BoyGamer 11 Tv :I think this British don’t know how to cook rice honestly… Also Asia People: Just laughing at her while draining the rice like a pasta* 我感觉这个英国人不知道如何做饭… 还有亚洲人,只是在嘲笑她
Wooplot :isn’t she asian tho? she looks desi or south-east asian. 她不是亚洲人吗?她看起来像是东南亚人。
陳民翰 :*When I thought 2020 is bad enough BBC: Hold my Colander 当我认为2020年已经够糟时,BBC:看我来露一手
Meliodas619 :I was quite mad too 我也很生气
Leanie Wessels :Accurate… asians will be freaked out if you dont rinse the rice first , also The finger digit measure thing.. accurate. Heaven forbid if you rinse your rice like that too. My partner is Taiwanese so yeah this would be spot. on. 准确…如果您不先漂洗米饭,亚洲人看到会吓坏, 老天也会禁止你这样洗米饭。 我的伴侣是台湾人,所以确实该吐槽
Mike A :Is anyone curious to see, that maybe, draining the just-under cooked rice, washing with cold water, and then fully cooking in the frying stage, is actually not a bad alternative to the traditional: waiting for the rice to be a day old, or fanning the rice for an hour.. maybe I’ll try it, with those principals in mind… 是否有人好奇地发现,排干刚煮好的米饭,用冷水洗净,然后在煎炸阶段完全煮熟,实际上不是一个坏选择,也许我会考虑到尝试一下…
Rosa Pang :Great sense of humour grounded from daily findings. Very Lovely. Ha Ha Ha 从日常生活中发现的幽默感。非常可爱。哈哈哈
boombangpow889 :The rice isn’t even cooked completely…☹️💔 米饭还没煮熟。。。☹️
Aleeya Zafirah :Ever heard of rice cooker tho 听说过电饭锅吗
Jules Paolo Condor :Put MSG on baby…😂 宝贝 放些味精…😂
Sumedha Riya :You don’t know all the way u can cook rice… We also drain rice water … 您可能不知道您可以煮米饭的所有方式…我们还要滤米水…
X-Entrik 97 :IDK I also drain rice, when the water turns white and about to start boiling, I drain it and wash it then cook it again till the new water is gone. 我也会把米饭抽干,当水变白,快要沸腾时,我把水抽干,洗干净,再煮一次,直到新的水没了。
M B :Thats egg fly lice not egg fried rice !! 那是蛋炒屎不是蛋炒饭!!
Mercy Mveree :What is goin on how did these “chefs” get a slot on bbc 🙆🙆🙆 怎么回事这些“大厨”怎么会在bbc上获得一席之地
Jan Michael Pimentel :Show that person how asians cook egg fried rice!!! Goddamnit!! Use FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥 给那个人看看亚洲人是怎么做鸡蛋炒饭的!!!该死的!!用火
Galaxy GamingHQ :I’ve seen a toddler make better rice than this *they ended up burning off multiple finger digits but they still did a better job* 我见过一个蹒跚学步的孩子做的米饭比这个好
THEKiDD :Why’d she put oil with eggs? 她为什么把油和鸡蛋放在一起?
Fa12m er :This is the most ridiculous way to cook rice, I ever saw in my life. 这是我一生中见过的最可笑的煮饭方法。
Naphat Phut :How she proud of herself?! Worst thing ever… 她真为自己骄傲?!最糟糕的事。。。
Titotons :She washed the rice after cooking it not before, lol! 她把米煮后才洗,而不是在之前,哈哈哈!
bri_ :The aroma of garlic is fantastic but it also cooks and burns quickly so adding it first is not the best idea 大蒜的香味很好,但它也很快就烧开了,所以先加大蒜不是最好的办法(大蒜味蛋炒饭??)
Satrya Adi :Hey you use rice spoon after your chopsticks go down 😂😂😂 嘿,筷子掉下来后你用汤匙吗
Leslie jean Tiongson :she want to cook the fried rice in her way, so what’s the problem with that? 她想用自己的方式做炒饭,那有什么问题吗?
TM_ BLINK :If my parents saw me cooking fried rice her way I would get scold from my dad and my mom will hit me with a shoe… My dad isn’t Asian but he would still get triggered if he sees me cooking like that… 如果我父母看到我像她那样做炒饭,我会受到爸爸的责骂,妈妈会用鞋子打我。。。
Miabella Candelaria :Now all white people will cook rice in the wrong way 现在所有的白人都会用错误的方法煮米饭
Amirul Shah :I cant believe this is real 我不敢相信这是真的
Happy :That’s how rice is cooked in some cultures without rice cooker and the starch washed off to stop the rice from getting glued together.  在一些文化中,米饭就是这样煮的,没有电饭煲,淀粉也被冲掉,以防止米饭粘在一起。
joshua guapsss :Then English people will probably cook this way😂 那么英国人可能会用这种方式烹饪
Edy Wijaya :only indonesian fried rice is a real fried rice 只有印尼炒饭才是真正的炒饭
SONO-CHAN pah :All Asian people are getting triggered by watching that video. 所有亚洲人都会因为看了那段视频而暴走。
Jena Park :This is not how to make fried rice it’s how to make fried uncook dry rice 这不是炒饭的方法,而是炒生饭的方法
Ashutosh Kumar :Fried rice is very subjective in every country yes not other country use oyster sauce and yeah MSG us banned in many countries by FDA 炒饭方法在每个国家都非常主观,是的,不是所有国家使用牡蛎酱,美国在许多国家/地区禁止使用味精
Nancy Wang :The worst thing is that there was an easier way to make fried rice and she just added SO MANY STEPS LOL 最糟糕的是,有更简单的方法做炒饭,她添加了这么多步骤哈哈
frappé de la mochà . :we all know that girl was chewing on that uncooked rice 我们都知道那个女孩在嚼生米
Gin Dawman :No one beats the Asians in cooking rice 在煮米饭方面没有人能胜过亚洲人
Alam K LIN :You dumb kids, you have no idea how to even cook rice, that’s why you lazy shits use a rice cooker. You see a different variation and and your peanut brain cant conceptualise anything different.she is using long grain basmati rice while you use short grain sticky, there is a difference mate. 你们这些傻孩子,连饭都不知道怎么煮,这就是为什么你们这些懒鬼用电饭锅。你看到了一个不同的版本,而你的花生脑袋无法接受不同的东西,她用的是长粒巴士马提米,而你用的是短粒糯米,是有区别的 朋友。
TheGodron :my mom would disown me for wasting rice like that 我妈妈会因为我那样浪费大米而鄙视我的
Drishti Das :This so called chef is also so called Indian. But she can’t even cook Indian Chicken Curry. 这个所谓的厨师也叫印度人。但她连印度咖喱鸡都不会做。
Angle Sparkle118095 :If americans does this to rice, we might as well wash a cooked steak 😤 如果美国人这样对待米饭,我们不妨洗一份熟牛排
Faker Mider :I also tried this procedure and served it to my family And now Im homeless. 我也曾试过这个方法做给我的家人,所以我现在无家可归了
Short Midget :Lol this lady is getting roasted by Asians worldwide =) 哈哈,这位女士正被全世界的亚洲人烤着呢
ricenuuggets :As a Asian this hurts 作为一个亚洲人,这很受伤
Yon Wan :Her running cooked rice under cold water was making so uncomfortable 她把煮好的米饭放在冷水里煮得很不舒服
kenny456100 :You just cant get rice cooked in 15 minutes. It is definitely under-cooked. 你不能在15分钟内把饭煮好。肯定是煮得太熟了。
Ade Cahyaning Pangesti :The whole video really hurting my heart as asian. I cantttt 整个视频真的伤害了我作为亚洲人的心。受不了
Jiminious_Chimmy :I showed this video of BBC on how to cook rice to my mom and let me tell you… She nearly broke my phone, snatch my wig and broke my ribs, I swear I’m never showing anything to my mom again that triggers her asian blood…  我给我妈妈看了这段BBC的关于如何煮米饭的视频,让我告诉你。。。她差点弄坏我的手机,抢了我的假发,打断了我的肋骨,我发誓我再也不会向我妈妈展示任何能触发她亚洲人血统的东西。。。
K B :I’m not Asian but I got personally offended when I first saw that video…… People aren’t scared of the rice, people are scared of the way she’s cooking the rice. Which sane person would use a metal spoon on a nonstick pan? My Russian mom would “kill me” if I did that. 我不是亚洲人,但当我第一次看到那段视频的时候,我感觉被冒犯了。。。。。。人们不害怕米饭,人们害怕她做饭的方式。
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