TCAtv Series :Oh ffs! Not this time man, no thanks! Those chicken feets are absolutely disgusting for me. 🤢🤮 不要,谢谢!那些鸡脚绝对让我恶心。🤢🤮
trisha :Too creepy 太恐怖了
Jason Y :edible feet fetish 食足癖
Nature Lovers :Humans have to be the only species that pay for an ugly disgusting thing that they call food 人类必须是唯一为这种丑陋的东西付出代价的物种,他们称之为食物
Kirk Patrik Ballares :If you havent tried pigs feets, you’re missing out. 如果你没试过猪脚,你就错过了。
Celah Johnson :Fried pork skin, yes maam. 炸猪皮,yes! (兄弟,偏题了!)
Ricardo Leite :🤢🤢🤮🤮
nahom kiros :disgusting! 恶心!
MiChu Swell :yummy yummy 好吃好吃
Madison Fuller :The world is so strange…who was the first person to look at those chickens legs and go “god damn, those look tasty”? Lol I have definitely eaten strange things but this is next level lol 这个世界太奇怪了…谁是第一个看到那些鸡腿就说“操,这看起来很好吃”的人?
Dig Dok :I was a meat eater before watching this now I’m a vegetarian 🤢 我以前是个吃肉的人,现在却是素食主义者🤢 (看完鸡爪 肉都不吃了?)
Joanne Sees :😲😲😲😲😲🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Keagile Kekana :I’m South Afrcan, I grew up eating chicken feet..its part of our traditional foods, very cheap( In dollars it’d cost cents 🤣) and honestly i even love the combination with chicken intestines 我是南非人,我从小就吃鸡脚。它是我们传统食物的一部分,非常便宜,老实说,我甚至喜欢与鸡肠搭配吃
TheyKilled KennyAgain :🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
The African Lion :I have not eaten chicken feet in 50 years. It has been a long time. 我已经50年没吃过鸡爪了。已经很久了。
Tanatswa Nyika :I’m trying it right now 😋😋💯 我现在正在尝试😋😋💯
Maria Litsibane :Mm I love it 嗯,我喜欢
Cathrine Mabowa :Wow looking yummy 👌 哇真好吃
gk891 :This look beautiful. And I’m sure it tasted amazing too. Some of the best dishes I’ve ever had were made with chicken feet (or cow heel or pig’s feet). All the collagen, gelatin, and marrow would give it a lot of flavour. Nice job. 这个看起来很漂亮。我相信它的味道也很棒。我吃过的最好的菜是用鸡爪(或牛蹄或猪脚)做的。所有的胶原蛋白、明胶和骨髓都会给它带来很多味道。干得好。
Hazel Nkosi :Looks yummy will try that 看起来很好吃我会试试的
Cynthia G :I’m watching while eating chicken feet. It’s delicious. 我一边看一边吃鸡爪。很好吃。
Rama Riana :In my place, this is just daily food, it taste good actually, and i never find it disgust, which is weird for them 😅 在我的地方,这只是日常食物,味道很好,我从来没有觉得恶心,这对他们来说很奇怪
David Ogundipe :You guys like chicken, why don’t you like chicken feet. 你们喜欢鸡肉,为什么不喜欢鸡爪呢。
Jace Robbie Turner :I had a chicken feet before in a Thailand restaurant. It was really nice and l quite like it… 我以前在泰国餐馆吃过鸡爪。真的很好,我很喜欢。。。
You need to calm down :I’m a Filipino and I don’t really chicken feet 🤣🤣🤣 but chicken head taste so much better 我是菲律宾人,我不是很喜欢鸡脚🤣🤣🤣,但是鸡头的味道好得多
Fábio André :chicken feet stew with a tomato sauce is delicious! 番茄酱炖鸡爪真好吃!
Gilbert Valdez Iii :I love chicken feet 我喜欢鸡爪
InsertChannelName Here :Chicken foot soup is the best 鸡爪汤最好
Crysti Corn :it’s just food…why are you afraid to touch it?😂😂 只是食物…你为什么不敢碰它?
M.K Alsulaimani :Eat some real food 去吃些真正的食物吧
legendofmudkip :I didnt even know you could eat chicken feet 我都不知道鸡爪还可以吃
My Vision :Here in my country we also remove feet skin with boiling water or directly putting it on heat. Then we cut nails n cut one feet into two parts. 在我的国家,我们也用开水或直接加热去除脚部皮肤。我们把一只脚切成两半。
sheneka :Awsome. I’ve never seen it fried that way before 厉害。我从来没见过这样煎的
beep beep I’m a sheep :Chicken feet eating should be illegal! Like if you agree! 吃鸡脚应该是非法的!如果同意,请按赞!
churry psycho_Atiny_ .-. :I ACTUALLY EAT CHICKEN FEET, and its good 我也吃鸡爪,而且很好吃
Tasty Mukbang Eats :*yummy* *好吃*
X class laxxz :Real chicken fingers 真正的鸡手指
X class laxxz :It’s great that no meat goes to waste 肉不浪费真是太好了
i asimov :Mmmmm. Tastes like chicken. 嗯。吃起来像鸡肉。
JUST FANS :🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
ojosverdesPR :I love chicken feet in soup, but I need to try them fried. It looks yummyyyy. 我喜欢汤里的鸡爪,但我得试试油炸的。看起来很好吃。
Mari Tsutsui :That looks delicious.. 🤤🤤 看起来很好吃..🤤🤤
Siddhant Bhimale :🦶🦶🦶😂😂😂
XL Maza :WaWOOO . NICE 哇喔。不错
Jason Juarez :I tried chicken feet once when my mom made the next day I threw up at school and had to go home never trying it again. 我试过一次鸡爪,第二天我在学校吐了,回家以后再也没试过。
Lauren Lewis Grief Coach Practitioner :It’s a Southern dish my grandparents made often! 这是我祖父母常做的南方菜!
Ching Sago :chicken feet its the best..it taste really really good..🖤 鸡爪是最好的……味道真的很好。。
Nancy Scarbrough :Chickens step in their own shit way to much for me to ever eat their feet, WTF? I would have to be drunk as a skunk on Soju to put that foot in my mouth!  鸡脚上踩了很多东西,让我永远吃不下去,WTF?我肯定是喝醉了才会把那只脚放在我的嘴里!
Mr know everything wub :Chicken foot is good with rice 鸡爪配米饭很好吃
Lace Covered Skies :I’m not a texture person I’m a taste person. And p.s. I love chicken feet!!! But being a texture person is like a person who judges a restaurant by the service. Good food is good food! 我不是一个有质感的人我是个有品位的人。另外,我喜欢鸡爪!!!但作为一个有质感的人,就像一个通过服务来评判一家餐厅的人。美食就是美食!
Heepossible희파시블 :If you dont want it, toss me that chicken feet 😂 boneless feets are the best 如果你不想要,扔给我,去骨鸡爪是最好的
Sleepless in Quarantine :I love spicy chicken feet. It’s so good. 我喜欢辣鸡爪。特别好吃。
Kara Zor-El :chicken feet without bones. I’m offended by this 没有骨头的鸡爪。我很生气
slytherin blood :Asians literally eat everything no wonder corona virus killed so many people in China / just joking i eat everything too 😂 亚洲人什么都吃,难怪在中国有这么多人死于冠状病毒/开玩笑,我也什么都吃😂
RedTwoSB :Chicken feet used to freak me out, but they’re pretty good if you get over the chewiness. It’s just solid chicken skin flavor, honestly. 鸡脚以前让我很害怕,但如果你克服了它的嚼劲,它们就相当不错了。老实说,这只是纯鸡皮味。
Broken songs :looks good but not for me.. 看起来不错,但对我来说不行。。
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