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Ann AnnTz: Congratulations! Hope this achievement can bring all countries work together for better tomorrow. From Malaysia 祝贺!希望这一成果能使各国携手合作,共创美好明天。来自马来西亚
Lots of Stuff: First moon rocks to be brought back to Earth in many decades 几十年来首次将月球岩石带回地球
Year 2020: Congratulations, China! This is such a great accomplishment, despite the attempts of blockade and sanctions by some allied international powers. The success of being able to accomplish such a long term breaking through project may be attributed to the stable political environment, which is not destructed by the constant political struggles for the presidency and party powers. 恭喜你,中国!这是一个伟大的成就,尽管一些盟国进行了封锁和制裁。能够完成这样一个长期的突破性工程,其成功的原因可能在于稳定的政治环境,而这种环境并没有因为总统和政党权力的不断政治斗争而被破坏。
Nightcor EDM: China is run by scientist and engineers 中国是由科学家和工程师管理的
Joker: Our journey is the sea of stars. 我们的征途是星辰大海。
Admin Web: is the material inside intact.?? Looks outside of capsule had a lot of burning impact.. 里面的材料完好无损吗。??看起来太空舱外面有很多燃烧的痕迹。。
Rahul Pundir: well done china.. 干得好中国。。
1 KS: Congratulations to China ! Big achievement for mankind…. 祝贺中国!人类的伟大成就。。。。
21mhz: Chang’e-5: I thought they were going to land me on Earth, but this looks like Moon’s surface again? 嫦娥五号:我以为他们会把我降落在地球上,但这看起来又像月球表面了?
AnhAn Luong: Representing all of Asia 亚洲的代表
LEOPOLDO AGUSTO: ****CONGRATULATIONS CHINA 👍👍👏👏👏💪💪💪*** ***GOOD JOB*** ***GOOD LUCK*** ***GOOD SUCCESS *** ***👏👏 ****祝贺中国******干得好******好运******成功******
AnhAn Luong: Congratulations to Chinese scientist 祝贺中国科学家
Year 2020: Congratulations, China! Great accomplishment, despite the attacks from the international thugs. 恭喜你,中国!尽管遭到了国际暴徒的袭击,但还是取得了巨大的成就。
Autumn Domain: Amazing! Congratulation China 太神了!祝贺中国
syno: Finally 😀 终于完成了:D
sameer kujur: Congratulations China for a wonderful work. 祝贺中国的出色工作。
Soaring Dream: Where is the little fox? 那个小狐狸跑哪去了?
Michael Han: From most of Chinese local news, it was told that’s a rabbit, not a fox. haha 从大多数中国当地新闻来看,这是只兔子,不是狐狸。哈哈
suman saurabh: Congratulations china for this scintific achievement. 祝贺中国取得这一辉煌成就。
L Ch: Amazing! What a capable team! Great potential ahead for more challenging missions! 太神了!多么能干的团队啊!在更具挑战性的任务面前有巨大的潜力!
Julie Himaya: Go go China. You’re such a wonderful. Awesome !! 中国冲啊。你真是太棒了。令人惊叹!!
Ciu Mie: Incredible. Like a move. 简直 不可思议。就像电影一样。
syed ali: A small bump of the capsule on the ground, a huge kick in the ass of the anti Chinese media in the western and India. 太空舱在地面上的一个小撞击,对西方和印度反华媒体的屁股是一个巨大的打击。
Taysi Kuu: 2020 is amazing year… 2020年是令人惊叹的一年。。。
Ben Kang: i hope we get to see some nice hd videos. 我希望我们能看到一些优质的高清视频。
Spencer F: why BBC and CNN didnt report this? 为什么BBC和CNN没有报道
david 88: The whole journey is like fairy tale …. Well done 🇨🇳 整个旅程就像神话…. 做得好中国
yx y: well done china 干得好中国
Paopaowell Pao: the chang’e 5 first touchdown return from moon very first discover by not a chinese military not a human that is the wild fox just past 嫦娥五号首次从月球返回,不是被中国军队发现,也不是其它人,而是一只路过的野狐狸。
Alfred Li: the Missoon is great, but video quality is bad 任务很棒,但是视频质量很差
Red Leon: Looks like a made for tv production. After all they convinced you it came back all by itself huh… 看起来像是为电视制作的。毕竟他们说服了你它自己回来了哈。。。
Skoll: If America managed to land on the moon in 1970s why did it not send more missions to the moon?.There was no shortage of money.America spent trillions of dollars on invasions and wars,cost for lunar mission is not big. 如果美国在20世纪70年代成功登上月球,为什么不向月球发射更多的任务呢?。不缺钱。美国在入侵和战争上花费了数万亿美元,登月任务的成本并不高。
bawsack69: The footage was better quality in the 60s🤔🤔🤔🤔 画面质量像在60年代🤔🤔🤔🤔
Albert Wee: Awesome. congrats China 厉害。恭喜中国
tom0900060: This is legit, unlike the so called moon landing of US 这是合法的,不像我们所谓的登月
F’d News: Why are you showing footage that looks like it was filmed on the moon during the 60’s? 为什么你要播放看起来像是60年代在月球上拍摄的录像?
Rod: Cientific pursuit should be celebrated no matter the ideology or the reasons entangled with it. It’s progress to humanity as a whole. 科学追求无关意识形态,都是值得庆贺的。这是对人类整体的进步。
TheFujac: China about to prove to the world what so many have known for so long…..that the US lunar landing was staged! 中国即将向世界证明这么长时间以来人们所知道的事情……美国登月是演的!
Kevin Evans: China 🇨🇳 as prevailed! The super power cement it’s place in history. 中国盛行!超级大国巩固了它的历史地位。
M H: Fake as hell 太假了
Dr. Mister Black: Haha…nobody believe ccp lies. 哈哈…没人相信中*的谎言。
John Crazy: LOL Does Chinese know that US had sent people to the moon 50 years ago? 哈哈,中国人知道美国50年前就把人送上了月球吗?
Michael Valic: Bunch of idiots running around in the desert. Tells me nothing. It looks like they retrieved a garbage can 一群白痴在沙漠里乱跑。什么也没告诉我。看起来他们找到了一个垃圾桶
Wtf Genos: good job china 干得好中国
Year 2020: Congratulations, China! This is such a great accomplishment, despite the attempts of blockade and sanctions by some allied international powers. 恭喜你,中国!这是一个伟大的成就,尽管一些盟国进行了封锁和制裁。
Daniel: That means China has ability to land the moon and go back to the earth. America government will angry over this matter. 这意味着中国有能力登陆月球并返回地球。美国政府将对此事感到愤怒。
John Tan: if you ask Trump or Pompeo…they will say this is a fake video…China has stolen the space shutter from Nasa…hehehe 如果你问特朗普或蓬佩奥……他们会说这是一段假视频……中国偷了美国宇航局的太空梭……呵呵
Ciu Mie: Media : What do you think of China’s Chang’e-5 achievement? US : No comment. Still investigating if China stole US technology. 媒体:你如何看待中国的嫦娥五号成就? 美国:无可奉告。仍在调查中国是否窃取了美国的技术。
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