《Xi Jinping is determined to end all poverty in China by 2020. Can he do it?》 (CNN)


The Chinese government defines poverty as earning less than $416 (2,800 yuan) a year or around $1.10 a day — a lower benchmark than the World Bank poverty line of $1.90 a day, or just under $700 a year. 中国政府将贫困定义为每年收入低于416美元(2800元人民币)或每天约1.10美元 – 比世界银行每天1.90美元或每年700美元以下的贫困线低一些。


Beijing has dispatched about 775,000 party officials to drive the anti-poverty campaign. Many are going door-to-door to work out what the government can do to help. Those who fail in their missions to alleviate poverty could face career oblivion, according to state media. 北京已派出约775,000名政党官员参与推动反贫困运动。许多人挨家挨户地研究政府可以做些什么来帮助他们。据官方媒体报道,那些未能履行减贫目标的人可能会面临职业问题。


At worst, some experts fear the ruling Communist Party might just announce poverty has been eradicated, regardless of the reality, to avoid embarrassing Xi. 在最糟糕的情况下,一些专家担心执政的共产党可能只是宣布消除贫困,不管现实如何,以避免习近平尴尬。


“Local leaders are taking it extremely seriously, almost in a panicky way. Part of the problem is that they don’t know really what to do, so they’re kind of grasping at different solutions,” said John Donaldson, a poverty expert and associate professor at Singapore Management University. “They’re throwing everything at it.” “当地领导人非常认真地对待它,几乎是以恐慌的方式。部分问题在于他们不知道该做什么,所以他们有点抓住不同的解决方案,”贫穷专家约翰唐纳森说。和新加坡管理大学副教授。“他们把一切都投入进去”


The dream of eradicating widespread poverty in China didn’t begin with Xi. It dates back to the Communist Party’s rise to power in 1949. “The reason for the existence of the Chinese Communist Party in the beginning is because of injustice and poverty among farmers,” Donaldson said. 在中国消除普遍贫困的梦想并非始于习近平。它可以追溯到1949年共产党的上台。“中国共产党一开始就存在的原因是农民的不公正和贫困,”唐纳森说。



LauLink : Make China great again ! 让中国再次伟大!
Aṣẹbabanẹ : Yes he can 是的,他能
Jacky Z ♋ : Yes it would be nice but by 2020 is a stretch 是的,会很好,但到2020年时间很紧
Rizwaan Sheikh : Why not, why can’t. Best of luck. No doubt china is the miracle of Asia 为什么不行,祝你好运。毫无疑问,中国是亚洲的奇迹
Kinoti Wa Kinoti (Kw : End all poverty in China by 2020 and bring it all to africa 到2020年结束中国的所有贫困,并将其全部带到非洲。
zero : No I don’t think he can over millennia there have been the haves and the have nots – it’s nature – unfortunately this includes extremely poor – anyway let’s hope he can try! 不,我不认为他能,在上千年的时间里有富人和穷人-这是自然的-不幸的是,这包括非常贫穷-不管怎样,让我们希望他能尝试!
Chris Gray : Is this an ad? 这是广告吗?
Oluwasina Kolade : I pray he does….. I would be so glad 我祈祷他能……我会很高兴的
Shobha N : He is moving then all out to OBOR related infra projects in other countries 然后,他将全力以赴在其他国家开展与海外建筑运营管理局相关的基础设施项目。
fernandico g. : Yah by sending them to other Asian countries and taking the islands..Wake Up ASEAN we are losing our identities faster than when you say PEKING DUCKS.. 是的,把他们派到其他亚洲国家,带到这些岛屿上……唤醒东盟,我们失去我们的身份的速度比你说北京的速度要快。
Nathan C. : Nope 
MommaT : I’m gonna go out on a limb and say: No. But it’s quite likely he can officially change the definition of “poverty” in China in no time at all. 我要冒险说:不,但他很有可能在任何时候正式改变中国“贫困”的定义。
Paloma : No 
Sam Manford : He can! 他能!
Luis Alberto Toral G : Anything can be done if you set your mind to it. 只要你下定决心,什么事都可以做。
Dr Mohammed Binashry : He almost already did!  他几乎已经做到了!
Renzo Ciafardone : No 
بساطة رجُل : We will see if he can . Goodluck 我们看看他能不能。好运
anxiety con queso : Short answer: no 短期答案:不
عمر العنزي : If he fulfills the promise, i presume he deserves to be worshipped by his own people rather than the inactive statues they waste time on 如果他履行了诺言,我想他应该受到自己人民的崇拜,而不是他们浪费时间的那些不活跃的雕像。
Laura Mukami : Maybe by killing all poor people 也许杀了所有的穷人
DEBABRATA SENGUPTA : It is well nigh impossible but targeting a deadline accelerates d process of poverty eradication. 这几乎是不可能的,但确定最后期限会加速消除贫穷的进程。
Taneem. A .Sani : Yes he can 100% 是的,他百分之百能。
Dhyana : According to World Bank, China has lifted 800 million out of poverty in last decades, an amazing accomplishment. Why is CNNI making a story out of nothing. 根据世界银行的数据,中国在过去几十年里已经使8亿人摆脱了贫困,这是一个惊人的成就。为什么CNNI是无中生有的。
Harold Fabian : I don’t think so. 我不这么认为。
Luis : Of course,he can.Absolutely,he is a great leader of China. 当然可以。当然,他是中国伟大的领导人。
Sammy Liddell : No – not in one year. 不-一年内不行。
JONES MUYIWA : Yes he can. Unlike next level. 是的,他会。不同于下一个层次。
No one : Great nation! 伟大的国家!
Kenneth Boman : Best of luck. 祝你好运。
Claude B. : For 2025 would be better and safer! 2025年会更好更安全!
Frank : With our help yes 在我们的帮助下是的
GFalconer : Alot to do in a year 一年有很多事要做
Craig Edelmann : This article shows how the World is lining up to set up a a One World Government . This is the target for the Democratic Party with the move toward Socialism. Don’t be fooled by these , the Social Elite! God told us this would happen in the Last Days ! 本文展示了世界如何排队建立一个一个世界政府。这是民主党走向社会主义的目标。别被这些社会精英愚弄了!上帝告诉我们这会在最后几天发生!
Ibe : Yes it possible. 是的,这是可能的。
Manus mc callion : that would be a resoundingly laughable NO 那将是一个非常可笑的“不”
marb : Yes. They are harvesting the west philippine sea for free 对。他们免费收割西菲律宾海
橋本ロバート 🔆 🐸 : This is hard to do! Because some local officials in China have learned to create false poverty data to deceive ordinary people and their superiors. 这很难做到!因为中国的一些地方官员已经学会了创造虚假的贫困数据来欺骗普通人和他们的上级。
toxmd : Hes friend with the philippine president duterte so probably hes hallucinating too 他是菲律宾总统杜特尔特的朋友,所以他也可能产生幻觉。
PardonMyFrench : No. He’ll have another plan then just like the Soviets use to have constant 5 year plans. Quite sure we won’t hear about any citizens complaining though. 不,他会有另一个计划,就像苏联过去有固定的5年计划一样。当然,我们不会听到任何公民抱怨。
Dapetiki : That’s great, a thought on the poor is better than never setting foot in their territory by an idea in the mind. That you have it mind means a lot president. 那太好了,一个关于穷人的想法总比一个想法永远不踏入他们的领地要好。你有头脑意味着很多总统。
Carlos de Almeida : Hahaha… Never! 哈哈哈…从未!
alicia krull : Nice 
Tommie-James Pitts : The guys got vision 他们有远见
Firestorm : That’s next year. Wow! That is ambitious. 那是明年。真的!这是雄心勃勃的。
Daniel Pate : Yes. He can. Problem is, will we ever really know beyond the narrative they want to portray? 对。他能。问题是,除了他们想描述的故事,我们真的知道吗?
dAypOd3 : improbable 不可能的
Taxsec 🔹 : no 
Hussain Ali Khan : Yes in China it’s possible not in countries with System of Democracy 是的,在中国,有民主制度的国家是不可能的。
نَسوب وذ لوف  🍓 : Yes he can do it 是的,他能做到
John Wright : Or he’ll put them in “Poverty Adjustment Camps”. 或者他会把他们安置在“贫困调整营”。
Thongpanglongju : Liar.. 说谎者。。
Matthew May : Sure all he has to do is change the definition of what China considers poverty. 当然,他所要做的就是改变中国对贫困的定义。
Okeyo Solomon 9 : Very good news. He will surely do it. President Xi is just like President Trump in many ways, strong, solid and visionary. He is a performer and he will deliver. 好消息。他一定会做到的。席总统在许多方面与特朗普总统一样,坚强、坚定、富有远见。他是个表演者,他会表演的。
mohd swaydمحمد سويد : Yes he can 是的,他能
Joe : By 2020 I don’t think he can. But I bet he will by 2022. 到2020年我认为他不行。但我打赌他会在2022年前。
K.D : You mean 2120? Was there a typo? 你是说2120?有打错字吗?
ILYA : Wow how nice of him to make sure every citizen will make more than $1.10 a day 哇,他真是太好了,能确保每个公民每天都能赚1.10美元以上。
Lance : man these are tough question…he’s a commy right????? Then we will WIN on the race to the future…You are way behind…… 伙计,这是个棘手的问题…他是个普通人,对吧???????那么我们将赢得未来的比赛……你落后了……
CODE 691030 : TOUT EST POSSIBLE A CELUI QUI AGITpic.twitter.com/0nH1zAqkDb 任何事都有可能发生
Jozef Tomi : we will se if he can,but sounds nice 如果他能的话,我们会同意的,但听起来不错
Ashenafi Tewelde : Why not ? 为什么不?
Tantum Veritas : What has he been smoking? 他一直在抽烟?
الاتحاد الإسلامي  🇸 : China is the greatest nation now . 中国现在是最伟大的国家。
Sulaimon Jimoh : May God assist him to do so. It’s an inspiring leader.Only that its govt doesn’t allow freedom of religion. 愿上帝帮助他。它是一个鼓舞人心的领袖,只是它的政府不允许宗教自由。
Sushma Joshi : Rich in cash, but poor in these indicators: air and water quality, environment, human rights, labor rights, freedom of speech and religion, indigenous rights, democracy. Pull out demand for global exports and economy might not be robust enough to hold up. 现金充裕,但这些指标却很差:空气和水质、环境、人权、劳工权利、言论和宗教自由、土著权利、民主。全球出口和经济的拉动需求可能不足以支撑。
YAOCHAO : Unlike Western politicians, the Chinese government is always able to live up to its promises. 与西方政治家不同的是,中国政府总是能够兑现承诺。
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