth for centuries.EDIT: I’m fully aware that some shiny rocks also have practical applications. Most of the gold and diamonds ever mined have not been used for those purposes. 我的意思是,几个世纪以来,人类一直在消耗大量的能量来挖掘地球上没有实际价值的闪亮岩石。编辑:我完全知道一些闪亮的岩石也有实际的应用。曾经开采过的大部分黄金和钻石都没有用于这些目的。
Redtwoo : Hey some of those rocks have practical uses, too. Granted that for most of humanity that use was personal decoration or as a medium of value exchange, but they weren’t without value. 嘿,有些石头也有实际用途。当然,对于大多数人来说,使用是个人装饰或作为交换价值的媒介,但它们并非没有价值。
sapphicsandwich : And those shiny rocks don’t suddenly become inaccessable when a person forgets their password, nor have those rocks ever tanked so incredibly far in value over the course of a single day 当一个人忘记密码时,这些闪亮的石头不会突然变得不可接近,也不会在一天的时间里让这些石头的价值下降到令人难以置信的地步。
snazzletooth : Check out the story of Musa of Mali. He crashed the price of gold in ancient Egypt by handing it out like candy during his pilgrimage to Mecca. 看看马里穆萨的故事。他在去麦加朝圣时像糖果一样分发黄金,使古埃及的黄金价格暴跌。
Fermit : How in the hell did I forget about him?! My AP World teacher made us remember him with the phrase “Mansa Musa king of Mali went to Mecca he brought money.” 我到底是怎么忘记他的?!我的美联社世界老师让我们记住他用“马里国王曼萨·穆萨去麦加,他带来了钱”。
Ace_Masters : The price of gold, and it’s price in relation to silver, has remained extraordinarily constant over the last 2000 years. I think all the gold ever mined would fit in an Olympic sized pool, or something like that. 在过去的2000年里,黄金的价格,以及与白银的价格,一直保持着异常稳定的水平。我认为所有开采出来的黄金都可以放在奥运会大小的游泳池里,或者类似的地方。
torriattet : There has probably been points where gems or ores have tanked considerably, but certain crypto currencies have gone from 1000s of dollars to worthless and with so many different cryptos trying to start up, they almost never bounce back 可能有一些地方宝石或矿石价格大幅下跌,但某些加密货币已从1000美元一文不值,许多不同的加密货币正试图启动,它们几乎再也不会反弹。
Cole3003 : Yeah, you probably have gold in your phone right now. 是的,你的手机里可能有黄金。
PrblbyUnfvrblOpnn : That’s more like certainty, plus silver and palladium.That’s why people are looking more into carefully recycling electronics, rare earth metals are expensive and hard to mine.Currently Asia has a pretty much monopoly on them due to how much easier it ito mine them there. 这更像是确定性,再加上银和钯。这就是为什么人们更关注回收电子产品的原因,稀土金属价格昂贵且难以开采。目前,亚洲对它们拥有相当大的垄断,因为在那里开采它们要容易得多。
slyguy183 : A lot of precious metals and minerals have other uses besides being pretty though 许多贵金属和矿物除了漂亮之外还有其他用途。
KuntaStillSingle : Silver and gold aren’t rare earth metals, at least not by IUPAC definition. 银和金不是稀土金属,至少不符合IUPAC的定义。
proweruser : Technically yes. The weird part being that rare earth metals are much more abundant than gold, silver and platinum. 技术上是的。奇怪的是稀土金属比金、银和铂丰富得多。
casce : Yes but that was more or less coincidental, we were digging shiny rocks just because they were shiny for centuries. 是的,但这或多或少是巧合,我们挖掘闪亮的岩石只是因为它们闪亮了几个世纪。
axle69 : We can even put artificial flaws in the diamonds to make them absolutely perfect replicas of dug up diamonds if that’s your fancy but scarcity value is too important for facts. 如果你喜欢的话,我们甚至可以在钻石上设置人为缺陷,使之成为挖出来的钻石的完美复制品,但稀缺性的价值对于事实来说太重要了。
gorbachevshammer : Those shiny rocks were still being used, even if it was for jewelry and minting 那些闪闪发光的石头仍在使用,即使是珠宝和铸币。
vanquish421 : We still are. We can manufacture more perfect diamonds, yet we keep digging them up and inflating their value above our more perfect manufactured diamonds. 我们仍然是。我们可以制造出更完美的钻石,但我们不断地挖掘它们,使它们的价值超过我们制造的更完美的钻石。
awoeoc : humans have been expending enormous amounts of energy digging shiny rocksThe best part is after we dig them up, we dig a new hole and put them there. Imagine how much gold is now in underground vaults. 人类一直在消耗大量的能量来挖掘闪亮的岩石。最好的部分是在我们把它们挖出来之后,我们挖一个新的洞,然后把它们放在那里。想象一下地下金库里现在有多少黄金。
d01100100 : Precious metals aren’t currency, they’re a commodity. Which is how bitcoin is right now. 贵金属不是货币,而是商品。比特币现在就是这样。
Rhamni : It’s somewhere in between. If you do a lot of international transactions, crypo cuts down the fees hard. I currently work for a company in Israel, and it costs them $41 just to pay me every month.Bitcoin itself is definitely the grandpa of the cryptocurrencies, though. 它介于两者之间。如果你做了很多国际交易,Crypo会很难降低费用。我目前在以色列的一家公司工作,每月只需支付我41美元,但比特币本身绝对是加密货币的祖辈。
atyon : Additional info: Valve stopped accepting bitcoin after transaction costs reached $20. 附加信息:交易成本达到20美元后,Valve停止接受比特币。
thatcannabisguy : I get why anyone who wasn’t in crypto wouldn’t understand what happened. Essentially there was a war (no really) and Bitcoin was being sabotaged by one of the biggest exchanges in the world improperly implementing Bitcoin technology to flood the transactions.This has been taken care of. 我明白为什么没有密码的人都不明白发生了什么。实质上是一场战争(不是真的),比特币受到了世界上最大的交易所之一的破坏,不正当地实施比特币技术来泛滥交易,这已经得到了解决。
atyon : Bitcoin had transaction costs higher than that at the peak of the bubble. And today it’s at about $2.5 per transaction. Cheap for salary, but insanely expensive for small transactions.Not to mention the high volatility that makes it almost unusable for any purpose. 比特币的交易成本高于泡沫时期的交易成本。今天的价格是每笔交易2.5美元。工资低廉,但对于小交易来说却极其昂贵,更不用说高波动性使其几乎无法用于任何目的。
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