Scientists say an experimental tower in northern China, dubbed the world’s biggest air purifier, appears to be working. 科学家说,中国北方的一座实验塔,被称为世界上最大的空气净化器,似乎正在发挥作用。


Researchers at the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences say they have seen improvements in the air quality over an area of more than three square miles in the past few months. 中国科学院地球环境研究所的研究人员表示,过去几个月他们在超过三平方英里的面积上看到了空气质量的改善。


The tower works through greenhouse coverings. Polluted air is sucked in, heated up by solar energy, and then circulated through multiple layers of cleaning filters. 除霾塔通过温室覆盖物工作。被污染的空气被吸入,被太阳能加热,然后通过多层清洁过滤器循环。


A number of locals say they have noticed a difference in the air quality, even during the winter when the city is especially prone to pollution. 许多当地人表示他们注意到空气质量的差异,即使在冬季城市特别容易受到污染的情况下也是如此。



dkeller9 : Shouldn’t it be possible to easily quantify the amount of pollution removed by examining how much is stuck to the filters? 难道不能通过检查有多少污染物附着在过滤器上来容易地量化去除的污染量吗?
myboybuster : I remember reading that the contaminants are usee for something else. Or maybe they were planning on using them for something i dont know 我记得读到过,这些污染物还被用于其他方面。或者他们打算把它们用于我不知道的事情
MatEngAero : I remember reading that in Japan they filter factory/power plant pollution and use it to make concrete and bricks. Road materials and fertilizers are other possible avenues as well. 我记得在日本他们过滤工厂/发电厂的污染,并用它来制造混凝土和砖。道路材料和肥料也是其他可能的途径。
neurorgasm : Is it actually a useful material? Or concrete and bricks just provide a good place to stick a lot of crap? 它实际上是有用的材料吗?或者混凝土和砖头只是提供了一个很好的地方粘很多垃圾?
concrete_isnt_cement : I don’t know about bricks, but concrete’s a great place to store waste. 我不知道砖,但混凝土是储存废物的好地方。
SolusLoqui : Get enough and you can build yourself a brick/shit house. 只要足够,你就可以自己建一座砖/屎房子。
PM_ME_AZN_BOOBS : If it’s in San Francisco you can charge $1500/month to live there. 如果是在旧金山,你可以每月收取1500美元。
FruityFestival : Organic living 有机生活
TbrendanM : Sounds like a grocery store 听起来像杂货店
ram0h : so how does that work, sounds interesting 这怎么工作呢,听起来很有趣
TheJollyLlama875 : Put down concreteShit on concretePour more concrete on shit 在混凝土上浇更多的混凝土
Ancient_Boner_Forest : Did you actually think he was serious? 你真的认为他是认真的吗?
frostyoni : Actually in some countries a septic pit is kinda the norm.. or at least partially the norm. I know people who have septic pits in their garden, usually its underground and well covered etc. 事实上,在一些国家,化粪池是比较常见的。或者至少部分符合标准。我认识一些人,他们的花园里有化粪池,通常是地下的,覆盖得很好。
MikeOShay : From what I’ve heard, contaminants like that are used to add more internal surface area to the concrete and give it a tighter bond, or something along those lines. 据我所知,这类污染物用于向混凝土中增加更多的内部表面积,并赋予混凝土更紧密的粘结力,或者沿着这些线条。
concrete_isnt_cement : Yep, it basically serves as a substitute for the sand and gravel that normally serves that purpose. The concrete company I work for is actually one of the largest recyclers in my state because of this nifty feature. We love it because any recycled material we add cuts down on our mining costs. 是的,它基本上是用来代替通常用于这个目的的沙子和砾石。我工作的混凝土公司实际上是我们州最大的回收商之一,因为这个漂亮的特点。我们喜欢它,因为我们添加的任何可回收材料都降低了采矿成本。
thekillerninjas : TIL they’re actually called “cinder blocks” for a reason.You just blew my mind, take my upvotes please. 直到他们实际上被称为“煤渣块”是有原因的。你只是让我发疯,请接受我的选票。
PM_PICS_OF_ME_NAKED : Although the production of concrete is still one of the biggest greenhouse emitters, so not quite the best way to sequester that carbon… 尽管混凝土生产仍然是最大的温室气体排放国之一,所以并不是最好的封存碳的方法……
arrow74 : If you can get the carbon you can make a lot out of that 如果你能得到碳,你可以从中得到很多。
LaoSh : I’d be interested to see what independent sources have to say about the efficacy. The current regime has a really nasty habit of fudging data to make themselves look good. 我很想知道独立消息来源对这种疗效有什么看法。现在的政权有一个非常讨厌的习惯,那就是为了让自己看起来好而篡改数据。
pm_me_bellies_789 : Volkswagen?Man, it’d just be great if we could all be honest about shit like that. Gonna hold off on accusing the Chinese just yet, but I’ve got the surprised-coloured facepaints ready. 大众?老兄,如果我们都能坦诚面对这样的事情那就太好了。我还没来得及指责中国人,不过我已经准备好了惊讶的脸。
Roadman2k : With all the rumours regarding internment camps, organ harvesting, social credit, internet and media restrictions I would not be in the slightest sceptical about whether China releases false information to the west. 关于拘留营、器官收割、社会信用、互联网和媒体限制的谣言层出不穷,我丝毫不怀疑中国是否向西方发布了虚假信息。
uberwings : All commies countries do that my friend. Source: Living in Vietnam with our perpetual 7% GDP growth year on year. 我的朋友,所有成员国都这样做。资料来源:生活在越南,我们的国内生产总值每年持续7%的增长。
IriquoisP : Dude gtfo with this skepticism /sApparently it uses solar heating to cause hot air to rise through filters. But the question still remains, why couldn’t they have just implemented some air standards to reduce pollution? One obvious answer is that China had a construction boom, which makes it a cheap answer to their biggest problems.This doesn’t address the problem of Chinese air pollutants traveling into the countryside, let alone into the oceans, or into lungs halfway across the world. That is addressed with scrubbing technology at the source. 持这种怀疑态度的哥们儿,它显然是利用太阳能加热使热空气通过过滤器上升的。但是问题仍然存在,为什么他们不能实施一些空气标准来减少污染呢?一个显而易见的答案是中国的建设热潮,这使得它成为解决他们最大问题的廉价答案。这并不能解决中国空气污染物进入农村,更不用说进入海洋,或进入半个世界的肺部的问题。这在源头是用洗涤技术解决的。
PrimeIntellect : Seriously…everyone wants to invent ways to clean up, but nobody wants to stop making messes 说真的……每个人都想发明清理的方法,但没有人想停止制造混乱。
Pushoffking : Absolutely. The amount it purifies the air is roughly half as much as the local coal plant creates to provide it energy… So it’s roughly a net gain of +100% more polluted air. 当然。它净化空气的量大约是当地煤电厂为提供能源所创造的一半……所以这大概是被污染空气+100%的净增长。
blackholes-suck : At some point you have to accept that there already is a mess, and even if you stop making it bigger right now, you still have a mess to clean up. 在某种程度上,你必须承认已经是一团糟,即使你现在不再把它做大,你还是有一团糟要清理。
throwawayja7 : One of them is possible with 7+ billion people living at various economic levels. 有些是可能的,有70多亿人生活在不同的经济水平。
SmokierTrout : China is currently installing huge amounts of solar PV. It’s unfair to say they’re not trying to reduce pollution output. Still, China has a big problem with pollution in cities. These towers are something China can build immediately to alleviate their high levels of pollution, whilst longer term strategies take time to come into effect. 中国目前正在安装大量的太阳能光伏。说他们不打算减少污染排放是不公平的。尽管如此,中国的城市污染问题仍然很大。这些塔楼是中国可以立即建造的,以减轻其高污染水平,而更长期的战略需要时间才能生效。
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