Up主@懒惰老外 在油管上传成都暴雨后的视频


YouTube网友回复:(采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEmEDbWxTzk)

Infra Hub :See the previous story, same accident before the dam was constructed–>@Infra Hub 请看之前的新闻,大坝建成前发生了同样的事故
sam le :what the hell are you crazy or stupid to stay there when Chinese people prepare to pay a lot of money to get out china 当中国人准备花很多钱离开中国时,你呆在那边到底是疯了还是蠢了?
Erle Martin Carvalho :Thks for the updates and pls take care. God bless. 谢谢更新,请小心。上帝保佑。
super human :Look at all the turds floating in the river of sewage. 看那污水河里漂浮的大便。
GFreeze1 :Dude Wenjiang is so fucked up from flooding. We talking cars getting washed away 温江被洪水搞得一团糟。汽车会被冲走
Sharon R :How is he even able to get this footage out of the interwebs of the CCP? 他怎么能把这段录像从中国的网络里弄出来?
babiumno1 :It will be fake news, once Fox News get there. 一旦Fox新闻到了那里,这将是假新闻。
Wally :on Windy.com over the next 3 days it has 21 inches of rain.. I hope all the dams upriver of 3 Gorges hold. It only take one to fail. hopefully we get daily video from you. 打开Windy.com网站在接下来的3天里,这里有21英寸的降雨量。。我希望三峡上游所有的大坝都能正常运行。只要一个地方失败(就惨了)。希望我们每天都能收到你的视频。
C G :The flood seems to be under control pretty well. Hope the the US can control COVID-19 as well as the Chinese control the flood 洪水似乎得到了很好的控制。希望美国能像中国控制洪水一样控制COVID-19
Cuon Ly :Hey due don’t go to China CCP will claims you bring wuhan coronavirus to them
jonathan hinkle :Keep it up Austin! Great news cast. Love to see some footage of local dam. How deep is water in river in dams? Prayers for China. 奥斯汀(作者名字)继续!拍得很好。喜欢看一些当地水坝的镜头。水坝里的河水有多深?为中国祈祷。
F Fletch :Show actual flooding and He’ll disappear in less than a week. 如果出现洪水,他不到一周就会消失。
stanbimi :Flooding is a recurring natural problem throughout China’s history. Hope modern technology can reduce the damage with better infrastructures. Peter Hessler who teaches at the Sichuan University just wrote “How China Controlled the Coronavirus” (New Yorker -2020-08-10 ) Suggest interview him to hear his experience with his students. 洪水是中国历史上反复出现的自然问题。希望现代科技能用更好的基础设施减少破坏。在四川大学任教的彼得赫斯勒刚刚写了一篇《中国如何控制冠状病毒》(纽约客-2020-08-10)的文章,建议采访他,听听他和学生们的经历。
mangotango :Is there any relationship between ice melting and excessive rain and flood? 冰层融化与雨水泛滥有什么关系吗?
Black :Are you safe in China? Greetings from Germany 你在中国安全吗?来自德国的问候
Helghast73 :Keep safe and dry man 👊 maybe start building an ark 😬 老铁,注意安全,别湿了。或许可以开始建造一个方舟
wilson 1984 :im surprised western film footage can be released out of communist china so easy. 我很惊讶西方人的镜头能这么容易地从共产主义中国上传出来。
pao vang :I though youtube was banned in china. Please tell me if true or not. 我觉得youtube在中国是被禁止的。请告诉我是真是假。
Greg Mirr :Mother nature sending a message to China …. rain , floods , erosion , locust ! 大自然向中国传递信息。。。。雨,洪水,侵蚀,蝗虫!
Mary Lee :Austin, are you based in Chengdu? I Am so glad to see English guy making a film in Chengdu, Thanks a lot! Subscribed immediately! 奥斯汀,你在成都吗?我很高兴看到英国人在成都拍电影,谢谢!立即订阅!
Shubham Kamehameha :Do you have food? 你有吃的吗?
དགུ་ཚིགས་སྐྱ་མོ། Gutsik Kyamo :How come you can access to YouTube from China ?????????? 你怎么能从中国访问YouTube??????????
Keto Mania :Dude fishing? Chinese don’t let any opportunity go to waste. 还有人钓鱼?中国人不会浪费任何机会。
Jy G :☝️ *Continuous Pollutions… Climate change… worsening of Floods… extreme weather…* ☝️*持续的污染。。。气候变化。。。洪水恶化。。。极端天气*
Dead Smoking :CCP opens Dams while peope sleep and calls it more rain.
KenRobert1 :No wonder the Chinese coming to Africa. I know the Chinese are after Africa resources the most. Africa must wake up because they are trying to take control of our mother land.
david williams :GSM extreme weather events ofcourse. 当然是极端天气事件。
H a i V a a N :China deserves whatever is coming
vivek yende :Curse of nature 自然的诅咒
Rohinie Weerasinghe :The only solution for these problems is to be very kind to the nature including animal. Then the nature treat you well. There is no other way 解决这些问题的唯一办法就是善待自然,包括动物。那么大自然会善待你。别无选择
Kartier Supreme White :Massive Global problems. 巨大的全球性问题。
Leyla SP :Start stocking up on food people❤️especially canned food and grow your own or at least buy seeds for when you need to 开始储备食物❤️特别是罐头食品,自己种植,或者至少在需要的时候购买种子
Elizabeth Guzman :Punished 惩罚
Wili Wonka :Remember HUMAN is the real virus 记住人类才是真正的病毒
David Padilla :This is the first I have heard about flooding in China being a problem this year. No major news outlet in the US is covering this flooding at all. The only reason I had heard about it, is when somebody told me yesterday. This was 3 weeks after this video was posted. Today is August 13, 2020 for reference. 这是我第一次听说今年中国的洪灾是个问题。美国没有一家主要新闻机构报道这次洪灾。我听说这件事的唯一原因是昨天有人告诉我。这是这段视频发布后的3周。今天是2020年8月13日。
Sagar Shrestha :woah 😰I didn’t know about this I though only korea and india was being floded. 哇😰我不知道这件事,我以为只有韩国和印度被淹了。
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