yf s : 新的硬币丑爆了,数字竟然是歪的,不知道是哪个傻子设计的
Lance Asingioro : Mao Mao Mao again! Deng Xiaoping deserves a space! 全是毛的,邓小平应该上去
legal eagle : Yes yes , print more money print more money , let the inflation go as high as possible. China is the best. 是的,是的,印更多的钱印更多的钱,让通货膨胀率尽可能高。中国是最好的。
Tan Conghua : Ahhh, We love Mao even more. 啊,我们更爱毛了。
sara c : they need to change the tiny 0.1 yuan ones because mine always rip 他们需要换一个0.1元的小硬币,因为我的总是撕破的。
veleli maka : I thought Xi will put his face 我想Xi会印上去
Jay Liu : I wish they would redesign the banknotes. Mao on everything is getting old. 我希望他们能重新设计钞票。毛的一切都变老了。
Lucky Tan : Thanks no interested 谢谢,不感兴趣
Chinadolls : These new cash and coin just be a collector item for we china people haha i never use the cash money 这些新的现金和硬币只是我们中国人的收藏品。哈哈,我从不使用现金。
alex Chan : The old version 100 dallor bill used to have four different person then it down to Mao 旧版本的100达拉比尔以前有四个不同的人,然后是毛。
zabag : It’s fugly. Canada, Costa Rica, the UK, Argentina and Hong Kong have beautiful currency. 这是徒劳的。加拿大、哥斯达黎加、英国、阿根廷和香港拥有美丽的货币。
master blaster : Who will use those 谁用这些
David Cheney : Some hk criminals are already printed the faked note circulating in Hong Kong and mainland China. 一些香港罪犯已经印制了在香港和中国大陆流通的假钞。
A L : Mao again? u kidding me? When are they going to put Confucius on there 毛又来了?你跟我开玩笑吧?他们什么时候把孔子放在那里
Guangyu Luo : as a gamer, i can say its dead content on release, no one uses cashes anymore. 作为一个游戏玩家,我可以说发布后,没有人再使用现金。
abenz pp : they don’t need cash…why bother? 他们不需要现金……何必麻烦?
Kianglek Tan : Same face nothing fresh 同一张脸没什么新鲜的
Din Zaf : Why is there arabic writing on it 为什么上面写着阿拉伯语
lovely NFA04 : Although nowadays , people rarely use cash but im starting to think that my country’s cash colour is too colourful . The colours are so vibrant and it’s easy to tell them apart . 虽然现在人们很少使用现金,但我开始认为我国的现金颜色太鲜艳了。颜色很鲜艳,很容易分辨出来。
Rei Kun : Why does the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan share the same symbol ? 为什么日元和人民币有相同的符号?
One THICC Spaghet Boi : Here comes the money 钱来了
Xingyu Tian : The color just hurts my eyes for some reason so I prefer the old ones 因为某种原因,颜色只会伤到我的眼睛,所以我更喜欢旧的
Chris Gonzalez : If I got those old yuan bills, I would keep them in my storage . 如果我有那些旧的人民币钞票,我会把它们放在我的仓库里
REVOLUTIONARY FORCE : Counting Chairman Maos is so much better than benjamins! 数学毛主席比本杰明人好多了!
Wojciech Hoppe : China needs a 500 Yuan cash with Xi’s face on it 中国需要500元现金
Brick Life : I dont know why people hate mao on their notes. THat is they reason why i think its unique also Chinese money is my fav in the world 我不知道人们为什么讨厌上面的毛。这就是为什么我认为它独特的中国货币是我在世界上的最爱。
Jef Calitri : Mobil payments are a form of surveillance. Notes are essential 移动支付是一种监督形式。钞票是必不可少的
Xitij Thool : This happened in India the NOTE BAN , many people suffered after banning Rs. 500 notes. Then mobile payment boomed. But in china Mobile payment is already aggressive. The medium and lower middle class might suffers the most. 这发生在印度禁止纸币发行后,许多人遭受了500卢比的禁令。然后手机支付迅速发展。但在中国,移动支付已经很有侵略性了。中下层中产阶级可能受害最大。
Barupen S : this sparked anger on chinese social media! 这引起了中国社交媒体的愤怒!
Eric Bai : Do we use cash by the way? 顺便问一下,我们用现金吗?
Ryan Waasdorp : It looks cleaner. 看起来很干净。
Larry Yao : What? The old 五角 coin has gold in it? 什么?旧的五角硬币里有金子吗?
Tazboy : Useless paper money 没用的纸质钱币
Mk Zamel : I thought they were cashless? 我以为他们没有现金?
akui88 : i went to china last year, everyone is using mobile payments, the only people using cash are old people and tourist. 我去年去了中国,每个人都在使用手机支付,唯一使用现金的人是老人和游客。
Chauncey Billups : I have no chance to use 5jiao in China. 我在中国没有机会用5角。
Rich Wendel : So, if coins are made of silver instead of gold, or gold instead of silver, w/e, essentially, we need be mindful of the justice(s) of the way(s) in which gold and silver are mined. 因此,如果硬币是用银代替金,或者用金代替银,那么本质上,我们需要注意黄金和银的开采方式的公正性。
Ro0ster : They need a higher value note like 200-500 RMB 他们需要一张价值更高的钞票,比如200-500元人民
erick chandra : The designs always the same, nothing change. 设计总是一样的,没有什么变化。
P.NG : Quiet pointless to issue new cash as everything is trying to move to cashless transaction in China and foreigners currently has no access to use. Looked like a fool while I was there. 在中国,一切都在试图进行无现金交易,而外国人目前无法使用现金,所以发行新现金毫无意义。我在那儿的时候看起来像个傻瓜
Rich Wendel : Also, let me say this. If money is based on gold, gold wars and mining wars break out, if money is based on oil, oil wars and currency wars and political wars break out. If money is based on crypto mining, hacking and internet virus break out. If money is based on NOTHING, then it is based on TRUST. Trust is everything, money is nothing, kinda. Think, China is investing HUGE amounts into the social credit system. Think how much MONEY they are putting IN-only to get out a little bi of paranoia if the Chinese citizens walk past the police with the police lasses knowing everything about them. they are feeling increasingly nervous. Now, some Americans may want a weak China, economically unstable China, etc, but I DO NOT, while the US and China are threats to each other, I think about the people, not the govs. So, imagine the INVESTMENT if money were to be based on NOTHING, it would be based on TRUST, and trust would EXPAND, without any wealth whatsoever put into it. China is investing HUGE into the social credit system to try an gain trust, imagine if they just let trust settle itself in via monetary policy for FREE. Freedom is BY FAR the biggest investment back into itself imaginable, more than anybody knows. Think, trust would be FREE, money would not need to be backed by anything. This is simple, yet genius. Imagine how much money China could SAVE by not investing into a social credit blackmail shame based system, but rather, a monetary system based on nothing. Lao Tzu explained nothing vs everything relations, as is present is yin/yang principles. Without getting into detail, TRUST would develop freely, should China decide to implement monetary ideas in this manner, the biggest and best investment they could ever make by far 另外,让我这么说。如果货币是以黄金为基础的,黄金战争和采矿战争就会爆发,如果货币是以石油、石油战争和货币战争为基础的,政治战争就会爆发。如果钱是基于加密挖掘,黑客和网络病毒就会爆发。如果金钱是建立在什么基础上的,那么它是建立在信任之上的。信任就是一切,金钱就是一切。想想看,中国正在向社会信用体系投入巨资。想想看,如果中国公民带着警镜走过警察身边,对他们了如指掌的话,他们投入了多少钱,只是为了摆脱一点妄想症。他们感到越来越紧张。现在,一些美国人可能想要一个软弱的中国、经济不稳定的中国等,但我不想,虽然美国和中国相互威胁,但我想的是人民,而不是政府。所以,想象一下,如果资金不以任何东西为基础,它将以信任为基础,信任将扩大,而不投入任何财富。中国正在向社会信用体系投入巨资,试图获得信任,想象一下,如果他们只是让信任通过货币政策自由解决。自由是迄今为止对自己最大的投资,比任何人都知道的要多。想想,信任是自由的,金钱不需要任何东西支持。这很简单,但很天才。想象一下,如果中国不投资于一个以社会信用勒索为基础的体系,而是一个以零为基础的货币体系,中国能节省多少钱。老子对一切关系都没有解释,阴阳道就是这样。如果中国决定以这种方式实施货币政策,那么在不详细说明的情况下,信托将自由发展,这是迄今为止他们所能做的最大和最好的投资。
Runze : ?? Is this still a thing? I live in china and I haven’t seen any banknotes or coins for several years… ?这仍然是一件大事吗?我住在中国,好几年没见过钞票和硬币了…
Kirby B : Should made it traditional Chinese not simplified . Would be more pleasing to eyes 应该是繁体中文而不是简体字。会更让人赏心悦目
陈晓帆 : They already issue new 100 yuan bill in 2015 他们已经在2015年发行了新的100元钞票。
genesis pals : Cool 
Renata Ostertag : Why is Mao on these banknotes ? He murdered hundreds of millions of people ! 为什么毛在这些钞票上?他murdered了数亿人!
Betterlife : Above all, China has really done well! 最重要的是,中国做得很好!
Vinny : Is this channel still against China. It seems the editorial department has been compromised. 这个频道还反对中国吗?看来编辑部已经妥协了。
The Almighty Onion : Oh. I thought they were gonna replace Mao lol 哦。我以为他们会取代毛
Creative Videos & Vlogs : They have WeChat pay why do they issue new one 他们有微信支付,为什么要发行新的?
DirtyolPanda : That’s great and all but nobody uses cash anymore. 那太好了,除了没人用现金了。
schivver : Can someone explain why they use 伍拾圆 instead of 五十元? It has the same reading but differrent meaning. Or more likely, it doesnt have any meaning putting those 3 characters together. 有人能解释为什么他们用五圆而不是五元吗?它的读物相同,但意义不同。或者更可能的是,把这三个字符放在一起没有任何意义。
Jimmy Chan : I prefer them without the face but a dragon or tiger. 我喜欢没有脸的,只有龙或虎。
Tetek Siner : Counterfeiters may have to find other professions in China as mobile payment takes hold of all transactions 由于移动支付控制了所有交易,伪造者可能不得不在中国寻找其他职业。
Hector Amador : No one uses cash. I was the only person with cash. Looked like a fool to everyone and giving all cashiers a hard time looking for change. 没有人用现金。我是唯一有现金的人。对每个人来说都像个傻瓜,给所有出纳找零钱都很困难。
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