《Pence vows no end to tariffs until China bows》 (Reuters)
《彭斯:在中国屈服之前,不会停止关税政策》 (英国路透社)


PORT MORESBY (Reuters) – The United States will not back down from its trade dispute with China, and might even double its tariffs, unless Beijing bows to U.S. demands, Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday. 路易斯顿(路透社) – 美国副总统迈克彭斯周六表示,美国不会退出与中国的贸易争端,甚至可能加倍关税,除非北京向美国屈服。


In a bluntly worded speech at an Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit in Papua New Guinea, Pence threw down the gauntlet to China on trade and security in the region. 在巴布亚新几内亚举行的亚太经济合作组织(亚太经合组织)峰会上,潘惠斯发表了直言不讳的讲话,向中国提出了关于该地区贸易和安全的挑战。


“We have taken decisive action to address our imbalance with China,” Pence declared. “We put tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods, and we could more than double that number.”“The United States, though, will not change course until China changes its ways.” 彭斯宣称:“我们已采取果断行动解决与中国的不平衡问题。”“我们对中国商品征收2500亿美元的关税,而且这个数字可以增加一倍以上。”“但是,在中国改变政策之前,美国不会改变政策。”


The stark warning will likely be unwelcome news to financial markets which had hoped for a thaw in the Sino-U.S. dispute and perhaps even some sort of deal at a G20 meeting later this month in Argentina. U.S. President Donald Trump, who is not attending the APEC meeting, is due to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina. 这一严厉的警告可能对金融市场来说是不受欢迎的消息,金融市场曾希望解决中美之间的争端,甚至可能在本月晚些时候在阿根廷举行的G20会议上达成某种协议。未参加APEC会议的美国总统唐纳德特朗普将在阿根廷会见中国国家主席习近平。



Susan Frank : There may be an end to Pence; Trump is asking others if Pence can be trusted. 彭斯可能会下台,特朗普正在询问别人是否信任彭斯。
Diane S. Baker : After 2 American delegations to China, old entitled guys; China says; “please send someone who knows what they are talking about.” 美国派了两个老古董代表团到中国之后,中国说:“请派一个知道他们在说什么的人来。”
Marc Hanson : Great, Pence reads his cue card, and the Midwest farmer loses their farms, as there is no place to sell their soybeans now. 很好,彭斯说出了他的台词,中西部农民失去了他们的农场,因为现在没有地方卖掉他们的大豆。
Adamas : Seriously you should punish Saudi Arabia not China ! 严肃地说,你应该惩罚沙特阿拉伯,而不是中国!
Jasmine Xu : What Trump said before mid-term is only comforting those who lost benefits in trade war, ensuring they would continue to support republican 特朗普在中期选举前说的只是安慰那些在贸易战中失去利益的人,确保他们继续支持共和党。
Naresh Jogani : Am surprised the chinese havent come to the negotiating table 我很惊讶中国人拒绝了谈判。
DeeDee : Take a business class. Please! 去上点经济课,拜托!
Ray Gassert : They can afford to outwait us because our retailers need their products more than they need us to buy them. 他们可以负担得起,因为我们的零售商需要他们的产品比他们需要我们购买他们更多。
Mike : China won’t bow. And the tariffs are killing American farmers. 中国不会鞠躬。关税正在扼杀美国农民。
Todd Grady : Hi, Congress? American taxpayers here. Can you maybe take a look at the White House’s tariff policy with China and see if it needs a little tweaking? This really falls under your umbrella, after all. 嗨,国会?美国纳税人。你能看看白宫对中国的关税政策,看看它是否需要稍加调整?毕竟这真的属于你的保护伞。
LoudMouth4 : It’s about protecting intellectual property. For years, politicians like Obama promised to stand up to China and let us down. Trump is fighting for us. If you do not support Trump’s trade war, you do not support the future of America. 它是关于保护知识产权的。多年来,像奥巴马这样的政治家承诺要挺身而出,让中国失望。特朗普为我们而战。如果你不支持特朗普的贸易战,你就不支持美国的未来。
LoudMouth4 : Then why didn’t Obama do something about it like he promised while on the campaign trail? 那么为什么奥巴马没有像他在竞选中所承诺的那样做些什么呢?
LoudMouth4 : If you don’t have a job to pay your rent, borrowing money won’t solve the problem. You still owe the money and you have another month’s rent due coming up. The fix is a source of income, which Trump is creating for Americans. If you don’t like him fine, but don’t fabricate s___. 如果你没有工作来付房租,借钱就解决不了问题。你还欠那笔钱,还有一个月的房租到期了。这是特朗普为美国人创造的收入来源。如果你不喜欢他,但不要捏造他。
David Sena : That issue was around long before Obama. While something does need to be done, wrecking the economy and farm welfare isn’t the answer. 这个问题早在奥巴马之前就已经存在了。虽然需要做一些事情,但破坏经济和农业福利并不是解决办法。
David Sena : Everyone makes promises on the campaign, none keep them all. If you think Obama mismanaged the economy, you’re an idiot. When he took office the world was at near economic collapse. You don’t like him fine but don’t fabricate shit. 每个人都在竞选中做出承诺,没有一个人能做到。如果你认为奥巴马管理经济不好,那你就是白痴。当他上任时,世界正处于经济崩溃的边缘。你不喜欢他,但不要捏造。
David Sena : Obama was handed a near financial collapse but by the end of his term, the economy was still increasing. All the current idiot has not done is not screw it up yet, although he is trying. Ask farmers how great he is doing. Do you know the difference between apples and oranges? 奥巴马遭到了金融崩溃,但到了任期结束时,经济仍在增长。现在所有白痴没有做的仅剩没有搞坏它,虽然他正在尝试。问农民他有多伟大。你知道苹果和橘子的区别吗?
Peter : No…China can’t trade fair. Trump should add more tariffs until a fair trade deal is reached. 不,中国不能公平贸易。在达成公平贸易协议之前,特朗普应该增加更多的关税。
Peter : Decades of lop-sided trade deficits are responsible for allowing China to become the power that it is. We paid for China’s economic and military ascent. Time to switch gears quick. 数十年的贸易逆差使中国拥有成功的力量。我们为中国的经济和军事崛起付出了代价。该到了换位的时间了。
Patricia harris : A stupid smiling all the time he has no idea what’s going on 他一直傻傻地笑着,不知道发生了什么事。
SpartaTV : Fking hell thats my state flag…. From what i know, China will never bow to Trump. 该死的,这是我的国家…据我所知,中国永远不会向特朗普鞠躬。
Donald Adams : Does Mike pence think for himself? Does the republicans work for America? Do they work for tRump? This country is suppose to have a legislature that suppose to work for America.but it looks like the republican party works for Mega rich and corporations. They don’t represent USA. 迈克彭斯是为自己着想吗?共和党人为美国效力吗?他们为特朗普工作吗?这个国家应该有一个立法机构,它应该为美国工作。但是看起来共和党是为超级富豪和公司工作的。他们不代表USA.
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