《Are Chinese CARS Getting GOOD? Or still CRAP!?》 《中国的汽车变得更好了吗?或还是很差!?》  (youtube@serpentza)


It’s a serious question! A lot has changed in the Chinese Automotive industry since I bought my Chinese car 8 years ago, come and find out if Chinese cars can now stand up to their international competition. 这是一个严肃的问题!自从我8年前购买中国汽车以来,中国汽车行业发生了很大的变化,来看看中国汽车是否能够经得起国际竞争。


The automotive industry in China has been the largest in the world measured by automobile unit production since 2008. Since 2009, annual production of automobiles in China exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined. 自2008年以来,中国的汽车工业一直是世界上最大的汽车产业。自2009年以来,中国的汽车年产量超过欧盟或美国和日本的总产量。


The traditional “Big Four” domestic car manufacturers are SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, FAW and Chang’an. Other Chinese car manufacturers are Beijing Automotive Group, Brilliance Automotive, BYD, Chery, Geely, Jianghuai (JAC), Great Wall, and Guangzhou Automobile Group. In addition, several multinational manufacturers have partnerships with domestic manufacturers. 传统的“四大”国内汽车制造商是上汽,东风,一汽和长安。其他中国汽车制造商包括北京汽车集团,华晨汽车,比亚迪,奇瑞,吉利,江淮,长城和广汽集团。此外,一些跨国制造商与国内制造商建立了合作伙伴关系。


While most of the cars manufactured in China are sold within China, exports reached 814,300 units in 2011. China’s home market provides its automakers a solid base and Chinese economic planners hope to build globally competitive auto companies that will become more and more attractive and reliable over the years. 虽然中国生产的大部分汽车在中国销售,但2011年出口量达到814,300辆。中国本土市场为其汽车制造商提供了坚实的基础,中国经济规划者希望建立具有全球竞争力的汽车公司,这些公司将变得越来越具有吸引力和可靠性。



Tmidiman : To my Chinese friends, don’t be offended. There are good things and bad things about EVERY CULTURE. Here in the US we are great at something’s and at other things we need to get better and be better. What’s most important is what we do to correct our flaws. The first step is admitting that there are problems. Trust me, there are many things we can learn from Chinese culture to be better people and I enjoy learning them every day! Stay awesome! 我的中国朋友,不要觉得被冒犯。关于每一种文化都有长处和短处。在美国,我们非常擅长某些事情,而在其他方面,我们需要变得更好。最重要的是我们如何纠正我们的缺陷。第一步是承认问题。相信我,有很多东西我们可以从中国文化中学到更好,我喜欢每天都学习它们!保持好状况!
grebo121 : Anything is better than french cars. 什么车都比法国车好。
Jabed Rahman : China is making good and quality things. But Western countries giving bad publicity. Because they scared of China growing faster. 中国正在创造优质和高质量的产品。但是西方国家的宣传不好,因为他们害怕中国增长得更快。
Starlit : Chinese brands have no hope in competing with foreign brands in traditional combustion engines. But in electric cars, China has some really good technologies and BYD is a serious player. 中国品牌没有希望与传统内燃机的外国品牌竞争。但在电动汽车方面,中国拥有一些非常好的技术,比亚迪是一个重要的参与者。
Salman Al Jassmi : With all do respect but dude your knowledge of cars is not that impressive and poor, I have been driving in China for almost 10 years mostly Chinese cars、back then Chinese were rubbish but now they are as reliable as Toyotas and Nissans some are even way better. 尽管所有人都尊重你,但是你对汽车的了解并不是那么深刻甚至是糟糕的,我在中国开了差不多10年的车,主要是中国汽车,当时中国汽车很垃圾,但现在他们像丰田汽车和日产汽车一样可靠。
Sudur Ticingge : no doubt, still crap for sure. the industry of car producing and designing won’t be mastered at a night 毫无疑问,还是很差。汽车生产和设计行业在一夜之间无法掌握。
FSXNOOB : Thank god those crappy Chinese cars never pass the EU safety rules, otherwise many would still buy it because it’s cheap, and be dead soon.. 感谢上帝那些蹩脚的中国汽车从未通过欧盟的安全认证,不然许多人会买它,因为它很便宜,然后很快就会死掉。
Insuspected Rulling : Yep one thing need to clarify! Most Chinese are not those 50cents you meet in the internet lol! I met a lot of Chinese, basically many of them hate their government and they’re quite open minded. 是的,有一件事需要澄清!大多数中国人不是你在互联网上遇到的那些!我遇到了很多中国人,基本上他们中很多人讨厌他们的政府而且他们很开放。
Eddie Foster : I love my Korean built car. 我喜欢韩国制造的汽车。
azera55555 : I actually really like Chinese cars. I think they all look really modern and have tons of features for an unbelievably cheap price. And I really like Chinese EV’s, there are so many EV options in China from every company, not just BYD. My favorite is BYD but I also really like BAIC, Baojun, Zotye, Great Wall, JAC, Chery, Geely, and Luxgen. Can’t wait for GAC to come to the US in 2019. 我其实非常喜欢中国汽车。我认为它们看起来都非常现代,并且具有难以置信的便宜价格且功能强大。而且我非常喜欢中国的电动汽车,中国的每个汽车公司都有很多电动汽车供选择,而不仅仅是比亚迪。我最喜欢的是比亚迪,但我也非常喜欢北汽,宝骏,众泰,长城,江淮,奇瑞,吉利和鲁克根。迫不及待不GAC在2019年来到美国。
My Ingroup Idol Did Nothing Wrong : The car is one thing, but what about the service and warranty? Do I get Lexus service, or Lada service? 汽车是一回事,但服务和保修呢?我可以获得雷克萨斯服务或拉达服务吗?
More Dakka : Chinese innovation, made possible by stealing foreign trade secrets. 中国通过窃取贸易机密获得创新。
mid191 : I think Chinese cars are crap because they are still using Euro 2 engine standards which produce a ton of smog and they tend to explode or fall apart. 我认为中国汽车是垃圾,因为他们仍然使用欧2发动机标准,产生大量的烟雾,他们经常爆炸或破碎。
Hitesh khandelwal : china is a crap so does their cars. cheap china cars. 中国垃圾,所以他们的汽车也一样,便宜的中国汽车。
Mediocre-Motorcycle-Modifications : I test Chinese cars in the UK, they are getting a lot better comparable to German cars now. Take the Rowee RX5, GDI DOHC, VGT. Pretty high spec. The emissions are only Euro 5 but it’s still pretty good. 我在英国测试中国汽车,现在可以比德国汽车更好。以Rowee RX5,GDI DOHC,VGT为例。相当高的规格。排放量仅为欧5,但仍然相当不错。
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