Chinese telecoms giant ZTE is helping Venezuela build a system that monitors citizen behavior through a new identification card. The “fatherland card,” already used by the government to track voting, worries many in Venezuela and beyond. 中国电信巨头中兴正在帮助委内瑞拉建立一个新的身份证监控公民行为的系统。政府已经用来跟踪投票的“祖国卡”让委内瑞拉及其他地区的许多人感到担忧。


Chávez, a decade into his self-styled socialist revolution, wanted help to provide ID credentials to the millions of Venezuelans who still lacked basic documentation needed for tasks like voting or opening a bank account. Once in Shenzhen, though, the Venezuelans realized a card could do far more than just identify the recipient. 查韦斯是他自封的社会主义革命的十年,他希望得到帮助,为仍然缺乏投票或开设银行账户等任务所需的基本文件的数百万委内瑞拉人提供身份证明。然而,一旦进入深圳,委内瑞拉人就意识到一张卡片可以做的远远不只是识别收件人。


There, at the headquarters of Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp, they learned how China, using smart cards, was developing a system that would help Beijing track social, political and economic behavior. Using vast databases to store information gathered with the card’s use, a government could monitor everything from a citizen’s personal finances to medical history and voting activity. 在中国电信巨头中兴通讯的总部,他们了解到中国如何利用智能卡开发出一套有助于北京追踪社会,政治和经济行为的系统。使用庞大的数据库来存储随卡片使用而收集的信息,政府可以监控从公民的个人财务状况到病史和投票活动的所有内容。



Rita Banerji : Indian govt is using the tools for surveillance on citizens too. But the concept & technology for Aadhaar was clearly developed & directed to by the US predominantly. And the database is also likely owned & controlled by the US. The Indian govt sold out its people. 印度政府也利用这些工具对公民进行监视。但Aadhaar的概念和技术主要是由美国明确发展和指导的。而且数据库也很可能是由美国拥有和控制的。印度政府卖掉了它的人民。
Elizabeth Delgado : The difference is that you are not being conditioned to receive food, medication and basic services based on your behavior. That is what is happening in Venezuela with the “fatherland card” and with the implementation of this system the restrictions are on their way to increase. 不同的是,你并不是习惯于根据你的行为接受食物、药物和基本服务。这就是委内瑞拉正在发生的“祖国卡”,随着这一制度的实施,限制正在增加。
Jeetendra Bhakta: After some time China will control the whole Venezuela. 过了一段时间,中国将控制整个委内瑞拉。
Mark Bardell : The same ZTE Trump lifted US sanctions on?? 同样的中兴,川普解除了制裁??
Whenyagottago : The one problem you have is blaming the right. There’s a reason why this happens in socialist countries. The right fights for less government infringement in our lives. Whoever is in government though, right or left you should never trust. Love thy country, hate thy govrnment 你的指责是正确的,这是社会主义国家发生这种情况的原因之一。在我们的生活中,权利是为了减少政府的侵犯。无论谁掌管政府,无论是左派还是右派,你都不应该信任。爱你的国家,憎恨你的政府
Ray Thompson : ZTE, the same large Chinese telecom company for which Trump metaphorically contorted himself to get their US sanctions lifted, which basically saved that company from collapse… 中兴通讯,也是特朗普为了解除美国制裁而歪曲自己的中国大型电信公司,这基本上挽救了该公司免于破产……
Tim W : Have to wonder if this explains Trumps desire to deal with ZTE. Seems like catnip to a President with authoritarian tendencies. 想知道这是否解释了川普想与中兴打交道,似乎是一个具有威权倾向的总统。
Alan Johnson : Wow! Chinese style mass repression spreading worldwide 真的!世界范围内的中国式大规模压制
The Idiocracy 2019 : While in U.S. we have: License Plate Recognition cameras, Facebook, ATM Card, Credit Cards, Smart Phones, Twitter, Google., IPad, cookies, data mining, StingRay (cell tower simulator), etc. Everywhere you go, everything you do, every transaction, being recorded & analyzed. 在美国,我们有:车牌识别相机、Facebook、ATM卡、信用卡、智能手机、Twitter、Google、IPad、cookies、数据挖掘、StingRay(手机塔模拟器)等等。无论你走到哪里,你做的每件事,每笔交易,都被记录和分析。
Rainmaker : don’t pretend that you’re government doesn’t track you , both economically and socially … 不要以为你的政府不跟踪你,无论是在经济上还是在社会上…
Kavé Salamatian : Very interesting investigation. Am keen to know if ZTE actively helps. If there is any sale of database/monitoring systems, or any transfer of know how. Or it is only VZ government inspired by CN idea. If yes AFAIK this will be first case of china exporting such tech/knowhow. 非常有趣的调查。我很想知道中兴是否有积极的帮助。如果有任何销售数据库/监控系统,或任何转让的诀窍。或者说,这只是由CN理念启发的VZ政府。如果是的话,这将是中国出口这种技术/诀窍的第一例。
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